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Chapter 34 Excellent Sense of Stability

TL: Yuki ________________________________________________   On the next day, we moved by horse again, as we continue to move Helvetia was floating in a standing position to my side. The way she follows us who are moving at high speed with her body not even flinching or moving makes it look like it was some kind

Chapter 33 I don’t want to

TL: Yuki ED: Filip 「Toto-san, I want you to join the Aries Royal Knights」   「Don’t want to」   An immediate answer. I looked around without even caring about the strange atmosphere. My parents had a surprised expression, and even Vanil Mirth-san had his mouth wide open from shock, while Zanbara-san was holding her stomach

Chapter 32 Is it alright for me to come along?

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   The beginning of what was happening started two hours ago.   Aries Royal Knights, the Knight Commander Vanil Mirth Crown along with three other knights riding on horseback were currently making their way through a prairie heading towards Furuka Village where Toto lives. It was scenic grassland with a

Chapter 31 The Village after a While

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   It’s been a week since I came back from the capital, and that would mean 10 days in this world. I have confirmed a little about my situation by talking to her a bit every day since we returned to the village, and Helvetia would often disappear in order

Chapter 30 I am Toto

Chapter 30 I am Toto   TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________   After soothing down Rikka-chan who suddenly started crying, I was finally able to leave their house. Even if she said that it wasn’t my fault, she started bawling after I talked about becoming an adventurer, so even if it wasn’t really my fault