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We are now in front of the village gate. In order to buy Erina

It feels like we really did overdo ourselves a little. Even I have been receiving damage a couple of times.

Every time I receive damage I witnessed Ente’s crying face, I can’t help but I must receive the damage…

In order to lessen the burden on Ente even for just a bit.

However it was really worth it, I was able to collect enough funds to buy Erina. It kinda sounds awful thinking about buying Erina.

There are depictions of trying to buy slaves in otherworld stories.

Doing this is definitely close to that.

Well, On a normal persons view, It would only be seen a buying a bow.

“Even though you are quite sturdy, I don’t want to see master getting hurt.” – Ente

Ente looks really worried about me. She really is such a nice girl, mou.

“Hai, Gomen-ne, Onee-sama” – Yato

(TL: Yato is definitely acting as a little sister since she looks the part)

Let’s try saying it like an imouto to her onee-sama…

Iya, Its embarrassing really, Even my face started be flushed…

This is probably how that peddler old man thinking about us as sisters would be.

Sometime it’s not really bad to act spoiled like this, The contents is an older woman though.

“Hmmm?… Isn’t this the sisters the inn lady was talking about?” ???

suddenly we were somehow mentioned by someone speaking in a loud voice.

Ente quickly took guard turning while locating the source of the voice.

From the voice I thought he was a bandit trying to call out me, It was an old man wearing some strong armor.

“Hey, Hey don’t be so alarmed, Your hurting this old man’s feelings” – Armor Ossan

Even though he’s squatting down, He doesn’t look cute at all.

Well he doesn’t seem to be hostile to us.

I’ll stay beside ente to be sure while talking to him.

“So, Is there anything you need of our presence?” – Yato

I think he is someone who is acquainted with the Inn Lady.

“I am known as Gamund, Knight of Belt Country, I have been

going around this neighborhood for a while. You see the inn lady were

looking for people who was supposed to stay but still haven’t returned” – Gamund(Armored Old Man)

Hou I see, So this is a knight.

Belt Country is also one of the locations found in “Arms Otome” I didn’t know such personage. Well we didn’t really put our minds into it.

For now let see what their intentions are.

“Is that so? My name is Yato, And this on here is Ente, We are travelers from a faraway country and are currently staying in this village” – Yato

I still don’t know what countries are in existence, so saying vague things like a far away country would be good enough for now.

“Hmmm, If its a far country, maybe around Madra or the further one Elyuta Or maybe, Futher across the ocean Ibran…..” – Gamund

I somehow covered it up with a smile,

I don’t know any of those countries!…

“Oh well, I don’t really want to keep prying, since it doesn’t seem like any of you are the people I was looking for” – Gamund

It seems like a bother for him looking for person.

Well it seems troublesome, The don’t want to raise any weird flags, Let’s just end the chat here.

“Well you see the person I was looking for is —” – Gamund

“Ehhhhh?” – Yato

“Mu!? Do you know anything about it?” – Gamund

“….., Actually this is the story” – Gamund

An unavoidable flag has been raised, I mean isn’t this a confidential matter? Oi!…

“The person I was tracking is a man called Ganga, Corpse User. Originaly he has been workinf for the country in the capital, But recently he did something that betrayed the kingdom. He is now in a wanted list that was arranged by the country.” – Gamund

Corpse User…. Isn’t that a necromancer.

But I wonder what he did for the kingdom to target him like this.

“Techniques dealing with corpses and dead spirits is just an art, There are various restrictions on using it, But he did something more taboo and irreplaceable thing that any of those restrictions are to be done, That is to deprave life and use that same corpse for it” – Gamund

People called corpse users and dead spirit users do not seem to known as evil wizards or something they even have normal positions.

Just dealing with things concerning the dead, Various restriction are imposed.

Among them are taboos that should never be breached, but there are two that seems to be hard to restrict.

One would be. The reviving of The Dead.

If you are using a corpse, it is think that that in itself is normal.

To be revived is more like restoring everything with soul intact.

Not raising a corpse as undead but returning it back to life.

However, there was not even one case of it succeeding.

Well if someone really did manage to succeed they would be revered as a God.

Mostly who tried it was able to restore but never succeeded in returning the soul, they always end up into something like a distorted soul and becomes something like a golem.

And to convert a living person into undead and enslaving them with it.

This is literally a crime of homicide, In the case of the corpse user, It treated heavier than homicide.

It is a first-class dangerous individual when it comes to murder because of the desire to enslave the corpse.

The limit would be to apply surgery to unauthorized corpses, it is also forbidden to bring a corpse in any public place such as a town or a villages.

“So… Is that individual supposed to be lurking around this areas?” – Yato

If such a person actually exist, I would be bothered when killing monsters around the village, No, Even if that is the case I need to do my best to earn money.

“There is info from the royal city that he heading towards this place. That is why I am currently investigating around here with my men” – Gamund

Hmmmm… Although not confirmed, the possibility is still in existence.

“You girls seemed to have gone from outside the village, Although I want you to stay in town if possible, Just pay attention and be careful” – Gamund

“Hau, Thank you very much!” – Yato

I gave out a big smile.

Thinking about it, I did think that he looks like a bandit at first, I sure did such a bad thing. He is after all a good person warning us.

“Oh that’s right, My men are currently also staying at the inn today, Let’s dine together if you won’t mind it” – Gamund

Oi oi, Inviting us to a meal with a face as if praising…

Maybe, the children of this people are around our age. the current me that is.

“Hohou, so this two were the sisters you mentioned?” – Knight…

At the moment, I’m currently eating with the knights.

The meal prepared this night was green boar stew and vegetable stir fry.

As the inn lady have mentioned, it definitely was a feast.

The knights were also in good spirits. Some of them seems to already be drunk though.

“We are not really sisters, I mean Yato-sama is my master and am only a servant of her” Ente

Ente and Gamund seems to talking about me, Well I’m sitting next to them so I’m listening to their conversations.

It seems that my acting as an older sister wasn’t really convincing enough.

It doesn’t really matter that were not seen as sisters thou, Its just their misunderstanding thinking that we were.

“I see, So that’s why it seems like your positions were seemingly different, don’t tell me, might you a princess from somewhere?” – Gamund

Gamund was murmuring something for a while, though I could hear it since it

quite loud probably because he already getting drunk.

As expected, calling yourself a princess is really embarrassing.

For now, lets just pretend that we didn’t hear it, tilting my cup to cover up his face. By the way I was drinking juice.

I was stopped when I tried to drink alcohol. I sure missed the beer bubbles.

Also, It seems like gamund’s company came from the northwest from a town called Varsa.

The town of Varsa is also one of the towns found in “Arms Maiden”.

Even in this country, It has a considerably big city.

I am really excited to go there.

I can’t stay in this village forever nah maybe I should think about what will happen from now on more seriously.

On the other hand, I don’t know where those other knights are from.

Well, Is the first place Belt Country is alright, Is what I have been considering.

And something really surprised me.

“Knight Commander, Isn’t it a good time to stop drinking alcohol now?” – Knight

“Buhaaaa!, what? Is it that time already? I still didn’t have enough!?” – Gamund

Iya, Let’s not think a about it, is that Knight Commander alright in the head?

“And so here we are now outside the village” – Yato

“Master, So sudden, is there something wrong” – Ente

Ente started having this weird worried face, She should stop worrying about it though, It’s just me having this weird tension going up.

The next morning when we finished eating with Gamund’s gang, We went to the peddler and quickly settled the payment for the bow.

Luckily the Old Man that we met was there and gave us good discount.

That’s why were here now in a place where there is no one to see us with the bow carried in my hands.

“Ente, because the person who will be coming out will be a friend, you don’t have to be worried about it” – Yato

“Hai, Is someone similar to myself?” – Ente

“Yup, It’s a soul arms just like ente” – Yato

Ente was nervously staring at the bow in my hand.

Well, it won’t be exactly the same as ente though.

Well, it was also her first time being humanoid.

“Well here goes, the soul sleeping in this object, project yourself before us!… Summon!” Yato

After finishing the incantations, the feeling of the bow in my hand disappeared.

And –

“It is pleasant to meet you, I know as Flash Bow Erina” Erina

Before my eyes standing is a maid, It was holding the same flash bow before.

★ ★ Flash Bow Erina – Boe Type

– Demon Banishing, Increase damage to demons / undead by 30%. Lv -1

– Critical Strike, Give a small chance of inflicting double damage. Lv -1

Special Skills

– Protection of Purity, Increases damage against demon / undead of the whole party.

Fumu, Erina definitely is the same in “Girls Otome”

Her attacks are quite strong against demons / undead like Ente.

It will really have some juicy hit if her critical strike and damage if they are upgraded.

Along with a party buff skill, It has a very good synergy.

Well it can only be used once a day though.

however, her attack is not really that strong It’s only got good compatibility against demons / undead though.