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It was around the evening when we returned to the village.
The distance from the cave to the village was about an hour on foot.
our travel time was more than that though since we made a little bit of a detour.

“Oh you girls, Have you just arrived?” – Gamund

The moment we arrived at the Inn Gamund-san approached us.
Hes was mounted on a horse, Are they going to the cave to exterminate demons traveling on horse?.

“Will you be going to the cave now to get rid of the monsters?” – Yato

“No No, we have already finished it right before noon” – Gamund

Oh, I heard they were going on a subjugation today I didn’t think that they would move out that early.

“Some magicians were also included, but for those kinds of threats it was just right practice partners for the knights” – Gamund

fumu, fumu, well for those kinds of demons I gues magic users wouldn’t really be needed.
But you know, Going out on a horse just to that, Could it be they somehow progressed on discovering the corpse user?


“Actually, a report about a suspicious undead was received, That’s why I’m currently organizing the troop to verify it” – Gamund

I see, But well it’s still morning… wouldn’t it be hard to use undead during this time?

“Well then good luck and be careful out there.” – Yato

I think Gamund is quite strong person, Well I also have no idea how corpse users use their skills.

“Well, you girls should be careful too. If you are in the city of Varsa, you should visit me, I’ll be your guide since your still new to this country” – Gamund

The city of Varsa, the exploration of the southern cave is over and it may just be the right for mving out.

“Actually I was also about to leave this village and head towards Varsa.” – Yato

“I see, Then, the pleasure after returning to town has increased by one, at that time I would like you girls to have dinner with us again.” – Gamund

“Yes, please treat us at that time!” – Yato

I replied with a face filled with a smile, Gamund-san is a good person.
I really hope that the next time we meet he won’t be turned into an undead.
n… I don’t know if it can be done but I suppose I should try it。


I will try out the special skill “protection of purification” to Mr. Gamun and the knights.
The next moment I close my eyes and pray, my hands are aligned in the direction of Gamund-san,
I then feel a surge of power gathering in my hands, Let’s see if I can do this.

“gamund-san and the knight, do you feel anything that seems uncomfortable?” – Yato

“N, Did you do something to us, jou-chan?” – Gamund

“Well, Im just about to given you a little blessing” – Yato


When I released the power gathered in my hands to Gamund-san, Gamund-san and the Knights were wrapped in a flickering light for a moment.
Oh, It looks like the effect is per group based.
All of the knights have been wrapped in the flickering light.

“jou-chan, what was that power just now?” – Gamund

Gamund-san and the knights had a surprised face, Some of them was quite surprised that they staggered a bit.

“It’s a blessing that gives protection against undead, Just think of it as a funny trick put unto you” – Yato

“Fumu… It certainly feels like a pure force seeping into my body. I did not expect that jou-chan had the power of a priest” – Gamund

I see, It seems there are some people who can use similar type power.
From the word priest it seems that there are people with jobs that have the power that can use skills that are alike to this.

“Perhaps coming to this village is a revelation to meet such people” – Gamund

Iya iya, That’s just an exaggeration you know.

“Don’t waste this blessings ok, now go and do be careful” – Yato

Gamund-san finally moved out along with the knights placing himself behind everyone.
Everybody be careful, and so the knights finally have left from village.


While eating dinner, we were listening to the stories of the Inn lady about the subjugation of demons from the north.
Oh, and I also introduced Jenny to the Inn Lady, there doesn’t seem to be any reaction from the way she dressed.
For me it seems like It’s violating a lot of public morals but, Well as to be expected of another this stuff seemed to be common.
(When I talked about this story, Jenny cried to I’m feel like I’ve been a terrible master)”

It was unexpected though, since I just got Erina a day ago I wasn’t expecting to add another one the next day.


“There was also a story about a hero…(Inn Lady’s Story Continues)” – Inn Lady


Although the story of the lady general is quite exaggerated, It surely depicts the strength of the knights.
The lady general was strangely good at acting too, The people around also forgot to continue meal and listened.


“Well then Okami-san, We will be going to our room now.” – Yato

“Master, I think doing this is a waste of money” – Ente
“Ojou-sama, wasting money is not a good thing to do” – Erina
“Mi lord, Please just having the floor is fine if I will be with Mi lord” – Jenny

Areeee…. I was denied all at once … Hold on there isn’t the last one seemingly strange?

Because it can not be helped, I decided to compromise the room with two.
I was pondering if I am going to sleep with ente and erina, but I decided to just sleep with ente tonight after seeing her begging looks to me.
Jenny?… not an option… although would probably be good too but it feels like Iwill loose something If I were to sleep with her. Cheep up me….
Two nice bodies are currently sharing the same bed ……..
Yup, this seems to be quite acceptable at the moment…

“Master, Your thoughts are leaking out” – Ente

Ooops, Bad that was kind of rude…


It is certain that it will not be enough no matter how much money we get – but

[Possession: 600,226 Veil]

I guess it has increased a bit since the time I bought erina and was almost out of money.
It’s just been around 5 or 6 days since I arrived here, I wasn’t even been a week.
But I was not feeling lonely at all because I met Ente, Erina and Jenny
I think by seeing Ente who is sleeping beside me for the sake of protecting me, along with the other children with me.
I’m thinking that I have to aim on making a place where can work hard and have peace of mind!


“I am well in debt to you” – Yato


“I won’t be lonely anymore, so don’t push yourself too much ok?” – Yato

I will talk to the Inn Lady about moving out of the village today.
I will never forget the taste of bread and tree nuts and root vegetables soup that I ate when my stomach was being filled.
I will be staying here when I come back again.
I was thinking such thought while hugging the Inn lady.


“Thank you very much for everything the jii-san” – Yato

I also made my greetings to the jii-san that helped me when I arrived here.

“We are planning to head to the village in the east from here, how about you girls, want to come with us?” – Jii-san

I was thankful for the offer from jii-san, but I also have a goal to do. I would like to proceed toward that goal.

“I’m thankful for the offer but we will be proceeding to the city of versa from here…” – Yato


Based on the town of Varza, make a place where you can spend time peacefully while increasing the number of ARMS.

“Oh, in the town of Varsa. We will still be going to other villages peddling for a while but we will go to Varsa. At that time we hope to see each other in a healthy manner. ” – Jii-san

“Yes, that time please show me something rare again” – Yato

“Ho Ho Ho, you surely like that strange bow Well, I guess if we find some rare or unusual items we purchase it along the way.” – Jii-san

Jii-san was laughing while looking over Erina holding the bow, well she is in fact the itself…


the my head was stroked by Jii-san.
After all this time he is still treating me like his own grand daughter, it kind of feel ticklish.
Although I lost my father at an early age, I had never been conscious of my father, but It might somehow feel like this.
Well it feels like being a granddaughter after all since I look like a child in my current age.


After buying all the needed thins in the grocery store, we finally left the village.
The nex target, The town of Varsa.
I was excited about meeting with people I had not seen yet, and took the first step.


————————Walking to Destination———————————–>>>


The town of Varsa


It is said to be a big town under the Kingdom Kingdom Dimez.
While Dimez has major facilities as the capital, The city of Varsa is said to be a city of trade.


The belt country is located at the eastern end of the continent, but the Kingdom Dimes is even further east of it.
It is in a position that can be called the eastern end of the continent.
In contrast, the town of Varsa is located at the center of the trade route with other countries to the west.
In addition there are many villages and small towns, including Kante village in the neighborhood.

The knight team led by Gamund-san was the second Order of Belt County who was stationed in the city of Varsa.
By the way the First Order is always resided in Kingdom Dimes.
There seems to be another Other Orders, but it seems that they are moving a lot according to their missions.


So, I am aiming for the city of Varsa, located northwest from the village of Kante, but I will discover demons with a reasonable frequency while passing through the road.

The monsters that come out are starving dogs, tusk grasshoppers (namelessly named) and plain-demons.
Plain Demons is a kind of child-like demon that comes out on meadows and plains,
“The so-called ordinary goblin is a green-demon.”

Ente, Erina, Jenny are collaborating with each other and easily wipes out all the demons.
I collected light particles from a demon while being protected by three people.
Un… Thank you for doing this for me and sorry I can’t help with anything.
As expected I feel restless since I have always been working with a company before.
It ‘s quite hard to calm down just being protected.

But it is impossible to deal with weapons.
I cannot wield a weapon myself ven if I tried nor Improve practicing with it.
Even if I tried with Ente’s Sword it is still useless.
It seems that the games system of “Arms Otome” have been implanted into my body.
But if it was now… I think my strenght have slightly improved.
Maybe buying a dagger for self protection would also be good at the moment.


Three girls are just so reluctant to fight with only their weapon forms.

“There is no need for the master to approach the demons. I will never let something like when we first met happen again.” – Ente

“It is alright for Ojou-sama to have weapons for self defense but, It is no good to go to the front lines with it, There is a suitable place for everyone and ojou-sama should be the one in the commanding post giving orders to everyone” – Erina

“If mi lord gets even a scratch to her skin, I will lick it of for you if that ever happens” – Jenny

Because everyone told me thinking my well being, I can’t just go out in the front, as for jenny well it’s just like her to say that.

Well what erina said is true.
You will never see the main character of “ARMS Otome” fight in the front and just let the weapons do their thing.


It was almost two days walking from the village of Kante to the city of Varza,
which is about two days walk on foot. It would be faster if you ride of on a carriage.

There is no other village along the road through which we are going. But small huts have been scattered on the highway so that travelers can use for it when resting.

Of course it’s a small hut, so if some groups collaborate, we will have to share lodging camp but we do not pass by other travelers at the moment, so we didn’t worry about it.

In the village of Kante the Inn Lady said that there were few people staying, but in this world it seems like travelers are rare
The biggest problem would probably be the amount demons, it will be such along the highway, and if you down far into the highway, the stronger monsters will be the ones messing with you.


A person with some circumstances, a hunter or a peddler … …. It is those people who travel roughly.
We probably seemed to be a group that has ridiculous circumstances.

“The day is getting darker let’s take a rest for today over that hut” – Yato

I found a few huts today, so I decided to sleep for the night.


“uwaaa … it’s quite dusty, don’t you think?” – Yato

“It seems that it has not been used for quite some time” – Ente

I and Ente sigh by looking at each other. I still appreciate it even if its just to protect from the night dew.

“Well then shall I decide the order of the guards at night?” – Yato

Even though it is inside the hut, there may be attacks of monsters, and thieves may also attack them.

“In addition, I will participate in the watch guard.” – Yato

After my declaration, the three people disagree, the moment I mentioned it, as expected.
I am the only one who has not fought during the day, because I can not do that I do not mind do this much.
I may have the youngest appearance but I am still the oldest around here.

No, simply, if entities are in terms of age, it will be higher for the weapons … The era they were made were from ancient times after all…


At midnight, I am currently the one watching.
To my surprise, there are three moons in this world, it really gives off the feeling that I’m in a different world now.
That ‘s why it’ s not that dark at night, the moonlight is shining faintly, of course if there are rain clouds it is expected to be dark.

I look at the three people sleeping over the chair that was in the hut.
The three of us are sleeping in a big blanket.


If you look at the way they are sleeping like this, they do not have the impression that they trampled demons all they long.
Everyone is sleeping with a cute face, and if Jenny didn’t have that creepy smile, she probably looked way much cuter.

Fumu… Let’s update their statuses for the lime being.
Update for Ente’s enemy attack debuff and Erina’s double damage and…
Does Jenny have additional damage done by lightning strikes?
Ente is always the closest to the enemy so I will give her a bit more points.
People are worried about me being hurt, yet I also do not want people to get hurt.

My physical strength also rises as the level goes up, and it seems that the big demon’s attacks if received can be tolerated more than ten times now.


It is time to switch in a little bit, but I would like to see the sleeping face of these children for a while more.


Only the quiet insect sounds echoed, the gentle time passed.


In the morning, when I woke up, there were three people in front of my eyes, these people sure likes getting up early.
Ente and Jenny also shows sparkling eyes, even though Erina who was doing the last watch.
I wonder if something good happened, or maybe did they have a good dream?
Does Entea sees dreams, too?
While idly thinking about such things, I awaken my mind and clear up my consciousness.


Well then, I would really like to arrive today.
If we go without problems, we will probably arrive in the evening.
The number of monsters will also go down as we approach the vicinity.
Valsa has a lot of traders and the Order is also stationed, so they also do monster subjugation regularly to make it more safe
We did not do a lot of battles, since our target is to arrive in Varsa straight today.



after climbing a small hill, the city of Varsa will finally be visible.

” Woooah ……… It is was much bigger of a city than I thought. ” – Yato

I unconsciously let out a voice of admiration.
The town that stained at dusk is surrounded by the outer wall.
The city scape seen from the hill is filled with buildings to the extent that cannot be compared with the Kante village.
From here it only looks like a bunch of houses miscellaneous but. Trade is flourishing and it seems that various cultures have been mixed up.
It is already a thrilling thing just to stay in a town in a different world, but I am looking forward to it.

“Fufufu, Ojou-sama is active very unladylike don’t you think” – Erina

A voice calls out with a weird tone from Erina unexpectedly. Was it written on my face that obviously?
Let’s go to town anyway, we have to search for tonight’s accommodation.