Chapter 64: The days before the Tournament

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki Good morning. It is now 10 o’clock in the morning. Since Gilmars-san and company left at 3 o’clock yesterday, it can’t be helped that I woke up at such a time, isn’t it?   I have decided what to do today. Create a sword for Gilmars-san’s collection. It will be my

Chapter 10 Let’s Expand The Village

TL:Yuki _________________________________________________ Even after the New Kathra Beastmen Kingdom was established, there wasn’t anything like a splendid castle suddenly appearing, neither did the population suddenly multiply hundred-folds, but rather the system of New Kathra Village being the setting where conferences were held to determine everything and be recognized to be the capital city of the

Double Up

I only managed to finish goddess chapter today… But a chapter of levelmaker was also released… I have some business IRL so I was not able to finish Daybreak so it will be put on hold today… The release will be tomorrow… So for now it will be a chapter of Goddess and Levelmaker… Here’s

Yukine Chan’s Otherworld Adventures Chapter 4 part 5

Sorry Guys I was not able to finish the chapter today so will be posting it tomorrow… For today I will just post a Yukine-chan chapter that was finished… It will be Daybreak tomorrow and because I will have extra time I will probably add a short chapter of either goddess or Eiyuu so it