ANAZUMU 2nd day.

I get up and immediately look at my status.

Well, HP and MP recovered completely.

It is great when I sleep.

Probably, it is better to auto-heal by lying down and eating rather than using heal.

Even Dragon story was like that.

When I stay at an inn, I recover completely.

It’s amazing.

I closed the status, after a yawn, I verified the surroundings.

It is just the sunrise now.

The sunrise here is not that different from earth.

today, I try to advance from this place.

I chanted a water ball and washed my face and drank some.

A water ball was chanted twice like this.

however, consumed MP was only 4.

Each water ball, has an amount of water in a 120-yen juice box.

Very convenient! Let’s mainly bring up water magic while doing skills.

I put up a suitable stick in the ground, and I decided to advance straight to the one that fell down.

I see the stick that fell down before.

As I advanced straight in the direction that i left the rabbit, i found the bone knife that i stuck in its skull there.

Let’s have it for breakfast.

Rabbit was being dismantled with a bone knife, the dismantling skill has clearly risen.

After all, Partly due to the bone knife, It is hard to surely dismantle it, but it is considerably easier than yesterday.


I seem to have considerably wasted meat and skin when I did it yesterday.

Ah, true, wasteful.

I drained the blood, and cut the meat to suitable pieces for eating.

blood draining? It is not happening, damn.

………… Meat has remained.

I thought it was dried and i could carry it, but i can’t carry too much baggage.

I left it tearfully.

Well, it’s wasteful.

But I ate a considerable amount.

I might eat it for lunch.

New bone and skin, And I walk again towards the one which looks like a light purple soul.

I intend to walk as long as I can.

As I was walking for a while, I came across rabbit again.

Let`s add it as my experiment points.

I approached to defeat it at once, but then, the rabbit was attacked by some black shadow.

As I strained my eyes, I saw that It was a dog similar to a Bull-Dog.

Its size is the same as the rabbit.

Are you going to prey on the rabbit?

However, it did not.

I knock down the rabbit and, also defeat the dog.

But It seems painful if i was bitten by that dog.

I defeat it by long-distance attack.

I shot two flame balls to the rabbit and the dog each.

A flame ball hit the dog in the face cleanly, it seemed painful as it said 「kyain! 」.

Though, I seem both of the took damage and the rabbit is defeated but the dog has endured.


I have clicked my tongue unintentionally.

Oh, I rose a level.

I raised a level in the middle of battle with the experience that I gained.


Oh, got angry.

Everybody will get angry if they were attacked.

Yes, I see.

the dog seemed to notice me here and ran.

It`s going to bite as I think.

so I dodged, and stabbed it with the bone knife.

I seemed to be able to defeat it.

………… Mmm.

Is there a dog that eats  this kind of rabbit`s meat?

Does the dog have a good nose?

……… Got it! I will try this later.

Let’s confirm the status now.

By the way, this time I used STP like this: 3 in MP, 2 in C and W, and 1 in HP, A and S.

I put all the SKP in Water magic.



name: Arim

Level : 3


HP :34/34 (2)

MP :32/40 (5)

A(attack power):21 (6)

C(degree of dexterity):22 (7)

D(defense power):16 (1)

W(magic power):20 (5)

S(quickness):21 (6)


– Skill –


[E(X): fire magic]Lv 1 [E(X): water magic]Lv 4

[E(X): wind magic]Lv 1 [E(X): earth magic]Lv 1

[E(X): sense magic]Lv – [E(X): heal magic]Lv 1

[E(X): reinforcement magic]Lv – [E(X): weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv – [body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv:1


Title: –

Seal: –