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Eiyuu no Musume Chapter 31

Only Eiyuu for today… Goddess will be tomorrow, I am kinda tired today so I only finished Eiyuu… I don’t know if it will be more than one release tomorrow but I’m sure that I will be releasing a goddess chapter tomorrow… ARMS Otome will be on the day after tomorrow… That is a long

Toto’s Journey Chapter 34

Sorry guy’s I was a little busy yesterday and I was not able to finish the TL because of fatigue and sleepiness… But I’ve finished it early today so I’m posting it early too… I was planning to do one more chapter later but it would depend on my mood… I do want to just

Fief Strengthening Chapter 5

Sorry guy I was busy today fixing my laptop because my windows broke because of an update… Toto will be released tomorrow after I finish setting up and reconfigure my laptop… For now a Chapter of Fief Training and Strengthening was released… Here’s the Chapter… Chapter 5

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 74

It Will be a Fairy Release today and tomorrow will be Toto… Well it’s only fairy today and no releases from the other TL’s for now it will only be a Fairy Release… But GDit I was sweathing in my eyes as I translate the chapter… WTF… It is actually shorter than usual though… for

New Chapters

Finally Finished Kansu… That was a long chapter… Next Release will be Fairies XD… Also, A dragon Slayer Chapter Was Released… Here are the chapters for today… Kansutoppu Chapter 60 Dragon Slayer Chapter 4