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Chapter 55

The inside of the carriage was much larger than it looked from the outside. It was the same principle as the magic workshop room that I had created before. Grape-san is currently giving me an explanation.   「Nnn… Oh dear, what to do? 」     Oi oi, what did you just say? Saying something

Chapter 54

Good Morning! One day one request. So we’ll head to the guild and work.   Hmm, The guild seems to be quite noisy, though it doesn’t seem to be about the battle tournament. It’s mainly Agito-san who’s shouting out loud.   「Someone, Is there anyone there who wants to accept this request, [cooking] and [dismantling]

Chapter 53

Good Morning! Now then, first thing to do today, work vigorously! In actuality, I don’t really have to work, since money and things I needed are available, and so I am currently free! Well, that can’t be helped.   Ad so I went to the guild, somehow it’s quite noisy. What could it be? For

Chapter 52

Good Morning! It’s cloudy again today. There is nothing special for me to today. Now what to do? Well, let’s go to the Guild for the time being.   After entering the Guild, adventurers would gather and talk to as usual. But well, it seems that their number has increase to twice as much as

Chapter 51

Good Morning! The weather now is cloudy.   I have already decided what I will be doing for today…that is, to make clothes! Clothes for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. I usually wear anything as long as I can wear it in rotation in about two weeks. Ah, and also I have to create clothes