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The next morning, when I got up and was going out, I met Alba-san’s acquaintances. Every one of them were giving me their thanks for making the delivery of the ores possible, then I just replied that it was part of my job as requested, but they did not listen to my explanation at all and still continued to offer me their thanks.

Because it cannot be helped, I asked one of his acquaintances whom I recognized to call out to him to meet up.  When I returned to the Inn to get a meal for myself and Arena, all the other people have already started drinking so I decided to bring the meal up to my room that I stayed in.


And then when I got ready and headed out to the corridor, I was called out by Alba-san who also came out to the corridor.


「Oh, Ojou-chan, you were up already? I have something for you here. This is the certificate for the completion of the request. I have you hold onto it.」

「Yes, so are we returning soon? 」

「Ah yeah, extra charges will be added if the number of days that was arranged is extended, please prepare in half and hour, we will probably arrive earlier because there won’t be Iron Carriages attached this time when we return.」

「Got it! 」

「Then I will go to the feudal lord first to finish things up so we can depart immediately.」



After a while, we left town without carrying any load, we are now currently basked in warm sunlight as we travel leisurely.



「Well, today seems to be a good day with no monsters on sight, maybe I’m blessed with lady luck.」

「Maybe, but I just found some goblins…」




There were five goblins that came out, but well I instantly annihilated them chanting magic and piercing their heads. The carriage just moved passed over them without stopping.


「In just an instant… Yesterday I’ve only witnessed you using quirky magic, but your attack magic also seems exceedingly strong. 」

「Well, probably.」



I’m planning to show clients some of my power a little bit from time to time so they would believe that everything would just be fine is what I was thinking but then another set of monsters came out. This time it’s just one Orc. This time I asked for the carriage to be stopped and then released wind blades towards the Orc finishing it, then went to get it and stored it in my back. Alba-san was staring at my back again but he could not understand as to what is inside my robe.


「What’s really inside your back… If it’s that Orc just now, it should have been at least a hundred kilos you know?」

「Trade Secret…」



It is me alone is what that mystery is you know. Fuahahaha..



In the end, today we actually encountered several demons. It wasn’t a fixed number or type which includes goblins, wolves, bearwolves, and orcs that seemed to go in a rotation. Well because I instantly kill every one of them and store them other than goblins, the result was there not having a delay on our travel time making our arrival much earlier. We still passed by and rested at the lake were we stayed at last time.


「It is really amazing that you can instantly kill all those demons, but still having something in you that can store all of that is much more amazing right!? Ojou-chan, are you really human?! 」


「That’s a lie~♪」

Yes Arena, correct answer. Let me rub your chin as a reward.






I stroked Arena’s chin inside the cloak. She sure is such a sweet and cute one.



Today I also shared food to Alba-san. It was the same Roasted Orc Meat as yesterday along with some fruit juice.



「You don’t usually have something like this while on a journey, I do not mind it though Ojou-chan because it’s me, but don’t do something like in front of some stupid people.」

「Well, I’m not that stupid to do that, I’m only doing this because I know that Alba-san is a good person.」

「Really, then it’s alright…」


Iya, the old man is embarrassed and blushing a little. There is no demand for that though.





And then after travelling for a few more hours we finally arrived at Haval. The last encounter was just some weak demons so it was quite peaceful.



「Why are the merchants gathering at the Plaza?」

「Well, I don’t know myself but, let us proceed.」




The merchants there were waiting for something. It seems like Drew-san persuaded them successfully.


When we arrived at Alba-san’s home, Pad-san who was living in the same neighborhood ran towards us as soon as possible.

He looked relieved as he confirmed our safety. Alba-san also hastens along with me. They sure are on good terms.



「Aidle-san! Alba!」

「Ah, Pad, I offer you my gratitude. This one here is a really good girl.」

「Is that so… Aidle-san, thank you so much really, for accepting this request, I have been indebt to this person by quite a lot, so I can’t just leave him alone without helping.」

「It’s fine, then I will be heading to the Guild now, is it alright?」

「Yes, it’s fine, I’ll be asking for your service again some other time.」

「Yes, See you then.」



While waving my hand towards them, I left the place and went towards the guild.





The guild is still empty as usual. I walked towards the window and called out towards Rena-san. She showed herself soon. I cannot believe that you are dozing off although you are in the middle of work.



「Oh, you’re back Aidle-san. Was the request finished?」

「Yes, here is the certificate of completion.」



With a sigh of relief, Rena-san received the certificate. Were that worried about it? It doesn’t seem to be the reason why you looked tired and dozing off right?



「I have confirmed that you have completed it… and more, subjugating a bandit group… I understand, then this will be your reward for the achievement.」


When I checked the reward, it was a total of 50 silver coins. This is… 500,000 yen!!! I can really earn a lot as and adventurer.



「Right, I have also been told that when Aidle-san comes, I would bring you to the guild master if you are free, so is fine right now? 」

「It’s fine, so are we going now? 」

「Yes, please follow me here. 」



I was brought to a big room in the guild, when opened there were a mountain of papers all over a desk that was placed in front of Drew-san. Perhaps the he has noticed us while beind buried on the other side and only puts out his face to greet us from that place.



「Oh… you have finally arrived? Well I didn’t really worry about that at all.」

「You look really tired though?」



I picked up one of the papers and read through it, most of it were complaints towards the guild.



「The Adventurer’s Guild already explained what they are doing, I did explain to the leaders and even the feudal lord. But everyone that I’ve recommended didn’t have the courage to take it, but still a proposal I submitted have been approved. See this here.」


What the guild master passed me was a designation request for one person.



「Everyone have already gathered at the plaza and is ready to move out anytime. You can depart as soon as possible.」

「I’ve been expecting this so its fine.」

「I have convinced most of them, but there are still some stupid ones who needs PERSUASION so do be careful.」

「Hai, I’ll be going then.」



By the way, Here is the content of the request.



Merchant Guild Escorting: Designated Request


Remuneration: 60 Gold Coins


Contents: Escorting multiple merchants belonging to the Merchants Guild.


Completion Condition: Escorting to Canaria, with shipment along, protection of the people.


No Designated Rank


No Number of Parties Required




Only I alone can do this request because there are currently no adventurers in Haval. But a long distance escort would be impossible alone. However, because there are adventurers in the neighboring town of Canaria, yesterday a story was that if people would be escorted there, then they would like to have a contract. It has been requested by multiple groups at once.



Still, this is really an unusual exception. It is simply impossible for an F Rank to do this. And because of that, I updated my status for a bit. I wonder if it’s fine to show this much to convince them.



Aidle (15) Lv.95

Race: Human


HP 1308/1308

MP 3056/3056

ATK 1063

DEF 752

MAK 1541

MDEF 1327

INT 100

SPD 1894


Skill: Sword Arts (B+) Four Attributes Magic (A) Cooking (C+) Adjustment (A) Concealment (A+) Detection (B)



When seeing that, the reaction around was quite funny, Rena-san’s jaw dropped off as if it was dislocated. It seems that such status would already be worthy of being A Rank in adventurer standards. There aren’t that many humans who would reach that much.



「That really surprised me… It is safe to say that the power level has no problems so they will be quite relieved, then I will go along to explain it to them together. Ah, you also have been promoted to Rank E. 」



Don’t tell me about something like that so suddenly. The impression for the achievement would be cut by half.



「Aidle~ good job~, good job~」



I’m pumped up Arena-san!!



When we arrived at the plaza, all the merchants turned their eyes towards us. It was around 30 groups with 1-3 people per group for one carriage. The total is around 80 people. This sure is a big move.



Among them, an old man that seems to be the representative talked to us. Proceeding towards Drew-san, they seem like two of the same people with different point of perspective.



「Have you finally brought it? Are you really sure that this Ojou-san here would be of use? 」

「You can confirm it Hilte. This one would probably be more qualified than me you know? 」

「…If what you say is true, then I’ll leave it at that. 」



And then I showed my status board to the old man called Hilte. He then turned towards me while raising an eyebrow. He has the looks of someone who couldn’t believe it. Is he aiming for a discount or something?



「Little girl… You were called Aidle right, can you demonstrate you’re magic? If you can, then do something that would be helpful for this request in a way that can convince us. 」



Is this bullying? Drew-san also stood up and was glaring at Hilte-san, but Hilte-san seems to just brush it off.




「You see, even if this is a dedicated request, I just want to verify it with my own eyes. There are lives of merchants at stake here. If I deem it to be not enough, then that’s the end of it.」

「You seem kind, grandpa.」

「g, grandpa?」


Ah I blurted it out my thoughts.



「Okay, Hilte-san, I just have demonstrate it to show you.」

「Yeah, right.」



For a bit I imagined what magic I would use using fairy magic.



「Make a mirror of myself as water dolls, reflect me and keep increasing as the number of those who are powerless! 」



After chanting, I started walking while leaving behind a shape which resembled my own figure. I around the merchants and created a total of 160 water dolls. Each of them had a sword and was standing still.



「「「… … …」」」

「Wall of earth, reject everything that stands in my way」



A then created a wall of earth higher than the houses around the streets and surround us. I need to increase my voice but it doesn’t really matter.



「Water Dolls, rip it off with you blades!!」



Every water doll turned into a sharp sword, then shredded the wall of earth continuously. The wall was shredded to the ground and was turned to dust. After finishing off the wall of earth, everyone return back to their doll shape. When I flicked my finger, every water doll loses their shape and went inside the small container I prepared.


Capacity looks impossible? I expanded the contents of the bottle so it’s fine. And then I displayed the bottle to the merchants.



「I will lend this water depending of the number of people in your group. Please prepare a small container and line… are? Hello?」


Why are all of you in a flustered state? Don’t you need any of these? When I was in the middle of thinking about what happened, I was suddenly assaulted by everyone with great momentum each holding a water bottle in their hands. Oh, the pressure. That was scarier than fighting with a demon… scary merchants. They did still line up in the end.



「Wha, what is with that ridiculous person? 」(Do not say something like that here!!)

「Ah, I admit it… these merchants are also in a rush after all.」


It seems that the two of them were quite overwhelmed by the situation. It seems like if I keep this up, more and more will be doing this again. In the future I will definitely have to set a maximum size limit for these.



After finishing the distribution of water to the merchants, everyone left Haval.





「Ojou-san, do you wish to sell that water to me? 」

「This will not activate without me you know? 」