Chapter 36

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ We continued walking as I follow Kalal-san’s lead. Ente seems dissatisfied about this but she didn’t directly say it because it’s something that only I could do.   Anyway…… The scenery that surrounded me seems to be very luxurious. This is probably the area where nobles live. This is not some place

ARMS Otome Chapter 36

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Chapter 35

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「Iya, you got me there……I didn’t expect that the shields was also the same existence as everyone」   Kalal said so as he looks at Maevis. Maevis seems to be proud about it.   「What’s more, that Jou-chan over there using the bow is the same」   Erina only responded with a

ARMS Otome Chapter 35

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Chapter 34

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ It’s finally the final round. Honestly, I was expecting either Jenny or Ente that would be standing right in front of me at this moment.   Should I say that the lineup in the tournament was good, or was it bad?   「From now on, the final match between Mystic Eyes Kalal