TL: Yuki

TL: Yuki

ED: Filip


『Continuing on, we will commence the next match for the semi-finals!! We present to you the warrior who finished his battles with a single strike, Participant Genkaku. And, although her appearance during yesterday’s battle was a little scary, we present to you Participant Aidle!!!』

「It is an honor to be able to fight someone of your caliber in this place, Aidle-dono.」

「Un, I was also a little troubled during yesterday’s fight, but it’s a good thing that I am now matched against you. Oh, by the way, if I win this match, is it alright if I ask you about something… Well, you can tell me if I win.」

「It’s fine, I’d also like to ask for something so it’s good.」

『This time also the outcome of the battle is impossible to predict!! Will Gekaku’s 1 hit strike finish participant Aidle, or will Aidle’s overwhelming power crush participant Genkaku?!! Begin the Match!!』

「As expected, you won’t move, huh. Well I already knew that 『Iai』 was not originally used for something like this.」


Feeling something wrong about my stance, he stopped trying to get into the Iai stance. I’m sorry, but this time we won’t be able to enjoy the game, because of my circumstances. Therefore,

『Aidle-chan approaches normally!! Aren’t you afraid of entering Participant Genkaku attack range!?』

I concentrated a high amount of magic power into my sword while walking closer. Fairy magic strengthens my dynamic vision to the limit. Then I stop one step outside his attack range. That is 3 meters away from where he stands.

A stood on the spot for a bit… Then proceeded, stepping inside his attack range…



「……ah, haha……That is quite unexpected, Aidle-dono.」

The clash was so fast that even Genkaku wasn’t able to perceive everything after swinging with all his strength. The tip of Genkaku’s sword was severed and fell on the stage behind me. No other attacks followed that single strike.

「Your attack was certainly fast, so I had to put all my effort into stopping your blade.」

「Is that so… It’s my defeat then.」

Putting back his broken sword into its scabbard, Genkaku bowed to me. I also do the same, then applause came from the audience.

『A battle of a single blow!! It was so fast that it only lasted for a moment!! Still, our lovely Aidle came out victorious!! Congratulations on entering the finals!!』

I picked the tip of his sword and handed it back to him, then he asked about what I wanted him to tell me as we returned to the waiting area.

「So, what do wish to ask out of me?」

「It’s nothing serious, I just want to ask about directions to your home country. I am a travelling adventurer, and I am interested in visiting it in the future.」

「Oh, ok. Then let me write you a guide.」

Genkaku wrote the directions to reach Wado with the paper and pen that I’ve prepared. After writing, he said that he will be going back to his home country when this is over, so at the time we visit, we should look for him at the place he wrote in the instructions.


「Just a bit, Genkaku-san also wanted to ask about something right?」

「Muu… But I have lost qualifications to do so.」

「It’s fine to ask, I will answer if it’s not something too troublesome.」

Genkaku-san was reluctant at first but I was able to persuade him and he lowered his head in thanks.

「……I’m only going to ask if you’ve heard about it but, do you know of a demon called Yamata no Orochi? I am on a journey searching for it you see.」

That naming sure seems like a monster that came out of Japanese mythology. Is it also something that exist in this world? Is it real? Well, sorry, I also don’t know.

「No, I have never heard of it…」

「Oh, is that so… Well, I guess that’s just how it is…」

This time Genkaku went away……


In that evening when I was resting at the Inn.


I noticed that 『Super Synchronization』 was activated and confirmed that it expired. Hmmm…… I see.

「……It’s alright…」

I finally felt relief in my chest. Then I dove into my bed while fluttering my feet.

That night, I heard the two people calling from outside the door: 「We’re Home」.


Next Chapter is about events that happened behind the scene.

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