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Levelmaker Chapter 58

The TL has graced you all once more a chapter of Levelmaker… Be sure to thank the TL… I am still in the middle of doing some stuff so my TL will be later… Today is Kansu-day btw… it will be 2 parts one today one tomorrow… Well then… For now Enjoy the chapter,,, Here’s

Daybreak Summoner Chapter 2

XD… It’s Daybreak Summoner time… Sorry, I can’t slip in extra chapters again… though I have enough time to finish chapters, I can’t seemingly slip in extras because I get too caught up on things I do… Well, I won’t promise any extra chapters tomorrow since I know that Kansu is a really hard and

ARMS Otome Chapter 19 part 3

And here’s the final part of the chapter… XD… what to say… it would be a “Surprise Motherf*cker Mood”… Nyahahaha… Fuee~~~ Sorry, can’t make extra again today, I was doing some freelance work(Fixing Computers) so I was busy… Tomorrow will be Daybreak Summoner XD… For now here’s the final part… Chapter 19 part 3

ARMS Otome Chapter 19 part 2

The chapter part will be short today… Sorry guys I was busy doing stuff on my laptop and it end up broke… I did manage to bring it back to life but I was lacking time to translate so I only did my best until a good part to cut it off… Well I did

Arms Otome Chapter 19 Part 1/3

It was a really long chapter again guys… this time I will be splitting it into three parts… sorry for the cliff, I will continue tomorrow with another part and a chapter from either goddess of eiyuu… ARMS Otome may be a short series but it’s chapters are almost 2-3 chapter worth of words… sigh…