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Chapter 7 Arrival at the Kingdom Capital

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


◇A Certain Letter――――――

Gradually I have caught up with the target. Based on age, characteristics, there were no mistakes about it. However, there were a lot of significant differences from the report.

It looked like she has parents. The one I met was probably the mother, and the chance of that is quite high since there are many similarities, such as atmosphere, gestures and expressions.

Also, she displayed a broad spectrum of human emotions and could understand human language. I mixed in their conversations and was able to verify a lot of important informations. Details of the conversations will be transcribed on a separate document so please check.

While we were having a meal, although the adventurers stared at us with a strange look they also accompanied us offering a prayer for having a meal, but it seems that she received no damage, and did not display any change or strange reaction. In accordance to that, the subject seemed to also be praying earnestly.

Judging from all the information gathered, it is highly plausible that the subject is human, the chances are extremely high.

Please give us instructions about how to proceed in the future.


 Seven days after we left the last town, at around lunch time, we have finally arrived at the capital.

Asking Hanno-san when we were still in the carriage, I was told that the name of this city is called 『Ruveria』. Mother also joined in with the conversation, and now ,ten years after I was born, I finally learned the name of our village, which is called『Furuka』.

It’s not a surprise that my mother knows about the name of our village, but nobody ever mentioned it to me since the people there didn’t even think about it that much.

I thought that I wouldn’t be allowed to move inside the carriage when we were moving, but I was even freely allowed to talk with the escorts and mom joined the conversation. It seems like such reaction for a child like me was not really that unusual, because everyone riding along with us was also free. It was quite tiring though.


 Cobbled streets, wide roads and brick buildings, this landscape reminded me of a picture of a province in Europe that I’ve seen before. It was quite similar with this Ruviera, but right now it’s in the middle of a festival so everyone is quite lively. You can find stalls all over the place which gives it a slightly different impression from the Ruviera that they described which was supposed to have a tranquil landscape and beautiful scenery.

 When we finally got out of the carriage, I found Zanbara-san and Hanno-san standing nearby.

「Well then, we will be on our way. See you again」

「See yah」

「Bye bye」

「Thanks for helping us on the way」

I was waving energetically while mom bowed lightly, and soon the two escorts finally disappeared into the crowd.

As expected of a place you would call the capital, the number of people here is truly overwhelming.

It is not as crowded as the festivals in my previous life though, there’s still enough space for people to walk around.

「Now, Toto it’s time for us to look for out accommodations too」


Now that I think about it, did we have a reservation or is there such a convenient system? It’s kind of troublesome looking around but that can’t be helped. I grasped mom’s hand while she was looking out.

After checking the third place, we finally found a vacant room available, and we decided to stay there. In this world, it would be considered a luxury Inn. There is one shower room inside, and the beddings were nicely done. The reason for this place having vacancy is probably their price, which was much higher compared to others.

「West Ward, Jewel Inn, can you remember it? 」

「Weshdistwic, jiwelinn, Unn」

「If you get separated from me, or get lost along the way, you will be able to return here by asking people or the guards」


 Well, it is hard for someone to be abducted because the security is much higher during the festival. Even though there are so many people around when we were looking for an Inn, I didn’t miss the figure of 1 or two guards patrolling.

While I was thinking how scary it would be if I got lost, knowing that 『West Ward』 is the place where many adventurers come, and many inns for adventurers were established. It would be quite easy to find my way back if I ask any adventurer like person.

Mom said that after taking care of our things, we will be going out again.

「For the time being, let’s find a place to eat」

「I want to eat that」

I instantly pointed to a stall near Jewel Inn from where a nice scent has been drifting since a while ago. Mom also felt the same, so she nodded and gave me some coins to buy it.

It’s my first time handling currency in world but it’s fine, because mom taught me regularly about it.

「This, I want」

「Aiyo, will you be buying only one? 」

「Two pwease」

「Here ya go, it will 240 griss」


「Thank for the business」

Just like this, I was able to handle it properly. Griss is the currency of this country.

I also handed a meat skewer to mom who was sitting on a nearby bench. Unexpectedly the meat was a little thick and eating it was kind of hard for her.

「The meat is a little hard… Are you fine Toto? Want to eat……」

「Unn, it was delicious」

Somehow, I’m sorry.



「Do you want another one? 」

「Something else, I want to eat. Go next」

After saying that, mom look surprised.

「Are you really alright, did you not get tired?」


「Even if you don’t rush it, we will be staying here in the capital for quite some time, so are you really fine?」

「Daiizobu(I’m alright)」

I nodded once more when she asked to confirm. Or more like, it would probably be mom who got tired after going along with me.

When I asked 「Are you tired?」my mom affirmed with a bitter smile.

「Because it has been a while since I’ve strolled like this, I’m a little bit tired」

「Umm, will check it myself」


Mom was looking worried at me as if I’m about to do something impossible. Is this something not good for me to do alone? Well this is that kind of world after all, and it probably won’t be easy for a child like me to walk alone in an unknown place.

Mom holds her elbow with one hand and the other tapping her face while the meat skewer was facing away from her face. She was thinking hard about it.

「I wonder if it’s alright, you don’t seem to be one to forget the location of the inn but… I wonder if this would also be a good experience」

After murmuring for a while, my mom finally nodded her head in approval.

「Be sure to not go to places where you will be alone, okay」


「If it’s someone you don’t know… be sure not to follow, not unless they are soldier-san」


「Also if you got in trouble, be sure to shout loudly. Since there are many adventurers around, you can definitely count on them for help」

「All right」

How convenient, Adventurers. I don’t think I would be able to easily trust people if it was in my previous life but I wonder if it would be different in this world. It is certain that adventurers are the type who work on trust but there are also a lot of troublesome ones.

「And also, this」

I was handed a pocket watch as mother goes on with her warnings. After opening the lid and checking the time, my mom continued.

「Three hours from now, be sure to return to our accommodations properly, it is also fine you are late for a bit but not past 5 o’clock」

「Understood, I’ll do my best」

「You remember the location right?」

「Weshdishtwic, jiwelinn」

「Okay, then you may go ahead」


After getting some money, I finally started my stroll. I don’t know how far I could go during the three hours considering the wideness of the city. Well no matter how far I reach, it an emergency comes up, I could just jump on the roof and return, and that won’t even take me 5 minutes.

Well, jumping on the roof to return is already a last resort since I don’t want to be chased by soldier-san if they did see me as a suspicious person running on the roof.

After strolling for a while and asking around, I understood that I’m still in the West District. The Onii-san that I asked a while ago said that there will be a change in the atmosphere of the area once I leave the district.

It seems like there are a lot of taverns and inns in the west district to provide accommodations for adventurers, and also tool shops, and cheap restaurants that accept rough looking people as customers of their shops.

And I was then attracted by something that I found, because it looked like sweets.

「Uncle, I want to eat this」

「Hahaha, jou-chan, this is not something you can eat」

「Huh, what is this?」

What I pointed out in the middle of the stall was something that resembled baked goods… but why is it that it can’t be eaten?

「This is called a recovery soft box. There’s recovery magic inside it, and if you break the box with your hands, the recovery magic will help you recover a little of your fatigue」

「Shoulder Strain, does it help?」

「Of course, from shoulder strain to lower back pain, that is what elderly people use this for」

H~nn. It’s a very useful and good item, but what about carrying it around? Actually, it seems like it’s quite tough and it won’t break from a single crash.

「Want one please」

「Eh, you need it? Jou-chan, I think it’s still a little early for you to use」

「Want it for mom」

「Buying for your parents is it. That will be 500 Griss」


It was more expensive than I’ve thought, is it because it’s a magic item? I was wondering how I would carry it with me, but as a service to a cute little girl, he placed it inside a box. A box inside a box……

 I continued strolling around just like this for an hour, and then I found a big building with big windows resembling a station. Since the atmosphere of the area is different after passing here, then this might be the boundary between districts.

The area on the other side gave a feeling of a commercial district with many facilities and the atmosphere it gave off resembling that of an industrial center.

When I moved toward the window thinking that it might definitely be a station, I found a girl in the room on the other side of the window. [TL:A Wild New Waifu has Appeared]

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Chapter 6 From a Carriage to a Carriage

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


「Toto, we should be arriving soon」


After my tenth birthday passed, it was decided that my mom would bring me to the capital.

There seems to be a festival being held, called Founding Festival, and a lot of people are gathering because of that. There are also a lot of shops for a limited time, so I’ll be looking forward to it.

By the way, because we can’t leave our crops unattended for a long time, it was decided that dad would stay behind.

As you can see, this village is pretty much self-sufficient, and everything is being shared through bartering meat or vegetables, but even if that is what the villagers normally do actually they have a bit of cash on hand. It’s also possible to barter with people in the capital but the villagers don’t usually do that.

「You see Toto, when merchant people visit the village, we sell the extra vegetable and livestock to them」

My mom taught me. The money earned from trading are then used to buy furniture and daily necessities from towns that the village needs. The excess money is then saved, that’s why the villagers have a considerable amount of money saved, and especially my family who has never left the village since I was born.

Before we left home, mom brought out a sword from the back of our house.

「It’s been a long time since I’ve carried a sword」

She then equipped leather armor covering her chest. She wore that on top of her clothes and trousers to make movement much less restricted. Looking at her, I noticed that she was smiling. It seems that she likes travelling too.

After paying money to the merchants, we joined on board the carriage that we waited for at the entrance of the village. There was only us riding from this village but I heard that others will also join from the villages we will be passing by. I was wondering if they are going on a shift schedule.

While thinking about such things, mom who was looking at me only gave me a wry smile.

「Not everyone is interested about festivals or meeting royalty that much you see」

I see, anyone like that wouldn’t live on a remote village after all. Iya, isn’t it quite rude to say 「remote village」? Well it can’t be helped since this is the only village that I know of in this world.

「I’m looking forward to going to the capital again after quite a while」

「Mama, you’ve been there?」

「Yes, I used to be an adventurer, before I married your father」[ED: This is actually what the “took and arrow to the knee” means]

「Together with dad?」

「Yeah, your father was also an adventurer in the past」

「Dad, returned to the village?」

「Fufufu, well a lot of things happened」

She dodged it, but I was around when mom and Barbara-san were having a talk during tea time, and I understood that their relationship resembled that of me and Rikka-chan. Also, sometimes, stories about childhood come up.

I understood that mom who ran away from the village to become an adventurer somehow encountered dad who was also from this village. They came back and decided to settle down here because of the calmness of this place.


After travelling for more than two days being shaken by the carriage and taking a few breaks, we could see buildings. It looks like we have finally reached the neighboring town.

I was thinking that this might be a big merchant group that spreads out to different villages but I was wrong. They were only small merchants that go back and forth between the town and the neighboring villages.

「We will be staying at an Inn in this town and ride a different carriage tomorrow, and we will probably reach the capital after eight days」

「Ooh, so long ne~」

「Well, even by horse carriage that is to be expected since it’s quite the distance away… By the way, are you alright, is riding a horse carriage hard?」

「Am fine~zu, don mind」

I said so while making a peace sign. However, it’s not pain that troubled me but the intense shaking which was quite violent. A normal person would definitely suffer muscle pains if they were not used to it.

We planned to secure an Inn in town before concerning ourselves about the journey to the capital. Next is the capital itself that we have been waiting for. It will be my first time coming to a place with a lot of people.

「Town, can look around?」

「It is fine Toto, as soon as we get off the carriage and find an Inn to stay in we will have a little tour, but will you be OK? It’s your first time riding a carriage after all」

Well, I have a physical endurance cheat. This is the first town I visit, so right now I would like to see it.

If possible, I would also like to see what a bar is like and check what rough people of this world looks like, but I have to give up on that due to the fact that my age won’t allow it. If a child enters a bar, it will only be considered as a nuisance at the store.

I nodded at mom who asked a question about my condition.

「Okay then, let’s go, be sure not to let go of my hand, I would be troubled if you get lost」


I wanted to go alone, but it seems that my mom won’t let me. If it’s this kind of world, should I be expecting a lot of people? But well, because it is bigger than a village, there is probably a chance for me to get lost if not accompanied by someone.

We walked around the town for quite some time but I could not find anything that is particularly interesting. I did find an interesting accessory shop but we didn’t go there considering that it might increase our luggage. I might find something good in the capital anyway, and I should also buy a souvenir for Rikka-chan when we return home.

When we returned to the main street, I told my mom.


「I see, then lets head back」

When we returned to the Inn, a good smell was coming from the kitchen. Dinner was already being prepared.

As for our accommodations on the Inn we stayed at, dinner and breakfast have been included. Most of the tenants of the Inn eat on the first floor, which doubles as a restaurant .

Now that I think about it, this will be my first time eating out since I reincarnated. I wonder if my tastes would be compatible with meals of this world other than the ones at home. The dishes they prepared in the village were quite delicious after all.

And as result, I could say that eating out is a lot of fun. And also the dishes served were three times tastier, maybe since we are not eating at home.


「Fufufu, you sure ate a lot」

The dishes that came out resembled chicken sauté and salad. Using a little chili-like ingredient, a pleasant spicy taste hit me as I chewed on the meal served by the Inn manager, who was feeling good looking at me enjoying the meal, she also added an apple like fruit as dessert.

Because the meal was really delicious, I ate a lot.

「Sleepy already? You should brush your teeth soon」


「Tomorrow we will be travelling on a carriage once more so you go and take a rest early today」



The next day, I was woken up at 7 in the morning, ate breakfast, and then headed out to the meeting point.

Because there is quite a distance from here to the kingdom, it seems that there was only one group scheduled in the morning going out in consideration of the road’s safety.

「Okay, everyone seems ready to go. Oh, you seem to be travelling with your daughter. Will she be alright?」

When we got inside the carriage, someone suddenly called out. The owner of the voice was a woman with a very short hairstyle wearing light leather armor and a cloak that was really giving off an adventurer-like atmosphere. She also had a sword on her waist. Oh, it’s my first time seeing someone like this, also it’s my first time seeing someone with green eyes, different from the blue ones I typically see.

「Ah, I’ll be fine」

I answered and again made a peace sign. When the adventurer-like woman sees me doing that gesture, she only laughed a bit as if seeing an interesting scene.

「Iya, you are quite the sturdy child it seems, I am Zanbara. Zanbara ・ Curies Cleve. This one here is my partner Hanno, who is an escort guard of this carriage. Please to meet you」

「The name is Hanouti ・ Flapis, please call me Hanno」

The person that Zanbara-san mentioned had long golden hair properly groomed and fixed into dumplings around her neck. She was a woman resembling an elegant clergy.

The clothes she wore did not look like it was made for protection but it seemed to be enchanted. Also she was wearing a cream colored robe over it. Including the stole wrapped around her shoulders, she looked quite fashionable.

「I, Toto」

I also introduced myself after mom finished her greetings. The number of passengers inside the carriage is eight people including us. The interior is quite wide and more comfortable than I’ve expected. It’s a good thing that it doesn’t shake as much as the first one we’ve rode on.

I was sitting in the corner of the carriage close to Zanbara-san.

「If you are not feeling well, don’t be afraid to tell us. It will take a lot of time before we arrive at the kingdom after all」

She seems to be worried. I don’t really have any trouble in regards to physical effects due to my cheat, but because I look like a frail little girl and being the only child onboard, I accepted their concerns.

「I would like our travels to be as comfortable as possible while escorting, because it is more fun if you are enjoying it. Travelling is great if nobody is trouble after all」

I’m thinking that our escorts this time are really good people. Also, Zanbara-san is quite talkative. On the other hand, Hannou-san seems to be the quiet type, but she also joins the talks if she notices that I’m getting bored.

With this kind of companions, the journey to the capital became more enjoyable.

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Chapter 5 Recovery and The Capital

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


When I went to Rikka’s house, Barbara-san came out to receive me. She looked really tired from nursing Rikka-chan. She was really pale, and you could see bags under her eyes.

「Oh, Toto-chan, it sure is a bad time for you to visit. Right now Rikka-chan is still sleeping」

「A little, fine, see, face a bit」

「Okay then, let’s go quietly」


I was guided inside by Barbara-san until we reached the entrance of Rikka-chan’s room, then I entered the room alone.

The room was as simple as ever, with a wooden bookshelf and a small desk with books on top of it, but it was noticeable that the books haven’t been touched for quite some time now, because the dust accumulated like a blanket over them.

When I entered the room, it smelled a lot like medicine. Rikka-chan was sleeping on the bed. When I approached, it seems like she reacted a bit and was seemingly suffering, but then she soon went back to sleep.


I seated myself near her bed and watched over her sleeping face. Her cheeks were so thin that it looks almost like skin and bones, as if she lost all the blood in her body.


However, this situation is terribly awkward to give her a kiss. Whether I give her a light peck or not, it would still be extremely embarrassing. I couldn’t even imagine giving her a deep one even if it would be better to do in that way.

I needed to relax myself for a bit so I was breathing slowly. Just a peck, just touching her lips should do. The mood should be just like a prince in a fairy tale, yes just like a prince……

(Yosh, let’s do this!)

Looking from the audience, it won’t probably look like that of a prince at all, but I nervously move my head closer to Rikka-chan’s face. It would be extremely awkward if she suddenly woke up during this moment.


And then our lips touched each other. After confirming contact, I lifted my face to check.

(There’s no change…)

Rikka-chan was just sleeping quietly just like before.
It seems that there are no drastic changes to her skin like becoming glossy or lively immediately after the kiss. I guess I can only wait and see if there will be changes from this point on.

(Please, with this…)

As I stood up I wished that it would help her recover.

「Please, quickly get well」

I muttered in a low voice as to not wake her up, then left Rikka-chan’s room.


Three days later I heard that Rikka-chan’s condition finally started to get better. But because she was bedridden for quite a long time, her physical strength haven’t recovered yet, but there were no more severe coughing or loss of breath unlike before. I guess she’s finally saved.

But for some reason, she said to Barbara-san that I should not visit her for now.

There’s no doubt that it’s because of the advice of that Doppelganger that I was able to help Rikka-chan with that kiss. I don’t know what she was aiming for by teaching me, but I’m still thankful that I was able to save Rikka-chan’s life.

I was expecting that the Doppelganger would appear after seven days like usual, but she didn’t appear anymore.

I was then thought that she would appear on the days after, but even after 10, 12 and more days nothing happened. She didn’t appear anymore. Although there was a time before when she was hardly noticed,so it didn’t really matter if she didn’t show up.

Well I didn’t really know why she was only visible only to me in the first place, and she might probably appear again in the future, or more like she might just suddenly appear at any given time.


And after that.

「Rikka-chan, I visit now!」

「Toto-chan! It’s been a while!」


Rikka-chan who was still in the middle of recovering, came hugging me as I enter and was really glad when she saw me. I noticed that my body didn’t grow at all, if compared to Rikka-chan’s who body seems to have grown well, not to mention her height was also a head taller than me.

Eh, did you just become much healthier? It was unexpectedly extremely powerful!?

Also the feeling of the hug just now instead of a 《Hug》 I would call it more like a 《Bear Hug》, and it’s really tight.

「You, Okay? Not feeling bad?」

I ask her while with a concerned voice while hugging back.

「Un, I’m feeling fine now, my chest and stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. And also I didn’t feel any pain anymore」


We exchanged a few conversations just like that, but she’s not letting go of me. I dislike being held forever like this, because I can’t move, I struggled hard and pushed my arms out.

But you know, that, what can I say. When I look at Rikka-chan’s face I can only think of the scene where I kissed her and feel awkward about it, then turn my face away from her.

Rikka-chan is also trying to catch a few glimpses at me but I don’t know if she was aware that she was staring.

The struggle lasted for a while and it became interesting, and when we had our fill I just laughed. But on the contrary, Rikka-chan who was seemingly dissatisfied pouted and puffed her cheeks.

「Mom was so surprised you know, and always asked me if I’m really okay even after knowing that I have recovered and while I was trying to help… 」

「Is that so」

Perhaps Rikka-chan is trying to make up for all the housework that she haven’t done until now.

Well, thinking about how people live in this village, there is a strong sense of self sufficiency and having extra hands is really indispensable.

「Right now, I might be able to play with everyone」

「Do you think so?」

I don’t think that it okay for Rikka-chan to do so this early, but if her sickness have really disappeared, then she will finally be able to play outside more. Then Rikka-chan called out to me.

「For the time being, sit down sit down」


While saying that Rikka-chan moved behind me, who was seated on a chair, and pressed her hands on both my shoulders.

Then, I only noticed this position when we were talking… Iya, when was it that I was hugged. But such a distance, isn’t this a little too close? Have you been like this since before? Well, I don’t really dislike it though.


And now time passed and I’m nine years old, I caught up a word when Dad was talking about his past.

「That time you see, I had a dream of working in the Kingdom」

「Dad! Want to know! 」

「Ah, Ok」

「Different? Place, what is like? 」

「Yeah, it’s far away from here, but you can go there by riding a carriage」

「A merchant riding a carriage also comes here regularly」

「People? A lot there?」

「Yup, you would be really surprised if you compare it to the people here」

「Shops, a lot there?」

「Yeah, of course, a lot of them are lined up side by side. There are also street stalls and huge buildings that you can see」

「King-shama also there?」

「Yes, but meeting him would need a lot of process to be done」

「……such a shame」

As expected, there is a capital after all.

And you know, with this power I feel a strong desire making me want to go on an adventure. There are a lot of possibilities in this world which is quite exciting.

To do that, I need to go to the kingdom at least once to see what it’s like. At this moment, the only place I know is this village.

But I am also certain that my black hair would stand out. I’m also thinking of bringing Rikka-chan with me, but that might be impossible. Right now, we are only children, and so if I go out there it will probably be on my own.


I wonder when I will be able to leave this village and go to the kingdom. It’s a good thing that my father and mother are the type that would let me do what I want. I still haven’t said that I will be leaving the village, but I don’t think they would permit me if I ask right now due to my current age.

By the way, I have never heard of the age when you are considered an adult in this world, but I think it might be 15, just like the templates that I know of. It would probably be OK if I go to the kingdom when I’m that old.

If Rikka-chan would also reach that age, then maybe we can go together, but well, it would still depend on what she decides.

Never in my imagination, did I expect that a year from now, I will be visiting the Kingdom’s Capital.

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Chapter 4 The Prince and The Princess?

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


After that event, I went straight back home while still covered in blood and could only apologize for it. Another reason to apologize was that I don’t know what words I could use to explain what happened. All I could say was War Wolf.

My father, Enbray-san, went out into the village to ask if they could give supplementary explanation to what I did, but he returned clutching his head without any information to add.

Since even after all that he didn’t find any information, he was certain that they won’t be getting any information regarding that and gave up. Well I also didn’t say anything after all. Even if they asked me I won’t go upfront and say that 『I want to go out and fight monsters』 to them, after all they will definitely get angry.


Later, on a warm afternoon, when I was flopped down on a desk looking at the nothingness, I saw a black haired girl standing beside the door.


I have never seen any black haired girl around here, so I was surprised to look up and suddenly see a black haired girl. Her age was around 10 years old. She was quite small and cute, with golden eyes and a cute yet mysterious face. She was wearing a black long dress that was open on her back.

The black one piece didn’t seem to be a very good match with such a cute little girl. It somehow resembles someone, or more like it gives me a feeling that I’ve seen her somewhere.

When the girl got close to me and touched my cheeks, she lifted the edges of her mouth and then she disappeared.

「……Could it be, a ghost」

I got up from my desk and escaped to the living room while paying attention to the room. But then, I also noticed that my throat was quite dry.

「Was that just a hallucination?」

I wonder if that little girl was just a hallucination of mine. In any case, I went straight to the kitchen to moisten my throat. I took a ladle, but inside the water jar I could see the image of a little girl in the pool of water.


When I saw the reflection on the water surface, I was so shocked that I accidentally dropped the ladle inside the jar . With long black hair that goes all the way to the back tied in a ponytail along with a white ribbon, red eyes and a pretty cute face.

I was quite surprised, then I remember the face of that person.

「That person a little while ago…」

I was wondering if that was what they would call a doppelganger.

Well, since this is a fantasy world then there might be ghost type monsters that are like that. In my previous life if you met someone who looks exactly the same as you, it would be a sign of disaster, but I wonder what it’s like in this world.

「I should probably be more careful」

I wonder if the trigger was me defeating all those warwolves.

If it suddenly attacks, it would be an opponent highly incompatible with me, because it can easily disappear. Not to mention, I am really scared of ghosts.

I focused for a while to pick up any strange noises in the surroundings, but I did not find any suspicious sounds. I was wondering if that was in reality just a hallucination.

I peeked into the living room once more to check the room and the door. And as expected, there wasn’t anything there beside an open door. I breathed out a sigh of relief and then returned back into the living room.


But then again, the doppelganger showed itself once more seven days after that.


「What’s wrong Toto?」

「Mom, you didn’t see that?」

「…what, is there something wrong with the insects?」

「No, it’s nothing」

At first I would always be in a battle stance, but after a few times of appearing and disappearing I couldn’t feel any hostility from it. It was also not visible to anyone other than myself, and it didn’t really bother me that much.

I wonder if it was trying to talk to me, I noticed her mouth moving every time I see her. There are times when my vision doesn’t agree with other senses, and it is such a mysterious feeling.


Well, the story goes back a bit. When I was around seven years old, Rikka-chan’s condition started turning for the worst.

In the past I used to play with her for 2 out of 3 days, then it turned in only a full day each five days. Then, it went from playing to just being together with her.

「Is there no healing magic?」

Even if I couldn’t really accept that Rikka-chan’s condition was getting worse day by day, I still continued visiting her.

「The doctor said that it was an inborn disease so no recovery magic would affect this condition, since it was acquired from birth」

「It’s something like that huh…」

No, that was not something I wanted to say to Rikka-chan. I felt sorry because I couldn’t really say anything and I just stayed silent.

But Rikka-chan didn’t mind it and only showed me a smile. She knew how I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do anything regarding this. What a strong will for a child.


The story returns to the present. Rikka-chan is now at a state where she can’t even get out of her bed. I want to see her but I just don’t know what I would talk to her, I also haven’t visited her for quite some time now.

「…What should I do…」

Only feelings of frustration where spinning inside me. Even if time goes on, the chances of her being cured still remained zero. It was even doubtful if she could last a year in this condition.

「Something, isn’t there something?」

Yes, I need to do something, so that I may change this.

But since I know nothing about medicine, I don’t have any way to identify her illness, and even if I did, I don’t even know how to use recovery magic, let alone any other spells that would be able to help her.

Well, not even able read characters, magic would be almost impossible to use. It took too long for even a skilled doctor to find ways to cure her. She has been like that for the past year now.

「You don’t want to lose her?」


「If so, then give her a kiss」

Suddenly hearing a whispering voice in my ears, I noticed that the doppelganger was standing beside me.

I was wondering if the voice I heard was from her, because before now, I could only see her mumbling yet her voice could not reach me.

「Wait, what are y—」

When I was about to reply to her, the doppelganger wasn’t there anymore.

Kiss? You mean that Kiss? Is that what you are saying that I should do?

『If you don’t really want to lose her, give her a Kiss!』

The doppelganger’s voice echoed back in my head.

Don’t lose her, and a kiss is given = Curing Rikka-chan’s disease? Where?

No way, I don’t get it at all, really.

But I certainly heard that voice. The Doppelganger was also present, so it wasn’t just an auditory hallucination.


I wanted to ask why, but that doppelganger might not appear anymore since it usually appears every seven days, and even if she did appear, it might be impossible to try talking to her.

More like even if she opened her mouth, her voice doesn’t come out. Why I was able to hear her voice at that time is a mystery.

「Still, I’m thinking, what if that is true?」

I’m also somehow thinking that this might be some kind of trap. The timing was just simply too convenient.

However, if Rikka-chan’s disease is infectious, it’s not like it would become really effective on me. From the rate of progress of Rikka-chan’s disease, it would take a long time for that to propagate, even if I did get infected.

「Might be a prank」

I think that the possibility is quite high, thinking about that Doppelganger. She definitely looks like a mischievous person. I have seen her for quite some time now. She has appeared around 16 times now and it started around four months ago.

「I wonder if it’s really true though?」

Thinking about it again, it’s kind of fishy. You know, it’s that after all. A kiss to heal an incurable disease, wouldn’t that be a plot of some fantasy story for a prince to do…?

「Eh. Seriously?」

I’m scared because, considering that this world seems to be a fantasy type, the possibility is there, right? Is what I would like to say.

「Am I, supposed to be like a prince, is that it?」

Well, thinking about Rikka-chan as a princess, she is cute, clever and has a strong will. On the other hand, the image of a prince would be a gallant warrior capable of defeating dragons, which is so cheat like.

But we were only female friends… I am certain that there were 《Such works》 like that, easy to find in my previous life.

However, there’s no other way for me to help Rikka-chan, other than this. But I could also feel like I’m barely trudging the edge of my sanity.

「Let’s just do this!!」

I made a fist pump to get myself fired up and decided to do it.

[ED: I don’t see any problem there, maybe the gender, but that is not a minus, but a plus.]

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Chapter 3 It Somehow Broke by just Touching a Little

TL: Yuki


There was a man walking quietly in the forest as to not be noticed by the person he is following as that person moves forward. His appearance in age would be around 30, with well-defined features and an impressive Kaiser beard whose eyes was covered by a feathered hat and donning a sword in his waist.

That person, that one that was following the man moving forward was his former master, Earl Dell Bandelt.

The man he was following is already out of Dell’s sight, but thanks to a tracking he used before tracking him, the is now a

《Line》 that was visible only to Dell which shows him the way.

(I have attached that to him since he was acting rather suspiciously in the past few days, but… it rather seems worth the effort doing so.)

The earl didn’t really know what the purpose was, but he was sniffing out information here and there in his territory for a year now.

He was doing whatever he wants all the time without really showing any signs of reporting to someone but then it seems that he finally started to move when I started asking about his hobbies.

(But to enter this woods, mabe he knows his way around here? Although judging from the way he carries himself, he doesn’t look like someone who have fighting experience when I interviewed him. )

Right now, they were walking inside the woods that were half day away from the kingdom if moving by horse. This forest which was banned even for knights to enter is a dangerous place although the shallow regions are not that dangerous but the deeper regions are war wolf territory.

War Wolves are quite temperate, but if you trespass their territories then they will be showing no mercy.

There are many people who can fight them if they are alone, but if you encounter a group then it will be really dangerous that it even poses as a threat to veteran adventurers.

Dell only shook his head because he couldn’t help but think about it. The deeper parts are certainly dangerous, but it certainly is a good place to have some secret rendezvous.

It was about an hour after entering the forest, suddenly he could hear the voice of an angry man.

「The plans have changed! For what reason did I have to cross such a dangerous bridge like this! 」

Dell quickens his pace and hid himself behind a tree not far away from that man while making sure the man was within his sight.

He found the man that he have been following since a while ago, and in front of him was a person clad in a robe and whose face was concealed.

The man was impatient the he looked like he would leap towards the robed person at any moment, but the robed person was calmly looking at him with an air of ignoring the person in front without even taking off the hood.

「The plans were different, did I promise anything? I have already forgotten」

「Quit joking around!!」

At that moment, the man who cannot hide his impatience swings his arm to hit the robed person, but that person closed in grabbing the man by the neck and lifting him up.

Upon lifting the man, the robe covering that persons hand slid off, and what was revealed was slender arms that would questionably belong to that of a scholar yet having tremendous strength.

The voice of the robed person was also quite low, it somehow resembles the voice of a woman.


「Well despite this situation, I must still thank you」

When the woman lifting the man said that, Dell felt the gaze of the woman facing his direction. Despite the distance and even being blocked off by the trees he realized that the robed person noticed him even though he could hardly see that person’s face because it was covered by the hood.

「Earl Bandelt,it will become a bad habit which could endanger your life if you do everything by yourself you know」

Dell only clicked his tongue realizing that he was already noticed, and so he revealed his appearance to the robed woman while drawing out his sword from his waist.

「So you knew who I was? Who are you, what is it that you are trying to achieve」

The robed woman lightly grinned without responding to Dell’s inquiry and pulled out a small bottle containing some kind of liquid from her pocket.

There’s also the appearance of the man who was struggling while being lifted by her other hand, but looking at her arms which doesn’t even tremble, it felt like the man was stuck in the air instead.

「He, Help me」

「Because of bringing the earl with you, I leave behind a gift as addition to the payment for the information. Something that makes you extremely stand out… that’s what this wonderful perfume do」

The woman threw away the man she was holding, then opened the lid of the bottle and threw it towards that man.

When it hits, the contents spilled and a sweet irresistible scent filled the area.

「Gufu……hi, hiii」

「Don’t tell me!?」

War Wolves that lives in the forest are monsters with a wolf head and body of a human, and as you have imagined, they have a really keen sense of smell.

If you throw off something that leaves a strong scent in the area, the War Wolf who would misunderstood and think that you were violating its territory will immediately attack.

I have been had! When Dell turned towards the robed person, she was already preparing a small ball and has moved a few steps away.

「A Teleportation Gem!?」

「Goodbye Earl, I was lucky that you got caught that easily」

「I won’t let you escape!」

Dell brandished his sword toward the robed woman, but he only ended up cutting air because his target immediately disappeared.  

「Uh, Uwaaaah!!」


Immediately, he heard the scream of the person behind him. The man apparently was not a combatant, at the time he screamed, he was already inches away from receiving the War Wolf’s fangs and claws.

(At the very least, I need to find a way to get out of this predicament)

A total of five War Wolves were standing in front of Dell, and were ready to pounce at him at any moment.

Because other War Wolves might be attracted by the scent of blood, wounding the War Wolves or getting himself wounded is an out. In addition, if you seriously wound a War Wolf, it would only invite more of its kind because they would be able to easily locate it. So the only choice Dell had is to try and disable them without wounding them.

Dell alone has reasonable skill as a swordsman, but if fighting against a War Wolf, two people are recommended. Even if he could use magic it’s only on the level that can be commonly used by normal adventurers. If there is no magician, they would easily be overwhelmed by a pack of strong and robust war wolves. And his current situation is already considered as encountering a 《Pack》 of them.

(Should I use fire to startle them? But, it takes too much time to cast. If I use Flash… It would be useless to War Wolves. Ah, what should I do! How do I get myself out of this!?)

At every second that passes, the War Wolves enveloping net becomes more and more secure.

Dell could already sense other presences, even to his left and right which would slowly lead to his death.

(Well, at the very least, I have notified people that there were suspicious movements being made)

Dell breathed out, held his sword in a proper stance and faced front.

(Even if I were to die here, and know that there’s no hope for me in this situation, I will still not throw away my life that easily.)

At the moment that a War Wolf barked pointing his hand at Dell to attack, one of the War Wolves head burst after being hit by something that jumped out of the bushes. The unpleasant sound of the skull being crushed by a blunt object was heard echoing before the victim fell down.

Although the sudden intruder both surprised the War Wolves and Dell, The War Wolves quickly organized themselves and changed their target to the suspicious intruder.

「Wha, what the heck was that…」

 Every time that dull sound of a blunt weapon pounded echoes, a War Wolf fell down to the ground. Dell could not grasp what was happening, but he still prepared his stance ready to fight back at any moment.

After a while, all the War Wolves were neutralized and only the intruder who won the bout was left behind standing. The one that suddenly appeared only watched him with an expressionless face, and after seemingly confirming that there was no more danger or War Wolves around, she quickly fled.

「A little girl…」

It was a girl with black hair and cold red eyes probably around less than 10 in age stood in the center of the corpses of War Wolves and were dyed red with their blood.

The girl only glanced at Dell after being called, but there was a hint of fear in the girl’s eyes, so Dell quickly put back his sword on its scabbard.

As expected, you can’t find any normal girl capable of flooring a pack of War Wolves in an instant with their bare hands. Not even normal adults or even strong ones could do so easily, especially if it’s barehanded fighting.

And those bright red eyes, they were characteristics that could only be found on undead, Because of that Dell concluded that she might be a special mutation type of undead, and a really strong one to boot.

(It’s still unknown why she attacked the War Wolves though, but it seems that she only reacted to simple things)

Dell was only thinking of a way to escape at that moment because he knew that the difference in their abilities was too absurd that it was already decided that he would lose and it would be an instant death if she became hostile. Such a monster is easy to understand even for Dell who has a bunch of battle experience.

The girl only walked a bit closer to him. Dell knew, that even if he prepared, that speed and power to instantly crush her opponent in moment would pulverize him in an instant.

The girl only bent her mouth in an awkward smile, then quickly ran away somewhere with tremendous speed.

Dell who was standing still for a while was still holding his sword, but when the tension got finally broken, he only uttered a small murmur.

「……Was I saved?」


First thing is how I should explain this condition of being covered in blood to my parents.

Toto thought, while looking her clothes soaked in blood.

If it was just her body that was covered in blood then she could just wash it off in the nearest river or something. She was wondering how she would be able to remove the blood stuck on her clothes that can’t easily be removed. She didn’t find any kind of detergent that would help her so it was impossible to clean up.

She was also wondering as to who that old man was that she saved.  Being in a place like that and surrounded. I quickly ran away without confirming things, but could that person be an adventurer? I wonder if he will be angry because of me robbing his prey. Ah, there it is.

Three more years have passed and I’m now 8 years old. A a result of all my investigations that I have verified in the past few years, I found out just how incomprehensible my body is, so I began exterminating monsters in the surrounding areas for quite some time now.

I was moving while listening to the sound of plants in the surroundings if there are any strong vibrations.

And after moving for a while, I found a great disturbance from somewhere and went to check if it was a wild animal or a monster. As a result, I only found wild animals and there were no monsters which is quite surprising.

Then continuing on that path, I heard a scream from somebody. When I went to that area, I found Wolfmen surrounding and old man with sword pointed on the the Wolfmen. I didn’t see that person that screamed, maybe he ran away? All I understood is that uncle was different.

Even so, I’m glad that I found the monsters before anything else happened. I was trying to adjust my strength to make sure it wouldn’t turn into a blood splatter, but it still ended up to gruesome. I never imagined that with that meager power I used, things would end up that way.

(At first I was only thinking of doing counter attacks, but then I ended up seriously hitting them)

Just thinking about the results, I couldn’t help but imagine myself as someone which is commonly found in Shonen Manga where they would blow off their enemies with tremendous force.

I didn’t even expect that their heads would vanish in just a single hit…

The second to the last once didn’t turn the same way as the first one because I was now somehow able to adjust the power, but it still ended up in a splatter anyway.

「But, that really terrible…」

I murmured to myself while looking at my fists. They have enough power to even put a weak blunt weapon to shame.

I’m wonder just how strong that monster was in this world’s standards.

The uncle was also trying to fight seven of them all by himself, so they might be on the weaker side.

「Hahaha! There’s no way it’s like that righ?」

That War Wolf was actually a very strong monster, could that uncle be someone they would call an S Rank adventurer that is known to be an overwhelming person in this world?

「…Probably not」

It was a monster that would be defeated if I smashed its head, but well it was still quite the annoying bunch.

Not to mention if there were many of them. But that uncle was trying to fight more than one of them so he might probably be at level of an advanced adventurer.

「Un, Let’s conclude it with that」

When I was satisfied with an answer I concluded on my own without the person’s permission, I slowed down my pace and returned to the village which was already in sight.

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