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Chapter 9 We will be Exploring around the Village!

After hearing about things that I wanted to know from Rommon-chan, I decided to look around the village.   【Thank very much for telling me all that information Rommon-sama, it’s probably just about the right time for me try be looking around the village. 】 「Un, it will probably be just fine. Take care out

Chapter 8 I ran out of MP…

It is nice that I have learned recovery magic but, I ran out of MP … I want to increase it some more… my MP.   Besides, Kel’s wound was not yet completely closed. But, well it has been recovered to some extent that it won’t bleed if it was hit? If it just took

Chapter 7 I have been named!

I decided that I want everyone here, to know about what we were talking about. And so with this extra 4mp have been used up now…   From now on managing MP will be a little bit on the hard side.   【Everyone, Is what I am saying reaching you all? 】 「Uwa, it really

Chapter 6 A Friendship Contract is…… What could it be?

「Iya, It’s probably a coincidence right……」   Is what this cute girl with blue haired girl with short cut hair called Rinne said so.   「I don’t really know? Maybe just a coincidence, let’s try confirming it. 」   Is what this cute girl with blue haired girl with straight long hair called Rommon said

Chapter 5 Talking with People

I was accompanying the lovely blue haired girl that I saved from a while ago. I am walking with great effort to make sure that my pace won’t be a bother and to the point that I am able to follow. Well, Kel I mean that dog is being carried by me, it natural to