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“Nice to meet ya!, I’m Yato” – Yato

“This one here is Ente, Please get along with me” – Ente

Me and Ente was greeting Erina.

Erina wears a long maid dress along with the headband.

“Arms Otome” as I have know also has a lot of male players they made costumes for the girls exposure after all.

As the main character, the skirt I am currently wearing although it just above the knee can be considered short.

Ente’s high thigh absolute territory pattern wear is is also quite dazzling to the eyes.

In comparison, Erina’s clothes is rather rare because of the low exposure level on its design.

The skin exposure is also extremely small.

Well you could also say that most of the “Arms Otome” girls that have low exposure appeal themselves by giving of unique vibes the the creators have emphasized on.

She has brownish blond hair, Along with good posture that when standing really gives off THE MAID vibes to it.

“By the way Erina, do you have any problems with that new figure you have taken form?” – Yato

Erina looked in a bit of confusion, but then shakes her head and smiled.

“There is no inconvenience at the moment, Although It’s my first time materializing this way, It quite comfortable for me” – Erina

Well, It was the same way for Ente. Well it is still better to ask than end up being confused if something strange happens.

It’s possible that this is the norm for this “Arms Otome”.

But since this is the real world, It feels like there is something else on the work here.

Well can’t help not knowing something you can’t even understand.

“For now its time to check out Erina’s abilities, so we will be hunting monsters around here? Please look out after Erina if things get a bit bad Ente” – Yato

“As you wish, Ojou-sama” – Ente

Ah so it’s going to be like this after all, Well the one they are addressing is supposed to be the game avatar after all.

On how it looks, A maid accompanying a young lady, It really gives off that noble vibe after all.

Monsters have been spotted after walking for a bit.

Is that two small forest demons? It’s still far away so I can’t clearly see it.

“And so Erina, that first target is here, go for it” – Yato

“Hai, Here I go” Erina

Drawing the bow she targets the demons from afar, Wow what is with that chest.

Although you can see their illustrations in the game, Seeing up close really show the difference.

“Master, Your eyes are kind of distracting” – Erina

“Ojou-sama, Your eyes are kind of becoming strange” – Ente

Being called by the two returned me back to reality, Oops sorry, I should be focusing on the battle.

Erina corrected her aim on the demons ones more, Then a shining arrow appeared on where she is drawing.

After that, the arrow was swiftly released in the next moment,


The arrow pierces the demon’s head without even leaving a sound.

Wow, A nice head shot.

The other demon became vigilant and noticed us, It then started to approach us.

But then another arrow flew off for Erina’s bow.


The arrow that was released went straight into the demon’s head that started to approach us.

Without even moving a step, Two monsters fell down and was eliminated.

Erina is also quite strong.

It seems that “Arms Otome” characters have high attack values so far, Even with ente alone, The specifications of the “Arms Otome” have really high out put.

Adding to that strength is the ability to produce ammunition on their own.

Normally you will to trouble yourself about ammunition cost and it won’t be cheap.

“That was great Erina, To be able to hit those targets even on such a far away distance” – Yato

“Iye, that is to be expected from a maid” – Erina

Nonono… What kind of maid is that supposed to be? Maids in other-worlds sure are dangerous.

The demon hunting have been going well for quite some time now.

Unlike having only one companion, Having numbers really gives a sense of safety.

Well it is still only two people though.

I am after all not counted as a fighting force.

Even if I activate Special Skills, It still limited and is only effective against demons and undead.

There was also the corpse user.

Although attacking the corpse user itself won’t be that effective, because he employs undead and ghost to fight our current lineup will probably be good enough to fight.

Both Ente and Erina have good compatibility against undead and demons after all.

I’m not trying to set up some flag to meet the corpse user you, I’m serious you know.

I don’t even want to meet such a dangerous character, but well if it’s the three of us, it might probably turn out okay. Just hoping it goes well though.

“Your finally back, I was getting worried” – Inn Lady

After returning to the inn, the inn lady approached us with a worried expression.

Did she hear about the corpse user?

“People are talking about a strong demon appearing in the caves north from here, I was worrying that maybe you came across it” – Inn Lady

I began thinking about the demon, Maybe its an upper rank of the demons we have encountered?

It might probably stronger than the large demon that we faced a few days ago.

Even in “Arms Otome” there are times when lower rank monsters evolve into stronger variations of that monster.

Well the demons I’m thinking about are the rock girls which is a magical variant of the demons on “Arms Otome”,

There might even be variations that are not found in the game that we have no idea about.

It feels like the flag with the corpse user was not raised yet but a different flag to meet the demon seems to be at play.

It seems like its not yet the time for me to act, Well it won’t probably be long before I got caught up in any of those flags it seems.

“Oya? what do we have here? is she a new member of your party” – Inn Lady

“Hai, I was looking for my master for quite some time, I am called Erina desu” Erina

Erina replied then giving an elegant bow. You just literally made up that setting right?

“I see… That means… You were really a noble right?… so that’s why you seem to somehow give off such refinement” – Inn Lady

The inn lady started murmuring with an “Oh really, so that was really the case” looks, Oi Inn lady I can hear you, you know?

For the mean time lets settle out out rooms, unfortunately there seems to be less rooms available at the moment.

While I was thinking about the accommodations yesterday, I tried to recount the people who have been staying in the in.

If I’m not mistaken there were around 10 people when Gamund and company were all gathered together.

I wonder if the knights would be treated as VIP and be invited in the village heads house? If that is so then the peddlers will definitely be going to stay here.

However, If the knights are staying here and apparently there are just around 6 rooms, they will probably have 2 knights per room.

I’m not like those people you know. thinking about 2 knights in the same bed… I don’t even want to imagine it.


Some people out there might have a different thought about it though…[TL:FU GIRLS]

Well you wont be able to sleep comfortably if you have your armor on.

Anyway I only have rented one room at the moment.

“where are the knights at the moment?” – Yato

“They are currently assembled at the mayors house.They are probably planning on how to deal with the monster. We will somehow be saved because the knights are here.” Inn Lady

Even if they only came here for the corpse user, they just can’t simply ignore a demons threat to the village in front of their eyes.

Their timing was rather lucky for the villagers.

After finishing our lunch we returned to the south of the village.

Helping in fighting the demons? We can’t do that you know.

We can’t just go and subjugate demons in front of other people, because every time we kill demons, they turn into light and we won’t be able to explain about it.

I cannot fight myself, that’s a fact, I have my equipment as my knights in exchange.

If compared to the knights in strength I think my equipment is stronger, the knight commander on the other hand might be as strong as them.

“Well, we can’t really say that those demons won’t change their place and travel south, so for now we will proceed carefully” – Yato

“Master, please don’t be reckless like before” – Ente

That surely was depressing from Ente, I don’t think I was that reckless though.

And as a result of Erina joining the party, My strength and durability have slightly increased.

Even if its only for a little bit.

The southern are of the village have lesser forest and rocky areas and mostly surrounded by grasslands.

It ha has a wide clear view making it the most suitable place for Erina to hunt.

And then the first target came into view.

There are demons here that have appeared from “Arms Otome” and also demons that were not found in it.

this is my first time seeing such monsters that were not in the game.

A big hungry dog monster that you won’t be able to tell whether it’s a dog or a wolf, It was quite agile and attacks in groups.

Well for ente it was still not a fight that is to be concerned of.

There was also a giant grasshopper monster that I don’t know of, and was it was also very aggressive.

There was no record of this kind of demon ever appearing on “Arms Otome”.

Although it was trying to intimidate us by jumping high, It was just another easy target for Erina to hit.

Being shot in the air as it was approaching it was easily repelled.

As a result, the monsters around here were not even a challenge.

I haven’t even raised the levels of the two yet.

I was wondering how strong they will be if I raised their lvl’s to 200 all at once?

For now I’ll be saving the money we collected for today and going until a little later.

“Master, there’s a strange cave around here” Ente

Ente found a strange cave while we were hunting.

“I see, It’s quite hard to be seen since the area around here is quite rocky, The view inside surely looks pretty deep” – Yato

We are currently in an area surrounded by rocks, and in the middle of that was like a hole going underground.

Is this possibly a dungeon?

It surely give off that feeling since this is at the edge of the country after all.

Currently no monsters are present surrounding the cave, they are probably staying inside it.

I’d like to explore it but since it’s already late and we haven’t prepared ourselves yet we decided to return.

“For now our exploration ends here, lets head back for now” Yato

“Certainly that would be a good choice” Ente

“That would definitely be appropriate at the moment” Erina

We memorized the area around and decided to go back.


Character Description:

Silver Sword Ente
Looks – Around 17 or 18 teen looks, Silver Haired, Long Hair(around shoulder Level)
Clothing – Black dress with silver plate armor, Checkered Short Skirt,
BLACK kneesocks, and Silver plated shoes.

Personality – serious, PURE, has a strict tone when speaking.

Silver Bow Erina
Looks – Comparable to a young lady around 20’s, Long Blond Hair. Big Yes Big(Bust)
Clothing – Maid Headress, Full clothed Maid Dress,
Long Maid Skirt and Maid Apron, Black Maid Boots.

Character – Strong sense of responsibility, Mild Atmosphere,
Willing to Serve her master to the end.
Has a soothing tone when speaking.


Looks – A Loli? nope only have loli half teen… I AM NOT A LOLI!!!!
Long Straight Black Hair, Bust…. It’s the Plains…
No there is something there right?… RIGHT?….
Clothes – Not Mentioned… At least I’m not naked you know…

Character – Depressing Old…. Oopss… A vibrant teen I guess… right, right,
A vibrant teen… that’s how it is supposed to be…

[TL: By the way some of the descriptions were from my point of view not everything is accurate OK?]