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Chapter 55 Arena Rescue Mission ① Arena’s Seriousness

TL: Yuki


Arena, have felt before that she would definitely be targeted right even before they arrived at the Kingdom. It was certain because she is always overshadowed by the actions of Aidle and La Veil. However, the chances of ordinary humans targeting them as enemies are very slim.

And because of that, they would definitely focus their attention to the one they thought they could easily handle which is Arena. Arena has a high level, but it’s only to the point which she exceeds normal humans. She has also fought many battles with the help of Aidle, but has never fought on her own.

Therefore, she would always simulate assumptions of her fighting alone and this was repeated over and over again through playing Shogi. What to do when caught, when stunned, when attacked alone, she assumes every possible situation.

「……Where is this?」

As her consciousness returned and got up, she was in a place where there isn’t anything she could see. Only a fixed space that she could grasp was surrounding her. The ground also felt weird which was spread out in that space. And there are also strange patterns that were constantly moving.


The time came sooner than she expected, and Arena was a bit anxious about it. But she understood her situation well, and she knew that she was stunned and kidnapped. Then there’s only one thing Arena could do.

「I can’t with Aidle…… La Veil, not lost」

She can still feel her connection with La Veil. However, realizing that she cannot exchange words, she understood that the space she was in was interfering and was being blocked. Next, she consider what Aidle would do in this case, she will definitely use space magic. She understood that she would change the body of La Veil and send her using space magic and La Veil would be the one to coordinate the position through Synchronization.

「After that… Timing」

The reason I was kidnapped is because Aidle and La Veil were too occupied in the battle tournament. What I’m worried about are the heroes that performed this actions other than Aidle, I understood that the opponent this time who kidnapped me was a Hero. Doing this, they would likely threaten Aidle to surrender the match and use me as hostage. It was probably what they are making sure of but it would still be unnatural, and the audience won’t be excited about it even if it ended in her defeat.

Then in order to execute that La Veil have to lose against the Hero in the semifinal match. For the time being, Arena is in that place, but she can bear with that. However, when she thought about what the Hero would do to La Veil, Arena would likely cry.

「……Uuu …It’s okay」

However, Arena held it in and stopped sobbing. Telling herself what she should do now and don’t just wait, Arena stood up.

(Image… Image…)

Arena was thinking of an existence that would protect herself, just like the secret to Aidle’s Fairy Magic. For the past few months all she did was understand it and imagine. She kept on imagining.

『Fairy Magic sure is really useful. If you don’t think about the burden, you can freely use it in whatever way you want.』

Some time ago, Arena was reminded of the things Aidle taught her during her training days.

「In order to protect myself… For me to become stronger!!!」

The next moment, Arena begins to emit heat along with sharp dizziness that assaulted her, but she was able to suppress it through sheer mental power. She would build what she would needs from that point on. She envisioned the 『Persona』 necessary for her. For Aidle, and the existence that would walk a path along her, her Ideal Self……

「Where… is this?」

The where La Veil got 『Teleported』 to by aidle when she was still in jewel state was a subspace with irregular shapes scattered around.

「Was this space created by the characteristic of that other Hero? I see, so this is where they brought Arena to, is what I understood. Then, 」

La Veil should be able to call out to Arena through synchronization now and she could probably reply this time.

『Arena, are you here? Reply if you are. Arena!!』

『……Hhn? La Veil』

『Ohh, you finally got connected!!』

La Veil ran towards the source of the message. But as soon as she reached the place La Veil was a little confused but was relieved, then she noticed the sense of incongruity.

「La Veil, you came at a time I have just predicted, were you not injured? Are you alright? 」

「Uhhh…. Mum… Ne, Arena… Did you grow a little taller than usual? 」

The height of Arena grew to almost the same height as La Veil. Her face also shows a more grown-up expression, the body was also a little more mature than normal. The way she talks was also not childish anymore.

「Since La Veil is here, the semi-finals have already ended right?」

「Well yes… but what in the world… that state, did master do something for you to turn into that?」

「This is different, It’s something I developed using the maximum use of my Fairy Magic. A skill called 『Limited Growth』」

After saying that, Arena continued to explain about the skill. 『Limited Growth』 became an inherent skill that she created with fairy magic and using it altered Arena’s into Arena in the future.

When invoked, Arena would be able to call herself who has grown 100 years and become that person for a day. In that state, she is able to use fairy magic with 0 burdens.

However, the skills cool down takes about two days. Therefore, you extremely need to consider the situation before using this skill which limits time you will be able use it.

「Now that Arena is in that state, how long have you used it until now?」

「It’s around 10 minutes before La Veil arrived. I expected that you would arrive at just around that amount of time」

Although her smile is still the same as the old Arena, it seems like La Veil misjudged her and a different impression to that young girl she imagined was shown.

「I’m glad… I thought that separating from Master, you would be helpless and crying waiting to be saved, but you have managed to do things on your own… Master also did his best to solve this quickly…」

La Veil loved Arena as if it was her own child. Although they have just been together for around a week, she was smitten by Arena who told her that even if she’s a Red Dragon and fought against her best friend, she still made friends with her and that touched her.

However, her impression of Arena was weak and thought that she needed to protect her, but she was moved to tears when she found out that Arena did her best and was growing more rapidly breaking through such situations.

「Mou, please don’t cry anymore, thank you for coming over to help. Come on, you have a way for us to get out of here right? 」

「U, umu. That’s right… That’s good right…」

While being stroked in the head, La Veil clenched her hand that was holding Arena, saying that she won’t ever let go,

「I don’t think that would be the case」


The space distorted, and a man came out from inside it. He has similar looks with the Hero, but the armor he wears is lighter, the Holy Sword was also different. One of his eyes was hidden under his hair, and his black pupils reflected the figure of the two. This was the other Hero, Hino.

「I came here noticing that somebody intruded, but why are you here and I heard that you should have been broken by Kousaka in that battle tournament. So will you tell me just why you are here? 」

「Is there any reason for me to tell you? Rotten brute」

「Well, I could won’t you, knowing the one you are facing is a Hero. This is my place you know. If you enter someone else’s house, don’t you think it’s rude if you just barged in without any reasons? 」

「that is something humans declared. It’s not something that I would know」

La Veil then began emitting flames all over her body. The anger that was shrouding her mind overflowed, as the opponent in front of her was the person who kidnapped Arena. But there is no heat transmitted on Arena’s hands.

「Idiot, didn’t I tell that I own this place, do—-」

「It’s not your place anymore」


As Arena held out her hand, the world changed into a fluffy world filled fancy colors in a single moment.

La Veil and Hino couldn’t believe their eyes and was stuck staring at the changes. La Veil who was shivering with anger just now couldn’t keep up with what was happening so she voiced out to Arena.

『Wa, what in the world did you do Arena!?』

『Because this world seems to be part of the characteristics of that Hero’s Holy Sword, I forcefully created a separate space using Fairy Magic. If he can’t get out of here then He won’t be able to gain control too』

She was spouting out outrageous things. This Arena right now were doing things more ridiculous than what Aidle would do is what was on La Veil’s mind, and all she could do is hold her head in confusion. 「Fairy Magic… Just how unrestrained is it」

「I was allowed to see the characteristics of that sword while I was rewriting, and it seems that in this space you should have been invincible, but now I have taken control of it, you can surrender without fighting us from here on you know」

She also knew that Hino was trying to activate his Holy Sword while glaring at Arena.

「…Damn, then I just have to stop it, Release!!」

The sun was then reflected on top of them. Confirming their location, they found themselves on a grassy plain far away from the capital. Then Arena remembered where that location was.

「Haval’s… Prairie?」

「I see, how did he moved to this place in a short amount of time, it must have something to do with that Holy Sword right?」

「Fuun, I was expecting to be thrown from a much further distance, but there were unexpected things that happened… and… well, it’s still fine I guess」

Hino also was in the Area and prepared his weapon. It is now confirmed that he needed to kill the two who knew of his identity now and return. He also decided that Aidle should also be eliminated because of being a part of their party.

「For you people who doesn’t understand that you can’t defeat a Hero, and still bared their fangs against one. I guess you really wanted to die that much, so I’ll kill all of you here and feed your corpses to the demons… You people are disturbing our work」

There are no other alternatives here than to fight because each side won’t let the other escape. Because both side thought about their victory, the act of escaping is already out in their list.

「Arena, can we do this?」

「Of course, this power was made in order to that」


「………It’s about to begin now, I think… La Veil, I’m counting on you… 」

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 55

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Here’s the Chapter

Chapter 55

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Chapter 54 For a Friend (Part 2)

TL: Yuki

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


『Continuing on, we will commence the next match for the semi-finals!! We present to you the warrior who finished his battles with a single strike, Participant Genkaku. And, although her appearance during yesterday’s battle was a little scary, we present to you Participant Aidle!!!』

「It is an honor to be able to fight someone of your caliber in this place, Aidle-dono.」

「Un, I was also a little troubled during yesterday’s fight, but it’s a good thing that I am now matched against you. Oh, by the way, if I win this match, is it alright if I ask you about something… Well, you can tell me if I win.」

「It’s fine, I’d also like to ask for something so it’s good.」

『This time also the outcome of the battle is impossible to predict!! Will Gekaku’s 1 hit strike finish participant Aidle, or will Aidle’s overwhelming power crush participant Genkaku?!! Begin the Match!!』

「As expected, you won’t move, huh. Well I already knew that 『Iai』 was not originally used for something like this.」


Feeling something wrong about my stance, he stopped trying to get into the Iai stance. I’m sorry, but this time we won’t be able to enjoy the game, because of my circumstances. Therefore,

『Aidle-chan approaches normally!! Aren’t you afraid of entering Participant Genkaku attack range!?』

I concentrated a high amount of magic power into my sword while walking closer. Fairy magic strengthens my dynamic vision to the limit. Then I stop one step outside his attack range. That is 3 meters away from where he stands.

A stood on the spot for a bit… Then proceeded, stepping inside his attack range…



「……ah, haha……That is quite unexpected, Aidle-dono.」

The clash was so fast that even Genkaku wasn’t able to perceive everything after swinging with all his strength. The tip of Genkaku’s sword was severed and fell on the stage behind me. No other attacks followed that single strike.

「Your attack was certainly fast, so I had to put all my effort into stopping your blade.」

「Is that so… It’s my defeat then.」

Putting back his broken sword into its scabbard, Genkaku bowed to me. I also do the same, then applause came from the audience.

『A battle of a single blow!! It was so fast that it only lasted for a moment!! Still, our lovely Aidle came out victorious!! Congratulations on entering the finals!!』

I picked the tip of his sword and handed it back to him, then he asked about what I wanted him to tell me as we returned to the waiting area.

「So, what do wish to ask out of me?」

「It’s nothing serious, I just want to ask about directions to your home country. I am a travelling adventurer, and I am interested in visiting it in the future.」

「Oh, ok. Then let me write you a guide.」

Genkaku wrote the directions to reach Wado with the paper and pen that I’ve prepared. After writing, he said that he will be going back to his home country when this is over, so at the time we visit, we should look for him at the place he wrote in the instructions.


「Just a bit, Genkaku-san also wanted to ask about something right?」

「Muu… But I have lost qualifications to do so.」

「It’s fine to ask, I will answer if it’s not something too troublesome.」

Genkaku-san was reluctant at first but I was able to persuade him and he lowered his head in thanks.

「……I’m only going to ask if you’ve heard about it but, do you know of a demon called Yamata no Orochi? I am on a journey searching for it you see.」

That naming sure seems like a monster that came out of Japanese mythology. Is it also something that exist in this world? Is it real? Well, sorry, I also don’t know.

「No, I have never heard of it…」

「Oh, is that so… Well, I guess that’s just how it is…」

This time Genkaku went away……


In that evening when I was resting at the Inn.


I noticed that 『Super Synchronization』 was activated and confirmed that it expired. Hmmm…… I see.

「……It’s alright…」

I finally felt relief in my chest. Then I dove into my bed while fluttering my feet.

That night, I heard the two people calling from outside the door: 「We’re Home」.


Next Chapter is about events that happened behind the scene.

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 54 part 2

And here the end of chapter 54…

Next Chapter…

Arena Exclusive Chapter!!!!

It’s Here!!!

Arena’s awakening of power!!!

How will our cute fairy Arena fight?…

That is something we would look forward to…

For now here’s for today…

Chapter 54 part 2

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Chapter 54 For a Friend (Part 1)

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


『Well then, today is one of our most awaited matches!! It’s the battle between Participant La Veil and the Hero Kousaka Ayane!! It is a battle between two Participants who have effortlessly defeated their opponents so far, and who will winn the match this time, it is completely unpredictable!! How far will they go to show us their abilities!! Please let us see the limits of what humans can achieve. La Veil-Nee-san!!』

「Have you received that message?」

「Oh, yeah. Following what you said, are sure you are going to keep your promise of not taking away Arena’s life?」

「I don’t break my promises. Well, you can struggle more until you are one step away from dying.」

「Come at me, for the sake of my friends!」

Although she should know that after this she would end up dismembered, La Veil didn’t show any impatience and was only monitoring Kousaka. It was not a sign of anger shown in her eyes, it was composure. However, Kousaka who didn’t understand, switched feelings quickly, although it did kind of bother her.

(There is no burning feeling of rage, which would make me feel good… but well, she probably won’t forsake her friend)

『First Round for the semi-finals Start!!』


*clank *clank *clank *clank

「Ha, wai, you’re joking right!?」

「Is this the extent of what a hero can dooooooo!!!!」

『La Veil-Nee-san is amazing!! She is currently sending a fierce chain of attacks towards the Hero!!』

On the first few minutes, La Veil was seriously trying to kill the Hero. She didn’t really intend to do so though, but still wanted to vent a bit. And it was also true that she really desired to fight the Hero.

「Yo, you understand what situation you’re in right?」

「I will properly lose! But, I will vent out a bit on you, little girl!!!」

「I’m already an adult Oba-san!! Holy Sword Activate!!」

Kousaka, whose attack power was increased, assaulted La Veil using her Holy Sword with heavy attacks. Because of the 10 times increase in status, the situation was immediately reversed. This time La Veil was being pressed.

「You may be a monster if compared to others I’ve faced, but won’t be able to win against me even at this state… Hey, hey, what’s wrong, can’t keep up? Are you just all bark, Oba-san?!!」


La Veil Jumpe high above the stage and created a giant fireball. From there, she assaulted the hero with the giant ball of flame also along with innumerable small fireballs.


「Oi, Are you really a human!!? But… That attack is useless!!」

Once Kousaka swung her sword, the the giant fireball vanished and only the small bullets remained. It was a repeat of the fight against Morial. After seeing that, La Veil finally understood the characteristics of Kousaka’s Holy Sword.

「Hmmm, I see! Magic absorption is your holy sword’s characteristics」

「Even if you know that about my Holy Sword!! It would still be useless if you cannot win!!」

When all the effects of the magic and light show finished, La Veil descended and once more posed with her Halberd. A smile then appeared on her face.

「I understood that magic is useless, then I can only fight with my flesh and blood. Let’s do this, a battle so fierce that it makes your blood and flesh tremble! Come Herooooo!!!!」

La Veil continued on confronting the Hero. Even with her strong body, the damage of the Holy Sword still penetrated her defenses even overcoming the effect of her dragon scales. But even while shedding blood all over her body, La Veil did not stop, even when her legs were torn and her wrists were slashed and was already blown away she still continued.

There were sorrowful cries from the audience, and there even some that were pleading to already stop the match. But each time they asked to stop it, La Veil refused with only eye contact. Kousaka didn’t care about it, she continued to chop up La Veil as much as she liked, and at the end, La Veil was left with missing arms, bathed in blood and barely standing.


「Haaaah… Haaah… Seriously… You’re too persistent…」

Kousaka was out breath from too much movement. There wasn’t even one among the demons that she faced that were as study as her.

And as for La Veil, she only admired the strength of the Holy Sword. Losing to some legendary weapon was something she hasn’t experienced for quite a long time now.

「……Again, as expected, a Holy Sword is indeed strong…」

「Of course… It is something that can defeat a Demon King even if the wielders are only Humans after all.」

「Kukuku… I guess so, this is probably good enough right?」

「… It can’t be helped… Since killing you is not allowed, I will let you go this time, then see ya later…」

「…Is that really how you feel」

「Why you!!」

At that moment Kousaka turned back after trying to leave the place and then delivered a kick to La Veil sending her crashing into the wall. La Veil stopped right after hitting the wall and a cloud of dust surrounded her.

『The match have already been decided!! Please stop any more attempts of attacking!! Recovery team, please immediately help La Veil-san as soon as possible, hurry!!!』

In the fight that ended up becoming too unreal, the inside of the stadium became turbulent. The stage was a mess with all the blood and flesh splattered about. The arms and feet that rolled around was making it even more graphic.

「Eh, you are… Participant Aidle-san?」

Before everyone noticed, Aidle was already at the place where La Veil was, and she was holding La Veil in her hands, who was supposed to be buried in the rubble of the broken wall. She was holding a Red Jewel in her hand and was gently stroking the cheeks of La Veil. Her expression covered by her hood cannot be seen.

「Because I’ll be the one to help La Veil from here on, you can go, I can use Recovery Magic.」

「Oh, Oou…」

After saying that to the recovery team, Aidle carried La Veil while restoring her form as she moved to her waiting room. Restoring her appearance perfectly without blemish totally shocked and left the recovery magicians, who witnessed the feat, dumbfounded.


When she arrived at the waiting room, she stored La Veil’s 『Skin』. Only her main body remained in her hands. Then after pouring magic power on it, she did a 『Teleport』 using dimension magic, and then Aidle walked quietly once more.

Her fist was clenched so much that she wounded herself, although it was cured immediately with Fairy Magic.

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