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Chapter 59 Fairy VS Hero

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


Well, that was quite surprising. I didn’t expect her to just upfront give up on the game and decide to slaughter everyone. It is a good thing that I prevented La Veil from jumping in from the audience seat by gluing her with Fairy Magic.

Kousaka Ayane(21) Lv.351

Race: Human (Awakened): Holy Sword Characteristics Active (All Combat Status + 5,000,000)

HP 5,139,599/5,139,599

MP 5,282,752/5,282,752

ATK 5,022,516

DEF 5,015,888

MATK 5,000,000

MDEF 5,036,009

INT 3200

SPD 5,040,002

【Unique Skill】Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Translation Magic, Item Box

Skills: Sword Arts (SS+) Dual Sword (S) Concealment (S+) Adjustment (B) Appraisal (-)

Title: Hero, Transmigrated, Blessed by the Goddess, Insane

 Now that I think about it, that holy sword’s characteristic was magic absorption, right? I now understand that it is used to increase her status, but I didn’t expect the boost to be by 5 million in almost all statuses. Just how much magic power did she accumulate until now? Did it come from the time they fought the demon king?

「Eat this you ugly bit…!! 」

「I won’t let you!!」

The Hero brandished her sword covered in lightning which could easily cut stone, but I hold my sword (merely of attention) and block it. You probably didn’t expect someone to block your attack with that monstrous status, right. Her thoughts came back for a moment and then she sunk into anger once more.

「You, just who in the world are you!!」

「Everyone’s Idol, Aidle-chan~!!」

「Are you insane!!?」

 From the seat in the audience La Veil was saying things like 「Oooh, my blood is boiling」 but I ignored it. Now that I think about it, the human me and the current me have different ways of thinking which is kind of funny. Is this maybe what they call Double Personality or something? I wonder.


「What in the world is that insanely heavy sword!? Why in the world can it clash with a holy sword!? Gaaah?!」

 While the Hero was still confused and distracted to what has happened, I sent a kick into her stomach. The Hero quickly rebuilded her posture and stopped herself from flying in the air by stabbing her sword into the ground.

 That armor sure is sturdy, only cracks were made. However, those cracks alone already confused the Hero. It seems like that armor seems to be a special kind.

「If I can’t use the Holy Sword then!! Holy Lightning, come forth and destroy my enemies!!!」

 When her Holy Sword shined, lightning attacked from the clouds overhead while taking the shape of a dragon. Well then, let’s also do Magic then.


 Swinging my sword and a Magic Wand I took out, something shining came out. I don’t really know how I did it but it was unleashed. It was a ball of fluff that moves at the speed of sound and came in front of the dragon, and it then spread out like a spider net capturing the dragon. I wonder what principle it works with……

「Wha!? 」

「It’s not over yet~♪」

 As I kept swinging my wand, the net increased and continued to cover the dragon which was showing a frightened reaction. After staring at it for a while, a fluffy fancy dragon formed inside. It’s whole body is covered with fluffy mofumofu hair. It was so cute.

『Aidle –chan has transformed the Fake-Hero’s attack into a cute dragon-chan~!! It’s so cute!! I also want one please!!』

 The Hero continued her barrage of Thunder Dragons, but they only continued to be reborn into fluffy dragons. Each time that happens, the audience were also reacting.


The Hero looks at me with a scary face. If I hit La Veil with something like this, she might also transform into something like that and it would probably be enjoyable if we are just fooling around flying in the sky. Well, if I look at the current scene, even I would question my sanity.

 But it is good that I managed to grab everyone attention. There will be a time limit for this state as well, so it’s time start the retaliation before things start to become a little more uncontrollable. Of course, the display should also be cool.

『Hi, Hiii』

 Oh, it seems that I have caused someone a trauma

「Hora hora, It’s bad to take away your attention from me you know?」

「Nna……Wha, what do you teha~~~~~~~!?!?!!?!?!?!?」


(How did you receive the full strength of my attack that easily? Why, are there cracks made in my armor? What in the world is that monster!? I am considered mid rank if compared to other heroes you know, but if I activated my sword’s characteristics I can be placed on the upper ones, so why is it that there is still an existence that could even fight me to exists in this world?)

 A Hero who can easily defeat SS Rank adventurers had the confidence that their strength would be considered the best in this world. Because of the difference in status and skill that is considerably a cheat, even just one hero would be able to oppose a country’s military.

It is natural that there would be no one who could oppose. Of course no one is supposed to be able to oppose. She also activated her special characteristics which should be good enough to easily destroy a country. But before that, she decided that she would kill the one in front of her with her own hands,

And the result of the appraisal is this.

Aidle(3) Lv.859

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

・Status Modified by Fairy Magic・

HP  11,011/11,011

MP  2,506,082/2,506,082

ATK  50,008,054 (+50,000,000)

DEF  20,007,022 (+20,000,000)

MATK 24,575,884 (-60,000,000)

MDEF 24,040,540 (-50,000,000)

INT  20,007,100 (+20,000,000)

SPD  20,280,025 (+20,000,000)

【Unique Skills】Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency

Skills: Singing(A+), Sword Arts(S+), Humanization(S), Four Attribute Magic(SS), Adjustment(A+), Concealment(S+), Demonic Contract(―)

 The skills and status of the Hero couldn’t even be compared. Kousaka would have been splattered like a tomato if she wasn’t protected by her special armor.

 And this time, Aidle will be striking seriously. This is in order to thoroughly show the Hero absolute defeat.


「Ah……Guh…wha, why is my… armor, is……wah!?」

 Aidle didn’t attack using her sword, she was just hitting with her bare hands. Yet a destructive amount of force was sent, and the shock that was received was an unimaginable amount generated in considering her delicate arms. The impacts were continuously driven into the armor, and unable to withstand the shocks the armor shattered into more than 200 pieces.

After the armor broke, so did the characteristic of her Holy Sword. Kousaka’s status returned to just as much as 10 times which was the same as when she only invoked her holy sword.

「So that was the medium for activating the Holy Sword’s characteristics, it certainly surprised me~ ♪」


 Aidle was laughing. She was cheerfully showing an atmosphere as if she was only playing. At first the audiences were also confused from the changes in the weather and the thunder storms, but now everyone was cheering Idol and all those cheerings were converted into Aidle’s magic power.

 After smashing her armor with a cheerful smile still on her face…… To Kousaka who was watching that sight, she felt the insanity of that scene, as if the world was looking down on her, and then her body trembled.

This is not a fight, and it’s nothing more than just a public execution.

「Well~then. To make you Heroes start regretting now that you kidnapped my important person and tried to use her as hostage!!」

 Aidle was walking closer to her with dignified steps, and Kousaka was cramming her mind thinking what to do to escape this situation. But even if she tried fighting back, there is no way she could win against this opponent. Even receiving a single blow would definitely be certain death because of the wide difference in status. She is not even considered an enemy.

「……Wait for moment」

And so Kousaka decided to give up fighting and tried to find a solution.

「……Don’t think you would be able to be forgiven after doing this! Tthe other Heroes won’t stay silent if this continues you know?」

Those lines were Kousaka’s last trump card. If an existence that could threaten Heroes appeared then there is no doubt that other Heroes will also come to hunt down Aidle. And this country which refused the Heroes will also be destroyed. It is the people that are going to be in trouble if that happens.

 Kousaka tried to intimidate Aidle with those words, but what Aidle’s reaction was,

「It seems like you have misunderstood something. You are not considered a Hero, don’t you know?」

「……Wha? What nonsense are you spouting……?」

「It’s because all of the citizens here doesn’t consider you a Hero. You are nothing more than a false Hero, a criminal with title of 『Hero』you know? Even if we say you are one, what you did was threatening people, wrecking lives of those who fought against you and most of all tried to destroy this country along with its citizens……

People like you are something they will never defend!!! 」

「「「That’s right!!!」」」

 It was chaos. Despite not knowing the circumstances about Heroes, Kousaka that Aidle fought was certainly a real hero as it was marked in her status. Naturally she also knew that they were probably sent as thugs to make people fear their existence. But something like that doesn’t matter to Aidle.

Everything is all about the Mood of the show after all.

「Now, for the Finale!!!」

 Using her Wand, Aidle manipulated the dark clouds surrounding the sky into a swirl. It gradually changed color and turned into particles of light creating a huge cyclone. Kousaka did not have the courage to witness it. There wasn’t even the courage to stand up.

「Ah…Ahhh…He, Help」

『Here I go!!!!』

The voice that asked for help didn’t reach anyone.


 Fairy Magic that was strengthened by everyone’s Mood, power and effect swallowed the pathetic woman……・・・


 The spectators covered their eyes from the tremendous glare of light. Was it ten seconds? A minute? When all the noise finally stopped everyone opened their eyes, then they noticed a streak of light coming from the clouds.

 And what people saw over there was: a figure of a girl in striking poses sending light to another girl in the center of the stadium. Then someone muttered.

「Ah, A goddess……」

 Aidle was kneeling at the tip of the light and was posed as if praying. Of course everything was just going along with the mood. And then she slowly stood up.


 Particles of light then arose from the seemingly deathblow technique then fell down the audience seat like snow. Tears fell down from their eyes and their body lightened as the light seeped through their bodies. Of course everything was actually being directed.

In addition, Aidle raised one hand high in the sky and gripped tightly, then the clouds cleared up and blue sky stretched over the horizon. As always it’s only going with the mood.

 Right before Aidle, Kousaka and Hino were tied down by a Halo that fell from the sky. The audience finally understood the situation and raised a call for victory. Senial-san ran towards the place where the Heroes were blown away and confirmed their consciousness, then shouted the fact loud and clear.

『For the final battle of the Battle Tournament……The Winner is Aidle-chaaaaaaaan~~~~!!!!』

「Everyone, Thank you~!!」

(And Finished………)

 The people in the audience, along with her, were moved to tears as they were all applauding. Tears of regret or happiness, that is something even she didn’t know anymore……


『I want Healing when I come back……』

『Lap Pilow~♪』

『Do you want a body massage Master?』

『No La Veil but can I massage you in reverse, or more like let me be buried in them!』

『……Buried?』[ED: Who doesn’t want?][TL:Can’t breathe XD painful…]

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Chapter 58 The Power of the Mood


ED: Filip

The power of the mood will swallow everything.


『It has arrived……this moment has finally arrived. After many battles, between warriors, adventurers and all, today is the final day!! Who will own the title of the strongest, will be decided today!!』

 The weather today was hottest ever felt in the kingdom. Yet for this last match, everyone, other than the soldiers on patrol duty, have gathered in the audience area, filling it to the point where many people could only stand.

 Senial looked at the surrounding, then showed a satisfied smile and continued.

『Today, we are about to witness the beginning of a new legend. Is the Hero really an unbeatable existence or will there be anyone who can surpass it. Let’s call them out!! We present to you, the strongest challenger, Aidle… right, everyone let’s call her out together!!』



 Aidle was going to break everything today. With Arena’s support, all her shackles and restraints were removed.

『Uuooooohhh~~~~!?!?!? Aidle-chan is, Aidle-chain is, frilly, is wearing a frilly one-piece~~~~~!!!!!!』

 A white and pink colored frilly dress, and attached to her hair was a sparkling pink jewel something that was remodeled with fairy magic. There was a large ribbon on her back and a part of her legs can be seen in the gap between her frilly dress and the white knee-socks [TL: Absolute Territory]. Finally, looking below, she wore shoes with red ribbons. The people in the audience shook as she tapped her steps and gave the audience a bright smile.

 The king was also stunned. Senial started making a fuss the first time Aidle came out and saw what she was wearing, but now she started the interview without problem. But still, even though she’s doing her best, looking at the super cute Aidle, she just can’t stop her tension from reaching MAX levels.

『Ah, anou, anou, Aidle-chan? What are your thoughts regarding today’s finals? About that dress, just what are you 「Ah, I’ll be borrowing this, ok? 『Everyone, Ko~ni~chi~wa~♪』「Uuuuoooohh」

 A flood of explosive sounds was returned by the audience. Pretending to listen to their reply Aidle nodded.

『Today, I wanted to show everyone the real me. That’s why, won’t you give me a little bit you time? 』

And the silence was restored in the whole stadium. It will be all Ad-lib from here on.

『I, I have been hiding who I really was, but I don’t want that anymore and I will reveal it all today!! That’s why, today, I want everyone to see the real me!!!』

 Aidle quickly changed into her white robe covering herself and switched her voice in a low tone.

『In one time, a girl covered with a hood travelling and experiencing many wonderful journeys……』

 Then she takes off the hood and held a sword.

『On other times a pretty female swordsman who brings herself in front of the battlefield…… But the real identity is is!!!』

 Takes off her robe and returned to her frilly form,

『The Super Dimensional Bishoujo Idol、Aidle-chan desu!!!』


Arena: Was super excited and was screaming out with the audience calling towards Aidle.

La Veil: Decided to close her eyes and cover her ears to not witness it.

King: Was too dumbfounded and just blankly stared.


『If you ask why I revealed myself this time… that is to defeat and punish the Hero who tried to abduct my best friend!!!』

 A huge bomb was suddenly dropped, and the audience stated clamoring about it.「Was it not the Hero who saved us?」,「The Hero tried taking a hostage because she was afraid of Aidle!!!」,「A bad person, is that really a Hero!?」. That was just the beginning, and it continued to even get worse. After all, cute is justice.

『But please listen!! Cooperating with my companions, I was able to retake my best friend!!! Come, Arena!!』

 Combining Space Magic and Fairy Magic, light blue smoke erupted after a small explosion, and Arena appeared from that spot. The audience further clamored.



 When the two people embraced, the feelings of horror came over the female members in the audience, and they shed tears of joy, while applauding the scene. A pair of cute girls embracing each other is already a weapon on its own.

And then, La Veil felt something bad is about to happen so she tried to hurriedly ran away from the stage.

『And finally, a call to the strong and beautiful Onee-san who lent us the power to save her!! La Veil Onee-sama~~~~!!』

「After all it’s this!! I have expected that something like this will happen!! Mou, just end it up quickly or I’ll kill myself!!!」

 This time La Veil appeared after red smoke puffed up. The dress she wore was now in the same style as Aidle, and it was a superb one-piece greatly emphasizing her splendid valley. The men who stared at the fleshed out splendid body ended up in nosebleeds, all of them. The women on the other hand were all drooling and their eyes turned into hearts.

The two cute little girls kissed La Veil on her cheeks making her bright red, and she waved a little then folded back her arms. The mood is accumulating but still needs more push.

『This is my party,『Fairy’s Banquet』!!』

 It’s their first public debut. The adventurers who didn’t know about them were startled that they didn’t realize that a splendid group of three girls appearing in the kingdom’s Adventurer’s Guild.

『And now to show you, the Hero who kidnapped my best friend~~~』

A tear appeared in the air and something fell down on the stage. When that something cracked and broke from shock, Hino who was wrapped in a Halo Binding of light appeared. He seems to have regained consciousness already, and put on hateful face not understanding his current situation.

 Being exposed to the crowd calling him bad names, he finally realized the situation. Right now he was in the middle of a fight that was about to begin. Confused he tried reasoning out but all attempts were drowned by the voices of the audience and Aidle, so it didn’t reach anyone.

『Did you all remember why La Veil lost against the Hero in the semi-finals? It was because of a message from on of the heroes!! I don’t want to show such a fight filled with lies!! I don’t want to disrupt the rules of this sacred battleground!!』

 I’m not lying you know. But well, La Veil actually enjoyed that fight despite the injustice. It was also the result of provoking her more than needed ending up with her being in a bad spot. She was meant to lose anyway, but I’m free to exaggerate it.

『And so this time, I will show you that I am strong enough to fight the Heroes for real!! Everyone…… will you give me all of your support!?』

 They answered by screaming in cheers and calling out Aidle. Aidle pretended to be moved to tears while smiling and said in a loud shout『Thank you everyone, I love you all!! 』. And the changes in the mood has been many times amplified.

 And because everything so far were preparations, she returned the magic tool to Senial-san. After returning the tool, she called out to her saying 『Thank you for that, Senial-san~♪』 and showed her with face filled with a bright smile. Senial replied「Oooh, Aidle called me by my name!!」with a shocked face, but quickly fixed herself and continued with the announcements.


「I feel great. I can finally get rid of that eyesore today~. I didn’t expect to meet a troublesome existence like that Aidle in this other world, but I will feel bad if I can’t do crazy stuff to her as I please」

 At that time Kousaka was waiting for her turn to be called out, and without knowing what sort of hell was awaiting her after this. Imagining what praises and honor she would receive(But at this moment she didn’t realize that her room was soundproofed with fairy magic).

『And we now call out the Hero Ayane!! 』

 The Fairy Magic expired at just the right timing where, Kousaka’s name was called out. Fixing a smile on her face for the audience to see, and when she looked at the audience after invoking her Holy Sword,


 From there, the biggest call of disapproval was coming, and in the middle of the stage, Hino, a brave the same as her, was bound while rolling on the ground. The inside of Kusaka’s head then fell into great confusion.

(What is this, why are you here who was supposed to scare that busybody, and why is that pink haired idiot dressed up like an Idol? Why is Hino bound and was called evil? )

 Not understanding what was happening she froze, the audience then noticed her existence and also included her in their dishonoring.

「Hey it’s you right!! The Hero who was scared and kidnapped Arena!! This person is a fake Hero!!!」

「That’s right!! A fake Hero!!!」

 Kousaka walked closer to Hino who was dejected being called a fake Hero. Although this may look like he admitted his own crimes it was still much more disgraceful to think that he lost to adventurers, and it was already impossible for Kousaka to make normal judgments.

「Yo, you…… did you fail this?」


 To that question Hino who was bound without any means of escape silently nodded. Kousaka who affirmed in silence, immediately kicked Hino out of the stage. After that, she turned her eyes to Mondol who didn’t stop the situation.

「You… you want war!! Hey Mondol!!! Don’t think that you can just get away with such thing happening!?!?!? Don’t think I will just go down and accept all this as a joke!!!」

 The Hero screamed out to him filled with fury. But Mondol, didn’t reply to her questions, and only looked at the side where Aidle is. Mondol nodded after they exchanged a look at each other.

「……I’ll believe in you」

The king then quietly turned and faces Kousaka, then spoke words full of dignity.

「You……from this point on I won’t recognize you as a Hero!!! You are nothing more than a scrooge!!!」

 Without showing fear he expressed his resolution.


 To the man who was nothing more than someone about to fall out, he now faced her here and betrayed her up front. To that realization, Kousaka’s anger finally reached its peak and she snapped.

「Ahhh……I’ve had enough of this, It’s much better if I just destroy this country」

 The magic power accumulated in Kousaka’s sword all the times she absorbed was released. All of that accumulated power was then converted into status. The wave of energy created thunder clouds above them, and the air began to vibrate.

 Deciding that she would definitely eliminate Aidle and destroy everything, she shouted at Senial to start the game.

「Senial!! Start it now!!」

『Th, then!! Super Dimensional Magical Bishoujo Idol, Aidle VS The Fake Hero Kousaka Ayane!! Final battle~~~~~~~Staaaart!!!!!』

The last battle of fighting tournament which will a battle outside the realm of humanity will now begin.


『I, I can’t take that back anymore…』

『Master, that just couldn’t be helped』

『Aidle~Soo Cool!!』

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Chapter 57 Naming: Special Arena Mode

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


Right now, it won’t be an overstatement if you say that I’m at the peak of happiness.

「Aidle being smaller than me… really is a fresh and new experience~♪」

「Master, aren’t you embracing me a little too strongly? The magic power being supplemented is also too big」

On our bed, I was hugged by the grown Arena behind me and I’m hugging the little girl with beautiful red hair in front of me. Both in front and behind me are angels. Oooooh, the love… the love is overflowing!!!…….

Arena right now closely resembles La Veil’s image and style. The clothes clinging to her look erotic, and moreover the underwear they use in this world is strapped cloth……Nn~.

Also, her overall atmosphere has matured as an effect of that skill so she now has a big sister temperament, and loves hugging me like a hug pillow. This might become a habit.

Let me say this clearly, I feel like I’m about to enter a world that I should not. My brain feels like it is going to turn to mush when she whispers in my ears……hyah~!

「Yo, you, what are you doing Arena?」

「Nothing~ It’s Aidle who would always do this you know? Or maybe are you embarrassed that we are doing this in reverse?」

……Naaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Oooooooooooohhh!! I, I want to attack!! I want to cling on that innocent body!! My head was now filled with fluffy feelings, so much so that I felt like it was going to explode from too much happiness! Calm down me!! O look to the front and have my heart at ease watching the girl I am hugging…

「…Why are you looking at me with that creepy face?」


「Will you call me Onee-chan, La Veil?」

「Isn’t there a big difference between our ages?」

No, you see… when looking at you right, aren’t you looking just like a cute little angel? Your hair also grew all the way to your feet, and there’s no sign of split ends on it, not to mention the silky white skin that would be shown if you took off your clothes.

I am quite confident that I wouldn’t be able to resist and take you away if you asked me right now. Ahhh, this is useless. Wherever I look, that forbidden door is looming to be opened… But, I decided to change the topic to stop my delusions from running wild.

「And so, that person over there is the Hero right?」

I pointed at the object that was spring bound by light in the corner of the room. Then Arena manipulated something with her fingers.

「Yup, I’m binding him with my power right now. And on that note, it’s just the right time to hand over the ownership of the binding to you, Aidle」

「……how do I say it, is it because I am more familiar with fairy magic than you are?」

Even though I’ve already heard about it earlier,『Limited Growth』 is really strong. Even if my INT hasn’t moved from 7100, the current Arena got over 10000 INT. And even if it’s only on the scale of one day, she would be able to use fairy magic almost without limits. Even if you win by status difference, she would still be that great of a threat.


And so, I have decided to name this state of Arena as 『Special Arena-chan Mode』. I didn’t really know what to do with it? The name of her state was actually included but I didn’t know of it you know?

So I named this state of Arena 『Special Arena-chan Mode』. There is nothing else other than that right? I’m settling with that, and then I didn’t really know what to do with that other thing?


「In regards to that one master. What should we do about it? If it was me, then I would very much like to erase it」

 An aura of red flames was starting to flow out of La Veil. But that is not a good thing to do you know La Veil. For now, stay down.

「As for that, I will bring him tomorrow to present it to the king. Our party members might be attacked again, that is certain. Tomorrow I’ll make sure to bring down the other Hero, and then let’s use the two of them as bargaining chips for negotiation」

 Depending on the circumstances, the King might just be borrowing their powers, I plan to propose various things if we do get into an agreement. I would also ask for my rewards to be included. I would also include a pass that would allow us to visit any country. Having a pass that would allow you to be in any country is awesome you know. I also want to enter the Royal Library. I would like to know about the history and information about this world.

「Now then, how should we deal with this thing?」

「Can’t Master place him in your storage?」

「Well living things shouldn’t be able to……Ahhh, Maybe I can do something about it using Fairy Magic」

 I put the Hero inside a chest. Then bind that chest with a tight rope, and then make it be recognized as non-living object using fairy magic and finally chunk it inside my storage.

「I have just experienced something that would collapse my common-sense, and frighteningly, I’m getting used to it」

「As expected of Aidle she is more amazing than me when doing this」

「I think so too」

 There was nothing left to do, so after that the three talked about a lot of things. Arena’s resolve, La Veil’s revised recognition, and about the unexpected things I did, etc.

「That should already be enough Aidle. As I have said to La Veil, I have been expecting it might turn into something like this someday you know?」

「That might be something that was inevitable, but… It was me who was dragged you into this, look, the responsibility definitely falls under me」

「Because we were also expecting that things might turned that way when we are to walk along with you. That’s the reason why Arena also did her best to power up. Or am I mistaken?」

 Once that is said, I couldn’t answer back… and true, I have only been thinking of trying to protect Arena.

「About that. It’s because we are friends, La Veil and me also want to protect Aidle!! Do you agree!!?」

「Ah, Hai!!」

 I wasn’t expecting Arena to be too pushy about that. I don’t feel like I could win against her anymore……

「I will protect Aidle and La Veil」

「I will protect Master and Arena」

「I will protect Arena and La Veil」

 Sharing each other’s trouble, that what we pledged at this moment. Let’s enjoy our journey from now on. Cooperating with everyone, we will overcome every hardship that comes our way.


 Waking up in the morning, I remembered that we slept hugging each other. La Veil returned to her Onee-san figure, and Arena returned to her normal figure, that was the same as mine. While the three of us were sleeping soundly, the sun has already risen up in the sky. I leave the two that were still asleep and go down to greet Aguera-san.

「Morning, Aguera-san」

「Oh, morning. You sure woke up late today… Can you afford being relaxed like that even though it’s the final match today?」

「It’s not really like that. Oh right, I’d like to consult you with something, you see I would like to pay for the in the room. About that you see, I kind of broke it!?」

After telling her that, I handed over a gold coin, but despite that I was still pounded on my head. Uuuu, it hurts…

「Reimbursing is good but giving too much just makes you look like an idiot, 10 silver coins should already be good enough」

「Ah, hai……」

After receiving the money, Aguera-san went away and disappeared into the back of the kitchen. Well then, when will those two wake up.


When I returned to the room, La Veil just got up. Although her hair is usually arranged, right now it is disheveled with bed hair popping out all over the place.  While looking at me with droopy eyes, she greeted me with a soft smile saying 「Morning, Master」.

「Good morning La Veil. Is Arena still not up yet?」

「She will probably be down for a while. That skill is just too insane after all. It’s almost close to being the work of a god disabling the characteristics of a Holy Sword」

 Well that’s to be expected… oh well never mind that. After preparing to go out La Veil carried Arena and then we left the room.

At the entrance of the Inn Aguera-san was waiting for us.

「Today is the last day. I couldn’t really expect and tell you to win it. But, all I can say is give it your best and good luck!!」

「Hai, thanks Aguera-san. We will be back later!」

Some day in the future, when I stop over again in this country, I will definitely stay at this Inn again.

 While walking towards the stadium while receiving cheers from everyone, I found a stranger. It was a person from A Block… If I remember correctly, she was called Bia-som ething? She looks kind of confused but, I wonder what’s wrong?

「Etto… You were Suvia right? What’s the matter?」

「Eh…Ah, you are. No, just that, about Morial……」

 After hearing about what has happened, it seems that in the fight against the Hero in the quarterfinals, the Hero forcibly healed his wounds without permission, and that ended up not being able to return his severed limbs. And because of that, it seems like he won’t be able to fight her anymore in the future and that resulted into her feeling depressed about it.

「I see… Master」

「I understand… Ne, Suvia, in today’s finals. If I win, won’t you go and visit Morial tonight?」

 Light finally returned to Suvia’s eyes. She looks straight into my face they returns looking down again.

「That is… but no matter what I say now, his life is…」

「That is not something you should decide, and also, it won’t be a problem if you do support him from now on. Don’t you agree to that?」

「……Even if I do this timidly I guess it couldn’t be helped. That’s right… I will expecting much from you in the finals」

「Un, then see you later」

 Although she was showing a shadowed smile, she still sent us a one and then went way.

「If everything will be finished today including the finals, let’s also visit and cure him」

「That is so. I do like happy endings」

「Me too~. Or more like, all fairies do too」

 After that, a lot of other players went to greet us until we reach the stadium.


「Mu, have you awaken? Good morning Arena」

「Ooh, morning Arena. Did you remember what happened yesterday?」

 Arena who just woke up replied with 「Aa-Uu-…」 while nodding drowsily as she digs deep in her memory.

「Ah-…was saved-then-?」

「「you have been saved」」


 Arena descended from La Veil’s back and stretched her body, then stroking her head I hugged her and we cuddled for a bit. You did your best. I feel like tears would flow out of my eyes from the long yet short absence.

「Aidle, do your best? Mukyuuu~」(Close Distance + Upturned Eyes + Close Breath + A kiss on the Cheeks)

「La Veil, Today I will be shining」

「I don’t think you will be shining more brightly than what you are right now master. Have you already prepared yourself with the Hero?」

Fuhahahahaha. No worries, right now I am invincible!


The small La Veil and the big Arena’s physiques  were like a reverse of the two’s exact physiques other than hair length.

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Chapter 56 Arena Rescue Mission ② Fairy and Dragon VS Hero

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


Before the action, let me show you Arena’s status. This is the strength of the Arena after “limited growth”:

Arena (103) Lv.97

Race: Fairy (Simulated awakening): Limited Growth Condition

HP 547/547

MP 3420/3420

ATK 68

DEF 2038

MATK 1184

MDEF 3254

INT 10500

SPD 530

【Inherent skill】 Fairy Magic, Manifestation Dependency,  Limited Growth

Skill: Concealment (SS) Parallel Thinking (S +)


Arena’s improved strength is not that much different if compared to her child form’s, the main change is the unlimited use of Fairy Magic. Although there are some limits to the extent of what she could do, but she can pretty much do anything.

「First of all, eliminate the hindrance!!」

Hina first targeted Arena, who was inferior in status. But La Veil was not naïve enough to just allow that.


「Your moves are too easy to read, brat.」

La Veil swinged her halberd to intercept Hino. Hino parried it with his Holy sword, but at the same time he received a blow to his face. Nevertheless, with Hino’s status multiplied 10 times by his holy sword, the damage received was minimal.

「Hou, so even if I hit you directly, you’re still pretty tough」

「Shit, if it’s like this, then I’ll start from you!!」

「La Veil!! Become Harder!!」

The moment Hino switched his target and attacked La Veil, it was Arena who moved this time. Using Fairy Magic, she distorted the space surround La Veil creating an invisible wall.

Making a dull sound, the Holy Sword bounced off. A sword that could even split Orihalcum was repelled.

「Are you kidding me!?」

「Now is not the time for you to get distracted you know?」

「Naaa, Ugu」

La Veil delivered a clean hit by kicking the chin of the Hero, blowing him away once more. Happy about their fight coordination, the two did a high-five. Hino who got up was confused for a moment could before he comprehended the situation.

「I see, that blue one seems to have some troublesome skills… If so, then how about this」

The space from where Hino was standing distorted and then he disappeared. La Veil then came closer to Arena in order to cover her.

「The characteristics of that Holy Sword… Probably allows you to create a dimensional space with a specific range.」

「And in addition to that, it can be connected anywhere in the area, it might buy him time, that’s why!」

Arena shifted her head away from the distorted space where Hino came out. And the Holy Sword that tried to stab her was parried once more, but then his figure disappeared again.

「And, this is how it will be.」

「I don’t really want to waste our time here, so we should end this soon… Arena, if you can protect yourself then, should I go full power now?」

「You are going to use something that Aidle did for you to defeat the Hero, well if it’s that person then you can definitely win!」

「I don’t understand it that well but… 『Super Synchronization』 activate!」

At that moment, La Veil’s body returned back to her huge dragon form. Arena then left the area and moved a little far away from La Veil. Because she was activating Fairy Magic in auto mode, she was confident that she could prevent any form of attack even if she was caught off-guard.

『Now then…』

La Veil activated 『Dragon Magic 』. What the ability does changes greatly depending on with each and every dragon. If it’s about La Veil’s rank, then it will boost all senses to the point that wherever her target is, even if it’s in another dimension, she would be able to sniff it out.

Other than that, she was also borrowing Aidle’s power.


She send a full force tail attack with the power of more than 80 million towards the space that was slightly distorting. Hino’s DEF is around 400 thousand even with the help of the Holy Sword. If he got hit by that attack even a scratch would kill him. However, before the attack landed just millimeters away from him, the attack was barely stopped by Arena.

『Why did you block it Arena!!』

『I don’t think you should kill him because I think Aidle will still need him for something!! I will disable him with Fairy Magic, in other to hold him down until tomorrow!!』


Hino was shocked by the incredible power of the tail strike which was stopped. It was an attack that would have reached him even in the place where he hid, but he was also confused by the appearance of a Dragon that could communicate with words.

「So you were not human! You even concealed your status as well… You, you’re the contracted beast summoned by that pink haired woman!」

『That’s how it is brat. Well, even if I’m not in this figure I will still win. If you don’t surrender now, I’ll make sure to turn you into a bloody pulp. Even if you end up 90% dead you can still be cured!』

「Stupid, the power of a Holy Sword is more effective against demons and dragons! It should be you who begs for her life!! 」

Then, attacking from behind her, a strike of the Holy Sword connected with La Veil’s tail.


「Naaa?!?!」[TL:Nani!?(Omae wo Shindeiru) Just Can’t Stop]

Instead of defeating the scales, it was deflected. The feedback from the attack also numbed his hands.

「Why can’t my Holy Sword pierce through!?」

「Have you already forgotten. With Arena here, no matter how much power your sword has it would be useless.」

Arena kept on supporting La Veil with Fairy Magic even while staying away. Looking closely, the scales look normal, but the shape has somewhat changed. Not only shape was changed but also the attributes which was set to Holy making the current La Veil become more than just a Red Dragon.

『Right now, for a limited time, I am a Saint Fire dragon. Even if you attack me with a Holy Sword, it will be a fight against status. But if we compare our status, the difference won’t even be called close to reach. So your only choice at this moment is to give up』

After hearing that, Hinno subjectively tried to run away, but this time the characteristics of his Holy Sword didn’t activate.

「What… why!?」

「Because I’ve made the area 100 meters radius around me under my control」

Arena said something unreasonable for Hino to understand. She took control of the space and dimensions around them when Hino was busy focusing on La Veil.


Hino is stuck. The only way he could escape is to defeat even just one of the two, but despite the huge body of dragon she has really high mobility and the other one is an impenetrable fortress. There is no cards that would let him win. To begin with, it was the first time for Hino to encounter something that exceeds his status, and he realized just how unprepared he was when setting up his plans.

Then Hino who was cornered to the point of no escape didn’t try to attack instead he decided to kill himself, but

『Sorry, but that is not also allowed. For now sleep!!!』

「Guh, gyaaaaah!?!?!?」

A powerful blow from La Veil’s tail was delivered barely separating his lower body from its upper half. He was literally squashed but still survived by a hair’s breadth. He was not able to stand anymore barely living just inches away from death and could die from just a single hit. He passed out with his eyes rolling back and bubbles coming out of his mouth.

Arena then bound Hino whose body was convulsing with Fairy Magic and then tied him up with glowing rings that amplified the bind even more. Looking at the pitiful state of the hero, La Veil was still anxious.

『Will a binding him like that be enough?』

「It’s fine, these rings are quite special. They will continue sucking up the magic power and strength of the one who is bound, so I don’t think he will be able to move that easily, even if the Holy Sword is activated. I will also notice it immediately.」

『Nn, I see, I see…』

What merciless speech. When Arena silenced Hino and bound him with the Light Rings, Arena asked La Veil who was showing a lonely face.

「La Veil, could you keep this state of mine hidden from Aidle for now? I’ll be the one to show her this later, okay?」

『I understand.』


Arena PoV:

After La Veil accepted my request, I tied the Hero on her feet.

『Are you done?』

「Unn, were finally going home.」

『Well, Master will definitely be surprised』

「Ahahaha, I think so too.」

While I rode on the back of the Dragon Form La Veil, we flew back to the kingdom while taking a light stroll in the skies. And of course, just to be safe, Fairy Magic was invoked for concealment.

After landing near the Royal Capital, La Veil returned to her human form, but when she did so, she shrunk. Her figure was smaller than Aidle, probably comparable to that of a 5 year old little girl.

「I don’t really know why this happened, but it’s probably the after effects of using that skill, and while it is in its cool down time. Before we go inside please use concealment. Master has been calling out to me since a while ago…」

「Let’s go!!」

Bagging the Hero, I combined Concealment skill with Fairy Magic and went inside the gate. As expected, the soldiers at the gate didn’t notice.

Tomorrow will be the finals of the tournament. Everyone is talking about advantages and disadvantages as their topic. As expected, Aidle is a popular person for everyone.

After walking for a while, we finally reached Aguera-san’s Inn. And outside the Inn, I can see the figure of a person clad in white who looked like she has been waiting for an eternity. I approached her and said in a gentle voice. That person, my best friend…

「I’m Home, Aidle~」

「……Eh? Arena? ……Is that you…? 」

She didn’t notice me for a second, but she knew by judging my hair-color and me calling out her name. Isn’t this the first time she showed me such a disorganized face to me?

And so I answered while being a little panicked.

「That’s right. Did I manage to surprise you? 」

She replied by hugging me. I hugged back, and I could feel her body temperature, it was warming me up. Ah, at this moment, I finally realized that I’m finally home.

「I, I’m gwad……re, reaaaallly, I’m weally gwad yo’re awright… Uwaaaaaaahhhh~~~~~~~~!!!!」

And Aidle cried out just like that. It was a really emotional cry. Wherever her emotional state swings, Aidle would become expressive at full power. I murmured as I was patting her head 「Cute……」. I then caressed her beautiful pink hair, but that only ended up making her cry even more.

「Sorry, for making you worried. And, thank you for saving me… I love you Aidle!」

「Mheee schooo~~ I wuf hyuuu~~~」

We hugged each other with even more strength, celebrating our reunion.

「………I am here too, you know?」

Well, I actually noticed, come over, come over.


If it’s a fight between Aidle and 『Limited Growth Arena』 who can use Fairy Magic without burden, it will be a battle of who has a higher INT. It’s only in original status then Aidle would lose to Arena. But if she converts all of her stats into INT and then use Fairy Magic, the results would be as obvious as a bright sunny day.

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Chapter 55 Arena Rescue Mission ① Arena’s Seriousness

TL: Yuki


Arena, have felt before that she would definitely be targeted right even before they arrived at the Kingdom. It was certain because she is always overshadowed by the actions of Aidle and La Veil. However, the chances of ordinary humans targeting them as enemies are very slim.

And because of that, they would definitely focus their attention to the one they thought they could easily handle which is Arena. Arena has a high level, but it’s only to the point which she exceeds normal humans. She has also fought many battles with the help of Aidle, but has never fought on her own.

Therefore, she would always simulate assumptions of her fighting alone and this was repeated over and over again through playing Shogi. What to do when caught, when stunned, when attacked alone, she assumes every possible situation.

「……Where is this?」

As her consciousness returned and got up, she was in a place where there isn’t anything she could see. Only a fixed space that she could grasp was surrounding her. The ground also felt weird which was spread out in that space. And there are also strange patterns that were constantly moving.


The time came sooner than she expected, and Arena was a bit anxious about it. But she understood her situation well, and she knew that she was stunned and kidnapped. Then there’s only one thing Arena could do.

「I can’t with Aidle…… La Veil, not lost」

She can still feel her connection with La Veil. However, realizing that she cannot exchange words, she understood that the space she was in was interfering and was being blocked. Next, she consider what Aidle would do in this case, she will definitely use space magic. She understood that she would change the body of La Veil and send her using space magic and La Veil would be the one to coordinate the position through Synchronization.

「After that… Timing」

The reason I was kidnapped is because Aidle and La Veil were too occupied in the battle tournament. What I’m worried about are the heroes that performed this actions other than Aidle, I understood that the opponent this time who kidnapped me was a Hero. Doing this, they would likely threaten Aidle to surrender the match and use me as hostage. It was probably what they are making sure of but it would still be unnatural, and the audience won’t be excited about it even if it ended in her defeat.

Then in order to execute that La Veil have to lose against the Hero in the semifinal match. For the time being, Arena is in that place, but she can bear with that. However, when she thought about what the Hero would do to La Veil, Arena would likely cry.

「……Uuu …It’s okay」

However, Arena held it in and stopped sobbing. Telling herself what she should do now and don’t just wait, Arena stood up.

(Image… Image…)

Arena was thinking of an existence that would protect herself, just like the secret to Aidle’s Fairy Magic. For the past few months all she did was understand it and imagine. She kept on imagining.

『Fairy Magic sure is really useful. If you don’t think about the burden, you can freely use it in whatever way you want.』

Some time ago, Arena was reminded of the things Aidle taught her during her training days.

「In order to protect myself… For me to become stronger!!!」

The next moment, Arena begins to emit heat along with sharp dizziness that assaulted her, but she was able to suppress it through sheer mental power. She would build what she would needs from that point on. She envisioned the 『Persona』 necessary for her. For Aidle, and the existence that would walk a path along her, her Ideal Self……

「Where… is this?」

The where La Veil got 『Teleported』 to by aidle when she was still in jewel state was a subspace with irregular shapes scattered around.

「Was this space created by the characteristic of that other Hero? I see, so this is where they brought Arena to, is what I understood. Then, 」

La Veil should be able to call out to Arena through synchronization now and she could probably reply this time.

『Arena, are you here? Reply if you are. Arena!!』

『……Hhn? La Veil』

『Ohh, you finally got connected!!』

La Veil ran towards the source of the message. But as soon as she reached the place La Veil was a little confused but was relieved, then she noticed the sense of incongruity.

「La Veil, you came at a time I have just predicted, were you not injured? Are you alright? 」

「Uhhh…. Mum… Ne, Arena… Did you grow a little taller than usual? 」

The height of Arena grew to almost the same height as La Veil. Her face also shows a more grown-up expression, the body was also a little more mature than normal. The way she talks was also not childish anymore.

「Since La Veil is here, the semi-finals have already ended right?」

「Well yes… but what in the world… that state, did master do something for you to turn into that?」

「This is different, It’s something I developed using the maximum use of my Fairy Magic. A skill called 『Limited Growth』」

After saying that, Arena continued to explain about the skill. 『Limited Growth』 became an inherent skill that she created with fairy magic and using it altered Arena’s into Arena in the future.

When invoked, Arena would be able to call herself who has grown 100 years and become that person for a day. In that state, she is able to use fairy magic with 0 burdens.

However, the skills cool down takes about two days. Therefore, you extremely need to consider the situation before using this skill which limits time you will be able use it.

「Now that Arena is in that state, how long have you used it until now?」

「It’s around 10 minutes before La Veil arrived. I expected that you would arrive at just around that amount of time」

Although her smile is still the same as the old Arena, it seems like La Veil misjudged her and a different impression to that young girl she imagined was shown.

「I’m glad… I thought that separating from Master, you would be helpless and crying waiting to be saved, but you have managed to do things on your own… Master also did his best to solve this quickly…」

La Veil loved Arena as if it was her own child. Although they have just been together for around a week, she was smitten by Arena who told her that even if she’s a Red Dragon and fought against her best friend, she still made friends with her and that touched her.

However, her impression of Arena was weak and thought that she needed to protect her, but she was moved to tears when she found out that Arena did her best and was growing more rapidly breaking through such situations.

「Mou, please don’t cry anymore, thank you for coming over to help. Come on, you have a way for us to get out of here right? 」

「U, umu. That’s right… That’s good right…」

While being stroked in the head, La Veil clenched her hand that was holding Arena, saying that she won’t ever let go,

「I don’t think that would be the case」


The space distorted, and a man came out from inside it. He has similar looks with the Hero, but the armor he wears is lighter, the Holy Sword was also different. One of his eyes was hidden under his hair, and his black pupils reflected the figure of the two. This was the other Hero, Hino.

「I came here noticing that somebody intruded, but why are you here and I heard that you should have been broken by Kousaka in that battle tournament. So will you tell me just why you are here? 」

「Is there any reason for me to tell you? Rotten brute」

「Well, I could won’t you, knowing the one you are facing is a Hero. This is my place you know. If you enter someone else’s house, don’t you think it’s rude if you just barged in without any reasons? 」

「that is something humans declared. It’s not something that I would know」

La Veil then began emitting flames all over her body. The anger that was shrouding her mind overflowed, as the opponent in front of her was the person who kidnapped Arena. But there is no heat transmitted on Arena’s hands.

「Idiot, didn’t I tell that I own this place, do—-」

「It’s not your place anymore」


As Arena held out her hand, the world changed into a fluffy world filled fancy colors in a single moment.

La Veil and Hino couldn’t believe their eyes and was stuck staring at the changes. La Veil who was shivering with anger just now couldn’t keep up with what was happening so she voiced out to Arena.

『Wa, what in the world did you do Arena!?』

『Because this world seems to be part of the characteristics of that Hero’s Holy Sword, I forcefully created a separate space using Fairy Magic. If he can’t get out of here then He won’t be able to gain control too』

She was spouting out outrageous things. This Arena right now were doing things more ridiculous than what Aidle would do is what was on La Veil’s mind, and all she could do is hold her head in confusion. 「Fairy Magic… Just how unrestrained is it」

「I was allowed to see the characteristics of that sword while I was rewriting, and it seems that in this space you should have been invincible, but now I have taken control of it, you can surrender without fighting us from here on you know」

She also knew that Hino was trying to activate his Holy Sword while glaring at Arena.

「…Damn, then I just have to stop it, Release!!」

The sun was then reflected on top of them. Confirming their location, they found themselves on a grassy plain far away from the capital. Then Arena remembered where that location was.

「Haval’s… Prairie?」

「I see, how did he moved to this place in a short amount of time, it must have something to do with that Holy Sword right?」

「Fuun, I was expecting to be thrown from a much further distance, but there were unexpected things that happened… and… well, it’s still fine I guess」

Hino also was in the Area and prepared his weapon. It is now confirmed that he needed to kill the two who knew of his identity now and return. He also decided that Aidle should also be eliminated because of being a part of their party.

「For you people who doesn’t understand that you can’t defeat a Hero, and still bared their fangs against one. I guess you really wanted to die that much, so I’ll kill all of you here and feed your corpses to the demons… You people are disturbing our work」

There are no other alternatives here than to fight because each side won’t let the other escape. Because both side thought about their victory, the act of escaping is already out in their list.

「Arena, can we do this?」

「Of course, this power was made in order to that」


「………It’s about to begin now, I think… La Veil, I’m counting on you… 」

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