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At first the merchants were all seemingly dissatisfied. Well that’s to be expected because the escort appointed for the request is only a rank E not to mention, a little girl.

Even if there aren’t any adventurers available whom they can rely on, to waste a large sum of 60 gold coins for a beginner rank is just out of question. If that was the case, it would have been much better for them to try their luck running their horses to its limit till they crash.


So everyone’s first expression of the girl was plain 「Suspicious…」. She covers herself in a robe only have her mouth the only part you can see on her face. They can’t even confirm if she was a human or what she was thinking. It might even be a probability that it was one of their acquaintances.



「If she won’t be useful, we will just do it ourselves even if were forcing it.」


Is what Guild Master Hilte said, but Drew-san still kept on convincing him who was thinking that this was just not worth the price. But when the girl in white stopped them and did something, then things went way beyond out of place. All the merchants stared at the girl waiting for what she would be showing off to them.


However, what she displayed was not something plain or easy to understand, it was something that made even their commonsense broke as merchants that are considered to be wise. A changeable water doll that can be easily ordered, that turns into a sword capable of slicing an earth wall as if it was paper. They were staring at the earth wall which was about a meter in thickness. And then to the 160 water dolls that pulverized it.


It is something that even a great wizard can’t do. More like it is impossible for them to even execute it. And because of that, the merchants immediately accepted it. They were forced to believe that with that girl their safety would be secured.


And that belief will become a reality to them soon.





And now we return to the current situation, where everyone is resting near a lake. At that moment the ground was suddenly shaking. At first they thought it was just a small quake, but it became stronger and soon the identity of the cause came into view to everyone.


「A Horde of Demons!!!」

「…What’s the size!」



The total number of wagons was 30 and was forming a very long line. The distance between each wagon is around 150m each. There are a lot of monsters from coming from every direction. When I confirmed the number of monsters attacking using detection, there were more merchants than the total number of monsters.


50 goblins

30 bearwolves

15 orcs

3 rock lizards



This is a number that can’t be taken lightly and can wipe out a village. For adventurers, a total of at least 100 would probably be needed. Currently everyone is in a break at the lake side. Everyone is either refilling drinking water or resting letting their horses take a drink, and even if they are organized they won’t be able to depart quickly. Everyone will definitely be targeted at this place.



And so I raised my voice to call on everyone.


「Everyone, release the water!!」


The merchants that were almost in a state of panic hurriedly opened their water bottles. The water dolls took their figure and surrounded the merchants.


I divided the 160 water dolls to each target. 10 for the goblins, 30 for the bearwolves, 40 for the orcs and 80 for the rock lizards. There were a lot for the rock lizards because they are the strongest ones among them.


Nameless (1) Lv.42

Race: Rock Lizard


HP 2633/2633

MP 754/754

ATK 364

DEF 1235

MATK 295

MDEF 1456

INT 28

SPD 95


【Inherent Skill】 Rock Skin


Skill: None



Rock Skin

『Inherent skill common to rock type monsters. I give increased correction increasing PDEF and MDEF. 』


It is walking on fours and is around 8m in length. It has a robust white rocky skin covering its body. And because of this inherent skill, even Norn-san is having a hard time killing it. Some of the merchants were crying and screaming in despair.


For now I asked the merchants near me as to what they know about the monsters.


「Are three Rock Lizards coming out at the same time common?」

「It’s not! Even just one of those would need a subjugation squad to be organized! It’s even sometimes being compared to a dragon!! … Encountering three of them is just…」

「I see…」


All designated water dolls moved to attack the rock lizards, but they didn’t really give that much damage.


Even if I let all of them focus on one trying to take it down, it can only slow it down. I don’t think they would even be able to take down one of them. I guess I have to move into the next plan of attack.


「Water, manifest to me and become my sword!!」


All the 160 dolls then merged together into a single gigantic lump. I thrust my hand inside that lump and compressed the water. Then the mass gradually shrink turning into a single sword.


Despite being water, you can’t see any undulations on its clear surface and would even be mistaken as a jewel. Oh, you they were locking into me. Seeing me holding a sword and approaching the rock lizard, it intimidated me.



As I approached the rock lizard, it released a tremendous tail whip towards me.


If I’m hit by something like that, it would probably my body like a match stick but I swing my sword towards the tail without fearing it.


And it was torn without any resistance.




In reality, my sword that is compressed water is actually spinning in a really fast speed. If I used water jet from a long distance, the damage would just deplete and it won’t even matter if it hits, but if used in melee then I won’t have any trouble regarding that.



「Look! It’s wounds was frozen!!」


Because a rock lizard’s whole bode can be used as materials on the level as dragon class, I don’t to waste it even its blood included. So I stored the severed tail right after slicing it then quickly finished it and quickly storing it. The other rock lizards have sensed the danger and was about to flee.


「Hora!! Running away is a No no, come back here!! 」


The two that was about to run were also finished off by slicing their necks and was stored immediately. Well, in that short battle I used a lot of MP. My MP decreased by around 100k after finishing off everything.


「Now then, is anybody injur「「「Woooooooaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!」」」 my, my ears 」

「Unbelievable, to be able to defeat such a large demon on your own! 」

「Really, to be able to kill that many demons!」

「It’s a magic I haven’t known! Please let me know about it! Also please sell the Rock Lizards to me!!」


Everyone was showering me their praise, but I wonder if there’s enough time for us to depart like this…


「Ah… can you sell me some of those rock lizards?」


It’s here~

(Instant money…)


They are really the embodiment of commerce. Every one of them is really the very idea of a merchant. While I am storing the remaining monsters, the merchants also prepared for departure and then we finally departed. I was asked by them if where am I storing all of those, but I just answered that it was something like a dimensional storage bag. I showed only a part of it behind my neck without actually exposing anything.


Actually, in the battle earlier, everyone was probably certain that it was me who was manipulating all those water dolls, but in reality all the precise movements were controlled by Arena. Molding the water into water blades, also molding the water to stay in the containers, and keeping them in shape is also because of her. So it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this victory is thanks to Arena, it is definitely not an overstatement.


「Arena gweit??~~」

「Greater than a president」



It was already turning dark, so we decided to camp out for the night. I was speaking with an elderly merchant which was the representative of the leading group. Today’s menu is Rock Lizard Steak!!!


「Do you have any idea why what caused that horde attack today?」

「Probably, they were attracted to the magical power of everyone, because we came out of the city in such a large group, they got confused from detecting the large amount of magic power that their instincts kicked in and decided to attack? 」


Then again, those that actually noticed my presence and tried running away, but then again I didn’t let them escape finishing them by using the water blades, so I don’t think there’s really any reason they attacked though.


「Anyway, we will depart towards Canaria early faster tomorrow in the morning, so let’s have the horses be well rested for today.」

「Alright, I agree, is it OK if we depart after sunrise tomorrow?」

「That’s alright that includes preparation for departure I guess. By the way, I am now about to deploy a barrier of either water or earth for tonight, which do you think is good, if it’s water I will detect any monsters that come in contact with it but with earth I can physically block them. 」

「I don’t for the horses to be cramped up and end up slowing us tomorrow, so a is it ok to request for the water barrier, still it really amazing how you are able to use such magic…」

「Got it, then good night~ 」


When I am about to enter my tent, I spread out a water barrier covering everyone. Even if something tries to invade, it will be detected by the barrier informing me. Using this is really convenient. Having flexible shape, tasteless, odorless, and is also excellent to use as a trap. When we are using this, places that has high concentration of water makes this really useful during subjugations.


「Then Arena, I’ll be sleeping first, good night~」



Early, way too early…


… Kishin, wishun, zazush

… Kishin, wishun, zazush


I got up several times during the night, but since they were all just goblins or wolves. I subjugated them as quickly as possible. But this is really a big mistake… I can’t sleep.


「Uwooo~ Mornin~…」

「Mornin Aidle~」


Ah, yes morning, though I haven’t really slept well. I am about to sleep just any moment now, when I finish this request, I will definitely sleep a lot and please don’t wake me up.



「Ai, ai sar~!」

Un, that’s good enough reply I guess.


「Ojou-chan, you seem groggy and out of it, are you ok?」

「Ish fine, I’m just bad in the morning, Let us move.」

「Okay, okay, then let us depart!」


With confirmations from the leader, the last sprint began. Were you concerned about my physical condition, the move was much faster than yesterday. We also encountered a few demons along the way, but they were just on the level of goblins, so we ignored them and continued moving. A few hours later when the sun was at its peak, I can finally see the city… finally it has come to an end.


「We are really grateful, Ojou-chan thank you for securing our safety.」

「Not yet, you can give your thanks once we enter the city.」

「Hahahaha, such an enthusiastic and dependable one, we finally arrived.」

When entering the city, you need to present your ID in the gate. But with a big group, it will definitely take some time. So during that time, I continued securing their safety until everyone was inside the city.


「Now then, let’s see…」


Although I wasn’t moving in place, I concentrated on my detection, but I look behind, the only one left was the leader’s wagon.


「I’ve confirmed everyone’s safety. Thank you, the request was completed perfectly.」

「Can I have the certificate now if possible. I’m really sleepy and want to go now」

「Oh, then here, please accept it」


After confirming the certificate I also joined the others and went into town. Because I look kind of suspicious from the soldiers view, but when I showed my ID and the certificate the leader had given, I got in without problems.


「I am really sleepy so I’ll be sleeping at the inn for today, so it’s our farewell here.」

「Ah, please take a good rest, see you then!」


After saying our farewells, the leader moved towards the circle of merchants. I also made my way towards the nearest Inn in a hurry.


~~~~Sooo sleepy, time to sleep~~~~




「…(Pachi, …Pechi)」


A 24hour shougi challenge was started by Arena(alone).