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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 37

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La Veil



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Chapter 37

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Chapter 36 Shopping Challenge

TL: Yuki



La Veil’s PoV


I pulled Arena away from the plaza, we are now checking around the merchant stalls. Because we carried a large cloth bag, it is fine if we buying in large amounts.


「La Veil~ We didn’t join~?」

「Master told me to stay away, and didn’t she left a task for us to do?」



You are really showing your support for her. Master also left 300 gold coins for our shopping. It is such a precious thing seeing their relationship of relying with each other. It is kind of enviable to ancient ones like me who have been alone for a long time.


「Well then, first on the list are vegetables. Let’s go Arena」



After finding the shop, I was looking at the vegetables arranged in front of the shop. The shopkeeper sure has a big body. I recommend that you should get some exercise.

「Oh. Welcome to my shop. Is there anything that you would like? 」

「Well, Owner. I desire vegetables that are on this list」

「Okay, let me see… is what written here seriously what you want? Is it even possible for you to carry all these? 」

「No Problem, As long as I put it all inside this cloth bag」

「O, Ok」


A total of 35 silver and 13 copper coins were paid for the large amount of vegetables. It seems that more of these should be good for Arena. I picked up the bunch of vegetables placing them all on inside the cloth bag and ending the vegetable shopping a little early.


「And done, Owner. We will be taking our leave」

「See ya~」

「… … …」

The shopkeeper was so shocked that his eyeballs would almost pop out at any moment while holding the bag filled with cash. There will always be very surprising events if you have lived for a long time, Owner-san. Don’t mind it.


「Next is weapons huh. We need to choose properly as told by master. Is there any weapon you are good with Arena? 」

「Nn~… Nn~… Nn~…?」

「I guess you don’t know. It’s fine. Let’s properly choose one later. Let’s check that weapon shop there」



After passing by a few alleys, we found a shop that has a good amount of weapons displayed. I placed our baggage in front of the store and secured it with draconic magic then entered the shop, but I wasn’t able to find the shopkeeper.


「Oi, customer. Are you trying to destroy the shop? Or are you aiming for the shopkeeper? 」

「What the heck are you blurting out just as they came in!!??」

After I enter, I was greeted by a clerk that seemed uneasy, and a big man with an un-kept beard. I wondered if something like this happened before. How pitiful. Well, not like I’d care, anyway let’s proceed with shopping.


「What I am looking for is a long type weapon, because I haven’t decided on what it will be, can you recommend some for the time being.」

「…Ah, Long Type is it, then you can probably find them over here, so what kind of long weaponry would you prefer?」


I wonder if I could be considered to be too tall? Well if compared to Arena then I am really tall.

「I want it to be heavy as much as possible. As long as it is sturdy, it would be good.」

「How about something like this then, If it doesn’t suit you then we can find something else」


What was offered was a big battle axe. It is indeed long and has big blades on its side but it is probably not good for piercing. I lifted it… Well, it is indeed long but it is also too light. It will probably break if I swing it normally.

「Something like this is useless for me, something more heavier is what I need  」

「Eh? Are you seriously a woman? Well then… How about something like this? 」


What was presented next was a Halberd with a really large blade. Using this for striking would probably be good, the craftsmanship is also good. It is also much heavier than the one from before. I tried lifting it with one hand and swing it a bit. It’s good that it didn’t break.


「You sure have ridiculous amount of strength lifting that with only one hand…」

「Don’t mind it, this is quite well made, Shopkeeper, I like this one」

「Ah… Fine, I get it… What is that other person doing? 」

「Mu? Arena? Where did she go? 」



It seems like Arena’s been checking weapons on a corner of the shop guided by the clerk we met earlier. She came over carrying daggers. They look simple and the materials used seem to be good. Looking at its blade, there were characters engraved on them.

「The jou-chan there also seems to have found some good stuff. That one is engraved with magical runes for MATK. There’s only a few of them I have at the moment. Are you a magic user jou-chan?  」


「Having 2 of that would be enough to improve their power better. Though using more than two of that is kind of hard. 」



The shopkeeper chose 2 that is in best condition out of the bunch of daggers that were presented. Good for you Arena. I will also devote myself for further improvement and research.

「So, is this all?」

「Ah no, I need to pick up something for one person」

「Hou. If that’s alright, then go ahead. Anyway, are you sure that it’s fine to decide something like that on your own? 」

「Yes, I have been given permission to do so. By the way Owner, do you have any weapons that could damage or cut Orihalcum」

「Hey, something like that won’t be found here!!」


The shop keeper grumbled and went back inside the shop. Then carrying a single sword placed it on the table. Oh, this one sure is giving off quite a dignified presence if compared to anything else here.


「This one here is an incredibly sturdy yet really heavy type of magic sword. It’s something that was sold by a veteran adventurer from long ago and was only accumulating dust in my storage since that time」


Fumufumu… It is indeed 3 times heavier than the weapon I’ve chosen. In order to use this you would need at least 4000ATK. Well, if the one using this is master, it will be fine.


「This one is good, how much is it?」

「You seriously want it… That thing, just take it as a freeby. The price of the others should be good enough. 3 gold coins for each weapon but I’ll give a discount so 5 gold coin for the pair should be enough 」


「Ai~ Here it is~」


I placed gold coins one by one from the bag that contains our funds. A total of 8 gold coins were placed. The Owner nodded in confirmation and smiled.


「Alright then. Owner. It was a good deal, thanks and farewell」

「Ou, I got to see something good too, be careful out there」

「See~ Ya~」

We continued to wave with the people from the shop until they are out of sight. Well, it sure is a surprise that there are a lot of good people out there.


「Arena. I can’t seem understand what living as a human would be like」

「Is that so~?」

「That is so. Now then, after that errand we now have free time. Is there any place you wanted to see Arena?」

「Looking at accessories!!」

「I see, then let’s go」


Accessories huh. Well every girl certainly desires them. There were a lot of stalls for that on the streets.


We went back to the main street and after walking for a bit, we found a stall selling accessories. The products were made from processed metal. Previously, I remember seeing wooden ones and silver ones, but most of them were processed from gold.


「Ooohhh… What impressive luggage you have, welcome robed people, please enjoy checking out our craft」


We were surprised by the words told by shopkeeper who was startled a bit then we continue checking out the products on display. Most of them resembled flowers. Checking out the customers, I noticed that there were hardly any men found. I can understand that because this place was probably aimed for girls.


Though I’m not really into this kinds of things…


「La Veil~, La Veil~」

「Yes yes, did you find something you like?」




She showed me three brooches in her palm. This is… Fairy. They are in the form of a fairy carrying a blue, red and pink jewel. They are also making something like this huh.


「Proof of Party~!!」

「I see, you want to make this a symbol for 『Fairy’s Banquet』」


She nodded with a big smile. How lovely…


「We want to purchase this. By the way Shopkeeper, do you have boxes to store them? 」

「If it’s given as a gift then there are some. It will be priced though? 」

「That is fine, we don’t mind」


We brought the three brooches for 30 silver coin and a box for 1 silver coin. The wooden box was then wrapped up in white cloth. Arena is now having a face full of joy. Now then, shopping should be done with this. I should bring this baggage back to the Inn first, or else people would look at us strangely.


「Arena, let’s bring all of this to the Inn first, we can then continue looking around after that」





For a while now we have been wandering the streets. Well most of it turned into eating out, after a while Arena started to become drowsy so we returned to the Inn. I placed Arena on the bed and sat on the other side. It’s almost Dusk already.


「I wonder how long will it be till Master return? Should I check out the situation for a bit out of my own selfishness…? 」


Everyone was singing and dancing and the crown seems to be swinging something that glows. Is this the instinct that is unique to Master as a Fairy? It looks like everyone is enjoying. But did she really have to go that far taking off her hood? But you know, I thought it wasn’t really necessary take it off.


And besides. I have been enjoying this more than I expected, than when I haven’t formed this contract. I also knew that my own conciousness would be pulled along with my contracted partner, but right now it is very pleasant having a contract with that Fairy.


In the past, all humans have been afraid of me. From fear they held weapons in their hands and a storm of abusive languages in their mouths. Even if not all humans were that extremely warlike, but their mentality was really horrible. Well, after several hundreds of years, they even have thought of us to be on the same level as monsters so matters went from bad to worse.


And after all those times, I have now found a Master that is fun to be with. There are also a lot of good people that surrounds her.


My only wish is for you to give me an enjoyable time you know? My Master…




「Now then, everyone, I’m still keeping this up!!」


「Hey, when is this going to end…」

「Probably… Until the Red Dragon materials sold out, it would probably stop at that time」


After that, the concert went on without stopping, and it continued until midnight.

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 36



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So Enjoy…

Chapter 36

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Chapter 35 Aidle Concert Live in Haval

TL: Yuki


A lot of people were gathering at the plaza at noon that day. People from the streets also gathered. It was because of an announcement that will be proclaimed before the opening of the festival.

A huge object of around 30 meters was place on the center of a platform. It was covered with cloth and what was inside couldn’t be seen, yet everyone was aware as to what that is. It was easy to conclude, because the Lord’s army is surrounding it.

「Everyone. Thank you for gathering today」

A man started his speech on a small platform set up in front of the covered object. It was the administrator of this city, Lord Carlos Dabble Cotoise. At the same time as the opening speech, the soldiers gathered on the edges of the cloth and grasped it.

「It was a Grand Scale event, Yes… and many sacrifices and mysterious events have overlapped, that’s why it was decided that a Grand Presentation will also be held. Everything is because of the request of subjugating a Red Dragon. Every adventurer probably would ask why, why was there no rank designation, why didn’t I judge it wrong. I know, I take full responsibility of that. All I can say is sorry… I was a fool who sent the future of this town, the younger generations into their annihilation」


The adventurers were puzzled. It is unexpected that nobility would apologize to his people. Certainly, they have thought they were foolish people being blinded by the rewards, and as they fought they hated the lord as to how impossible that battle was. However, it is supposed to be at the persons own self-accountability and self-responsibility.


「And as to why such a thing happened, At first it was supposed to be a request handled by all the towns surrounding area. But after some time I was ordered by a royal decree stating that Haval should be the only one to handle it. I didn’t really know why the king announce such a decree so I sent an ambassador to the royal capital to verify things for me if it was really the truth or not」





After that I came out. I have never shown myself in a big crowd like this since that concert on Fairy Town. What the difference would be is that the eyes of adventurers looking at me were criticizing looks. On the other hand the merchant and town citizens were murmuring 「Goddess of White Waters…」 that seems to have already been ingrained.


And right before I knew it I was already being introduced. It was Drew-san who gave a speech this time. Hey, I was telling you not to decide things without my confirmation. You should have told me in advance…




「The person here is Aidle who have been doing requests alone in this town when adventurers were absent and… … … … She is also the one who defeated this monster!!!」


At that announcement the soldiers removed all the cover at once, and the figure was exposed to the people. From the adventurer’s side, I could hear some people screaming. It is after all a monster that symbolized their imminent death.


「Red Dragon… … … …」


It was a word that was muttered by someone. And to those who cannot forget that figure.


「Yes, this was the reason of all the suffering. This person alone subjugated it! Let me say it again… The name of this person is Aidle. The only S Rank Adventurer and renowned Hero of this town」



「「「「… … …」」」」

Since everyone was silent, Dabble-san sends me an eye signal. Ra-ise-up-your-hand? Why in Morse code though? Or maybe it is a similar concept that exists in this world? Well, I got it. I rise up my hand to my upmost limit.




A great amount of cheers came from the audience. The voices of the merchants were exceptionally loud. Oh, I can also see Arena jumping at the back going 「Wooooah」. Sorry La Veil if you can’t keep her down…


「And in celebration for this event, it is decided that the whole of this Red Dragon is to be donated to the town!!」


More praise and applause came coming in.

「「「Aidle!! Aidle!! Aidle!!」」」


My name was being shouted by all but the adventurers. Don’t you know your name will become a legacy of this town? It’s fine, what about it?


「From now on the dismantling of the Red Dragon will begin!! Everyone, sing, party, drink, and enjoy it to the fullest!!」


「「「「Please wait just for a moment!!!!」」」」

Suddenly a group voiced out from the side which halted the cheers. Turning to that direction, adventurers came rushing in and they were the ones I’ve met before.


「Oi, Lord-sama. Is it really fine to decide things just like that?」

「You people are… the A rank party from the subjugation right?」

It was the party leader of the subjugation team. There were also many young adventurers that came along with him probably to voice out their complain. Everyone was having an angry expression.


「Is it really true that this frail looking woman defeated that Red Dragon Alone? The real thing is indeed here. There is no doubt that it was the Red Dragon we’ve fought, but how did she take down, and you didn’t secretly ask backup from the capital and have the people there subjugate it right? Don’t just take away our part in thiiis!? 」


All the adventurers started making fuzz from this argument. If that is really true, then the Lord will have to present this Red Dragon to the country using this city’s funds. And even if they got some profit from the Red Dragon, it won’t be provided to the town. Or more like, there will be no funds to supply the adventurers of this town,


I looked at Dabble-san’s face. It’s a face of worry as to how to turn this over.


… Ah, enough of this, isn’t it fine already? I activated synchronization with La Veil, since Arena is also near her then she can act quickly.


『La Veil, I will be releasing the limiters of my fairy’s instinct in a moment, move away from here as quickly as possible』

『Mu? Yes, I’ll proceed immediately. What are going to do, Master? 』

『It will be something that I also did back when I was on Fairy’s Town』


I created a wide stage as high as the platform where the dragon is placed. Adventurers were alerted due to my sudden action and took out their weapons. Dabble-san also tried approaching me but I hold him back signaling by hand.


「Wha, What do you plan on doing?」



Surely enough, fairies love festivals. It is in there instinct that no matter how high their INT is they won’t be able to suppress. When I asked Testania-san about that, I remembered that she said it was a fairy’s inevitable fate.


In the first place when fairies live in an environment where they don’t live as a group, they would normally activate fairy magic unconsciously.  It is a defense mechanism to prevent them from being detected by people or monsters. And the more individuals there are, the stronger the burden becomes.


And what will happen at that point, they will be attacked by extreme fever, and their thinking would be dulled. I tasted the effects of that a lot when I was fighting with the Red Dragon. And also, that fever helps in triggering a fairy’s instinct.



And in my case it is this.


Taking off my robe, I tossed it away and I am now dressed like an Idol.


「Every——————-one———–, Nice———— to meet———- you all!! ♪♪」



Smiling with rainbow colored eyes, hair with a gradation of red that is shoulder length. Clothes that doesn’t resemble that of an adventurer, but a beautiful dress filled with ribbons. This is my way of life.


Holding a microphone made from fairy magic in one hand, I will make this plaza into a concert venue. My instincts as a fairy are overflowing. By the way, I was only opposing the instinct and it was being held back, the reason would be because of that. When I was in Fairy Town, it was fine for me to ignore all the shame due to the instinct.


「I will introduce myself once more, I am Aidle, Nice to meet you all!!」

「「「… … …」」」


That is a normal response, but they sure are stiff. Well, they are not fairies. The response is as expected.


But they don’t realize yet.


A Fairy’s power erodes such reasons quite easily.


「Heeeyyaaaa—–!! I am really sad if there is no response—-!?  Please respond—–!! 」

「「「… …Ni, nice to meet you」」」

A response has been made by the people.


「So low! Again, with more energy!! What day is it today—!!!??」


The children, mainly those around Yae responded in a loud voice.


I create sparkles from my hands then manifested huge dragon made out of flames in the sky. The dragons were many times larger than La Veil was flying around. Adventurers looked up and were startled. The merchants were cheering more grandly than before.


「Ohhh, This is a festival that everyone have been waiting for!! I have been thinking that everyone in the will be smiling, so I did my best!! I’ve been doing my best to this time and even defeated the Red Dragon!!」


When I flick my hand, the flame dragon was instantly frozen and became an ice dragon flying in the sky while dropping sparkling ice particles. The cheers increased some more.


「That’s why I want everyone to enjoy today, I all of you laugh at the bottom your hearts, because everyone’s smile is the power of this town. As everyone’s support will be the support of this town—-!!! 」


When I flick my hand once more, the frozen dragon descended towards me. Activating fairy magic, I created a sparkling rainbow spear above me.



The children cry out while smiling. The giant dragon opened its mouth.



The merchant’s also raised their voices not losing to the children. The giant rainbow spear also grows steadily. At the same time the Ice Dragon is also increasing in size.



The voices of all the people overlapped with the children and the merchants. Closing in, the ice dragon was now in a size that could swallow the whole stage. The rainbow colored spear which became gigantic was also pointed at it’s mouth.



Everyone’s voices become one.




Unleashing the rainbow spear, it shatters the rainbow dragon and disappearing into the sky while creating a rainbow bridge as its trail.


The shattered dragon became sparkling silver particles which created fantastic scenery for everyone. Everyone then looked at each other and was thinking of the same response to earlier.


「Eryone———The Festival——–now———Begins————–!!!」



From the center, the start of a bright music festival began. I start dancing while holding Psyillium Light. The surrounding people were also holding them which I created using fairy magic. When everyone started following my movements, and that became the trigger to start of my solo live.


The Festival Begins Now.




「Ne~ La Veil, are you having fun??」

「We will enjoy it later, so please be patient for now until we finish shopping」


「Oh, aren’t those some sweet treats over there?」

「Want to eat!!」Smile~!


(…Simple child…)