Chapter 58: Frolicking in the Sea

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki Morning. This town, Parikiini, has the scent of the sea. This is the first time I’ve seen the sea in this world. In truth, I am feeling a little sleepy now, but I used a wake up item that I made to remove my sleepiness.   Now then, I’ll prepare breakfast.

Levelmaker Chapter 58

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Chapter 2 A Sword of Light

TL:Yuki It was a strange sight that appeared in front of her. For the time being, Yui tried grasping her current situation. The first thing she understood was that she was in a vast meadow that you could see into the horizon. You won’t find such vast grassland on a small country like Japan.  

Daybreak Summoner Chapter 2

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Chapter 19 part 3 of 3

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   I wonder how much time has passed by. The black robed man finally appeared before me.   「Oh, I was expecting for you to be crying or be grueling out of despair but I didn’t expect for you to be that calm.」   He seems to be not amused seeing my