The rabbit-like creature looks like this.

Sharp eyes, black fur, its front teeth compared to normal rabbits are quite long.

Roughly the size of an adult in sitting position.

Is this thing something like this world’s monster or a demon?

While thinking so, the rabbit-like thing got surprised and with amazing jumping ability flew into the air.

……………… I ended up catching it with my face.

「ITTEEEE! 」 (TN: hurts)

I screamed unintentionally.

It’s extremely painful.

I caught its attack with my face and fell on my back, I immediately stood up to pursue.

Because the enemy didn’t follow-up the attack, I checked my HP (It seems possible to look at the status with opened eyes)

What, my HP decreased by 2 points! Are you serious.

Wow it decreased by 1/5 with one hit, It`s dangerous.

While thinking such, the rabbit bastard jumped again.


Don’t underestimate me you rabbit bastard!

Even though things may not seem that way, I learned karate from the neighborhood gramps for two whole days during the summer vacation, I can fight properly you know.

I can do anything if I put my mind on it!

I dodge the jumping rabbit and kick it like a soccer ball once it is on the verge of landing.

「…… Buuu!? u?u~~!!」

Uwa, it’s angry.

But I’m angry too you know? At your surprise attack.


This bastard is not that clever, because i did the same attack like a little while ago, i kicked it and dodged to the side.

「BUUU! 」

I can tell its frustration through its dissatisfied murmuring.

It looks like it will attack again.

Of course, the same pattern.

I kicked it flying.

………. It repeated the same attack three times in a row afterwards.

It leads up to the same thing.

The rabbit bastard seems to be considerably weakened compared to two minutes ago, its movement became considerably dull.

I grasp the opportunity and trample the rabbit bastard’s head under my feet.


After the rabbit bastard groaned, it stopped moving.

______ I win.

It felt like animal cruelty, but it couldn’t be helped.

The other side attacked first after all.

Anyway, that was my first battle after coming to this world.

I did it!

I suddenly felt like the insides of my body were wrapped in warmth.

Was this possibly the level up?

After looking at the status, it certainly rose, I’ve become level 2.

Well I was able to set the explanation of the sign of the status.



Name: ARIM

Level 2


HP :18/20 MP :20/20

A (attack power): 10

C (degree of dexterity): 10

D (defensive power): 10

W (magical power): 10

S (speed): 10


– Skills –


[E(X): Fire magic]Lv – [E(X): Water magic]Lv –

[E(X): wind magic]Lv – [E(X): Earth magic]Lv –

[E(X): sense magic]Lv – [E(X): heal magic]Lv –

[E(X): enhancement magic]Lv – [E(X): weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv – [jutsu★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –


Title: –

Seal: –