Category: The Pebble

Chapter 4 It’s Not Allowed to Bully a Girl

I quietly approached the place where I could hear the voice, I looked at the scene while hiding myself behind a big tree.   A tall bearded man with green clothes, another man dressed in all black and covered with a brown coat… and a cute girl with a beautiful long light blue hair. And

Chapter 3 Search

As soon as I found a Demon I eliminate it, I want to keep on doing it but it’s getting really dark now.   I’m not really getting any sleepier, but clouds have covered the sky resulting to making the place darker, so I guess it’s probably time to settle down and not move any

Chapter 2 Little Rock Doll

Guriguriguriguri…   I was forcibly placed on the damaged area of the little golem’s head, and well what do you know it fitted just right.   Ah, I got it. I can understand this feeling of being absorbed into a part of this child’s body. That feeling of being sucked in like ice cream melting

Chapter 1 The Story of a Small Pebble at the Edge of the Road

Pebbles…   You can find them anywhere in the world, it is not something rare. If it is the normal ones that is, humans ignores plants and animals as if they were “Nothing” and never bothers with it. Of course, such things are probably considered as not sentient at all, and even if they consider