Toto’s Journey Chapter 40

Daily release is starting to take shape… Yeah… Well, I dunno if this would continue but I will do my best to make it continue… I do hope that nothing IRL would bother me anymore this time around… After all I want to return to the time where I could actually release several chapters a

Chapter 82 Day 90 ~ Day 180 Young Beastmen Group Eneku

TL:Yuki ________________________________________________ We decided that Ojas is to be assigned to work as a guard. He is part of the fighting proficient people after all. With him around we have secured people with fighting power, and troublesome situations I the city are being handled by them. Because of that, security also greatly improved and even

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 82

Let’s start today… few that took me a while to TL… Well, anyway it’s a fairy chapter today… I wanted to start yesterday but was doing something else so was not able to… I also started my Live TL… Well it’s not really that live coz I only update it every several minutes… but it

Chapter 61 The Wizard Kingdom part 6

TL: Yuki ___________________________________________ ◆ Wizard Kingdom East Gate ◆ Diamond shaped eyes placed on a block shaped head. It was those inorganic eyes that caught us in its view. I couldn’t tell just how much blood was spilled on that blood soaked spherical hand and if it was directed towards us, it might also be

Kansu Chapter 61

Sorry for the long absence… I was in a bit of a vacation you see… I barely had any proper rest this month so I decided to take a bit of a break before doing TL’s once more… And now I’m back… Sadly, I this will be the last release of Kansu for the time