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Chapter 29 Rikka

TL: Yuki ◇Rikka’s PoV――――――   What if, 《at that time》she knew that I was awake. What kind of face will Toto-chan show me and I wonder how she would feel about it. I do know that because of that, I’m still alive now. And I understand, what Toto-chan did was a treatment and feelings of

Chapter 28 The Escorts Were not really that Good.

Chapter 28 The Escorts Were not really that Good.   TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   After an 8 day long trip, we finally arrived at our destination from Ruveria without any problems, and the three girl escorts who came out of the carriage and stretched out. When their leader Shion eased her hand down the other

Chapter 27 Greetings and Rewards

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   「I have returned, minister Revenant. That was really the worst, the worst I say」   An irritated voice echoed through the room. The voice came from a blond haired woman with glowing red eyes and a large scar on her neck.   「What do you mean by the worst?

Chapter 26 Doppel-chan Skill Set

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   Though temporarily, I have obtained the cooperation of Doppel-chan so she is now aiding me. Our current objective is to win this fight, and that’s why we will now proceed with our offense. First idea is to make a proper attack connect cleanly, and if possible send him outside

Chapter 25 Insanity is my Specialty

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   When I was doing my best at avoiding Vanil Mirth-san’s attacks that have increased in speed, I realized that there is a difference in our reaches, but it isn’t that much.   But due to the difference in our heights, it is quite difficult to dive below him without