Category: The Strongest Fairy

Chapter 69 Words of the Heart

TL:Yuki ________________________________________________   It has already been a week. And today will be the start of the great migration of beast-men. The area before the royal castle was filled up with beast-men that were gathered from all over the country, and everyone was waiting for a representative to stand on the podium. They have all

Chapter 68 Arena’s Charity Works

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   A few days more before they will leave towards the new frontier, Arena demanded something from Aidle, who made a lot of things for her that night. During that time La Veil lent her the ring to store everything they’ve made, and then she went to the center of

Chapter 67 La Veil’s Great Adventure at the Madalcoz Forest

TL:Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   That day, at the capital’s Adventurer’s Guild, everyone got surprised by the arrival of a certain woman.   「As I have been telling you, I want to do subjugation requests now! 」 「But you see, to do that, first you have to take the rank promotion exam!! 」    A

Legend 3 A Silent Proposal

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   After the end of the battle tournament,  Jasper and Sennial were having an end of the battle party inside their home with the crowd’s noise coming from the city as BGM. It was also an annual event for the two to enjoy.   「「Cheers!!」」   The two people were

Chapter 66 The Bridge of Fairies (Propaganda)

TL:Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   While Meru was watching the two playing together, a knock was hear from the door. Then the voice of the great knight commander was heard.   「Princess Forna, his majesty, king Mondol wants to see you」 「Eh? Wha, what should I do Meru?」   Probably not wanting to show how