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ARMS Otome Chapter 24

I knew it, I can finish it in just a day after all if I do my best… As long as nobody bothers me that is… Ah what a great day today is with nobody bothering me and I’m just doing what I want… I hope this time continues… Well, I don’t know if this

Eiyuu no Musume Chapter 32

Sorry guys for the long absence… I was busy IRL with a lot of things so I wasn’t able to translate anything… For now it will be this… but I am now back into translating… So look forward to the next chapters… Sigh I don’t know if I can but I will do my best

ARMS Otome Chapter 23

And another chapter done… sigh I would have finished this yesterday if not for the whole day of power interruption… Well, that couldn’t be helped… I will be translating an Eiyuu no Musume chapter tomorrow and do ARMS Otome again after… I don’t know if I will finish the ARMS Otome chapter but well if

ARMS Otome Chapter 22

And another chapter again… I am definitely becoming faster… I would have been able to finish this yesterday but IRL stuff happened… So I was only able to finish it today… Already starting on a new chapter hoping to finish tomorrow… But it will still not be sure if I can finish it tomorrow… For

Announcements And Chapters

Hi guys sorry for the long wait… also I have some announcement… Just like what I’ve pinned on discord… I have decided to do ARMS Otome for the whole month of July until I finish it… I will still release Eiyuu from time to time though because it is sponsored… and goddess because it is