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Chapter 19 Raum and Studying Abroad

TL: Yuki



The two of them continued eating their food while frowning.

The two of them seems to trying to think of a better Idea to deal with this.

Also, as the main party related to this, I just couldn’t pretend to be someone uninvolved.


「I guess. I wonder if there’s is no choice but to make those two go abroad」


「Yes. Fortunately enough, Nicole has talent in Interference Magic right? And that we have acquaintances that are known to be the best in the field of magic, and they will also be the best teachers.」

「Are you talking about Maxell and Cortina?」


「But, doesn’t that also mean that Nicole have to leave our side」


Maxwell is a heavyweight from the Country of Elves surrounded by a large forest in the western area of the continent.

And at the same time, he is also running a Magic School over there.

It would certainly be great to receive the teachings of someone who was known as the greatest magician in the world, but it a place very far away from here.

Working as a guard for this village alone, Lyell just can’t easily leave for his own convenience.

The same thing goes for Maria.


「We also want to confirm your intentions regarding this」

「Well. What do you think, Nicole? Do you want to go and learn magic from Maxwell? 」

「Well, About that……」


If it was only me, then learning magic is definitely one of my aspired goals.

First is to be a Swordsman, second is a Magic swordsman.

And unfortunately, this body won’t be able to handle the first one. However, magic can be used as supplementary to weakness, so the path to being a swordsman is still open and won’t be a dream.

And two of the highest legendary figures in terms of magic, Cortina-san and Maxwell-san will be teaching there.


In regards to Cortina, although could only be ranked half as a magician, but her speed of invocation and scope of variety in the application of Arts are of no equal.

And Maxwell is also known as the best Magician in the world without even anyone to match.

If it was to be able to learn from these two, there will be many magicians scrambling to apply no matter how much the price they need to pay.


And I have people who could give me the previlage to do just that.


But I can’t just answer them immediately.

A decision like that shouldn’t be something left to a 5 year old child. Such decisions actually cannot be decided by just openly accepting it, so this time I will leave it to my parents.




And so, I leaned my head to the side trying to look as if I’m really thinking about it.

Seeing me like that, Lyell runs towards me at a terrible speed, and then violently assaulted me by rubbing his beard on my cheeks.



「Ahhh, nooo, I don’t want to end up separated from Nicole! I will be sure to stay with you forever! 」

「Darling, aren’t just being sly?」


Maria also moves to my other side, and then embraces me.

Maria aside, having Lyell brush his beard on my cheeks is just plain annoying and awkward.

My body instinctively stiffened and goose bumps are starting to pop out.



「Hahahaha, why so awkward!」



I pushed Lyell away with everything I’ve got, but comparing our basic stats would make it look like a baby fighting a dragon.

My resistance was pretty much useless, and the rubbing assault continued.


「Fine! I’ll go! I’ll go and stay at that place! 」

「Eh, why!」

「Well, isn’t that your fault doing crazy things like that to Nicole」

「It was my fault!?」


In this way, it was decided that I will be going to Maxwell’s place to study Magic.

However, I will need to be at least 7 years old in order to enroll in Raum. Two more years are needed to enter.

If it’s only that amount of time, then we can safely escape the request of the Royal Family, is what Lyell thought of.




But even though my training has already been decided, I still need to confirm things with Michelle.

And so, on the next day, I came to visit Michelle’s home and invited her to join my training.

Lyell and Maria also followed to persuade her parents.

My role is to persuade her to join me. Right now, I’m in her room trying to persuade her.


「Ne? do you want to go with me to Raum?」

「Raum is the Elf Country right? Is Nicole-chan going there?」

「Un. I’ll be going there to study Magic」


Well, I can’t really go on my own. AS a precaution, Finia will be coming along as my guardian.

Also in Raum’s school, there is a facility which fosters adventurers. She should only be able to study basic shooting techniques over there.

That’s because she too would be someone who would get involve in difficult things if she continued staying in this country.


「But mom and dad can’t come together with me……」

「There is a dormitory in Raum. We will probably be living together there with Finia」

「Hmm, but……」


As expected, this would be the legitimate reply of a typical 5 year’s old. Michelle-chan is having difficulty on what to do.

But I can’t back out in this too. It is already of certainty that I will be studying abroad. There’s also the situation that if she come back after being trained, she will definitely be recruited, is a situation that would likely happen.

She is my first friend in this new life. I want to avoid the worst situation to happen to her.


「But……But um……」


Not able to decide on what to do, tears were starting to form on Michelle-chan’s eyes. Despite having a combat based gift, she is just a very timid child.

As long as this innocence is present, it will really be  a concern if she was to be used in war.


「We will be coming, Michelle」


The thick voice of a man broke in our conversation.

From the entrance of her room, Michelle’s father and Lyell came in.


「Eh, but……」

「You don’t have to worry about it, you know? You won’t be going alone」

「Umu. Lyell-san has firmly persuaded us the Michelle has to study there. And because we can’t just let children go there on their own we will too also be coming along」



Michelle-chan finally shows a convinced face, but won’t this really be bad for them financially.

Her father turned to me who was showing a worried look and smiled realizing what I was worried about.


「We will be getting financial support from Lyell-san. I am also tasked to watch over you」

「Franco is a hunter, as long as there are forests around, he could live」


Maria, who moved from behind Michelle’s father Franco, shows herself supplementing about details.

If it’s about that, then he could certainly make a living by hunting around the area. Especially since the country of Elves is surrounded by forests, and he would definitely be able to make use of his skills.


When thinking about being able to travel with her parents, Michelle-chan who was sad suddenly became filled with joy.

Well, it doesn’t mean that we will be leaving immediately though. We still need to train and learn about the basics of what will be needed precisely in the next two years.

Still, we won’t really be forcing her if she were to decide what she would choose in the future with her own will.

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Eiyuu no Musume Chapter 19

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We can only wait as to what will really happen at that time…

But I will do my best, that’s all I could do…

Anyway, here’s the chapter…


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Chapter 65 Vague History and a Letter of Apology





Morning, it was after the time after we left the sleeping Forna and returned back at the Inn to take a late rest. We all woke up at around noon, and after having a meal, the three of us discussed our plans for today.

By the way, It was agreed on that we will be taking Forna with us a week later to the forest of Haval, that’s why we would like to take our time enjoying the capital and do what we want until that time comes.


「Alright, now what will be today’s schedule for everyone」

「I will be going to the forest to hunt」

「Will go to the castle and play~♪」

「Then I will be going to the library」


It was decided in just a moment. It was fine for them to be alone since there isn’t anyone strong enough to actually hurt them not unless it’s on a Hero level of strength. With that as base, La Veil will be receiving adventurer quests and quickly raise her rank. Arena will be visiting Forna to play, well as long as she won’t do something troublesome. They can basically do anything they want.


For the time being, I handed out 3 gold coins for each as allowance.


「And with this, let’s all head out for our solo actions~」




I then headed towards the library. I was kind of worried about it before, but I have finally found written history books. I can finally get more information about this world.


As I entered, I was surprised by the view of the hall. There were rows of bookshelves extending until it reaches the ceiling. High, really high, but I wonder how you get books from that place?  The receptionist noticed me and called out. It was a librarian with green overalls and was wearing glasses.


「Hello. I was given this admission permit, you see」

「Ah, yes. I have heard about it. Let’s see… right. I have certainly confirmed. Do you want an explanation?  」

「Please do so」

「Hai, first is that you are not allowed to bring books outside of the library. There are no restrictions on the books you are allowed to read, but there are books that are in bad conditions, so please do handle them carefully. Also, please be aware that if you are to use our service, you need to deposit one gold coin as deposit.」

「How do you get books from that height? 」

「There are dedicated platforms for that, it will be able to move up and down if you input magic on it. You can see one over there. Please keep in mind that magic will continuously consumed if you keep it afloat」


Ooh, there was one librarian who stepped on a wheeled platform, the lower surface rose up. It can only move up and down so I am a bit disappointed. It would have been better if it could move from side to side.


Understanding all that all that is to be explained, I handed a gold coin. The first thing to look for is history books, so that let’s go and look for it.



30 minutes later.



It was all wonderful biographies. It is certainly interesting to know about their history and achievements, but I want something that actually tells me about overall stuff…It can’t be helped I guess. Let’s ask the librarian about it.


「Um, I’m looking for books of general history and about the summoning of heroes」

「……Nn? Who are you? 」


Oh, I thought it was a librarian, and when I called out, it was an uncle who had a strict looking face. He might be someone great or something.


「Ah, sorry. It was only a mistake」

「Wait, only Magic Knights and librarians are supposed to be here……Ah, aren’t you the woman who defeated the Hero that Mondol mentioned. Aren’t you only a little girl……」


After saying such, he gets up from his seat then came close to me and stared at me. I wonder what this person wants.


「Hmm. I don’t see you as someone who is the type to do research though, but it’s fine. Here is one you are looking for. I am done with it so and you can take it, but be sure not to break it」

After saying all that and handing over the book, the man left. Then looking at the book he handed, the title was,


『Alvana History Book Complete Edition』



Then I screamed with all my might.

「You Tsundere!!!!!」



What’s with that? Are all old men in this country suffering from Tsundere disease?  If they don’t do something good for children, are they going to suffer from some kind of disease and die? Well, never mind that, I already got what I wanted and will be reading it immediately. Looking inside, it was supposed to be written history 100 years after genesis.



Book of Genesis:

『This world was born from the aftermath of the battle between the Goddess Cresion and the Demon God Luina. A Holy Land was then established by the Creator God, and the world expanded from that point.』


The name of that world has come to be known as 『Alvana』



This, it is this. I finally found the roots of the name 『Alvana』other than the so called paper bundle written by God. But it was a world that was made after the aftermath of such battle, and that world created by such gods was certainly Barbaric. Even so, the Creation God just couldn’t let it stay that way. And because of that, the Creation God appealed to the two to stop their fight……



Age of Gods(Myth):

『The Creation God commanded the Goddess Cresion to reign over Alvana. Various races were then created by the Goddess Cresion. And from there she was crowned as Ruler, and established the first kingdom of Alvana where was the first Monarch. For many centuries, peace and prosperity continued 』



Alvana Great War Period:

『The Evil Goddess Luina found and chased after the Goddess Cresion and begun her aggression. She created the 『Demon Lord』that can turn every living being in the world into a demon and caused a great war all over the world. Both the Goddess and the Evil God were annihilated, and the long battle between the Children of the Goddess and the Demons Lasted for thousands of years 』



Era of Wars:

『It was 200 years after the Children of the Goddess won the war and reigned. Suddenly, a symptom called『Demonization』 occurred. And those who have been inflicted with such syndrome could also turn others into 『Demons』 with the first demonized creature becoming the 『Demon King』 and another long history of such continued to rein terror once more. Afraid of the terror brought by the 『Demon King』, the children of the Goddess called upon the 『Heroes』 from another dimension blessed with the protection of the Goddess by using the ancient spell from the era of gods, the 『Hero Summoning Circle』. Since then it was and age that defined in the history of Alvana, and the battle between 『Heroes』 and the 『Demon King』 continued for a very long time』



「………Is that really the cause? 」


It is said certainly said that the race doesn’t matter when it comes to the Demonization and conditions to become a Demon King. That was also the cause of collapse of many races including the humans and from then on different nations were established. Then a 『Demon Lord』 appeared once more in the humans, and that time was the most intense battle they had since the history of Demon Lords started.

And then, it has become peaceful once more for a long period of time. Many countries spread out and nations flourished. Many developments and changes have also taken place and the most prominent was the appearance of dungeons, along with that were many tools developed in order to explore and research materials coming from them, and from there many new technologies were further improved by countries.


One of such country was the Beastman Nation Ladaria. Many werebeast people have gathered as the foundation of that country and their development have been prosperous, and there were also a peaceful nation so no wars have ever occurred with them, but the Humans were becoming more and more envious of their achievements. However, despite their envy, they just can’t directly interfere with that since that country provides many things including daily necessities that humans use. They still traded with Humans despite all the intimidation being directed at them.


「Hmm. I see. So after that, 『Demonization』 have been spread out…I also understood why it keeps on coming back and the time it come out range from decades to even thousands of years……but the one that happened this time, was there anything strange about it? 」


『Demon Lord』 is understood, 『Demonization』 was also a strange occurrence. In the case of Ladaria’s『Demon Lord』, the demonization didn’t affect 『Multitude of Races』 like what was described in history. And that is the irregularity here. I still don’t know what to really consider as the cause.


Speaking of strange things, I haven’t heard anything mentioned about angels or devils at all, I wonder if it’s related to something?




Looking outside, I noticed that it was already evening. It’s time to go home soon.


「……Nn? 」

Then suddenly, the pink stone in my pocket suddenly vibrated. Does Belmour-san need anything from me? After returning the book and going out, I teleported.






Time goes back a little……




「Hmm……Oh,  you’re a member of 『Fairy’s Banquet』, right? 」


The lively Arena greeted the person in charge of reception in the castle. Today she came to see Forna. She was also with her yesterday but she wanted to come again to play to become closer as friends. The person in the reception desk was having a troubled look at what do in this situation. After all, Forna is a key figure and should not easily appear in public, so the receptionist was wondering what to do about it,


「Um, well, can you wait here for a bit」


For the time being, the receptionist contacted people that were in charge in order to confirm. After a while, the beastman butler Meru appeared someone who stays with Forna.


「We have kept you waiting. We will be handling things from here on」

「Ah, yes, I understand」


The butler faced Arena and welcomed her. At the same time, Arena also bows down to respond.


「I am glad to welcome you Arena of 『Fairy’s Banquet』. My name is Meru. Butler of the third Princess Forna-sama」

「Nice to meet you, I’m Arena!!」

「Well then excuse me but. For what purpose have you come to meet Forna-sama? 」

「I came to play with Forna~!!」


Putting on a smile on his face, he froze for a moment, and he was troubled on what to do. He could understand that this person is just innocently telling him what she desires and is not lying about it. But because he was thinking about future of beastman, he didn’t expect that she only came to play. He was wondering if he should really just let them meet, because he couldn’t see any ulterior motives from her nor any purpose for having it.


「Can’t? Is she busy? 」


The words of Arena that he heard were tinted with loneliness and he felt like he would turn inside out if he refused. Meru decided to allow her, even without the permission of Forna.


「No, It’s fine. I will be guiding you to her room」

「Really!? Yey~! 」



After reaching her room being led by Meu, Arena was made to wait outside and Meru went to ask confirmation from Forna.


「Hime-sama, Arena of『Fiary’s Banquet』have come to visit…」

「Arena!? Really!!? 」

「Eh, yes. She is currently outside your room, Hime-sama!? 」

The moment she heard about Arena, Forna immediately went for the door passing by the side of Meru. Arena who saw Forna’s face smiled then hugged Forna, and Forna also hugged her back in return.


「Arena, You came? I’m really happy!!」

「Nfu~♪ I came to play with Forna」

「Well, Now that I look at you, didn’t you become a lot smaller? 」

「Big me was special~, Only like this normally~」

「Amazing, That’s really interesting Arena!」



The two girls, although they have met for the first time were showing a close relationship with each other. A very happy scene was being created in front of Meru, but he couldn’t understand how this development took place. Speaking of strange happenings, he remembered that Forna woke up a little later than usual yet she had shown a really happy face.


「Um, Hime-sama? Were you able to meet and get along yesterday? When exactly did that happen? 」

「eh, ah…well…」

「Sheep-san, this!」

Arena offered a piece of paper to Forna who was troubled about how to answer Meru. Receiving the letter and reading its contents, he understood the the message was from Aidle.



『I wanted to get along with the little princess so we raided the place last night. Sorry about that. Please get along well with her, and I look forward to hearing about it from you later. byAidle.


PS:We are not Humans. King Mondol also knows of the situation, please rest assured……Also, please be careful not to be seen by other people』



After looking away from the letter and towards Arena, Arena was out of sight leaving behind her robe, and then what replaced her was a small blue-haired humanoid creature resting on Forna’s hand.


「……Hime-sama, are they fairies? 」


Among beastmen, Fairies were considered as a very special existence. It was because of the covenant handed down from all their tribal chiefs. And Meru is one of those. Even if they knew of their form, nobody have ever witnessed them nor proved of their existence. He then remembered about their party name『Fairy’s Banquet』and thought that it was definitely true.


And then he realized, it turned out that it will be Fairies who will be rebuilding their country. If that is the case, then all of Meru’s doubts have now disappeared. And that’s because,


「Now, we’ll play this, Forna!」

「Eh, What is this? 」

「Chess, a game~♪」

This was the first time he have seen Forna this happy. He remembers the time when she would only think about her inferiority and would always have a gloomy expression and crying all the time. Even though incomparable to everyone else, she still stands polite and try her best.



「Nn? What is it Meru? 」


Responding to his call, Forna looked at him with a cheerful smile, without a shred of anything but happiness.


「What is your relationship with『Fairy’s Banquet』? 」


She then returns a blooming smile beautiful enough that anyone who has seen would have fallen for her. Meru who was satisfied with her response bows deeply towards Arena.



「Arena-sama. I hope you can be good friends with our princess, Forna-sama」

「Will do!!」



「This game… you really need to use your head……」

「Interesting, rght? 」

「It is certainly something that I haven’t seen before. This…board game? Fine. Let’s just do this!」


(Well, what’s this… haven’t the atmosphere just changed…? )

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 65

And another Fairy’s Chapter…

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Chapter 65

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Chapter 64 A Surprise for the Beast Princess





「……Ahh…Too bright~」


I woke up in the stage today, it seems like we were not able to return to the Inn. The sun was already high above me, so it seems like I have slept until noon.



「Ah Arena. It sure is rare for you to wake up first……oh」


There was plenty of food surrounding Arena. There were grilled dishes, fruits and many others. Arena seems to be challenging her own as to how much she could eat. As for La Veil, she was eating everything around her at a ferocious pace.


「Mu-Mugomogu-mogu(mo, morning master)」

「Ah, good morning, and what’s with all this food?」

「Well… The residents and stalls from around offered us all this. It’s delicious, you know?」


Is, is that so. Well, I don’t really have the appetite to eat something heavy, so I’ll just go for the fruits and bread for the time being. It was indeed delicious, the white fluffy bread.



「Nn? Ah right, but before that, let’s return to the Inn to wash ourselves. By the way Arena, did your voice changed a bit? It’s like you’re on vibrato」



It looks like she really had fun. Well, it was her first public debut. After La Veil finishes her meal, I stored the rest including the trash to dispose of later. Now then, let’s go.



「Excuse me~. I came to see the king~」

When we arrived, the person we saw on the reception was the same person as yesterday, I was immediately given permission. I was allowed via face pass, but will it really be alright if I don’t go through the necessary procedures? I was guided to the same hallway as yesterday. There were no noble people around today. Well, they were probably gathered only for the ceremony.


「Have they come」

「Ah, hai. We have arrived as to what we have agreed with the king, we are honored to be in your presence? 」

「You can stop with the formal speech, you know. You can just treat me as someone like a good neighbor or the likes…」


It’s good that we don’t have to be that stiff~ it’s for Arena to converse then.


「Hello Mondol Jii-chan!!」

「Ah~Arena!! Come over here, I have sweets prepared for you」

「Oi, wait a minute Jii-san」


Don’t just go baiting Arena like a foolish grandpa spoiling his grandchildren. And La Veil, calm down and stay, this idiot dragon.


「Aren’t there anyone else…?」

「Well there are no other nobles around, so you don’t have to be wary about it.  Now then, let us continue. You can call her in」


At Mondol’s command, several people were brought in.






It was a little girl with distinctive ears and yellow colored hair along with a fluffy tail. Her age is probably around the same as Canaria’s Melchora. She wears a chesnut colored ethnic dress which is probably is a common clothing for them and it was very cute.


「This here is…」

「Wait, I will introduce myself」

When Mondol tried to introduce her, she stopped him. She probably hates being treated like a child. She’s probably Royalty.


「You must be the one who was going to help us rebuild our kingdom. I am called Forna Fox Meniant Ladaria, the 3rd princess of the 250th Ruler of Ladaria. 名乗れ」

「…I am known as leader of 『Fairy’s Banquet』Aidle.」



Mu, Eh. Doesn’t she know about handshakes? Is there a difference in culture? No, maybe she is just trying to be domineering? It feels like she’s acting strange though.


「Oh, King Mondal-sama, are you sure that these people were really the ones who defeated the Heroes? I can only see her as nothing but a little girl though? 」

「That is a matter of course. You have seen the Heroes that were imprisoned in the dungeon, right? 」

「…Ah, that is, indeed」


Although convinced, she was still giving me a look of doubt.  When I turn to him, Mondol-san nudges his chin that seems to be telling me that it was troublesome.


「I will do my best on my own. You can assist me if you want」


Is she serious? I turn towards Mondol once more. He faced me with a look that tells me she’s really serious. Nn~~this, is this girl really alright?


「What?……Why won’t you respond, this rude person」

「…Ah yes. I’d be glad to help」


After that the little princess then went back to where she came from.


「……Sorry about that but please do forgive her. Other than her, all other royalties were killed during the battle against the demons. It was natural for her to hate humans… But well, if you show her what you are really like, I think she will also come to open up to you」

「Well……I could also show her my strength. I do have a much better plan to cure that…but」


I know of that looks, which is one who was trying to take the entire burden and carry it alone. I think she was just trying to look tough and was keeping herself in, and she even wore high heels which she was definitely not used to.


Her image of her from before was definitely a lie. That was because it was only a disguise, and I wanted to know the real her, I will definitely find the look of that helpless suffering from the entire burden. I will also be honest with her,


「Aren’t you too cute?」

「You understand about it」

「Hearing an Old-man praise master makes it look dangerous」


Aren’t you just overthinking it? But well, there is no other way than to do this for us to get along……yosh…






When Forna returned to her room, she greeted Meru, the sheep beastman butler who have been serving her.


「Welcome back Princess. Were you tired from wearing High Heels? Please come here, you can change from those now」



She politely followed, and changed from the Heels to Comfortable Sandals. She sat on the table and eat the cookies that were prepared for her. The moment she started eating sweets, Meru place a cup of tea for her, and when she finishes eating, she puts the remaining sweets aside, then then took a sip of the tea that was meaning a sweet scent.


「nom…nom…gulp… fuu~… Meru, Thanks」

「I am honored to be of service, princess」


Forna didn’t have even a slight air of what her gesture was from before. This is how she truly is. But because she has to shoulder the burden of all of the beastmen, she needs to show that farce to make it harder for people to look down on her.


「……A moment ago. I’ve met the person called Aidle. She was a very cute person. She also doesn’t have the same feel or scent as a Human」

「Is that so…still, do you think they can be trusted?」

「I don’t know……I am still scared of Humans… but, they were the ones who defeated the Heroes. They are not bad people……isn’t that right?」

「……That is probably so」


To the two of them, no for all beastmen, the Heroes were a symbol of fear. Even though it was only by chance that a Demon Lord was born in their nation, they didn’t hesitate to destroy their country and even turn them all into slaves. On this continent, when the rule of the demon lord ended, Forna spent several years in this castle in despair trapped.


However, one day, she heard news that the Heroes were defeated by an adventurer party. Forna immediately ask Mondol about what happened and to verify the truth of their capture. Forna then went to confirm the face of the two Heroes and she saw the face of despair in their faces at that time.


And then those adventurers even said that they would help in the rebuilding of the beastman kingdom, and of course she thought that it was impossible. And hearing how strong they were from King Mondol, Forna judged that they might really have enough power to do so. If the country could be rebuilt, then she wanted to grab hold of that opportunity.


「I……I wanted to build a place where everyone could smile again…」

「……I also want of that. I think everyone else have the same feeling as you too」


Meru then handed a handkerchief to Forna who started to weep.




That night, Forna who was sleeping on the canopy bed, noticed that something was approaching her and woke up.


But nobody replied. When Forna restlessly scanned the dark room, she noticed a small glowing figure on her futon. It was a little girl with a pink hair and dress.




When Forna was 4 years old, her father have told her once. That a long, long time ago, there were fairies roaming the world, and they always act as bridges that connects all the races. She heard that they were tiny winged people with lovely figures and was loved by all.

The existence that was known in myths was right now in front of Forna. The Fairy flew in a pitter-patter before her. When she made a small platform with both her hands, the fairy landed there.


「Good evening, Forna-chan」

「Fue!? Go, good evening!!」

「Loud, can you speak a little lower」

「Ah, ahhh, hai」



Forna was too excited and nervous was being calmed down by the fairy in a friendly manner. Though it seems like she got a bit too excited for a moment, she was able to calm down and properly talk.


「Oh, Your name, may I…」

「You know already. We have already met today… don’t you remember this hair color? 」


Forna thought back about today’s happenings as the fairy had said, and then she was thinking about someone who had the same pink hair. Pink… She then finanly thought up as to who it was.


「Don’t tell me… that adventurer from before?」

「Correct. That’s right……and again, nice to meet you. I am Aidle the leader of 『Fairy’s Banquet』」

「……Why is a fairy trying to be Human?」

「Well there are various circumstances in regards to that…」


Aidle then talked to her about their travels, and the situation they were in, their feelings for the beastmen country and to them becoming slaves and many more. Forna who was listening didn’t miss even a single word of that.


「Oh, and I was thinking that if I’m able to build the country of beastman next to ours then we would probably become good neighbors」


There was more information that Aidle confirmed with Testania. That if they manage to rebuild the country of beastmen, then they would definitely abide by the covenant and the fairies could live alongside with them. And at the same time, Testania told Aidle that the world tree’s barrier would only last for at least two years. If they won’t be able to solve the mystery case of the world tree in that time then they will be left unprotected, and that’s why they agreed on living together with the beastmen.



「The Queen was…?」

「Yes, that is so. That’s why Forna, I want you to believe in us. I want us to be friends. And I will definitely help in the revival of the beastmen」

「……do you really want to be my friend?」

「Yes, I do so」





Forna was just an 8 year old child. But with her position, she wouldn’t be able to easily find friends on the same age as her. Moreover, everyone else was taken away from her leaving behind nothing but pain, lonliness and despair, and all she could do was try her best and survive in a world surrounded by adults despite her age.


Forna have always wanted for someone she could rely on.


「I’m really glad…Thank you, Aidle」

「It’s alright Forna. I also wanted to do so, well leaving that for now…I actually have a surprise for you,can you open the window?」


Bringing Aidle with her, she approached the window and opened it from one side.


「Eh, Uwaah!!?」


There was a huge dragon right in the sky in front of herThen Aidle said 「It’s fine, she’s a friend」then she made Forna float with fairy magic while guiding her by holding on her waist, and then carried her towards the dragon’s head.


「Good evening Forna. Welcome to our night sky tour」


The one before her was Arena in 『Special Arena-chan Mode』who have been waiting on standby earlier,  she then held her hand and stabilizes her postion.


「Eh, Eeeh!?」

「Because this one is also a Fairy, you can be at rest. Forna」

「Is, Is it really ok?」

「Yes, by the way I am Arena, a friend of Aidle. I also wanted to be friends with you, but is it ok?」

「Ah, hai, of cours!!」

Forna who answered shyly with red cheeks was charmed by the smile of an adult woman. Aidle was also smiling and rode on Forna’s shoulders.


「Well then Forna, be sure to hold firmly on Arena. La Veil, Let’s Go!!!」



The dragon who was floating steadily there, flapped its wings and started to move. Forna who got scared of the sudden altitude rise closed her eyes tightly. However, she noticed, there were neither wind resistance nor shock from the ascent.


「It’s ok now Forna. Because of my Magic, it will be safe」


After hearing what Aidle sai, Forna fixed her posture and return to a stable form. She then slowly opened her eyes,






The Full Moon was in full view above the clouds. Forna was able to stare directly at the moon without any interference from the sky. Gazing for a while, she was awed by the majestic sight.


「Hey, don’t you want to look below?」



Looking at the direction that Aidle pointed out, she could see the moonlight beaming over the beautiful lights emanating buildings from the royal capital. Forna stares at it as if burning the image of such a fantastic sight into her brain. To her, what was happening now was really like a dream.


「Amazing…Really amazing, it looks like a fairy tale!!」

「I am delighted that you are greatly pleased, Forna」

「Un, Aidle too, thank you!!」


Aidle was finally able to see her smile that corresponds her age, and was really happy to see it.


「……Forna. Fairies like people who show their best smile, a cheerful smile like the sun. We are a race that loves that more than anything. And of course, I also love your smile」

「I also like it, Forna~♪」

「…so continue to smile」


Forna realized that she hasn’t really smiled for true to her heart for years. From that time on, there was nothing she could do but stay confined in that room and couldn’t do anything about it. And thinking like that wasn’t really too bad for her at that time, it just can’t be helped. She even thought that she has already forgotten how to smile.


「Forna. If you are smiling, then the future can be bright. I was thinking that Forna can be everyone’s sun」

「…But, but, I’m not really that reliable. I am not as smart or talented as my elder sisters. I am just a plain beastman despite being royalty…」

「Don’t you think that something like that isn’t really necessary?」



Aidle comes forward and flies in front of Forna’s face. Her expression was that of a smile.


「You see Forna, even if you are be strong, smart or good at communicating with people, if you are always showing a an anxious face, then everyone will also be anxious. But despite all that, if you are showing the people a bright smiling face, won’t everyone be able to work hard for you? That is what fForna have to learn first, you can just leave all the other specialties to those who are experts of that field」


That’s right, you can just dump all those tedious works to someone else. No one is able to live alone. Even the king won’t be able to manage a country on his own.


「Forna, you don’t have to hold back anymore. From now on, you won’t be alone」

「…Un…Hic, hic, Nn…!!」


Tears flowed like a broken dam on her eyes. She felt as if something heavy was lifted away from her. She was relieved from the bottom of her heart and was wrapped by a comforting warmth.


「Forna’s Smile, Cute」



On the day, everyone went on a dragon tour until late in the night.



And Forna made a wish.



(This…I hope all of this isn’t just a dream……)



「Forna’s tail, so fluffy~」

「Ah, eh, hue, Aidle that tickles…nu~」

『Master, can I also change into something like that?」


(Everyone is so cute~♪)