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Chapter 16

「Fuuu~, were finally back」   We have finally returned at the town of Varsa. From where we came from, we made our way through the riverside as we go home… There were a lot of creatures running around the riverside. But well, all of them were taken care of by Jenny. I was also surprised

Chapter 15

「Aaaaaah!! Hoooot! 」   I was able to protect her from the fireball. Hot, hot really but it was still tolerable.   「Master!!」   「Ojou-sama!!」   「Milady!!」   I heard the concerned cries of the three people, but my consciousness is watching my Physical Status.   HP 242/285   Alright! It was nothing serious!! I

Chapter 14

「So this is the tower of Alba Zack. What a gloomy atmosphere…」   Old Castles and Towers like this resembled those that can be seen in Europe. Well, that only what I think when upon seeing that. Also, it makes you think that something would come out.   The current time is still sun up.

Chapter 13

For the past few days we have been receiving requests for security patrols. At first I thought that it was just rare to see a female only party, but after becoming familiar with the guild it seems that it isn’t the way it seems… Or at least that’s what I’ve noticed.   It wasn’t because

Chapter 12

And after deciding things, we go for a three hour patrol quest.   「There are no demons…」   Certainly, we haven’t encountered any demons as Ente said, isn’t that a good thing?   We won’t be that far away from town, given that the patrol is only for three hours anyway.   Not to mention,