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Chapter 28

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「You will be going to Meletect?」   I informed Liselle-san about our intention to join the Meletect Martial Arts Tournament. By the way, the tournament will be half a month later, and the move from here to Meletect will be about 4 days. We will be away for a while so I

Chapter 27

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ That night after Gamund-san’s visit, we all talked about the martial arts tournament.   「The question on agenda is us participating or not」   According to Gamund-san, there are several conditions required in order to participate. One of those conditions is to be at least ★★ Rank as a hunter so we

Chapter 26

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ Now then, it’s already evening, I have just returned home relaxing after finishing our meal, but Jenny came rushing in towards me. I was wondering what happened?     「Mistress, I have heard about it! Is it true that you’ve brought medicine for energizing night activity, are you using it for me――」

Chapter 25

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ *Chirp*Chirp *Chirp ……*Chirp *Chirp *Chirp ……   「Fuuaaa~~~……」   I woke up from the sound of chirping little birds. This is my first time waking up not in an Inn, but in a house that we reside. It makes me excited as I was about to start a new beginning.   「Nn……Mashtahー……」

Chapter 24

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________ 「Princess, what is with that stone monument?」   Maevis was looking at me who was making a strange grin on my face. Now that I think about it, Maevis didn’t know about this.   「You see Maevis, there is a mark of something on that stone that only Master could see. By