When I advance a little, there is that big dog again.

How did that happen.

I defeated it at the same place that it appeared.

It is great when I press it down with water.

I rose to level 11.

I do not do the dismantling right away.

I only collected the monster core.

Well, because there is no place to put it in.

I consider it for a little while looking ahead and decided to bring it up on the way back.

At my present condition, there is only 56 MP remains, I’d be able to beat another big dog if it’s like those ones.

I think so, so I advance ahead.

Will a big dog appear at a distance approximately from the first and the second away from the last one?

There was …… a Fur ball

No matter how you look at it, it is fur ball, like nothing else.

THE fur ball. (TN: “THE” is in English)

Embodiment of a fur ball.

I love fluffy stuff.

No, let me see.

The fur ball’s size is 1~2 times smaller than the big dog.

It is quite large.

By the fact that it is here, it is a monster, don’t you think? What kind? Will it attack?

While thinking so, it started to move slowly, and well …, Is that a mouth? It looks like a mouth.

It opens the thing which looks like a mouth, and a cluster of wind was given off from that place.

It is a wind magic 「wind ball」.

Furthermore, judging from its size, it is Lv 4 or 5.

A magic user …… YABEE. (TN: something like “it is bad” but in sound version.)

I immediately shot water ball of the same level two times, to repel the wind ball.

Why two times being necessary?

Because the opponent opened its mouth again and tried to shoot another one.

Somehow, I managed to cancel another one.

And immediately, water emission.

Just before water emission in front disappears; water emission.

In the same way, water emission.

In the same way, even more water emission.

Heck, the opponent doesn’t budge.

It is sluggish to open its mouth, and I think that its quickness is low.

I was able to defeat it without any difficulty by repeated blows of water emission.

However, it has a higher stamina (TN: stamina instead of physical strength) than the big dog, I guess.

I used a lot of water emission in one bout.

Mighty water emission.

…… let’s see, the fur is drenched, it’s not fluffy anymore.

I wanted to be fluffed.

MOFUMOFU. (TN: fluffy)

Hmmmmm, No!

This is the first time I encountered an enemy like this, let’s take some fur.

I should be able to make a bag with this fur and the big dog’s skin I got.

If I do so, I should be able to gather up the monster cores without going back outside the hole.

By the way, the monster core that I got from the fur ball was the same size as the big dog but it was green.

Though it is light green or something different like olive green.

Is it light green?

Anyhow, it depends on the way you look at it.

My level became 11→13, This time there is no MP remaining at all, till here.

I’ll sleep and recover MP.

I can recover in an hour.

I’m going back the way where I have come while thinking so.


Experiential value of a fur ball

Natural ones 400

Dungeon’s 600.