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Chapter 42 Battle Royale ②

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


As I go up on the stage, the excitement of the venue wraps up the participants. MAX VOLTAGE. Everyone is raising their hand to increase the venue’s enthusiasm even more. I was trying to find out where La Veil is.

『Master, were at the seats behind you』

『Nn?… Oh, there you are』


They were watching at the highest position on the auditorium. Arena that was humanized was also waving her hands. I responded to them, and then the announcement from the host came in.

『Now then, it’s the final round of the battle royal, the 8th group has now appeared!! There were lot of notable people included in the previous groups, but no such person was found upon this one! But that is fine!! Just like last year, there might be monsters hiding in this group!! Everyone, please look for it, the people that would be considered golden eggs of this grooouuupp!!』

That young host was giving it her all with that announcement. It seems that she has fans as well. I could hear people cheering the host. Your name was Senyal, is it. I’ll remember it.

『Now then, Participants who have been kept waiting!! For this 8th, Battle Start!!!!』

When the sound of the gong reverberated, there was a person who immediately aimed at me. As you all have guessed, its Baldy.

「I finally found you, now die!!」


From somewhere, his battle axe was heading straight towards my head,

「Blinding Flash」

「-Gaaaah,my eyes!!」

A high intensity light was blasted in front of Baldy’s face blinding him. I tipped his feet with my sword to outbalance him then smash him away. It’s better for you become a meat cannonball. Several people were also blasted along with Baldy’s huge body.

That is, my condolence.

I immediately went near the corner of the stage and began raining down some commonly used projectile magic. Several participants also started approaching me but were prevented by frozen water that was turned into a slide and those that attempted slid away.

After a while, when less than a third of the participants remained, the battlefield became fiercer. The fiercest fights were done in the middle of the stage.

『Oooohh!!? What is with those people!! What an awesome display of sword techniques and magic!!! There’s the black hooded participant number 899 Break, and there’s also the silver haired retired wizard in number 887 Aleid!!! Will one of them be considered our dark horses of this time!!?? 』

Oh, those two certainly are amazing people. That black hooded person and that silver haired old man. The black person was taking down everyone that came near him. That silver old man was using magic to block attacks then countered.

Although a while ago they were completely surrounded, at this moment everyone has already scattered. Now then, let’s have a quick view of their status.

Aleid · Balistadt (62) Lv.285

Race: human

HP 8543/8543

MP 7929/7929

ATK 3477

DEF 4322

MATK 7544

MDEF 4011

INT 1800

SPD 2328

【Inherent skill】 Automatic supply

Skill: Strategy (S) Four-Attribute Magic (SS) Parallel Thinking (B +) Magic Power Detection (A -) Summoning (C +) Appraisal (-)

Title: Sage

  • Automatic Supply:

『Can take in the surrounding magical energy and convert it into magic power. The higher the magic energy rating in the area, the higher the rate of conversion increases』

O, Ooh… Isn’t that person right there a sage. Even though he was like that, it seems that he is not known. He also possess powerful skills, and that status, could that be considered the limit of humans? He’s strong. That inherent skill will let him do an all you use magic attack.  

「Block, Slash, Freeze, Burn, Burst, Raise, Stab」


He has been using magic in single casts since the start earlier. Moreover, every one of those attacks has considerable power, and also the delay of each cast is really small. That black hooded person is also good, he’s even intercepting attacks from his blind spot or avoiding them perfectly.

And also not to mention, that Jii-chan even has the appraisal skill.  Something like that is commonly acquired by people that crossed over worlds. Because of the probability that I might be exposed, let’s maximize my concealment power.

Now then, let’s check that other notable person.

Ayane Kosaka (21) Lv.351

Race: human (Awakened)

HP 139,599/139,599

MP 282,752/282,752

AK 22,516

DF 15,888


MDF 36,009

INT 3,200

SPD 40,002

【Inherent Skill】 Automatic Recovery, Holy Sword, Automatic Translation, Item Box, Sacred Armor

Skill: Sword Arts (SS +) Dual Sword Wielding (S) Concealment (S +) Adjustment (B) Appraisal (-)

Title: A person who was blessed by the goddess as a Hero.

Hero… … … … Eh, seriously, a Hero!!??

Just a second! Eh, why is someone like that here? Well, I wonder why they are in this world but why did you have to disguise yourself and join in? Moreover, that status is quite high, that it’s almost on the same level as La Veil. Holy sword included in their inherent skills. It’s probably a good sword. I bet it would strong enough to even withstand my attacks.

Never in my mind did I thought that I would encounter a hero this early. I’ll just ignore them for now, and also try not to attract their attention. Most of the remaining participants were surrounding them so it will probably be over soon.

「You annoying bitch!!!」

I’m somehow hearing things like Baldy’s voice behind me. Ah you were still up. He probably fought with a lot of people because of the scratches and damages that can be seen in his body. He is also bleeding somewhere in his head. He’s also breathing heavily like a murderous beast and was showing a really dangerous face.

「There’s no way those two over there will be defeated after all, did you come my way thinking you might get a chance?」

「Stop running away and face me!!!」

Ah, it’s really annoying being accompanied by this person, so let’s finish him off here. He tried attacking me by raising his battle axe but before he could, I jumped right to his face and planted a knee strike into it.


「Sorry about that」

Nosebleed will spread from his broken nose, but I don’t want to get dirtied by that, so I moved behind him and drop him off the stage by kicking him at the back of his head. Fuuu… That was refreshing.

『The battle is now finished!!!! For the final selections, the people included will be number 899 the mysterious black hooded participant, the silver haired wizard number 887 and last is the white hooded participant, Aidle number 850!!!!』

Only I was presented with a complicated assessment. Well, I’m not bothered by it… Most of the cheers were for the black hooded hero and the silver haired Jii-san. Let’s report for a bit to my companions as I wait for the audience to settle down.

『Aidle, good work~』

『Master. You were almost not noticed, even though you were one of the winners』

『That can’t be helped because those two over there took the spotlights. I’ll be showing off more in the finals. Oh right, I found some interesting people. I think La Veil would be delighted about it.』

『Hou… it’s going to be fun then』

「Wait young one」


Just before I was about to leave the stage, the silver haired Jii-san called out to me. He’s wearing a nice robe and his beard was grown long, also he somehow gives off the same vibes as a noble. It is because he has noble like, or maybe because he’s old, and should I also use formality?

「What is it?」

「Ah well, it’s just something that I’m curious about. Have you ever seen or met fairies? 」

「Errr… Nope, haven’t seen any?」

「Fumu, is that so. It’s fine. Well you see, I’m a magician travelling the world in search of fairies. I’m just an eccentric… well then, see you at the finals.」

Then the Jii-san passed by me and went away… that was quite surprising. For a second there I thought I was exposed. But well, travelling the world looking for fairies is it? He sure is another strange individual. Even if you are that strong Jii-san, it would be extremely difficult to find them.

「Now then, time for me to return, I also need to give Arena some cash」

After joining with my party and returning to the Inn, Aguera-san greeted us with a smiling face.

「You were great out there!! It was amazing how you easily paved your way into the finals!!!」

「O, Oh, thanks Aguera-san?」

「Don’t mention it, for there to be finalist coming out from the guests of my inn, how awesome!!」

Ah, tension… too much tension. And also, please let go of me or more like stop shaking me with those arms filled to the brim with muscles.

「There is also La veil!! You did pretty well, didn’t you!!!」

「Do you also think so?」

La Veil was also praised so she puffed up her chest. Besides her, Arena is also puffing out her chest trying to imitate La Veil. Ah, it’s La Veil girl version.

After that, Aguera-san presented us the best dishes she could offer and was saying for celebrating the victory of reaching the finals. She also provided free drinks for all the guests. I also got dragged up in the ruckus until morning. It goes without saying that La Veil also partied with her tension at its highest peak…

「By the way master, how much will Arena be betting?」

「Eh, I’m giving her everything you know?」

「Isn’t that a tad too much!!??」


Shogi Time

「Arena, face my new battle formations!!」

「Isn’t that just brute forcing using a rook!?」

「Position get~♪」

Even if I try doing it over and over again, I was utterly defeated.

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 42

Nyaaaaa… I have finished it..

It’s the much awaited Aidle’s battle…

There are also characters that will notable characters here that will be re encountered in the future…

Translating two chapters a day sure was tiring…

But I was bored due to having empty workload so It was fine…


Here’s the chapter…

Chapter 42

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Chapter 1 Somehow I got Reincarnated

TL: Yuki


I don’t understand why.

What I saw was unfamiliar scenery that I have never seen before when I woke up.

I looked around carefully trying to grasp the situation.




I could hear something, but don’t understand what they mean. I might have been crippled and my ears have gone bad.

While I was thinking about something like that, my hands appeared in front of my sight.

It was a small hand same to that of a baby. No wonder it was hard for me to move.

(As I expected, this is…)

As I was checking out my hand movements, there was a sensation where my view changed because I moved from one person to another. Looking from above me, I could see man having a complicated expression as he was looking at me.


Who? I tried asking but my mouth wasn’t moving that well, it only sounded strange.

However, the man that was looking at me before only shows a slacked face then looked at somewhere else.


I tried understanding what that man was saying, but I was attacked by sudden drowsiness and my consciousness flew away.

A few days have passed since that time and being a baby has finally sunk into me, by the way I was name as Toto.

This situation is definitely what you would call as 《Reincarnation》, I love reading light novels n stuff I was also reading something like this.

However, I didn’t expect that such things existed, nor me being the one to fall into such a situation.

At a later time, I finally understood that my father’s name was Enbray, who has wolf cut hair, and was quite messy for a hairstyle with golden short hair and blue eyes that were very cool then his tall height, and an Ikemen is what I would describe him.

My mother’s name is Rihanna. Of course she also has the same characteristics of having golden hair and blue eyes and was arranged in a long fluffy hairstyle.

I guess I can expect promising prospects.

But I still can’t understand their words. It seems that I didn’t get any language cheat which is common in many light novels. This is quite tough.

A while ago, I was now able to walk.

Actually it was able to do it at a much earlier time, but I knew that it would be strange for to just suddenly know how to walk at that time because it was a little too early.

I only acted that I’m able to stand crawl and as if trying to walk at that time, but at the time when I actually learned it I have this sense of accomplishment that I’ve felt. It was quite difficult balancing and supporting my body that have small legs and a large head, but you know it was part of the act, I tell you it’s an act. No doubt about that.

And around that time I realized that I have existing cheat ability.

The first thing that started it… It was that lantern.

I was curious about it seeing something like that for the first time, but when I pulled it lightly but it fell down. More like the lantern crashed.

I certainly did find that weird, I mean the meager power of a child couldn’t make that fall nor make a sound from it falling as if it crashed with force. I was thinking that maybe it’s just some old lantern about to fall. it must be that, old enough that just touching it it would fall off. Then I noticed a wooden box nearby and was curious about it.

Wow, the wood was peeled of so easily.

Immediately after that, I was caught by my scary mother, but to my father who confirmed the damage only floated question marks on his head.

And another thing I confirmed, when I was checking my looks on a water surface, I was so surprised by the color of my eyes and hair because it doesn’t have any resemblance to my parents at all.

I have known that the color of me hair was black, but I didn’t realize that even my eye color were not resembling my parents at all.

Normally, people would doubt that they might be having an affair, but the more I see them the more I’m convinced that it was not that case. So the only thing I can link it to is my reincarnation.

Time passed and I was finally able to control my strength, so I can now freely roam around.

But even if I can properly handle myself now I’m still just a child so my movement is only limited within the house. I also checked out what father and mother were doing as I roam around. Well even if I did that, I won’t be able to understand it right away.

At some point doing those things, I learned that my name was Toto. My parents were farmers. They were plowing fields and harvesting vegetables. I also realized that the level of civilization in this area is quite low. They were trading their daily goods through barter and was not using any kind of currency.

Because I also found out that both my parents were practicing sword swings, I was thinking that this might be a fantasy world. Even if I reincarnated in my previous world earth, you won’t find normal farmers possessing swords.

By the way, most of the words that I have learned perfectly were 「Toto」, 「Good Morning」, and 「Good Night」.

Well, I was only able to learn what they commonly say to me. As for learning the language itself, it will still be a dream of another dream. I’m expecting to learn more in the future.

It was now around 3 years since I have reincarnated. I was now able to grasp numbers month and date as well. When I was thinking that it didn’t probably exist, there was actually a calendar in this world.

It was really hard for me to read numbers as usual, but once I realized how they were used it was much easier after that. I don’t know how to pronounce them properly though. Numbers were also from zero to 9, months were from first month to twelfth month. The days were all the same making it 30 days a month. Only the weeks were different which was separated by 10 days each making it three weeks a month. Since the way of calculating months were almost the same as before, I familiarized easily.

One day, when Barbara-san who was our neighbor came to have tea with mom, I saw a little girl hidden behind her.


I didn’t really understand what mother said.

When I tilted my head in confusion, the child behind Barbara-san took a glimpse of me then said in a small voice.

「Hello, ——-」

That’s something I understood, I got it ok.


I returned the same words to the girl. Then the girl came out from behind Barbara-san probably because her wariness has faded for a bit.

Woah, she’s very cute.

Like everyone else, she also has blond hair and blue eyes. I guess this is the common trait of the people around here.

Her hair was and semi-long in length, she was also wearing a pale-colored dress which suits her really well.


When Barbara-san said something to the girl, the girl twitched for a moment then said something.


Rikka. It was a word that was included what mother said a while ago.

I immediately analyzed all information and put it all together. For example, it would have been something like this.

『Tote, Rikka-chan』

『Hello —』

『Hora, your name is?』


It also properly align with this atmosphere, this. In other words, it is understood that the cute girl in front of me is Rikka-chan.


Mom was telling her something. When I tilted my head, Mom only looked at me with a troubled expression and took my hand. We continued walking until we arrived in front of Rikka-chan, then they shook our small hands.

Although I knew the purpose of that gesture I still tilted my head, maybe it something like 『You can go and play with each other』.

「Rikka, Toto」

Anyway, I pointed at myself as I told her my name.

Rikka-chan smiled when she understood it then nodded.


She looks like a doll. She’s really cute when I see her up close. I held her hand that was holding me. I feel really comfortable around her and was really happy. We went into the other room as to not get in the way of our parents conversations.

As the two of us entered the room, I offered Rikka to sit on the floor with me and she was now looking straight at me.

…What shall we do?


Rikka-chan seems to be asking for something and her gestures were really cute while doing so, but well I just don’t understand it.


For a moment, Rikka-chan’s eyes shined brightly as she headed towards the object she was pointing for several times.


She was saying something as she pointed towards the wooden sword leaning nearby. I was trying my best deciphering her words through her actions.

Then Rikka-chan pointed at the wooden box nearby, I tried understanding her intensions.


Hmmm? The words she used this time were different from what she used before. When I tried understanding what she’s doing once more, she said the same thing again.

She continued the same gestures as before of pointing at an object then says words.

And after a while, I finally understood her intentions.


I pointed at the wooden box imitating Rikka-chan’s words, Rikka-chan smiled and repeated the words again while pointing at the wooden box.

『What’s this?』

『It’s a wooden box』

I was thinking that the current conversation were proceeding this way, Rikka-chan was teach me words. Or more than that, considering her age in this world, her ideas and methods for teaching are amazing. Isn’t she a genius?

And with things going that way, until the time she was called to return home, she continued teaching me words.

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I Reincarnated Chapter 1

Nyahahahaha… It’s the first chapter…

no more like the chapter after the prologue??

Well never mind that…

What’s more important is it’s a new chapter…

We now go into the PoV of our MC…

It’s also explained about things that happened in the prologue…

Oh and it will be until chapter 3 that will cover the happenings in the prologue…

and I have also finished reading all the chapters like in fairies…

I have understood a lot of things…

Oh and by the way… THE YURI IS CONFIRMED…

So people… Ready your battle ships…

We will be in for a turbulent commonsense breaking ride…

Oh and a little spoiler…

She will only hide her strength in the beginning…

A few chapters later… she will be displaying her full strength just to surprise everyone around her…

Like the fairies… she is and absurdly strong character that keeps on growing to be and even more absurdly strong character…

A strong to stronger development is always a welcome for me…

Oh, if I am going to compare her to any other novel characters I know of…

If any of you read about Magic Muscle then she would belong to that guys category minus the muscles though… I’m not a fan of MIL-TAN if you get what I mean…


Here’s the chapter…

Chapter 1

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Chapter 41 Battle Royale ①

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


『Now then, the previous group has shown us a great fight, participant Lagol and participant Blackliner’s fierce magic battle attracted a lot of attention from our audiences!! What kind of battle will the third group show us!! The participants that are gaining attention in this group would be Participant Abil who survived until the final selection last year!! How far is he going to reach this year!!! And not to forget, one of the knights of this country, Twiler, will also be participating!! How far will that one reach and how much power will we get to see!! Now then, third group, Battle Start!!!』

「Now then, how should I proceed with this…」

There were around 100 participants jumbled together on the stage. Everyone already started fighting those that are nearby them, but well I wonder who would entertain me~. Just when I started walking near the corner of the stage someone called out,

「Oi, what have you been spacing out here for?」


A spearman who probably caught sight of me headed towards me. I readied my halberd as he approached. The length of his spear was around 2 meters. It’s probably for gaining advantage by fighting opponents from a long distance, but it doesn’t feel like he’s good at it.

「Take thiiiss!!!」

While coming this way, he tried to gain power by rushing before thrusting at me from afar. However, since the handle is so far, I grabbed hold of the spear and then twisted,

「Well, it ended up becoming like this after all」

「O, Oooo~~!!??」

I grabbed it by the base of the spear blade and then lift it up along with the man holding it, then throw him out of the ring. After all, if you fall out of the stage you will be disqualified. There’s no problem if I do it like this. Now then, who’s next?

「Prepare yourself!!」


Next is two people huh, one carries a big sword and the other one is a twin sword user. Ah, this is also a terrible way to fight.

「To the big sword user. Your attacks are too slow. It’s like telling others to hit you while you approach」


I caught sword with the edge of my halberd and knock it out of his hands. On the other hand, the twin sword user jumped towards me and tries to aim at my blind spot from above.

「Although a twin sword style can force your opponent into your rhythm, it will be useless if you end up full of openings」

「Guhe, guuh」

Smacking him with the body of my halberd, I threw him out of the stage along with the other one from before. That makes it three people. Now then, I wonder who will approach me next~?

『Woo~ops, in just a few minutes the number of participants was already reduced to half!! Participant Abil was splendidly showing off his power!! I wonder just how much training you would need to reach those levels!?』

Hou, is that the man they mentioned a while ago. Looking over as to know what kind of person he was, what’s with that? All the remaining participants surrounded him. But all those who approached him were getting knocked out. If they concentrate too much on him, won’t they fall victim to people aiming for them behind their back.

「What’s this. Why won’t anybody come here? What’s wrong? 」


Nobody bit on Abil’s provocation. Now then, I don’t really want to get stuck on this situation. Who should I begin with,

「Um you, the one who’s call Abil. Will you be willing to entertain me? 」

「Oh? The nee-san whose face is concealed, are you also aiming for me to enter the final rounds? 」

「Not really. It’s just that I want everyone here to disappear, to end this faster」

「Wha, What did you say!!」

Oh, everyone who got provoked faces towards me. Nevertheless this is probably a good result? The guy who replied from before was already lost in the crowd. Did he already flee from this place?



I quickly mow down the crowd striking them rapidly with single blows. The people surrounding me already lost sight of Abil. Oho, and now, including myself, 4 people were left behind. I’m impressed by that old person who was moving fluently despite his age.

The ones remaining at the moment after all that are Abil, and a female swordswoman who gives off a powerful impression. Because the armor she wears is of good quality and has the emblem of her country on it, she is probably the knight serving this country. The last person was a tall black guy. His weapons of choice were sickles which is kind of unusual. Won’t they be troublesome when used in a fight?

『And now, there are only 4 remaining participants on stage!! Participant Abil number 311!! Participant La Veil number 325!! Participant Twiler number 363!! And participant Koznok number 391!! Only three people will be able to proceed from this point!! Who will be the out to fall out?? 』

「On the name of the knight commander, I will definitely not loose. Those who want to be taken down, come! 」

The beautiful female knight held her sword and was already announcing her victory. If master sees her, she would probably attack her in various ways. But well, the one who seems to be the weakest among the people here is…

「Oi, that scythe person there, you seem to be the weakest so please, can you just leave.」

「Fuu!? Don’t underestimate me!!」

Alright, the man using scythes was successfully provoked. He throws one of his sickles towards me, I block it with my halberd.


Mu? Oh, the one I deflected spins around and came back to him. Understanding that he was in a pinch, he readied his scythes to his side once more. It’s an interesting magic weapon.

[ED: Scythes and sickles, both names are used. It’s a magical weapon, so it’s both(:P).]

When I tried to attack him, Abil came over. Hou, are you trying to take me down by cooperating?

「Oi, oi scythe guy, don’t just go trying to fight the person who took advantage of me」

Nu, Abil whom I’ve been expecting to help the scythe guy actually intercepted him. What’s wrong with this guy, what he’s talking about was too questionable.

「To the fool who easily got provoked. You don’t have the qualifications to stay in this stage. Give it up already! 」

And the female knight joined in placing herself between us. In a moment, her sword blazed and burned down the scythe she deflected. It seems that you were trying to not stand out? Actually I would have liked to move more, but in this situation it would be kind of awkward…


Ah he got done in, the scythe user was slashed, his scythe and his body getting cleaved. Well, it should be fine if it’s not instant death. But it looks like he would die in minutes if left alone… That man fell off the stage and immediately received treatment from recovery magicians. His lower body was soon reconnected and he was saved.

Female Knight Twiler is it? The level of her swordsmanship would probably be around the same level as Master’s. If they fight without magic, it would probably be on equal terms.

『And it was finally decided!! For the final selection, Participant Abil, Participant Twiler, the young knight representing the kingdom’s knights, and the mysterious first timer adventurer Participant La Veil!!』

As expected, it won’t that interesting, not until I reach the final rounds. I don’t even need to exert effort doing all this~, hunting in the forest would probably be much more interesting. This is just boring…

「Oi, Nee-chan. The final rounds will much harder. See yah then」

「I don’t really want to hurt women, I hope we don’t meet each other soon」

That is what The Nihilistic Swordsman and the Female Knight told me before they left the arena. They were just saying whatever they like. Let’s leave that as is, for now it’s more important to find a good seat on the audience area after this. I would like to see Master’s match later.


「Oh, La Veil was able to properly hold back without killing anyone」

「Ou~ Did her best~」

Even though the competition is held by this country, it seems that people from its knight order were also participating. Well, there is no rule saying only adventurers. Let’s listen to La Veil’s impression right now.

「La Veil~ Congrats on winning for the final selection. You properly held back right?」

『Oh, Master. That was boring. Even though I already held back it was still not interesting, only that swordsman and that knight were kind of interesting so I didn’t really enjoy that much』

『Ah, sorry about that. In the final rounds, when the differences of bets are displayed, you go all out. But make sure to hold back unless you feel your life threatened. I will also be serious if that time comes』

After listening to that, La Veils mood got brighter.

『Oh, I’ll be looking forward to that. I’m not really the type that likes holding back. More importantly, is Arena with you? 』

Eh, is that how it is. But you know, it’s not like we will actually be fighting each other at the end. Something like that is not yet confirmed after all.

『Now then Arena, are you going to cheer for me with La Veil?』

『Of course~!!』

『Then Arena I’ll be sending you off. Give my regards to La Veil okay? 』

『Umu. Arena, come over here so we can cheer Master together』

After removing all signs and her presence using concealment skills, she then flew towards La Veil. Now then, I wonder how I should go about it with my battles.

In my currently humanized body, using fairy magic would probably be bad. So I’ll probably use only human’s standard magic. My weapon would be that sword, but if I used that heavy sword here my opponents would probably be smashed… maybe I should fight only with Magic. If I spam some smaller spells from far away, it would probably decrease their numbers fast. Ah, now that I think about it, there were also cheap swords included on the things they bought which will probably be perfect if I use it here.

Even though I have the 『Adjustment』 skill, I have to make sure that I don’t accidentally kill anyone.

And an hour later, my group was called.


「La Veil~ Skewers~ Skewers please~♪」

「Ah fine, here, eat, eat」

『La Veil, what about my share?』

『I’ll make sure to bring some for you later』

『Will you be waiting for me before having dinner later?』

『It’s fine already I will wait so be sure to not end it quickly!!』

[ED: Of course it’s a female knight, this is a yuri novel, remember that. Any male character is a side character, maybe a few exceptions.]

[TL: There will be one main Male character later… It’s a little spoiler… I won’t tell the details other that “Sebastian” you’ll understand why soon…]