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Double Up

I only managed to finish goddess chapter today… But a chapter of levelmaker was also released… I have some business IRL so I was not able to finish Daybreak so it will be put on hold today… The release will be tomorrow… So for now it will be a chapter of Goddess and Levelmaker… Here’s

Yukine Chan’s Otherworld Adventures Chapter 4 part 5

Sorry Guys I was not able to finish the chapter today so will be posting it tomorrow… For today I will just post a Yukine-chan chapter that was finished… It will be Daybreak tomorrow and because I will have extra time I will probably add a short chapter of either goddess or Eiyuu so it

I have finally returned from a family trip…

Sorry again for the long absence… I was away on a trip and still haven’t finished the next chapter to TL… For now Chapter from other TL’s are up so I will be posting them first for now… Here’s the chapters for today… Tomorrow will be Daybreak Summoner btw… Fief Strengthening Chapter 3 Luggage Carrier

Character List

Arc 1 – 3 ― Arc 1 ― 『Aidle』  The Main Character of the story. A woman who had lived a turbulent life. Her previous life ended at the age of 17. When finding cute and beautiful people, her excitement sometimes overflow. Was reincarnated as a fairy in the world of 『Alvana』 after some very traumatic tragedies

There’s a Lot of Releases today

Ah I finally finished the ridiculously long chapter of ARMS Otome… Also added is the chapter 2 of fief chapter 1 of Dragon Slayer (A New Series by Om3ga) and a chapter of Yukine… Oh, that’s right I probably won’t be able to release chapters in a day or of two because of some IRL