I got out. A message displayed once I did get out.

【Cleared the Dungeon of “Fun”, Puppy forest.

Titles,,「Dungeon Capturer of” Fun “」「Godspeed Growth」「S Rank Monster Slayer」「Monster Genocider」「Superhuman 」have been acquired.

Mark、「Forest of the Rainbow King」has been acquired.

Dungeon Clear Reward、STP・SKP 500 has been acquired】

So many things appeared, that I was barely able to process it. But what is this “mark”? Let’s examine it.

【A mark awarded to those that cleared the Dungeon of “Fun” in Puppy’s Forest. The cost of, Synthesis, Evolution, and Derivation, will be cut in half.】

And since I knocked them down, the level is supposed to go up, right.Let’s see… The experience value got …… 992400, total 2355290, um. The level is 159!?

Moreover, the status seems to be from 130 to HP, 60 for A, 30 or 150 for HP, 70 for A and 35 for … …!

I really didn’t expect it to go so high.

….Seems that the dungeon has also disappeared, there is no use, huh.

The problem right now is the hole, where the dungeon used to be.

It could be said that it’s just an ordinary crater.

There seems to be a lot of things inside it too.

Everything seems to be garbage…but it can’t be either, right?

I’ll go and make the pouch now, let’s wipe of the blood first.

I began to dismantle the Gold and Silver dogs…bone, fangs, nails….the leather seems to be the same color, eh?

All these raw materials, no matter how you look at it, they seem expensive. First though, the pouch.

I immediately begin to tan the skin the best way possible, as well to thread the hairs to make a great pouch.

Even with my technical skills, this takes quite a bit of time.

I as well included an embroided an engraving to the pouch, quite well made, if I say.

Let’s check it out.

【Golden Dog Leather Pouch」

・State→ Good

・Quality→ High

・Value→ Treasure

・Material→Golden Dog’s fur, Silver Dogs hair threads

・Type→ Leather Container


A pouch made from a Golden Dog’s fur and leather, with minor threads of Silver. 】

Wow! It has been appraised really well,. Treasure is treasure after all. These dogs made an amazing thing.

Let’s add the 「Magic Card」.

It stuck with a petu.  That seemed alright, as the card was absorbed by the pouch.

【「Golden Magic Pouch」(T/N: It’s actually somewhere in the lines of “Golden Dog’s Magic Back(Pouch), but that’s too long.)

・State→ Best

・Quality→ Best

・Value→ National Treasure

・Material→Golden Dog’s fur, Silver Dogs hair threads, Magic Card

・Type→ Magic Leather Container


A pouch made from a Golden Dog’s fur and leather, with minor threads of Silver. A magical bag that can hold an infinite amount of things. Bigger items get scuked in forcibly. Can take out multiple items out at once】

This is….amazing.

Not only is this a magical pouch now, the card has also risen its quality.

But doesn’t this mean that, I am technically living in this world on easy mode?

I sucked all items into the bag.

………..It looks like a vacuum cleaner.

This feels like when I do cleaning at the end of the year.

Well…. What to do know.

Seems that it’s evening now, that pouch did take a lot of time too make, after all.

Fwuaaaah. I’m getting sleepy, let’s go sleep now.


___Alim slept like a log.______