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Chapter 60 The Wizard Kingdom part 5

TL: Yuki ◆ Wizard Kingdom Castle Dungeon ◆   「The specific punishment will be decided later. Until then, please stay here peacefully. And also, because this jail is imbued with a special system using specialized magic barriers, forcing your way out would also be useless」   A soldier that was pressured by Hasuto-san before and

Chapter 59 The Wizard Kingdom part 4 (Second half)

TL: Yuki ___________________________________________ 「I see, so they have already spread out」 「Eh, Hasuto-sama, you know something about them? 」 「Not that much, but I do know that the ones leading the invasion declared that they were part of that group 」   I was only suspecting at first, but it seems like my suspicions were

Chapter 59 The Wizard Kingdom part 4 (First Half)

TL: Yuki It was a small old man with his face with a beard and white hairs that came out silently from the shadow of the door that was opened. I think that what made him look small is because of his bent waist. He was relying on a long cane when he was standing.

Chapter 58 The Wizard Kingdom part 3 (Second Half)

TL: Yuki I can only hear the roar of raining fireballs hitting the ground around me. Even if some of them did hit me, they were dispersed before impact. The heat I could feel from the attack was similar to the warmth of a fireplace which made me feel nostalgic about the simple life I

Chapter 58 The Wizard Kingdom part 3 (first half)

TL: Yuki ◆ Mountain Trail T  owards Wizard Kingdom ◆   After walking along the highway, we continued walking along the mountain path after having a lunch break in the afternoon. The forest spread out in the side of the road, and the road was wide and well maintained. Lars said that Carriages are also