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“Master, Even if it was your order I won’t yield to it” – Ente

“Don’t you think its kind of impossible?” – Yato

“Ojou-sama, Ente and myself have the same opinion, In case something goes wrong we won’t be able to respond immediately” – Erina

“Gunununu…” – Yato

We are currently in a conference in our room.

After returning from eating dinner and having a bath, It was time to go to bed.

Currently our bed has the size good for an adult person to fit, Having two girls with small stature was somehow good enough.

(The knights seem to have trouble with two of them squeezed in one bed) But having 3 women sleeping would be too cramped.

“Master, you should not be disappointed about this, Currently we are surrounded by men that is occupying this inn” – Ente

Well the knights are here staying on alert in case the demon attacks so it ain’t have bad you know?

“Ojou-sama, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, besides if you turn us into weapons, we won’t be able to respond immediately if something happens.” – Erina

Apparently weapons under me can turn back into weapons at will, But there is a time lag on transformation so it’s a bit risky doing such.

Both of them are imposing that they want to stay in this shape, so there’s nothing I can do about it.

If there is only two people I think it will be fine and I can also rest at ease.

But then when I tried suggesting….

“Master, It it I who should stay” – Ente

“Ie… Ente has been fighting for quite some time now, I think its time for you to take a rest, I will be watching over ojou-sama” – Erina

“Erina, your worries are unnecessary. Besides I can still fight even if fatigued and can assist at any time. Another thing would be because I am a sword, I have more advantage in close proximity battles” – Ente

“Ente, I think its already fine just rest already, I know that fatigue has already accumulated on your body so why not just take a rest?” – Erina

“Erina, master have been with me since yesterday so being with me would make her much more relieved. Having a shift system isn’t really that needed you know” – Ente

……. Is it just me, Or is Ente and Erina trying to compete about something here and getting off at a wrong point, theirs eyes are getting kind of scary…

And after such….

“Let make master take a choice” Ente

“Hai, No objections if it was ojou-sama who decides” Erina

And so it ended up like this….

Ok isn’t this kind of bad? I’m currently in a pinch now, I don’t think choosing any of them would be a mistake but… the atmosphere is kinda scary you know


“The master should be in the center, any questions?” – Yato

[TL:she’s an escape artist!!! ahahahaha!!!!]

And so I decided to take the middle part like when I was with my parents.

Because there is no choice that would satisfy both of them I decided for this.

Well it is still cramped so I don’t know how it will end up since the bed is small.

At the moment the three of us were too close almost squeezing each other.

If I was a man it would definitely be heaven but unfortunately I am a girl.

Why are they both clinging to me!?…

Its troublesome in another way (Is kind of suffocating you see).

And so morning came and greeted us.

Nnnn??… and so the two ended up in a weird position, well I won’t speak about it though.

I forced myself to get up being squeezed by the two.

“Master, Good morning” – Ente

“A pleasant morning to you ojou-sama” – Erina

“Good morning, shall we go down to have breakfast and prepare for dungeon diving after?” Yato

That’s right we are going on an exploration today.

Oops, I remembered that I have forgotten to update their statuses yesterday.

Let’s raise Ente and Erina’s Damage against Demons/Undead for now.

I want to increase it more but we will end up bankrupt if I do that at the moment.

I would really like to have a base in a town somewhere.

We bought lights and portable foods in the misc store.

In such times it really is helpful that there are misc stores around.

various things have been suggested by the shop keeper that would be useful all around.

That is of course something that I have learned from others.

“Don’t move out for now and little ladies, Its probably not a good idea to go out of the village at the moment, you should probably just do it the next day” ???

“Eh.? Why?” – Yato

“Well, it seems to be that the knights are going to hunt the demons at the moment in the north today.

I see, I will definitely be more secured once the extermination is finished.

“Thank you for the warning be we must go, there are things that we have to do, I think it will be fine because we are going south, we definite won’t overdo it” – Yato

I thank him while showing off my smile.

Perhaps we might encounter some demons that escaped, so caution is a must.

We finally arrived at the cave without encountering too many demons as we go.

it may probably be the result of the hunting yesterday.

We decided to use light that we bought yesterday before entering the cave…

Use light?… Right, that is not a mistake…

since the ones we bought were eye drops that can improve vision even in dark places.

Apparently not only Adventurers are the ones using such, Vigilante people, people who work at night and regular hunters are also using it frequently.

Well because there is a time limit I cannot use it forever, It is still very handy because instead of holding a light, it is very useful in combat having both arms free.

So I made sure to take a little extra of it so we don’t end up losing our vision in the middle of exploration.

“Now then, Master, Please stay in between me and Erin” – Ente

“Ojou-sama, please be sure not to get separated ok?” – Erina

For some reason, this two are getting to be more overprotected of me since that time last night.

well I think I am still the tougher one here though.

It was a good thing that the cave was neither narrow nor too wide.

I can see some rock walls that seems to have not been touch, this is probably perhaps a natural cave?

“Master, I feel presences” – Ente

Ente holds up everyone and proclaimed in a clear voice.

It’s definitely because of the presence of a demon.

“Erina, I’ll check out what it is, I’ll leave master in your watch” – Ente

“Alright leave it to me” – Erina

The two confirms with each other. I also nodded after them at the moment.

And then I was caught by my head for some reason. Why!?

I am not an escort subject you know, Am I in a level that should be too much protected?

Was it that after all?… I am still the older one here you know in terms of age!

Ente moves silently as she approaches her target. Is that a mini-demon?

Those monsters also lives in caves, probably, and their eyes seems to also be able to see in the dark.

But because of the medicine we are also able to see clearly.

Ente approaches it slowly and quietly, the moment the demon enters her range of attack…


A slash was unleashed by ente that left a deep wound on the neck of the demon.

The demon then collapsed without even giving out a cry.

Yup, she really is high spec.

By the way I also consulted the knights regarding the strength of demons around here,

like the mini-ogre for example… Fighting them as group is no problem since they aren’t really that hard to fight with.

But facing it one-on-one with a knight seems to be troubles because their bodies sometimes harden and is hard to deal lethal damage immediately.

In order to fight safely, there should at least 2 of them fighting for things to get easier and safe.

People said that fighting it one on one is bad and only a few are considered strong enough to fight them that way.

By the way, According to Sir Gamund, Even one on one I can definitely win on my own.

But the curse user seems to be quite the dangerous person, Apparently aside from villagers, all the knights have been scattered all over the place.

A good number of them are in pursuit looking for so its fine for now.

I was thinking about it while thinking that this country sure is dangerous… that’s scary….

“Master, somethings over there” – Ente

Ente was pointing to a corner of the cave. There was certainly something over there.

As I was approaching it, I t seems to be a treasure chest.

It really sometimes feels like a game. It’s not that decorative though.

It was only a simple wooden box.

…. Unfortunately it was open and the contents have already been taken.

It is a dungeon that is close to the village and was probably already explored.

If left alone, monsters will be settling down in it.

It tried looking over it some more thinking it may be a double chest, there no such trick though.

We retraced back and continued exploring deeper.

If it was something already investigated, they might have probably been disarmed already.

and maybe a boss demon may have already been subjugated.

There are common demons that appear and also some new ones I haven’t seen.

Like the scorpion demon, is the tail poisonous? there was also a snake demon that has 3 times the size of a regular snake.

A big bat demon with mouse tail… kind of unusual to see… maybe because its a different world?

Erina have been covering for Ente fighting the bat demon. Both of them sure are cooperating well and makes me kind of envious.

I also want to help them you know…. but maybe I’ll just be a burden instead and worry them.

And so we finally reached the end of the cave… By the way, we also found 2 more treasure chest.

It was all empty though… No treasure box was found anymore even reaching the back part of the cave.

There was something like a ritual site though, It must have been used a long time a go since it looks more like ruins and was already crumbled.

I was going around looking over it. Checking of any suspicious things I might find…. Well, something like this, maybe?…

Hnnnnnn??….. there’s something engraved on the lower side……

“Ehhhhh!? EHHHHHHH!?….” – Yato

“Master!” – Ente

“Ojou-sama!!” – Erina

Suddenly raising my voiced, the two of them rushed towards me.

Sorry, sorry a weird voice came out… What I found was gift symbols…

the same one when I first found Ente… A strange voiced was made by me who unexpectedly found a treasure.

“Look, Look!… It’s a gift symbol!!” – Yato

I was pointing at a mark for the two people to see a bit excitedly, Are?

Why are they making such a strange face?….

“Master, I don’t seem to find anything strange here though?” – Ente

“Ojou-sanma, Maybe your just tired? Maybe we should already go back and take a rest” – Erina

Somehow their looking at me with such pitying eyes….

Erina came to me and tried embracing me as if to calm me down…

Wait… WAIT!!!!! I’m not hallucinating or anything you know!!!!… well I am a bit tired but that’s not it!!!…

“Is it possible that you two can’t see this?” – Yato

I managed to grab the object and show it to the two…

They just shook their head… Are?… is only visible only to me?

I wonder if it can only be seen by someone with the ability to call “Arms Otome”.

If so, I was wondering if it was only me who can see it in this world…

Like this… It may be worth it to explore again dungeons that were already explored…

Traps wouldn’t be a worry anymore after all if it was already cleaned up.

For the time being… There is this gift symbol in front of me…

It feels so thrilling as if I was playing Gacha again. And then I reached out for the gift.