Anyway, I decided to advance.

But now I’m twelve years old.

It’s different from being a 16-year- old, it’s more difficult to move my body.

Therefore, I think it’s best to check my status as I was taught by Jizou-san so I close my eyes and pray in my head.

『I want to see status』

Okay, I thought.

Then immediately, something appeared before my eyes as i closed it.

This is most likely the status.


– Status –

Name: ARIM


HP :10/10 MP :10/10







– Skills –


[E(X): fire magic] Lv – [E(X): water magic] Lv –

[E(X): wind magic] Lv – [E(X): earth magic] Lv –

[E(X): sense magic] Lv – [E(X): heal magic] Lv –

[E(X): enhancement magic] Lv – [E(X): weakening magic] Lv –


[sword skill★] Lv – [jutsu★] Lv –

[spear skill★] Lv – [bow skill★] Lv –


Title: –

Seal: –


I see, I see.

Because i came to a different world, I thought …. it would be unpleasant, it`s like a game, as expected.

And my name became Arim.

This is my…… umm, previous existence? Well, anyways, it seems to be like my username that I used in the previous Dragonar Story.

This will be my name in this life.

Oh, it isn’t strange, it is good because I like it.

I think experience is under the name.

As expected, when I look at those three characters, I want to grind levels.

Aren’t there many people like that? Not at all?

…… HP and MP are stable.

A stands for attack, D for defense, I think S is speed, I wonder what C and W mean? I’m considerably interested in STP.

Though I would like to see more details……

【this is your status.

Unless you have a special SK or Seal, you cannot look at the status of another person. 】

… Oh.

More detail appeared.

If I think I want to see it in detail, will I see it in detail?

First of all, a description of the general stats.

【name is a name desu.

EXP is the experience value you have acquired desu.

HP is endurance, if endurance becomes 0 you will faint.

Be warned that if you receive more damage than 1% of your total HP in the faint state, you will die, therefore, please be careful. 】

Hou, if you have companions and your HP falls to 0 you can manage to survive?

【MP is Magic Point.

It will be consumed when using SK1 and SK2.

If the MP falls to 0, until at least half of MP is recovered A~C will be reduced by 30% S and W will be reduced by half. 】

I can’t let my MP drop to 0.

If my status falls because of my poor management, I will die.

【A is offensive ability.

it Influences the general attacks and the power of SK2.

C is dexterity.

It influences the dexterity of fingers and charging actions, and Increases SK2 skills execution.

Seldom, for some attack skills, the power rises or falls by dexterity.

D is a defense.

The Defense affects every single resistance.

W is magic power.

It Influences MP recovery speed, and attack power of SK1.

S is speed.

Influences every single action where speed is required. 】

Are those two dexterity and magic power?

D is for all kind of resistances…… Probably, then it means that…

If I put points in D, will it allow me to withstand attack, magic and poison better

【STP is Status Point.

Allows the distribution of points to a status of your liking, once assigned it is difficult to reassign.

1p of STP will raise your desired status by 1 point.

1p raises the HP and MP by 2 points.

The status growth for humans is same for everyone, 1 level increases the stats of HP, MP, STP, SKP by 10 points and other stats are increased by 5 (Of course stats from items are an exception).

When passed a certain level, the status added by gaining every 1Lv, increases.

Desunode, Personal characteristics will appear by assigning STP point.

Think carefully when allocating your points. 】

Fue~ Amazing.

STP will shape my traits.

I must think this through…

For example, if I aim to be a magician I must put points in W and MP, if warrior it’s A, D and HP, if it’s a thief then C and S?

I see~.

It’s profound.

I will look at the skills next.