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Toto’s Journey Chapter 39

Finally got some time to translate… Sorry guys if the translation is quite unstable these days… I am currently a bit busy IRL… I dunno until when but I will do my best to finish chapters every time I have free time… That’s why there won’t be a sched for now and I will release

The Goddess Chapter 15

Haaaaaah… so busy… Finally had the time to do some translations… For now it will the short series and then Fairies and Eiyuu soon… For now it will be goddess, tomorrow will be Toto if I can have the time, and next is Daybreak then Fairy again and Eiyuu… That’s all for now… Here’s the

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 81

I am still focusing on fairies for the time being and eiyuu on the other site so other series will probably be put on hold for a while… Well, I might release others if I feel like it though… It will still be random release though as to what I am in the mood to

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 80

You thought it was Trashing, but it was me INTRODUCTIONS…   XD…   I’m finally back from my busy days… Haaah… that was long… A lot of events have passed in a really small amount of time which made me so busy… But now, my schedule is finally free… Now let’s start with a chapter

Levelmaker Chapter 73

A Chapter of Levelmaker have been finished once more… Fenderson seems to be quite motivated… As for me, I’m a bit busy nowadays doing errands and jobs to earn some cash so it couldn’t be helped… I need funds to clear payments for the end of the month XD so even if I don’t want