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「Yes, yes… You’re cute… Good grief… sigh」


I was invited into Melchora’s room and now turned into a hugging doll on her bed. As to why this has happened, it was because Vannua-san and Earl Astel were in a meeting as to what will happen after this, and here am I waiting for it to end but was invited to go to Melchora’s room.

I was push down in bed by her, and now turning into a hugging pillow was completed. Ah, please stop rubbing yourself to me, Are you supposedly trying to imitate Arena.


「Anou, Melchora-sama?」

「Please call me Mel, I also want you to please stop using honorifics when speaking to me.」

「Yes, but why?」


Aren’t you being too docile now? Is the really the same person as that one before? Her Dere is much stronger than her Tsun.


「Why did Mel seek strong men?」

「About that… You see, Father was part of the Fighter Faction for a long time, but father have always said that 「A strong and kind noble is what I seek as a son-in-law」 and that is why I also believe that I will definitely fall in love with that person.」

「By the way, when did you start thinking about that?」

「It was probably around when I was 4 years old」



I see, at that stage, were you moved because of that and was like a maiden dreaming of such fate, and as a result, you kept on searching for the strongest prince like person and slighty got twisted because of it?


「But well, most aristocrats of this country which are young men were definitely weaker than father, if its in the knight orders, I know there are many strong but only poor nobles mostly belong to that…」


That means everyone is pretty much the same. But it is really difficult to become strong if you don’t have any battle experience, and if there is no one to help you when raising levels from fighting against demons you know? It is an act that would endanger the heir of nobles letting them go out to fight demons especially strong ones.


「But, I finally found that person today, Onee-sama is who I wanted!!」

「But I am a woman you know, I can’t become a mother!! 」

「I want Onee-sama as my waifu!!」

「What, is Mel-chan a reincarnator?」


That childish face resembling Arena sure is adorable, but is it because you were born as a noble that you were able to learn such useless things.


And then finally the heavens have granted my wish, there was a knock on the door. You don’t really have to make a grumbling face you know Mel-chan.

「Aidle-sama, Melchora-sama, the meeting of the guild master and the Earl is over, please come over to the living room」

「Well, shall we go now Mel-chan?」





When we reached the living room, the two of them were sitting on a long chair.



「Melchora seems to have totally been captured by you. Hahahaha」

「Melchora-sama, you seem different from usual?」

「Astel-san, she’s your daughter right? Aren’t you worried about her future? And you Vannua-san just shut up!!」


Since Earl Astel has also told me to ease up after those events and has been told to stop with the honorifics, I am now speaking this way now. I guess he is more confortable speaking this way because he is in the militant faction. It was usually an unforgivable sin if you speak to aristocrats this way, is what Vannua-san conveyed to me before. That’s why I know about it.


「Mel is only 8 years old, if she wants it she should do it, I want to let her be free for as long as she can. If possible, I would like to find her a partner when she is around 13 to 22. She still has at least 5 more years to enjoy. I will be able to find a strong and fine noble heir from another country if there is no other here I guess」


It seems kind of rushed up. If compared this to my previous life, 13 years old would be a junior high student still wearing a school bag yet already married. As for me, I don’t want to be bound by something like that at the moment.


「So, what happened regarding the clean-up of that?」


The clean-up I’ve mentioned is about Darius.       It was only that. They have probably finished up everything by now.


「Darius have already been sent to the mines branded with the highest level of slavery as he attempted to hostage a noble which is a high crime, he have probably left the town by now.」

「I see…」

「And because of that, Aidle-san I would like to thank for everything other than the request」

「Isn’t the request good enough?」

「If it’s regarding the battle then that is all prepared, it would be in regards to protecting my daughter which not in the request」

「Isn’t it natural for a person to do something like that…」

「Even so I am personally giving my thanks, I want to be able to fulfill what you request to the limits I am capable of, so is the anything?」



Well… I can’t really think of anything spot on, and even though I do have one, it is not on a level that only a noble can help me with… Right, how about that…


「Well I have a few, First is to tell everyone who saw my face to be silent about it, and to forbid them from telling anyone regarding that.」

「Why something like that?」

「I want to avoid being center of attention if possible, I know someday that will be impossible, but that is not now」

「Is it because of some kind of mission, that you are hiding your identity, could you probably be a part of royalty from somewhere?」

「I am not, but I am looking for a country that could be trusted with a completely different purpose」


The two people in front of me tilts their heads due to my words.


「Is it useless with our country? That is」

「I do not think this such a bad country though is there something that made you change your mind about the country」

「You helped in the destruction of the beastman country and turned them into slaves right?」

「…I see where you stand, is that a standard?…」


Well, that’s about it, I don’t dislike them after being acquainted with them though. But I don’t particularly like the country itself.


「I heard that the country of beastmen was destroyed by the surrounding human nations. I am a person from the mountains, and it’s not really amusing to share that mission to a country that enslaved beastmen and turned them into national property.」

「Indeed, if you see it from a different perspective other than humans or beastmen. It would really be affect the status of this country in a bad way. But you see, this country was forced to join that war.」


This noble person is from the Military Facrtion, e should probably know more details about that. I report this to Testania-san later, for now let’s listen some more.




「So, how did the actual war broke out?」

「Well, the country of beastmen has long been in a bad relationship with human countries. There is definitely a history of looking down each other. But it never really did get to the point that they war would break out. Trade has even been established on both nations, but then a situation which changed everything happened at that one time.」

「And that is?」

「A demon lord was born in the country of beastmen.」

「Aidle-san, that very Demon Lord killed the Beastman King, and half of all the beastmen were corrupted by its influence.」



Is it an actual demon or maybe something like a plague? I wonder caused it? I thought about these troublesome things.


「The cause of it is unknown, even kings in the past have also suffered the same fate. 」

「How were you able notice that?」

「Because a hero would always be summoned if such occurrence happened from the country of Hallia, the trigger for summoning to function is the demon king itself」


Indeed, I can understand that there really was a 『Demon King』 that appeared. But the information is still missing things.


「Why do they know the whereabouts of that demon king that it was in the Beastman Country?」

「it is due to the Miko’s Prophecy」


「There were many churches that support the Heroes, but it was in Leveilrad that is a principality in the mountains, which has a family that has inherited the a skill given by the goddess itself that flows in their bloodline. That was used to find out the whereabouts of the Demon King」


Is something like a dowsing technique used for demon kings?


「Was that Demon King defeated?」

「I heard that the Heroes have defeated it, I am not in the Beastmen Country when that happened, so I haven’t really witnessed it myself…」


So the heroes have defeated it. Has the crisis already been stopped? But that does not explain the weakening of the world trees. I wonder if something else is causing it.




「I see, then next is why did Beastmen turned into slaves? The Beastmen Country already suffered destruction, and the Demon King was already suppressed. But why did they did something like enslaving them?」

「That is definitely because, each of the countries are afraid of the remaining beast might turn into demons. If they are slaves, they would somehow be able to do something if they demonized.」

「If they put slavery collars on them then they can allow them to live on far away regions and villages. It’s not amusing taking their human rights away and force them to work you know? It’s also not good to use those that are innocent as slave labor right? 」




After that Astel-san words were silence. I guess he knew some dark and murky things that was happening. From that Vannua-san only groaned.


「I don’t have anything like excuse for that, because the monsters were almost as strong as dragons, everyone was exhausted and wanted labor force. I know that something like that cannot be tolerated, but that was their political judgment, something that I cannot intervene with. It is definitely too much to blame every one of them but in the case of war the kingdom have to present some sort of reward to the participants, which is one that is commonly understood by the world.」


It somehow sounds like an excuse, but maybe something like this should be directed to the king itself.


「I see, it’s fine, it’s not something that I can solve by myself anyway, let’s get back to the topic at hand. The information about my identity as well as my fighting style and prowess, you can silence everyone at that time right?」

「Un, yes there would be no problems regarding that.」

「Well then, I guess it is time for me to return back to Haval to process my completion requests.」



Ah… Because of how things went way out, I forgot to inform Mel-chan.


「…Are you going home?」

Big google eyes x Teary Eyes x Tears = Extreme Destructive Power!!→ Even though that is extremely cute but it won’t work!!


「Astel-san, Let us fight once more. If you can win against me then you can have her back.」

「Yosh! Let’s make so, that it won’t stop not unless the opponent dies.」

「Wait! Waaaaait!」






「It’s a promise! You must absolutely! Definitely be sure to come back and visit me again! 」

「Yeah, I’ll definitely come and play again.」


After all, it ended up with me promising to visit again. I am an adventurer and I will be going to various places and countries. The mode of transportation at the moment is only by foot, I want to buy horses soon to increase my travel speed.




「Say hello to Drew-san for me, and if you have the opportunity, please do take some request from Canaria’s Guild」

「I refuse!!」

「Hahaha, I’m being hated.」

「If you have troubles involving aristocrats, come over, if my power won’t be able to help then my wife working at the capital would definitely be of help.」

「Yah, please do help me at that time」







And so I left Canaria while being sent off by Astel-san, Vanua-san, Mel-chan, maids and the Knight Order of the Earl. Arena did you have a good time?


「Aidle was aweshome~!!」

「Is that so, ten its fine」







Earl PoV:


After sending her off, I was talking with Vannua once more. About that white robed adventurer Aidle.


「There were many things I’d have said when introducing that girl, but that one sure is a rare case.」

「That is true, Vannua have you also been disclosing the status of that girl?」

「Yes, I don’t know the full details, but I heard from Drew-san himself that she is way stronger than him」

「I see」


If it’s Drew who said that then there is no mistake, however…


「That last movement, when she defended my daughter from Darius, I noticed that she was way too fast even if compared to every part in the kingdom, I couldn’t even chase it with my eyes.」

「Me too…」

「Well, she was talking about something regarding the beastmen but she is not human is I concluded.」

「For beastmen, they have their characteristic ears and tail but there was none, elves are also out because her ears don’t match. Weren’t they?」

「It feels different, maybe a reincarnator or something」


The both of them are having a wry smile and if we were to do something, we might get the bitter end of it.


「If it was really a reincarnation by the goddess, then its kind of suspicious right?」



It’s not really even a case where they could just laugh over it, but well, what’s important is the city and his daughter was saved. Somehow everything ended in a good way.




「Ah! I forgot to warn Vannua-san about that!! … … well, it will probably be alright? 」


Fairies Intuition are always Spot On.