Chapter 39 Collecting Herbs

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ With my height I wasn’t able to reach the reception counter by just looking up which made my neck felt like it would break, and that’s by clutching the counter, I lift myself up. I immediately made in contact with the onee-san in the reception which made her flinch for a bit,

Toto’s Journey Chapter 39

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Chapter 15 An Evil God has arrived

TL:Yuki After a bit of time has passed, news about the death of the kidnappers has arrived. The news arrived even though I didn’t really send people to know about the results. The news arrived because of the other Fox Beastment Merchants who told me about the news. It was needless to say that most

The Goddess Chapter 15

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Chapter 81 Day 89 A Merciful Tyrant

TL: Yuki ED: Filip As soon as the match started, Ojas immediately attacked. He accepted the provocation thinking that he wouldn’t lose in status against her. He wanted to end it immediately, and to him it didn’t really matter if Forna changed.   「Haaaaaa!」 「Too slow!!」 「Aguh!! Ukuh……」   Due to the clear difference in