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Chapter 48 The Knick and Honnard Store

This here now, is where the Inn run by that young adult person who saved me from those hentai lolicons bad guys.

Upon entering, it really gives off a nice atmosphere inside.

But it seems that the price for rent seems high.

Ult-san then notices me and called out to me.

「Oh… Alim-chan, you came by. Are going to take a room?」


「Really… The prices for the rooms here will be 500 Bells for B Class, 760 Bells for A Class, and 1200 Bells for S for an overnight stay. So are what do you want to choose? (… If it is according to what I see, Alim-chan will probably choose the A Class so maybe I should lessen the price by 300 bells? How ’bout that?)」

I want to take care of this new body. So that’s why I’ll take the S Class room. Well I do have around 800 thousand Bells on hand so money isn’t really a problem…

「S Class Room please, for now good for 10 days.」

「Ah, S class for 10 days is it… Eh!? Are you ok with the bills?」

「Yup. I’m okay with it.」

I take out one big gold coin, one gold coin and one large silver coin.

「Hue~~ were you probably someone like a nobles daughter or something? Then S Class room for 10 days is it.」


「Then let me lead you, the room is over here.」

Ooh, It looks kinda like a Luxury Hotel I saw on TV some time ago. I will enjoy this room for now. I will be playing trampoline on the bed. Anyway, I have nothing to do anymore for the time being. I ate the food prepared by Ultz-san, and then took a bath and went to bed.

Good Night.




Good Morning.

I am now making my way towards the store called “Knick and Honnard” today.

It will be not good if I go too early, so I guess I’ll take my time and go there around 3 o’clock I guess? Until then, what would be good to do? Having some conversation with Ultz-san? Nah, he seems to be busy at the moment. Well, whatever. I’ll just be bothering anyway. So let’s move there now. Yup, have to go there now.

I walk around using a map and arrived in front of the said store.

When I opened the door and it gave out a nice sound, there are sure are a lot of weapons displayed inside. A sword, a spear, a bow… None of the items seems mediocre at all as you examine them. Then a big hairy man came out from the back of the shop. [TL: Hagrid, is that you??]

「Welcome jou-chan, or maybe, you are that Alim-chan?」

「Yes! That is so!」

「Is that so, you really came by. Oi, Nii-san! Nii-san! Alim-chan came by!」[TL:OnePunchMan Niiiiiiiii-saaaaaaannn!!!!] [ED: Glad he’s not calling him Nii-Chan TL:That would be disgusting XD]

Well what do you know, I’m glad that I have arrived just in the right time.

The big guy is calling for someone inside the shop.

After a few moment, I can hear the sound of people walking down the stairs. And from behind, a man which looks similar to that big man before appeared.

「Hou, so it was you who wanted to learn blacksmithing and enchanting, a girl right?」


「Hnn… It really is a pretty girl, as Arkin-san mentioned」


Oh please I will be embarrassed if you praise me so much. [ED: And again, I feel conflicted about this]

And they began talking again.

「I’m Honnard, store owner of the weapon shop here. And this one is…」

「Knick, I’m a blacksmith of this weapon shop, and the brother of this person.」

「Please to meet you, Honnard-san, Knick-san!」

「Ah yes, please to meet you.」

Fumu, as expected of someone Arkin-san introduced.

They seem to be a good brothers.

Knick-san will be the one to guide me.

「Then first, let me tell you about smithing. Let us move to the second floor Alim-chan.」


[TL: I sure have probably read a lot of weird stuff coz it makes me think of something here.]

[ED: Don’t worry TL-chan, no “Ugly Bastard” tag is present]

Then after moving to his workplace, knick-san began to teach me about the tools used for blacksmithing and how they are to be used. Then he begins picking up the tools and showing things like how to process iron while explaining how it works.

「Hou, It seems like you’re getting the hang of it.」

「Ehehehehe… … …」

And so, I finally manage to get the skill from this point.

「I was able to learn the skills!」


「Thank you very much for the help!」

「Oooh, It’s good, I will pass the items you have requested when you are leaving later.」


「Then, it’s time go to Honnard, you will be learning enchantment from him.」

I moved down from the second floor and moved to the weapon shop below this time.

「I’m able to learn smithing!」

「Is that so, Alim-chan sure is fast learner. Then the next one will be enchantment.」


「Oh, then first is, what we call enchanment is … … …」

Talking about is in short is something like this.

Enchantment mainly uses either Demon core or MP. [ED: I guess she has unlimited MP TL: Not really she just have A lot to the point that you normally can’t use it all.]

It seems like you have to construct a magic circle using something called an enchantment pen and pour MP into it as you draw. The stronger the enchantment the more the costs it will require.

And on another note, enchantments are essentially written directly on things, and magic cards are created for those who do not enchant skills.

The first things Honnard-san taught me is how to write different magic circles and the types, and actually writing one to show me. And let me write one as well. And also, it seems that I could also master these skills.

「Honnard-san, I have been able to learn the skill!」

「Ooooh!? So fast, seriously.」


「Yosh!… then if you any more questions don’t hesitate to come by again! Do your best and work hard to master them!」


「Oi!!!… Nii-san! Alim-chan was also done learning enchantment!?」

The sound of Knick-san moving down noisily from the second floor can be heard.

「Oh! As expected. This girl is really amazing… and then after that, here are the things you’ve asked for. Please confirm it.」

「Ok, thank you very much.」

Hmmm, the quality of work is really good. At times like this, appraisal king really is convenient. I then paid the tools and reception fee.

「And then again, thank you for all this!…」

「Ooh!… Alim-chan! Do come back again!」

After all that, I left the store of “Knick and Honnard” and then proceed to the Inn. Now, I’m looking forward to what things and skills I can make from this.

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Chapter 47 The Merchant Association Medial Headquarters

Right now, after walking for a few minutes from the guild, a huge building was right in front of me.

This is supposed to be the headquarters or the Merchant Association [Medial] where Arkin-san belongs.

「Ano… … … excuse~~~me!…」

「What the f!… uhum… what is it that you need, jou-chan?」

Cute is justice. It is even valid for in this world. You tried to say 「What the F@*#」 right? Right? [ED: Flat is justice, loli is life]

「Arkin-san told me that if I needed something I’d just come and see him.」

Was what I said while showing the business card that was given by him.

「You are here to speak with Arkin-san? Ah, ok, just wait for a bit.」

The gatekeeper entered the gate and then came back just a little while.

「It’s Okay, come this way jou-chan.」

That way I was led into the gate.

「Thank you very much, Onii-chan.」

(Angel Smile)[TL:The Pain!!!] [ED: you can content your eyes with a beautiful woman, but only loli can content your life XD]

Even though he already look like an old man. That why I say this.

「Fuhuhuhu, You are welcome.」

(Arkin, where did you get to know such a nice girl?)

[ED: I’m a bit complicated here, he’s a dude, reincarnated as a girl, he / she?

Should I pick with my brain or with my D**K

(of course I would pick with my D**K)]

As I entered the building, Arkin-san was already waiting at the entrance.

「Oh, You finally came by, Alim-chan. Come in to my base.」

It was quite a splendid room, and then Arkin-san began to talk.

「So, were you able to become an Adventurer?」

「Yup! I did.」

「Oh, is that so, the guild card you got, is it ok for me to see it?」

「Yes, Here you it is!」

「Thanks. Hmmm. I see so Alim-chan was only 12… wait, eh? Already an E Rank? Alim-chan, just what in the world did you do?」

「Ah you see, I passed the given exam, and then I finished harvesting, and then submitted four E-Rank Demon Cores that I got from when I was harvesting.」

「Ahahaha… And it’s only been a day… Well there is nothing wrong if you turned into E Rank that fast. Are you probably that talented? Well not that I mind it.」

「Was there something wrong?」

「You see, I’ve heard that you are going to be an adventurer, so I thought that I would buy it if there’s anything you wanted to sell. Ah, well I have already been dealing with you in exchange for the great potions. And so I directly notified about you on our headquarters. And it seems my eyes haven’t really gone crazy after all.」

「That seems to be how it is.」

「Ah … By the way, is there anything that you wanted to sell right now? Like, that E Rank demon you have defeated.」

「Ah, right, here it is.」

I take out the dismantled Casnake.

「Oh, this is quite splendidly dismantled, Alim-chan had good dismantling skills. I’ll buy them for 150 Bells each. Since the total is four, it will be 600 Bells.」

Arkin-san then stored it inside his item bag, then handed over 1 silver coin and four large copper coins from his pocket to me.

「Fufufu, Just like this I request of you… Is there anything else you want to sell?」

Oh, that’s right let’s sell some of those blue tongues. That fur ball, Chagemaro’s blue tongue. It seems to be a delicacy, but I don’t really need 400 pieces of it. So let’s sell around a hundred of them.

「Yes, I have something. It’s this…」

I took out a blue tongue of Chagemaro from my Magic Purse.

「Cha… Blue tongue of Chagemaro. This is a meat traded as delicacies, but it is quite hard to dismantle properly. Not to mention being a D Rank monster. The creature itself lives on dangerous lands. Let me buy it then, how bout 5000 Bells each.」

5000 Bells… 50000 Japanese Yen! [ED: Really? 400 pieces? Isn’t she a bit over f***ing powered? TL: Nononono this is still considered mild you know…]

「I’ll sell it, I’ll sell it, I’ll definitely sell it! But you see, It’s not just a single one I have to sell.」

「You can just sell as much as you want. Place all the Items on this sheet.」

I then placed orderly the blue tongue of Chagemaro on the sheet that was given to me. The face of Arkin-san gradually turns pale as I add more and more. The total pieces I took out were 104 pieces… A total of 520000 bells which is 5.2 million in Japanese yen.

「Ah…. Ah… Ah…?」 [ED: Someone, please, nerf Alim-chan, she hurt me as a lolicon T.T]

「Fuu… and that’s all of it… Arkin-san… Arkin-san?」

「Cho… Alim-chan… where in the world did you get all of this?」

「No, you see… I was just hunting it normally?」

「Haa… Really?… Are you really ok selling so much of this…」

「Sure, of course. On the contrary, I should be the one asking. Are you ok? Buying all of that.」

I am a bit worried. But it seems it was not really necessary.

「Ahahahaha. Wow, so many good quality blue tongues… how to say this… 104 is it. Selling so much of it, sure makes me happy. In reality, Alim-chan is not just on E Rank standard, is it probably around S Rank? Otherwise, this amount of loots won’t be explained at all.」

Oh, that’s how it is after all.

「I’m ok with it. Ah, excuse me but could you please change it to 1 large gold coin, 5 gold coins, 45 silver coins, and 50 big copper coins?」

「Ahahahahaha… and now you’ve just turned into a merchant! And it’s only been just day! Ahahahahaha!」

Aren’t you laughing about it too much… [TL: And so Arkin-san’s commonsense died today. ] [ED: Well, some nerves functioning as “Common Sense” are not responding]

That is to say, he will be profiting more from buying a lot of it.

「Haaaaa… I overdid it. Anyway, here 520000 bells. Please confirm it.」

「Thank you.」

「No, Thank you. It is me who should thank you. Thank very much. Blue tongue you see is always in high demand, it can be sold easily, is what I’d like to say.」

Just as I have thought. Oh, that’s right there’s something else I’d like to ask.

「Excuse me, but I’d like to ask about three things, is it okay?」

「Ah, no problem. I feel really good at this moment. Let’s listen to what you’d like to ask.」

「Yes, first one is, do you know of what skill allows you to make magic cards?」

「That is probably enchantment skill, I think most weapon shops, blacksmiths, and magician shops are possessing and acquiring it.」

「I want to learn blacksmithing and that enchantment skill if possible.」

「Eh… why?」

「Because I’d like to make things you see.」

That’s not really it though. While thinking about it, I discovered that these two skills will be needed in unlocking the ★★★★★ skill.

「I see. Then in that case, the shop of [Knick and Honnard’s store] should be fine, my recommendation should work with them. I will inform them that a girl named Alim will come, and would like to learn their skills. So when will you be going?」

「Ah, tomorrow if possible. And also, if you could introduce me to a blacksmith, I’d like to ask for 3 pick axe, 2 scoops, 2 sewing needles, 2 cloth-cutting scissors and 2 disassembly knives.」

「Oh, right since that place is both a weapon shop and a blacksmith. That would be ok. We can order it over there.」

「And then, for the next request would be, a set of tools for smithing and and also a set of tools for enchantment.」

「Got it, since we have a some stock for those currently available, would you like take it with you now?」

「Yes, it will be alright.」

「Okay, then it will be 184500 bells in total.」

「Thanks, here is 184500 bells payment.」

「I have certainly received it. Let me get it for you now.」

Arkin-san leaves the room immediately, and the came back in 15 minutes later.

「Well then, the items are prepared in this magic bag and this tool here is something that transfers items from one magic bag to another. So then we will move the items from this magic bag to yours… Oh, the transfer it is definitely transferring.」

「So then, about my last request…」

「Yes, what would it be?」

「I’d like information on locations where I can gather plenty of ores.」

「Let’s see, the closest probably is on a mountain area called [Tria Erial Mountains]… but the demons there are D and C rank demons… Even though I know Alim-chan will probably be alright… I am still a little worried… I can’t really stop you from going but I won’t really recommend it that much, but then again for now, I guess it will your first time trying to go there and it will take about four days to reach that place on carriage which is south-east of the kingdom.」

「Thank you for that information.」

「By the way, why do you want to go there?」

「That is to raise my mining skills!」

Well, the real reason would be because it’s cheaper to gather ores by myself than actually buying it.

「I see… but I don’t really recommend it you know.」

「Thanks, that’s all for the time being.」

「Oh, don’t mind it, you’ve been a really good customer after all. I’m happy to be of help. Please don’t mind asking if there’s anything you’d like to know.」

「Yes, I’ll be taking your offer at that time.」

「Well then, be careful and don’t do anything reckless alright, always do things carefully, anyway, I’ll be informing the gatekeeper to let you in next time you come so you can go in and out of our place with ease.」


(Soothing Smile!) [TL: Seriously… ]

I also greeted the gatekeeper with and angelic smile as I left.

Now then, since it’s starting to turn dark already, let’s go to Ult’z Inn [Hikari] and go to bed.

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Chapter 46 First Job

I have left the city and now is staying in a forest.

It’s for searching medicinal herbs that was requested, but then again because of the Harvester King skill, I will find them soon enough.

See, I already found some. At a place where a lot of them are flourishing, as I have said right? Something like that is something that I can grasp. A bunch of them growing. A bunch of them growing.


Somehow, I found some monsters that seem like small snake monsters. There are four of them. I immediately got rid of them, took their monster cores and dismantled their corpses. The core ranks seems to be around E Rank. Let’s sell these cores to the guild later.

Well then, time to collect the herbs right?




Somehow, I was capable of gathering around 70 bunches. By the way, is it really OK with only 12 bunches? Then again, I will only submit 35 bunches, I will keep the rest. It’s time to go back to the guild then.




I opened the doors of the guild, and then someone called me.

「Oooh, Alim-chan welcome back. 」

Huh? Who’s this person?

「Heee… You only registered today right, yet did you really become an F Rank despite having age below the usual?」


「I will definitely give you my support!」

「So Cute!!!」

「Oh, it’ really cute!!」

「Let me give you some candy!!」

What, what is this…? Well, but there is something I must do in this situation. (TL: Evil Grin… show em your power…)

I smiled while lowering my head slightly.

「Everyone, it’s a pleasure to work with all of you, thank you!!」

「「「Nice to work with you too!!」」」

Now then, I guess it’s time to report to Agito-san. Somehow, I can hear praises about being cute and strong, or something like “Is she really a genius?”… are they praising me more and more?

「Agito-san, why did it turn into something like this?」

Agito-san give an answer.

「Everyone will always admire strong people, and then new of you spread out soon after registering. You probably will be treated as something like a poster girl, then again. Hahahahahaha! Have you forgotten about something and returned? It’s only been a little more than ten minutes since you left? 」

「Ah! Yes! I have actually finished the request! 」

「… … … … … huh?」

「Oh, you see, I have finished the herb collection request. 」

「Ah…Eh… Really??」[TL: Feel The Power Of OP MC]


「Fast… … … well for the time being show me the proof. 」

I took out 35 bunches of medicinal herbs from my pouch and put it on the reception table.

「Oh… so many in just that short amount of time?」

「Ah, you see, I just happened to find a lot of them crowding in one place. 」

「I see, you seem to be quite lucky… let’s see… 35 bunches… quite a lot, the reward will be 525 Bells. Here ya go.  」 [ED: Only skill, no luck needed]

「Thank you, oh that’s right there’s also something I want to sell… 」

「Nn? Have you also defeated F Rank monsters? 」

「You see, it looks something like a snake. 」

「Snake… you mean E Rank demon Casnake. Even as a rookie you managed to beat them. And you have just finished your exam a while ago, isn’t that something unnatural? 」

「Yes, and well, there were four of them who attacked me at the same time. 」

「Did you actually beat them? All on your own? Aren’t you an F Rank? 」

「Ah, yes… well… here are the demons materials… 」

I take out the four E Rank Demon’s materials from my magic pouch.

Agito-san then took out some glowing tones and hit the demon cores, and after hitting all the cores they all turned into shining blue cores.

「I was quite surprised… Altogether, Alim-chan… Well 1 core is 150 bells. A total of 600 bells. And also… 」

「Ah, yes… well… here are the demons materials… 」

「Oh… what is it?..」

「To Raise the guild rank to E. 」

「Eh, why?」

「In reality, in order to rank up, you will need to defeat a number of monsters of the same rank, and not to mention you need to submit a number of 10 demon cores of the previous rank as your rank.  」

「Yes, I know of that. 」

「And that’s why you are publicly a Rank E already… Then Again, you are just a little too fast. It’s only been 10 minutes since you registered right? Even an adventurer at a right age and fitness wouldn’t achieve that its way too out of the norm. 」

Did you guys hear that!! Adventurers from the bar were whispering over.

「O~I, Agito-san yo… Are you recognizing that~! That girl’s talent, is something on that degree huh~」

「Well that’s right. You are already considered as Rank E, right? It is something to celebrate. I don’t certainly feel that it’s a little early to consider it or be bothered by it. 」

Is what Agito-san explained about it.

「And so that’s how it is, no, that sure is amazing you know Alim-chan, it’s something you can boast off, don’t you think? 」

「Awawawa. I will do my best!!」

「That’s right! Go for it! 」

From this day onward, I won’t be able to leave this guild anymore.

I have greeted all the adventurers around and left the guild.

I was also given some potions and candy.

Well then, the next step is to see Arkin-san.

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Chapter 45 Promotion Exam

「Ah, by the way, I’m the guild receptionist here, my name is Agito. New Adventurer Alim-chan, best regards. 」

「I’m looking forward to work with you!」

I have successfully registered as an adventurer, but I am a Rank X… this doesn’t really make sense to me at all.

「Ah, that’s right. Do you want to try to take a Rank Up exam now? Some people take the Rank Up exams after they have registered, because they don’t want to be treated as a child as soon as possible. What will you do, Alim-chan. Want to try it? Fufufufufu」

「Ah… Yes!, I’ll take the test! 」

「Good… You sure are dedicated. Fufufufufu. Ah, by the way, after this, you won’t be able to take one again after a week. 」

Fufufutte, it’s fine if you are just sneering, is the test maybe some sort of bullying? You’re sneering as if you are trying to do something mischievous.

「Well then, Let us move. We will be heading toward the test area.」

I followed Agito-san.

When we went down to the basement, something like a gymnasium can be seen, the gym was spreading out there.

「Alright! For the Examination! It will be simple. You just have to touch me before this hourglass falls over. By the way, I am a former adventurer and will be resisting the attacks but won’t attack myself. 」

Ah, so that’s why he is giving a nasty grin. Certainly, if it’s a normal child then it will definitely be impossible. For a child, the real battle experience is certainly lacking.

「Are you ready, Alim-chan? Then let’s begin. 」

While saying that, Agito-san turned over the hourglass.

Within that moment, I quickly moved and grabbed Agito-san’s hand that was several meters away from me.

「Wha, what… … … !? 」

(Eh, you didn’t see that?)

「I passed… is it not?」

「… … …」

Agito-san stood still for a while. It seems like he was quite astonished.

「Ano?… Agito-san? 」

「…Ah!… Ah! Right! Of course you passed. I was just a bit shocked, so Alim-chan is now an F Rank. Congratulations. 」

An then, we returned to the reception area.

「Here’s your guild card, please verify that the specification has been changed to F Rank」

My guild card was handed over again. It is said that F specification have been placed. There was and English letter F engraved on the card.

By the way, the contents of the cards includes rank, name, age, number of days since registration, number of quests received (The latter 3 can be hidden arbitrarily.) Anyways, time to get the first job.

「Seriously, this is the first time that someone of age less than required for F rank takes the test and passed on the first day. It’s quite amazing you know?」

「Ehh… is that so?」

「Yeah… that’s how it is.」

「Then, can I take a request now? 」

「Oh…there’s no problem! The request you can receive as an F rank will be collecting demon materials and gathering medicinal herbs. 」

「Then I will do the medicinal herbs collection. 」

「Okay, then it’s medicinal herb collection, do you know what medicinal herbs you need to collect?」


「Ah, you sure are confident, then basic medicinal herbs would be 15 bells per bundle, 12 bundles are required to complete the request, so be careful. 」

「Alright, I’ll be going then. 」

「See you again! 」

(That sure is cute.)

When I left the guild, I was called out by the old man I have met a while ago.

「Oh! Jou-chan! Were you able to register as an adventurer? How… can I see it? 」

「It’s this here. 」


Was there something wrong with it?

「Th, that?」

「… … …n!?」

「Guild card… um… 」

「Well, my bad, here ya go. Do your best from now on! 」

「Hai! 」

(Childish Smile!)


What was that? Well, not like I care about it.

Well, anyway. I have to do a job now. So I left the guild behind.

「Oi? Galgar? Was there something wrong? When you looked at that cute little girl’s guild card? 」

「Hey, Jeim, listen to this…」

「You see, that cute little girl like a little angel, it seems Alim-chan is her name, however…」

「Well she really is cute like an angel, no doubt about it, but isn’t that quite overrated… but well that’s a nice sounding name. so what up with that Alim-chan? 」

「That girl seems to be 12 years old and has been registered as an adventurer for the first time. 」

「Well, it’s probably Rank X right? But is there anything surprising about that? 」

「That, the rank was not X… it was Rank F… 」

「What! Are you drunk? 」

「I am not, I clearly am not intoxicated and sober enough. 」

「… for that to suddenly clear that test… It should be impossible… Eh, is that really true? 」

「That’s what I’ve been saying already!!! 」

People that were surrounding us were quite surprised, probably heard what we were talking about. One of the female adventurers came to speak to us.

「One moment! Gargal! Is what you are talking about true?」

「Ah, I have already been saying that! 」

Another person also speaks out.

「So cute and strong…? May I also have something like that? 」

「Hmm? Isn’t that good? A bunch of talent is it? 」

Many more people began talking about Alim-chan.

「Cute! Strong! I will be supporting that girl! 」

「That’s right! We won’t definitely be bored of it! 」

「I might as well cheer for her!」

「Will you need my support! Let’s expect that from now on! 」


A lot of talks have taken place for Alim-chan in the tavern that day.

In this way, The Fans of Alim-chan gradually increased.

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Chapter 44 Registration as an Adventurer

When I entered the guild, a man that seems to be drunk immediately spoke to me.

「Ou… Cute little miss, the reception for goods and requests for adventurers is not in this booth.」

「Ah no, I came here to register as an adventurer」

「Hou! Little miss are sure? GAHAHAHAHA… good luck!」

Even if he’s drunk, he doesn’t seem to be a bad person. I was thinking of how fight back if he was a bad person.
I then went straight to the reception desk.

Wow, a muscle uncle seems to be the receptionist. He looks quite strong on the appearance alone. Wasn’t it supposed to be a beautiful woman? The norm is probably this. Then the receptionist uncle spoke.

「Oh! Isn’t this a pretty cute little miss! Is there anything you want with the guild?」

Oh, what’s with this tension, it feels like he’s burning.

「Um… you see…. I want to register as an adventurer…」

「Hee? Are you sure little miss?」


「Well… anyone can register I guess, little miss I don’t expect it but you don’t have any criminal record right?… How old are you by the way?」

「It’s 12 years old desu!」

「Umu…12 I see…」

Are? Are? Is there something wrong?

「Is there something wrong being 12 years old??」
「Well, the thing is you see, in order to be a proper adventurer, it is required to be at least 15 years old, which can be called adult, in case you’re younger than that then you will be given rank X… it is kind of a special rank but is it alright with you?」

Uwah… seriously… so it was like that… I wonder what the tasks will be, maybe it’s like some simple chores?…

「X rank…? umm sorry but… I don’t really know anything about it or the guild… I only know that I can look for work here.. can I have a detailed explanation about it?」

I make the most powerful teary puppy eyes I could, along with placing my hands close to my mouth. The so called loli beg pose. [TL:Oh sh*t seriously scary he/she really knows how to use the assets he/she have.] [ED: You can use he, since he’s basically a legit male XD]

「Ou…Ouu!?… um right… I mean… If you are that cute there will definitely be a lot of work available for you to do in the guild… Like a clerk for a cafe or something… well I still haven’t explained about the guild so let’s go with that first ok?」

「Hai! I will be alright! Thank you!」

[TL:Scary seriously scary… can anyone even resist such an attack?] [ED: for a normal and healthy male, no]

Was that effective? Well there will be more coming.

[TL:OMG there is still more?]

「Then let’s start. First the guild is an organization that deals with adventurers who have been registered, and can be accessed throughout every country. Receiving requests, choosing what requests to do, oh by the quests are available in the quest board, well there are also requests given directly to the adventurers. As for compensations, the adventurer will receive some rewards but 10% of the rewards will go to the guild, the client also pays 10% extra to the guild, adventurers can also have their requests submitted to the guild, its on the other window, there are also some people who directly call for requests without using the guild. That’s all the information, is that good enough? 」


「Okay, next we go to the types of requests. Basically quests are divided into 3 types, those are subjugation, collection, and escorting. Subjugation is for defeating designated monsters in designated places. By the way any demon you have defeated will belong to you. It is also required to present a part of the demon as subjugation proof. Collection includes requests to bring specific objects that was requested, also proof of subjugation can also be included in collection requests. This is also the easiest known requests that is taken by beginners. The other is escorting and direct requests which are easy to understand what it’s like.」

Oh, demon that you have took down can also be submitted. That surely is helpful. In making money that is.

「Next will be about parties. A party is a group of adventurers doing a request together. A party consist of at least 2 people and will be really helpful in doing harder requests. Since there are quests that cannot be done alone or would need more people to make it easier to accomplish. Any people can make their own party. There are also parties that exceed 100 people and accumulates all rewards they have collected. Such parties are called “Team” A team have plenty of privileges. got it?」

「I understand!」

「Okay we will now proceed to rankings. Ranks are divided from F to SSS rank, and party ranks from E to SS. Party ranks requires more quests to accomplish in order to rank up. A request cannot be accepted if it is above their rank. Even with a party, request of the same rank can only be received. Well even if i say that most parties only go up to rank C which is already good enough in income wise. There are also rank regulations in countries that have dungeons. weapon shops also gives discounts to specific ranks. And about rank X, it is a rank given especially to children below the age of 15. There is also a test that can get you from rank X to rank F in advance if you passed it. Well to be honest you would find it rare for people to pass it and almost everyone starts by working on places like cleaning mansions and such until they reach the required age. As they are just children, well there are some of those that join in collecting things like demon cores from subjugated demons to earn a little more than usual especially if the core is good. 」

「Ummm… is it ok if the demon cores that I have collected from some time ago?」

「Nn? Well it doesn’t really matter even if the core was collected 100 years ago. I don’t know how it works but it will still be usable even after a longer time has passed. Well then the last part」

「Please continue」

「It’s about this. This part of the guild which includes the bar that works in a collaboration. There are a few shops in the area that is working in collaboration with the guild. The guild also provides services that these places offer but only in a more simplified form. The price for the inn is 50 bell per night. Items can also be sold to the guild the same as in other merchants that are specialized in collecting them. Oh that’s right We only buy demon cores by the way, other usable parts can be sold to specialized shops, and merchant organizations. And this here is the guild card. This is given to all adventurers. It also serves as a proof of being one, so do not easily lose it. In case you lost it, it can be reissued. When your rank changes. the rank of your card will also be changed. Information about your skills can also be shown if you allow another person to see it. You can also limit the skills that you want to show if needed.」

The explanation was really understandable. Thank you for explaining.

「Thank you very much!」

「And so do you really want to be an adventurer?」


「Well then what’s your name jou-chan?」

「My name is Alim.」

「I see Alim-chan… so then what’s your second name?」


Eh, do I really need to have a surname? But according to my status I don’t have any.

Maybe I can choose whatever I want? My last name when I was on earth is “Narita”. Maybe something that derived from it should be good. Something nariu, Hmmm. like Nariu~ei or something like Nariwei … Alright let’s go with Nariwei.

「My full name is Alim Nariwei desu!」

「Nariwei is it… Ok and the guild card is done. It’s a gray guild card for now.」

And in this way I am now an adventurer.

Ah… My registered gender is a female… Well not that I mind about it.

Un. I will only get depressed if I think about it.