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Chapter 23 I Just Don’t Want to Boast

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



Well then, although it was only an impromptu practice with mom, she taught me various things and techniques that might be useful for my fight. After three hours of practicing, it’s now time for the match against Knight Commander-sama.


「Wonder if I need a new bag?」


「Hmm, well I think it should be fine if you just put it in your pocket, or you could use a small pouch to carry them so long as it doesn’t become a hindrance, right?」


「Don’t need it now, putting inside pocket will do」


These miscellaneous things won’t probably be used for a while after this fight, but well, having them also won’t be much of problem.


Although I did prepare countermeasures for unexpected things, they did say that Knight Commander-sama is not one to would use such tactics and trickery, and would only fight fair and square. Well, I’m only carrying them now to have a piece of mind.


I have bought everything I needed this time, and then I shove everything in my pockets.

I also dropped by the office where Lutie was stationed, I wonder if she will say that no matter what you do, you just 『Can’t Win』, but well, that’s not really what I want to know though, and I wonder if she could at least tell me what the knight commander-sama is like.


 If I would at least get an idea of how he fights, then I might be able to prepare some strategies for the battle.

Aren’t you just boasting about him?




「Oh, Toto, what brings you here?」


I found Lutie watching over from the window, she waved back at me as waved to her and I approached the office. I run a bit as I close in to the window.


「Um you see, can you tell me about the Knight Commander-sama!」


「Co, about the Commander is it?」


I was a bit too excited that I might have nudged her a little too strongly, she also surprised that she backed off for a bit, well mom was also following from behind so she explained the situation.


「Toto, she will be troubled if push her too much like that, you know」


「Oh, Toto, who’s that?」




After hearing that, Lutie corrected herself once more and properly greeted her just like when we’ve met for the first time.


「Greetings, I am an apprentice knight of the Aries Royal Knights, Lutie Esta Aries」


「Pleased to meet you, I am Rihanna, it seems like you were the one who took care of Toto when she was wandering the city, thank you」


「Ah, no, you don’t have to, I also enjoyed that trip, so there’s no problems」


「Well, other than that, I don’t see anyone around, are the only one here today?」


「Yes, it might be boring but it can’t be helped」




 Before the talk with mom continues, I called on to Lutie. Seemingly noticing me, she remembered.


「Ah, that’s right, Toto-dono. It seems like an unusual participant was going to challenge the Commander this time, I have also heard various rumors」




「It was a child, with long black hair, red colored eyes…… wait, was that you?」




「Eh, so you really did participate」


「Told you, would join, strong」


Placing my hands on my waist, I puffed out my chest, and she looked at me with a tired expression.


「Heracles-dono, Ornica-dono, and Ernolla-dono, were you also the one who beat them!?」


I don’t know about the other two, but I did fight against Ornica-san on the semifinals.

Those two were probably participants who didn’t reach the semifinals. Heracles-san was the one who was defeated by Benihana-san, and Ernolla-san was someone who lost to Etoile-san. I didn’t really care about it so I didn’t remember them.


「Ornica-san, beat him」


「Fue, he was really strong, you know」


「That so, that’s why, Commander, want to know more」


When I asked that, Lutie murmurs for a bit then looks up at the sky thinking about it, then explained while entwining her fingers.


「Well, this is based on my opinion. He was a strict leader and always calm. When I got injured during our training, he would use recovery magic to cure me.」


I have heard that he was adept at using magic, but recovery magic was also included in his arsenal.


「Any special measures?」


「I don’t know, I’m just an apprentice you see, I can’t really match up to their training, and also, I’ve never seen the Knight Commander fighting seriously.」


「I see」


「Oh, thinking about it, the Commander is more adept at fighting with a sword than magic, so it maybe more advantageous to fight from a distance」


「Oops, that’s impossible for me to do……」


Those low power air bullets would probably be useless, Benihana-san did suffer damage from it, but that was just a special case. When I was using it against Etoile-san, it was really useless.

On the contrary, if I would be able to use magic, I might be able to use something more powerful than just air bullets.


「Mu, never mind, will try hitting to win」


「You seem to be very confident about it, I also wanted to witness it if I could」




In fighting, it’s better to think that you could defeat your enemy, rather than thinking that you would lose.

But more than anything else, I want the money.


「See you around」


「I am kind of conflicted about who to support, since I also want to support Toto」


「Nn, thanks」


Waving my hands, we left Lutie and went towards the Stadium. I couldn’t really hear anything about the commander’s fighting style but it was still good and I was able to boast to her about myself for a bit. Ufufufu.


When we arrived at the Stadium, there seems to be more people watching, but the arrangement didn’t seem to have changed that much from yesterday’s arrangements.

When I was thinking about it with imaginary question marks floating above my head, mother asked me noticing my confusion.


「What’s wrong?」


「People, more came, but didn’t change much」


「Ah, that’s because nobles are seated on a different side, there will more nobles coming today, from different places」


「I see」


After entering the stadium, we went to buy drinks, and then mom separated from me as I went to the waiting room while mom went to the audience area.

I still have free time for now, but I don’t know what to do with it. I haven’t really seen any people who seem to be nobles in this world, but when I thought about nobles from written works that I know of, so I didn’t really get a good impression of them, and it would be nothing but trouble if I got involved with some annoying ones.




「Oh, you’re quite early this time. Ok then, may I have your verification」


After showing my participation ticket to the soldier-san, I was guided inside the waiting room.

But well, there is nothing for me to do right now in the waiting room.

I asked the soldier-san to buy me something to drink because my throat was dry and don’t want to be a reason to hinder my battle performance.


I still have a lot of free time, so I sat on the bench waiting for the event to start.

Ah, the sleepiness is attacking me again. No, I don’t want to sleep again! Suddenly opening my eyes, I saw something pop out of my vision.




I screamed out while still lying down, she stood right in front of me and opened her mouth.


『Really Close』


A voice was heard, not by the way of movement from her mouth but from something else, I have also experienced something like this in the past.

Seeing that her plan has succeeded, she showed me a wicked smile, and then for some reason I felt chills run down my spine.


「Just who――」


The moment I was about to ask her something, she vanished, and it was only my voice that was left resounding in the empty room.

It’s been a long time since she has shown herself, really, just what is that person?


But still, that grin of hers was kind of scary, how did I end up like this, or more like just what is up with her?


「The match is about to start, please prepare」


Oops, that was dangerous, I was probably in a daze, and the soldier-san also thought that I was acting funny.


「Ready, anytime」


 After confirming my condition, the soldier-san went back to his position.

Well then, I wonder what kind of opponent the Knight Commander-sama will be like.


I felt uncomfortable seated on the bench and doing nothing, so I decided to do some light warm-up as I waited for the match to start.

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Chapter 22 A Genius

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



There are people of this world that are known as non-standard ones or S Ranks.

They possess powers and abilities far beyond what an A Rank would be able to achieve, and that Rank not only includes people only connected to adventurers but also those outside the organization.

One of such people is the commander of the Royal Knights of Aries, Vanil Mirth Crown.


「Regarding tomorrow’s opponent, would it be unfair if I ask for information about them?」


「Yes, that’s just how it is…」


Vanil Mirt looks dissatisfied, after closing his mouth, he crosses his arms and lean his head to the side with his eyes closed.


It is said that no one could stand against him not only in swordsmanship but he also possess powerful magic, and to top it off, despite being that strong he doesn’t have much desire in him and is humble enough to stand on even grounds with everyone without being too boastful about his strength.

Well, even if he is like a perfect one, he still has many flaws and strange quirks that even people who knew him wouldn’t even be able to imagine.

Luckily, most of it was not really a disadvantage or such but just mere curious things he would push forward to, but he is stubborn in those cases and would need a lot to persuade him to stop.


(Because he started joining every year since that time, the number of participants in the tournament has started to drop)


While gazing at his superior who was now like a solidified statue, Ornica heaved out a small sigh.


Vanil Mirt would always join the finals every year, and was always saying that knowing his opponent before the match is unfair since that time he started, and he would also stay and guard the eastern district where nobility resides where information that comes in from the arena is scarce at this time of the year. There are also many other things included.


(But, wouldn’t it be better to know who you will be facing up against this time?)


While thinking about his fight with Toto, Ornica couldn’t think of a better way to even explain just what kind of opponent she is.


(If I try to force the information to him, the commander would probably just run away and not appear until tomorrow’s match, and that would be a real problem)


「I understand, then commander let me just give you a single warning, I will hide all the other details」


「Speak, what is it」


「No matter who you will be faced up tomorrow, it will be your enemy and is the winner of the semi-finals.」


「Whoever I will be faced up with? Well, that looks like something to look forward to」


He showed a smile filled with excitement, but realizing that Ornica was still there, he returned to a serious face, and after that Ornica confirmed that restricting the information against his opponent only added more excitement to the match.


If that is so, then he was sure that the girl would be what the commander would probably wish for. An opponent that he would need to be serious and go all out to enjoy, not some mere opponents who wouldn’t even be able to stand a few minutes during the match and would only bring more boredom to the already bored expression he would show as the match goes on.


「That’s all for today Ornica, you had a hard time doing your best until you reached the semi-finals. I will listen to the full details of your matches after the tournament ends so you may go and take a well-deserved rest」


「Yes, thank you」


「There are no urgent business at the moment right?」


「Yes, there no problems」


「Then it’s good. Oh, and please do call Ansel to take over my place tomorrow, and the other things included」


「I understand, I will be informing the deputy chief」


After Ornica left to inform the deputy chief, Vanil Mirt recalled Ornica’s words once more and grinned.


「It is unusual for Ornica to react like that, I cannot help but look forward to what surprise my opponent will give me in tomorrow’s match」




When I asked mom about the Knight Commander whom I will be fighting tomorrow, she told me how famous he is and many other various things she heard about him.


Currently he is only 25 years old but he is already at the highest rank as a knight. He is also unbelievably strong, not only in swordsmanship but also possessing great magic prowess.


In adventurer ranks, he would be boasted as one of the world’s few S-Ranks, so as expected, the match this time would be far more difficult than any of my previous matches combined.


Honestly, I haven’t really thought about how our match would go since I don’t really know anything about the opponent this time. Will he also try to fight with tools or something, I don’t know how I will fare, but I can only push everything with what power I possess.


After listening to a variety of informations, I learned that the knight commander wouldn’t be using tools or such or rely on anything other than his own strength and skills, magic included, and would most likely fight with a sword.
That’s how he fought for the last two years, is what the Innkeeper told me, and that at those times, he didn’t even need to use magic.


But if that’s how they explain about him being a genius, invincible and the strongest, I wonder if I could find any weakness if I asked Lutie about it.

It’s currently passed 5 o’clock when we got back at the Inn, so I don’t want to go to Lutie now and bother her at this time.


「Still only 25 years old is it, then that explains why I haven’t heard of him before 」


「Mom here that long ago」


「Yeah, I have been working in the capital for quite some time, there was also that old man Griffit the 《Dragon Slayer》 who was the knight commander at that time」


Hmm, that name sounds familiar, but where have I heard of it before?


「Dragon, defeated?」


「Yeah, he was hailed a Hero who defeated that dragon that appeared close to the capital」


「Dragon, strong?」


「Of course it is. It would depend on the party, but you would need a group of A Ranks to defeat one」


「Was really strong」


I would like to meet a dragon too, and I wonder if there are dragons in this world that are also intelligent.

They probably won’t subjugate a dragon, not unless it becomes an actual threat.


「Then again Toto, do you have any plans for tomorrow fight?」


「Nn, land a hit」


「Ah, as expected, well I didn’t really expect anything……」


「If can do it, will be cool」


「It’s good to be confident, but make sure not to underestimate your opponents. There are battles where experience would be more advantageous than power alone」


「Nn, hai」


There were examples of people who I couldn’t easily defeat in the previous match after all, like Benihana-san using All Sky and Etoile-san who was able to dodge my attacks. Ornica-san was also good at the timing and usage of his tools.


As I was thinking about my previous battles, I noticed.

All I do was charge at the very start of the match right?

Like, in the fight with Benihana-san, I had my attack countered and had my arm damaged, and in the fight with Ornica-san, my move was completely expected and was effectively countered.


「Now that I think about it, you were sure that you would win if you could deliver a hit to your opponent, right… Then what if your opponent can withstand that power, do you have any plans for it」


「Hit strong, make them fly out the ring」


「Make them fly out huh…」

Then when mom who was wondering about what to do tomorrow thought of something, she stood up.


「Okay then, if you don’t have anything planned before the match, do you want to borrow the Inn’s backyard to do a little training?」


「Nn, what we do?」


「I was thinking that we may be able improve your movement and awkwardness a little」




Then with the permission of the Inn Lady, the backyard was lent to us, but it was still a little dark outside so we also borrowed some lamps to light the place. The light it creates is not from fire but probably something else, it’s not really that bright though.

The rental fee was also added to our rent, well that is quite understandable though.


「I was evaluating how Toto fights from today’s matches, and I thought that the way Toto fights is too straightforward. I will teach you not only maneuvering techniques, but also how to recover in case you failed in your movements」




「Let’s see, first is do you understand how you should move during a fight?」


「How I move?」


「For example」


Unsheathing the sword in her waist, mom points it in front of me.


「At this point, where do you think the attack would come from?」


「Nn, center?」


Certainly if I’m just using brute force, and is aiming to land a full body blow, then I would be aiming for the torso, but I wonder if that’s really the case.


When I lean back to dodge, mom pulls back her attack and moved away from me.


「Okay then, from that point, try and aim an attack to where I escaped to」




It wasn’t much of a distance of only about 15 meters, and if I put my strength to my legs I could easily close in, but as I arrive, mom already shifted her place and like when I was fighting with Benihana-san, she was already outside my attack range and was preparing a counter.


「Did you see it?」


I shook my head silently. Yes, just like in Benihana-san’s case, I was avoided the moment I initiated and attack, but even with my strong dynamic vision, I wasn’t able to properly ascertain the move.


「Ok, then next is, try focusing on my feet the next time you come closer」




Is it because of the footwork, or maybe something that involves it? Well, for the time being I’ll just observe.




Signaling mom with a wave, I kicked the ground again.

I focus on her feet as I approach, and I was able to certainly read her movements as to how I was avoided. It certainly was not good, the way I attacked before.


「So, how is it?」


「Awesome, was able to see, was surprised」


「You got it? When you move, you have to properly distribute your senses to many points and pay proper attention. If you are on the offensive, you must see through how it will be avoided or be intercepted. On the other hand, when receiving an attack, you must make sure to avoid or receive, and at the same time counter if possible.」


「I see」


「If you have only fought with monsters, low intelligent ones will only directly attack or charge at you, it would be easier to overpower them, but if you are fighting against people, then you should take proper measures because they should have many ways of fighting」


「How to move, see more?」


「Hmmm, of course, if you want to. I’ll also teach you some moves and feints like what Etoile-san used against you though it’s not really that much」

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Chapter 21 It Doesn’t Hurt At All

TL: Yuki



Now then, although mom took me shopping, I don’t really know what to look for.

Honestly, in my opinion, I think someone like him would be easily defeated in just a single punch if I put extra strength on it.


「Ara, Toto is there something wrong, it’s for you to show a dissatisfied face like?」


「Nn~… preparing really big deal?」


「Of course, it is always important to be prepared for everything. Especially because Ornica-san will definitely try to use specialized tools, and I don’t really want Toto to lose. You don’t want to, right, Toto? 」




It certainly isn’t good to lose at this point, but well it sure is true that my opponent this time overwhelmed his disadvantages against Virgilio-san san by using specialized tools, I need to at least take some precaution measures.


「Okay then, first we will go to a clothing store」




What are we going to buy in a clothing store, seeing the clothes of both Benihana-san and Etoile-san I understood that they have been something that they have worn for a while, it also wouldn’t be a problem if I wore the clothes mom would buy, but well I don’t really need to wear new clothes though.


As soon as we entered the clothing store, mom went to find Hankies, bandanas and other such types of clothes, not it’s not clothes… I see it’s for that purpose.


「If only normal size, will it be useful?」


「I’m thinking he might use it gain, so it’s just a countermeasure in that case. It could also help not only for dust but some for some other tools too that have airborne effects」


I did only think about its main function, but I definitely should try various situations where I could use it.


「About gems, anything to counter?」


「Hmm, I can’t think of anything, there is no precise counter to be exact since those gems may have different effects enchanted in them.  Toto, you did say that most physical attacks won’t affect you, right? 」


「Nn, won’t」


「How about magic?」


「Haven’t tested yet」


「Hmm, then maybe a bandana would do, one that would probably help resisting it」


Mom then finds a nice looking bandana and handed it to me, but she then started thinking about something again.


「But maybe, the other party have also probably have taken a lot of measures…… now then, what to do」


「counters, troublesome?」


「Yes, of course, and our information is also in a blank state so we could only assume, I can’t really think as to what set we will be needing 」


We then proceed to a pharmacy store, grabbed a small bottle of purple liquid, we then bought pills with the size of a candy.


「If you felt like something is wrong with your body, this medicine with purple liquid would delay effects of the changes and let be in a stable state for a while. The pills are medicine that would heal the state but I don’t know what state it will be, so taking the purple medicine is much better and using the drug would be for when the state starts collapsing」




There isn’t something like a drug that could immediately cure negative effects, only those that could recover for a bit. Well if there are such medicines, they would definitely cost higher than normal ones.

Reading what I was thinking of, mom answered what was troubling me.


「The purple medicine might only make the effects slow down only but it is applicable to a wide variety of effects, and also even the effects that couldn’t be cured by the magic Panacea would be delayed」


「I see」


If I did use this, I won’t feel any negative effects on my body, and I won’t really need to single out was effect was applied to me, and even if I continue with the match until the end, I will have enough time before the negative effect could properly activate.


After confirming the vial of medicine and pills properly kept on my pocket, Mom held my hand again.


「It’s just about time we get back, you still want to prepare things right, but if we don’t return now then we won’t have enough time」




When I returned to the arena, I split up with mom to go to the waiting room and mom went back to the entrance of the audience area.


「Well then ,good luck」


「Nn, will do my best」


She then went up the stairs after I show her a guts pose, it seems like mom isn’t that worried anymore so I waved at her until she can’t be seen from the stairs.




Now then, I wonder if this fight will end in seconds.

Well, I was also wondering what it will be like I got a little serious against people.

Above everything else, even if I got a little rough, the recovery magic used to recover might be able to save him.


If possible, I have really liked if it was Virgilio-san, and A Rank adventurer who fought against me, but such luxuries couldn’t really be expected, because Ornica-san also won this match properly even if not the cleanest of ways.


「Are you done with your preparations?」


Being asked by that knight, I wrapped the bandana under my eyes. My looks don’t really matter because I also admired how those western bandits looked on western movies.


When I got out of the waiting room and climb on stage, my presence seems to have excited the audience and I could hear a lot of voices cheering for me.


On the other side, Ornica-san also received a lot of praise for defeating someone on the level of Virgilio-san who was evaluated to be much superior than himself, there were also a lot of cheers for support.


When I stand face to face with Ornica-san, his look sharpened and the grip from his sword was much stronger than before. I wonder what countermeasures he has prepared against me.


Everything begins with light introductions as always, and then the referee raised his hands.


「Let the match begin!!」


Immediately after dropping his hand and the sound of the gong was heard, I jump stepped dashing straight to Ornica-san. There was a part of me who wants to do things a little seriously from this point on.


「Probability of rushing forward as the match starts, 95%」


He says that after forecasting what I would do first, then immediately throws something towards me as I approach which exploded in the air the moment I came close to it.

With a slightly delayed response from the object being thrown in front of me, a mysterious liquid spread but before contact I was able cover my face with my hands. It was good that I was able to close my eyes at the last moment.


This sure has a really irritating smell. It’s not really impossible to open my eyes but it’s a little scary, there are no damages but I don’t know what I should do next.


Once I got rid of this annoying liquid, I think of the many ways Ornica-san would try to attack in order to beat me.

First conclusion is a penetrating attack. But if he did have such an attack, he wouldn’t really need to use all those tactics when fighting against Virgilio-san in the first place, so that is out.


Second is poison or paralysis. Ornica-san seems to be handling them well so the possibility is high, but will actually have an effect on me? If I open my eyes now and felt nothing, then the probably of that affecting me is close to zero. I don’t open it because I’m kind of scared.

There is also the possibility of making me consume it. But well, I am currently covering my mouth so that won’t easily happen.


When I was thinking about it, I confirmed that he’s stepping away from hi location because of me hearing his footsteps. Then at that moment, I thought of another possibility.


Third, it will be throwing me out of the ring!!


I decided that it was safe to retaliate now and moved to attack in a flash aiming at where Ornica-san’s last footsteps were heard. But when I reached that place I heard a snapping noise at the place where I was at before.




I was thinking on my own that it was ok to ago on assault, so I didn’t really thought about other things, but when I got to that point, I felt like something passed by me for a moment so I also stopped.


After stopping, I immediately grabbed my bandana and pulled out medicine from my pocket and drank it.

The purple medicine tasted like mint, well it’s with its color like that, it was very unimaginable that it would taste as such.


I was thinking that the poison used to attack me to block my sight was a type of delayed poison so I immediately used that medicine, and then I opened my eyes but my vision was slightly distorted and tears flowed out a bit. It is quite a weird sensation but I’m thankful that there was no sense of pain.


When I got a glimpse of Ornica-san who was still blurry in my vision, it seems like he was carefully moving around while checking on my reaction, so I quickly pulled out and swallowed one of the pills I have.


「Don’t think that you’ve already won after just succeeding on one attack…」


I cannot suppress the tears that kept on flowing out because of the effect of that liquid as I screamed towards him while pointing my finger.


「I don’t feel any pain from that you know!!」


「No, are you sure you are not just enduring it!?」


Looking at my condition, Ornica-san immediately retorted back. This person has a Tsukkomi attribute, and was now acting the same way when he fought Virgilio-san. Well, I doesn’t really matter though.


By the way, Ornica-san might be thinking that I’m in a bad situation, but I don’t really think that I’m in a pinch.

The bandana still has some of that irritating liquid absorbed in it so I’ve thrown it away. That liquid also caused some abnormal status and I was thinking that it would only worsen my situation if left behind.


I understand the general location of Ornica-san but because of the tears and constant blinking, the view became blurry and was hard to properly grasp his position, and if he used something else from this point on it would be rendered useless.


However, it’s absolutely no good if I just wait for the tears to calm down.

So there’s no other choice but to attack.


When I charged once more towards him to attack, he pulled something out with his right hand, then I felt like I was pounded by a stick… was that his sword?

The moment that sword-like something was out of his hand, powder was poured on my face.


「Ku, kuschu~!」[TL: Sneezing]


I have received a smash and powder shower, but there’s not much change in my physical condition. It was thanks to the delaying medicine and pills.


「……you, that was delaying medicine after all!!」


He tried to escape why I was still sneezing, but that escape was meaningless. I did approach with the intention to crush him after all, and before he was able to escape I was able to land a successful blow, it was a firm hit like hitting someone’s torso.




My vision was still blurry, but I was able to catch a glimpse of him flying from the punch and rolled somewhere far.

I don’t know where I exactly hit him but it definitely not in the head, and well it didn’t seem that his torso got blasted off so it was fine.


Still suffering from the non-stopping tears, I looked around to confirm the situation. It didn’t take me time to even wait for the tears to subside to confirm that the recovery magic activated.


「Winner, Toto」


It was confirmed that by the referee raising his hand and declaring that Ornica-san got blown away out of the ring and was fainted.


Raising my hand towards the audience, I declared my victory then slowly left the stage and returned to my waiting room.

The last thing to do tomorrow is to fight the knight commander-sama, and I will definitely get the final prize.

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Chapter 20 A Magic Sword Looks Strong

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip



《Magic Sword》Virgilio-san and the Knight Ornica-san were both battle-hardened warriors, so their clash continued on since both of them have the stamina for it.

I have been watching since the start of their match and I could understand that both of them have solid foundations, but well the match itself is kind of plain.


In particular to that is Virgilio-san, despite his muscular build like that of a berserker, you wouldn’t expect that the way he would attack would the refined type carefully looking for gaps on his opponent instead of fighting with his full power.


 Thinking about it now《Magic Sword》 which is his title made me think that he is the type that would be using a magic sword, but it actually was titled like that because the weapon he was using was simply a sword with magic effect (Enchantment) added. [ED: Should be the difference between a sword made with magic, and a weapon with magic buff]


However, it didn’t seem like the effect was activated in the previous battle, so I don’t really know what its effect would be.

He probably was either reserving it as a trump card, or the fuel efficiency is just bad. Or maybe there is a trigger for it to activate just like Etoile’s Boots, but it would be quite hard to understand by only watching it. Unnn, I wonder what it will be like.


「Toto, what would you like to have for food and drinks?」


I, who was looking at the game, tilted my head when mom asked.




 Certainly, right now my throat is kind of dry. There certainly was a lot of finger food being sold on the first floor, maybe I should get some.


「Nn, maybe I’ll go」


「I’m ok for the moment and I would like you to focus on the match, I want to see who will be Toto’s next opponent. I was wondering who will win though?」


「want to eat meat, also want to drink, thirsty」


「Haihai, then please wait for a bit」




Ornica-san parried a sword attack with his sword, then flicked the opponent’s sword with his small shield, after that delivered an attack with his sword but was also parried with a small shield that his opponent was using. And when it’s seemed like it would be hard to receive, he would jump back for a short distance to avoid.


Even though the match with Cliff-san was a close match, the current one is also a close fight.


However, when the match was reaching its peak, he clashed with Virgilio-san again. Then they continuously exchanged blows.

But then, when an attack was blocked, Virgilio-san started chanting, probably in order to do something.


……I see, it seems like he will be pulling out a trump card.

I got really interested about the match. I never would have thought that I will be able to see it activated in this round.


On another note, speaking of matches, I wonder what Lutie is doing right now. Will it still be guiding people like what she did before when I saw her at the station?

We have only talked for a bit, but she was definitely an interesting girl and would really like to meet her again.


Ah, speaking of people I want to see again, I wonder what Rikka-chan is doing right now. If she was fine then, maybe she is helping with housework now.

I really, really wish that she has been cured with that. They did say that she’s getting better when I last visited her. I wasn’t really able to play that much with her during the time before we went to the capital.


Even so, I will do my best finding a present for her before we return, and I want it to be something magical or maybe have a nice design.

I wonder if there’s something like beautiful glassware, or maybe an hourglass that glows softly when the sand is falling down when you are using it to check the time.


Or maybe a book. Will she be pleased if I choose a book for her? I don’t really know what to pick, I don’t even know the kind of books that she would like to read, and I might only bother her if I get a book that is not to her liking.


 I also want her to cheer for my matches too, cheering 「Toto, amazing」…… unn, no. Maybe Rikka-chan would be worried or scared instead? She won’t probably expect me to enter matches though.




I returned back to reality after hearing mom’s voice. It seems like I was too focused on watching Virgilio-san’s trump card as their match goes on, yet halfway through I went delusional and got thinking about other things instead. Dangerous, that was dangerous.


「Nn, thanks」


I wonder why I suddenly got immersed to my delusions, when mom received my sudden thanks. She looked at me with question marks floating over her head.


 This, it looks plain but it’s great, the cup for the drink I’ve bought has a cover and even something that resembles a straw. It is unusually soft so the material is neither paper nor plastic. I wonder what this is made of.


Since there I have only been living in a small village in the frontier, I haven’t really discovered the major advances in technology of this country.

In terms of travel, then a carriage is still normal. But there are also tools that automatically produce water that I’ve seen on the hotel that we stayed in.


「Tote, what happened?」


Oops, don’t mind it mom, it was just because my consciousness moved somewhere else.

For the time being, I took a yakiniku placed on a leaf like plate on my mother’s lap. Then, a big explosion happened on stage.


I was surprised by that. It seems like Ornica-san used something, and now Virgilio-san was covered in smoke.

Ooh, that was a really amazing sound it created, I was wondering if Virgilio-san was able to survive that, it didn’t end up in an instant death, right?


「It was a pity, if you didn’t let your guard down, then I wouldn’t have been able to secure my victory to 100%」


Orinca was already declaring his victory with a smug face.

That explosion was probably from a secret tool he was hiding.


「Although you are a knight, you sure use some nasty tactics」


「Nn? Well, most of the knights are actually recruited from the ranks of adventurers, so some of them doesn’t really care about their image.」


I have been having an image of a knight as a nobleman, judging from the my mom’s response, it seems like knights would raise their ranks and titles through combat experience. There was also the orphanage where Lutie was raised, however there were probably those who have also joined from nobility and would probably look down on those who were comes from a commoners lineage but well there are more commoners in the knights that the nobles so maybe they were more close than what I have imagined.

Well, that’s probably just how 『Knights』 in this world are imagined.


「Haaaah, I’ve never been off guard, I was just concentrating on something」


Virgilio-san came out of the smoke, and he seems kind of rugged probably because of the explosion…


This time, Ornica-san’s face changed to that of a comedian that has ran out of tricks.

(That’s a lie, no way, am I becoming crazy or something!)

Wait, why are you staring at me?

That’s also what I’d like to ask! I might have stopped watching midway, but seems like he has been glancing over here!!


「That’s why I wanted to show you, the real reason why they called me《Magic Sword》 user!!」


He sure did said some cool thing, but well, he was probably caught off-guard and was forced to use everything he got.

But I was wondering if the people of this world would be able to endure such a strong explosion. Etoile-san also received a strong attack to the point that she flew off the stage, but she was surprisingly fine after that attack. Is it because people of this world are quite sturdy?


Even though he received an explosion, if he has sturdy muscles then maybe magic power would help him endure?

In the first place, I don’t really understand the concept of body strengthening and how I harden myself. I’m not a macho nor don’t even have the muscles to work with it.


However, I’m kind of curious about how I would fight the winner in the next game so that the audience would also enjoy it. After all I only fight using my bare hands and feet.

At this rate, I would only be thought of as someone who was raised by a monster and has monstrous power to boot.



I have derailed for a bit, but I returned my focus to the ones fighting on stage and right now the sword was glowing, probably shows that it has activated.

It seems like Ornica-san doesn’t know the effects, and it seems like Virgilio-san was telling him something.


 Well, I was thinking if most of the people would likely be able to understand just what his 《Magic Sword》 title would men. Looking around the stage, I can see that a lot of people are now focused on the match thinking about the next action. What kind of effect will he show?

「《Magic Sword》 Are we finally going to witness the power that comes with his title……」


「They say that nobody would be able to resist if that magic sword is activated, and now we will get to witness it…」


I have been listening to commentaries since before, It seems like he has never actually shown it on public.

If that is so, then I can only think that it would either be not fuel efficient or just plainly doesn’t last long.


「Here I go, Knight yo!」


After Ornica-san and Virgilio-san set up their weapons, it was Virgilio-san who took the first move, then immediately delivering a sharp strike. But before he could do so, he fell down.




 Ornica-san who almost received an attack moved away, it seems like the effect of his previous attack was greater than what he expected.

Virgilio-san took a stance once more, and shouted as if nothing happened.


「Come on, Knight!!」


「I’ll take that offer!」


It was at first looking like a it’s going to be a straight match, but then Ornica-san took out something like a small jewel from the pouch on his waist and Throw it towards Virgilio-san.


「You, you bastard!!」


Virgilio-san seems to know what that was and tried to protect his head by crossing his arms while shouting regretfully.

Once the small gem that hit Virgilio-san dropped on the floor, a small explosion occurred once more.

Although he endured it well, there was no more strength remaining in him after using his trump card, and he was easily blown away and fainted.


After all that, I didn’t really understand what effect his magic sword did. Being A Rank adventurer with a title I was expecting that 《Something》 would actually happen, but there was none at all.


「That gem of blasting(Bomb Effect) was quite expensive you know, I don’t really want to use a lot of them」




「that looks tough」


 Mom whispered next to me, well, I do understand what she’s thinking about. Since he would become prey to Virgilio’s magic sword if he was attacked in close quarters


「It seems like your next opponent will be someone specialized in using magic tools, do you think you would be troubled by that Toto?」


「Nn, Dunno」


I don’t know what tools are commonly used by adventurers anyway, I don’t know any ways to counter them.


「But, if it’s the same, then will be fine」


When pointing at the place where the explosion occurred and saying that to her, mom only showed me a wry smile, then poking her chin, she asked me while having a bitter look.


「It would have been quite scary if it was poison or paralysis, but have you ever experienced being inflicted with something like that?」


「probably, didn’t」


 Something like that has been useless since monsters even if they were possessing it wasn’t actually able to even scratch me. It was the same thing with paralysis. Fortunately, I haven’t encountered monsters that use powders with such effect.


「Is that so, then you just have to wait for 30 minutes right? For now, want to go shopping」


「Nnn, what we buying?」


「Of course, tools needed for countermeasures」


After saying such, mom grabbed my hand. I wonder if she felt that something might turn out bad, we left the arena and borrowed mom’s wisdom from when she was still an adventurer.

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Chapter 19 『How it should have been』

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip





 After waking up, I confirmed that I’m in the medical room right now.

It took some time for me to remember what exactly happened, but I knew for sure that I was unable to defeat her so I have lost.

This was a first for me, and I wonder where I went wrong.


First of all, her power is already on another dimension. Me being a wall for her would be nothing more than plain sarcasm.


I am trying to remember the details of what exactly happened during the match but right now I’m still a little confused. But somehow, I can at least remember how it all started.



First, shortly after the referee swung his hands down, she – Toto-san fired air bullets towards me. She was probably probing out my power because in the previous battle, this move was first witnessed during the fight with Benihana-san and brought her victory.


However, though strong, it’s not powerful enough to push me back through my defense. In fact, it wasn’t even a threat for me.


I was still expecting more from her. Probably because she realized that it was useless, she charged forward to engage in close combat.


Her movements are indeed that of an amateur, I easily dodged her using the phantom boots with minimum movements.


As a brief explanation about the Phantom boots, it’s basically a pair of boots with a magic effect (enchantment) that will distort the visual perception of those who attack the user creating an illusion to make the user’s current position unclear.


And as I have expected, her skin was even tougher than a monster’s protective leather being able to take one my attacks. My calculation was correct, if I used my sword against her, it would have been pretty much useless.

However, it seems like some damage passed through to her and she’s starting to slow down after being hit 3 to 4 times now.


With this, I can probably beat her if this keep going on, simply avoiding her while attacking. I am doing my best concentrating, and when I thought that this would be an easy fight, she changed her tactics and started using feints, even I was barely able to dodge that.


Still, with her movement now becoming more sluggish, I was certain of my victory but then… that happened.


Pausing for a bit, she suddenly said 「So that’s how it works」, and then all the damage that I thought have been accumulating felt like it all disappeared.


No, I also noticed it a while ago, but she was probably not even receiving damage since the start of the match.

She was probably acting to make me feel like I’m winning while she’s trying to find out the effects of the boots. Even if the visual recognition would be distorted, it doesn’t mean that everything else would also be affected. It would be possible to determine the right location by using senses other than sight.


At that moment my heart broke, I thought in the depths of my mind that it was already impossible to defeat her.

Soon after that, my consciousness disappeared as she was able to land a direct hit on me.


「To be a wall for her…… I could not even become a proper opponent for her」


As embarrassing I could think of it, I could now understand the feeling of that C Rank adventurer that I’ve preached.

I am claiming to be a strong warrior who has been directly taught by my master hailed as Sword King, and even that strength was recognized, hailing me as an A Rank adventurer. In adventurer ranks, a rank of one or two above is already considered as a great wall, and it would be like an adult fighting a child. Then I thought, what was wrong with him giving up since the beginning of the match?


「Ah, Ane-san, are you ok!?」[TL:Ane-san – Female Gangster Boss]


Then the aforementioned, Ceres-san, appeared in front of me in the medical office.


「Ceres-san. About preaching you for abandoning our match from before, I would like to apologize to you in regards to that.」


After saying that, I sat up from my bed and then bowed. Then Ceres-san only shook his head and said it was fine denying what I’ve said.


「It was an excellent match Nee-san! And about what Nee-san said, it made me realize. If an adventurer easily gives up, then there won’t be any adventures that anyone could look up to!!」


Seeing him being this excited, I am somehow feeling pained, but he still continued.


「I, what I was before all of this, I was considered to be the strongest in our village, that’s why I became an adventurer, and despite being recognized as such, I easily gave up when facing someone with a higher rank, but your preaching made me realize that this is not what I’m supposed to do.

That time I was thinking, just what kind of adventurer did I turn into?

However, Nee-san’s preaching made me realize that I shouldn’t give up that easily and made me remember the time when I’ve just started my adventurer days. It’s more of me wanting to say my gratitude than to hear Nee-san apologizing to me」


「…I was of help to you then, this useless me」


「Eh, what were you saying just now?」


「Nah, I was just talking to myself」


 I laughed at my pitiful self inwardly. The case that I have taken is not about me beating Toto-san, and it was more to be thankful to her for showing me that there would always be others who would stand above me.

My purpose this time seems to have been fulfilled, and so I will be going on a trip after taking a short break to sort myself. That’s because there are still a lot of people out there who would probably be in need of my help.


It seems like Ceres-san was also able to find his path, and maybe someday he would also become a famous adventurer with titles attached.

[ED: Not sure if Ceres-san is male or female]

[TL: Ceres-san is male]





 Etoile-san seems to have taken measures against me, so I tried using a strategy of acting naïve in order to understand her power, but the effects of her equipment seemed to be really annoying.

At the beginning, I tried directly attacking her with force, but that felt like I was slapping a tree without breaking it, and although I thought that it might be effective, the result was only a feeling as if I was hitting air and made me think that my eyes were playing a prank on me. I was also countered, but the pain I’ve felt from that was so minor that I didn’t even consider it a threat, but I was being weary about the effects of her shoes.


At first, I was thinking that maybe it is used for attacking because of the design of the shoes, but then I realized that it was more troublesome since it was disrupting my sense of sight allowing her to easily dodge my attacks just like that time with Vergil-san. Also, I might have become even more troubled if it had something that would let you do a short dimensional jump.

I was doing my best trying to hit her, but all of my attacks were easily dodged.


Early in the fight, I still couldn’t hit her directly and Etoile-san also splendidly countered every time I attack. I let her hit me on purpose so I could grasp the true effects of her shoes.

Well, it’s not only the effect of the shoes but Etoile-san was also able to splendidly avoid me though.


And because of that, it was not almost impossible for me to hit her back then. I then mixed in some feints and started to gradually pressure her in the middle of the match, and finally I understood where her real position was based on the sound of her footsteps.

I was worried about the strange sensation I felt at first, but then I realized that the sensation itself was messing things up.


After identifying her real position from that strange occurrence, I send a punch her way, and that attack properly connected, sending her flying out of the ring.

Well, I was thinking that I really had a great luck this time, but she wasn’t able to deal any proper damage against me so it was kind of useless.


Etoile-san was immediately taken straight to the medical office. For an instant, recovering magic did activate so she’s probably alright.



Well then, time to get my mind out of this match and return to watch the next fight… but I wonder if it’s alright?

It will be my turn again after the match of Virgilio-san who replaced me when I returned to the waiting area, and my next opponent would be the winner from their match.

Then next match should be between the winner Ornica-san, who defeated Cliff, and the winner of yesterday’s match, Virgilio-san, an A Rank adventurer who is using a magic sword.


Virgilio-san is a strong man in his thirties, also really tall, probably over 2 meters and has a body jam packed with muscles. He has a two-handed sword on his back which looks really heavy, but Virgilio-san said that it is actually lighter than it looks and swinged it around while talking about it. Well it would also be too light for me though.


However, in the semifinals, the one who will win will be fighting consecutive battles, is it ok?

And on another note, the final battle will be between the previous champion the knight commander-sama and the winner, so it will be three consecutive battles if I will win all my fights. I think it’s strange……


「Ne, ne, fighting done, what should do?」


「Nn, ah, were you not given the schedule?」


First thing I did, I asked the soldier who was waiting at the entrance of the waiting room.

The soldier too out a piece of paper from his pocket and showed it to me, but well I can’t read it you know.


「Etto, letters can’t read」


「Eh? It sure is rare finding people who can’t read」


He had the same reaction as the soldier yesterday. After all, it is definitely rare to find someone who can’t read letters…


「Today’s next battle is between Ornica-san and Virgilio-san, then it will be after a 30 minute break in order to avoid too much fatigue on the participants. Toto-san’s match will be against the winner of this match as the semifinals, that will all for today’s battles」


「Eh, final match time, tomorrow?」


「Well yeah, we have to arrange a lot things before the match so the final match will be around 12 o’clock tomorrow, it will be a battle between the Knight Commander Vanil Mirt-sama and today’s final contender」


「various things?」


「Most nobles watch the final match along with those who want to see how the knight commander fights. Because of that, the necessary preparations to improve the security of the area are needed」


「Ticket, what should do?」


「You can use the one that you have been using today, and well it should have been written… a you can’t read. Sorry about that.」


Well, now that I think about it, there was an area on the audience seat that was cleared up a while ago. It must be the place where nobles and the likes are seated.

If there’s time for a break, then I’ll go back to mom and relax for now to calm down.


「Umm, when late, what to do?」


「Well, there will still be time before this match ends, there’s also around 30 minutes before the next match starts, you can come to the waiting room at that time」




 After that I waved to the soldier-san and return to where mom is after passing by the corridor and returning to where we sat before.