Chapter 38 Extraordinary Attraction

TL: Yuki ED: Filip As expected, after I arrived at the western district, I followed a familiar road heading straight towards Jewel Inn as if I was being called by it. The Inn Lady at the counter was surprised to see me entering the Inn alone, but then she probably remembered about the martial arts

Toto’s Journey Chapter 38

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Chapter 7 The Journey Begins

TL: Yuki After walking for a while following the path from the forest, I found myself in a wide road that seems like a highway. Before continuing, I verified my status and map to know where the highway was headed to.   Name: Misaki Tachibana Race: Dragonoid (Ancient Chaos Dragon) Job: None HP: 1,475,000 MP:

Chapter 69 Battle Tournament 5

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki   「Yo, Alim, I am going seriously! 『Fire Spirit Spear』『Earth Spirit Spear』… and 『Overwhelming spear・Moon Rain Five』!」   This is probably Gabaina-san’s full power. A quick and fierce spear attack assaults me. But, I shall manage everything with my sword. After all, my weapon skills are higher.   「Naa… only to

Levelmaker Chapter 69

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