Chapter 79 Day 74~88 Growing up in a different way

TL:Yuki ________________________________________________ Two weeks have passed from the time Forna started her repeated leveling up and mock battles. What was quite surprising is how she was able to adapt to fighting monsters in just a week, and it’s to the point that she is now able to easily subjugate weak monsters she encountered. When it

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 79

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Chapter 68: Battle Tournament 4

TL: Fenderson ED: Yuki As soon as the match started, I adjusted my power appropriately and threw my knife at Kizam.   As expected, he tried to parry it with his swords.   In the instant when Kizam’s pair of swords made contact with my knife…!   Dokaan! And a huge explosion was made, the

Levelmaker Chapter 68

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Chapter 6 Magic, Skills and then…

We are in the arena once again today, this might become a daily activity from now on, either going to the arena or to the library.   And today, we are still in the arena and Luina’s clothes, no, more like costume was a witch or a wizard. If my guess is right, she would