ARMS Otome Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 The Uncomfortable Feeling within the City

TL: Yuki _________________________________________________ After my magical measurements have been finished, I was given sweet treats with plenty of sugar. Apparently, it seems like such behavior of Maxwell is very unusual, but he declared that it’s because he would also like to care and spoil me. I wonder, will all of my old friends treat children

Eiyuu no Musume Chapter 34

Nyaaa~~~ ARMS Otome not yet done… But I finished an Eiyuu chapter today so it will only be this chapter for now… Here’s the Chapter… Chapter 34

Chapter 33

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「Ente-chan!!」 「Ente-sama, so amzingー」 「Ente do your bestー」   「Jenny-samaー!!」 「Jenny-sama, please step on meー!」 「Jenny-sama, please hit me tooー!」     The first match of the second round has now started. Other than the match of the quadruple, this was also a hot topic among the audience. That’s because it’s a

ARMS Otome Chapter 33

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