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Chapter 34 The Uncomfortable Feeling within the City

TL: Yuki _________________________________________________ After my magical measurements have been finished, I was given sweet treats with plenty of sugar. Apparently, it seems like such behavior of Maxwell is very unusual, but he declared that it’s because he would also like to care and spoil me. I wonder, will all of my old friends treat children

Chapter 33 Magic Power Measurement

TL: Yuki _________________________________________________ No matter how much Cortina retorted, Maxwell has the same nonchalant air around him. She retorts and reprimands him without any sign of hesitation, while the other completely ignores it and moves at his own pace.   「What’s wrong, did I do something wrong. You were always telling me about what mistakes

Chapter 32 Magic Academy Director Maxwell

TL: Yuki Brought along by Cortina, we headed towards Maxwell’s residence. Unfortunately, Michelle’s parents were not able to join us because they will be unloading and arranging their luggage. So right now, there’s only me Cortina, Finia and Michelle-chan.   Although he was supposedly of royal bloodline, but he abandoned all of that along with

Chapter 31 Residence

TL: Yuki Finia was grateful to Cortina who immediately took care of my wounds.   「Thank you for taking care of that, Cortina-sama」 「Don’t mind it. After all, I also consider Maria’s daughter as my Daughter from now on」   There are only two women in the Heroe’s Party. In that sense, Maria and Cortana’s

Chapter 30 The Fourth Hero

TL: Yuki _________________________________________________   As we come closer to the city of Raum, its dignity was shown before our eyes. I have visited before, and one of the city’s most notable structures is the spire of the Magic Academy which was far larger if compared to a large castle. Is it just me, or is