I Reincarnated

I was Reincarnated but I don’t know Why


Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n0362ex/

Author: 紗凪 ケイ Shannagi Kei

By the time I noticed, I was staring at the hands of a baby.

It seems like for some reason, I got myself reincarnated.

I also knew that I posses great power (Physical).

However, I was born in a really small peaceful village,

and there’s no place for me to demonstrate that power.

I’m also able to make friends, but she was born with a sickly body…

I tried doing various things in order to grasp my power,

what I thought at that time was 『I want to go on an adventure freely』.

Incidentally, when went to the capital I raised a fuzz, why won’t you let me do whatever I want?

And that’s where everything began.

Chapter 0 The Girl with Black Hair and Red Eyes
Chapter 1 Somehow I got Reincarnated
Chapter 2 That Time When I was Young
Chapter 3 It Somehow Broke by just Touching a Little
Chapter 4 The Prince and The Princess?
Chapter 5 Recovery and The Capital
Chapter 6 From Carriage to Carriage
Chapter 7 Arrival at the Kingdom Capital
Chapter 8 Lutie
Chapter 9 Being considerate is also good
Chapter 10 Let’s go to the Battle Arena
Chapter 11 At first it’s always like this
Chapter 12 People who are doing quite well
Chapter 13 Out of Standards
Chapter 14 It was an Imperfect Outburst
Chapter 15 A Simple Child
Chapter 16 A Policy of not Wearing Armor
Chapter 17 Karakuri Toto
Chapter 18 Etoile
Chapter 19 How it should have been
Chapter 20 A Magic Sword Looks Strong
Chapter 21 It Doesn’t Hurt at All
Chapter 22 A Genius