The Main character of this story. A woman who did her best to survive the harshness of life in her previous life. She died at a young age of 17 years old. Her inclination to love cute things have already been present in her previous life and sometimes it overflows. She was then reincarnated in the her next life in the world of 『Alvana』, and she decided that she would live her life more positively. She treasures the that miraculous meeting with her best friend, a cute fairy above everything else.

Image: Aidle


A young and curious Water Fairy who always goes out on a walk. She
miraculously encountered the helpless and confused Aidle and helped her. She was a fairy that was born whom was just been born from a world tree, because of her young age she immediately became attached to Aidle because of the closeness of their age. She loves Aidle as much as Aidle loves her. She has the habits as normal fairies which is being curious and enjoys playing around.


『Testania Fairliner』

A fairy who have long started a play as Queen of Fairies that ruled over the fairy town that was close to the area where Aidle emerged. However, because she was playing her role in all seriousness, her status is quite high, she also takes the initiative to train out herself. She was dedicated in investigating the crisis that was befalling the world and sent Aidle and Arena to investigate. She is also determined to move if the need arises. She was also trying to find out the whereabouts of the previous queen. She wants to ask the previous queen the meaning behind her name.


A Fairy who have been with Testania since childhood and was her playmate. She also assigned herself as Royal Guard and now stands as her bodyguard and was watching over Fairy Town along with Testania. Because she is also doing her role seriously, she have become considerably strong. Because her hobby is training to improve herself, she often trains other fairies along with her when she trains. After doing her role-play for a long time, there was a time when she realized just how embarrassing she acted and was quite ashamed of it marking it as her dark past. She also considers Testania as her best friend because they were born at the same time.