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In that city all the adventurers that can fight left in order to suppress a dragon. That is the current status of Haval.


Although it not that different from the usual requests and is a bit intolerable, at the time the dragon is subjugated, all the materials will be added as profit of the whole city. And so because of that, a lot of people were able to tolerate it.




But in the case of blacksmiths and merchants, it will be different. To get out of the city, adventurers are relied on, but at the moment, they are no present. And as a result, their deliveries stalled, that is to be expected on the people waiting for them too. Not added to that is that, they can’t make money.


Adventurers that arrive are also hired in a round trip, and if not, are quickly enlisted in an auction with other merchants. As the guild is now full of escort requests from merchants, adventurers are ignoring the troublesome stuff and never accepted any of the requests and leave the city in order to return to their home base.


And also the craftsmen were troubled. Making crafts are fine but they cannot take it out of town. Resulting to that is zero income. As for the blacksmiths, all customers that come to buy or ask for repair went away for the dragon subjugation, so they are currently calculating loss for this month.

But then at that time, a ray of light appeared. It was the only one remaining adventurer girl that stayed in that town. Even though she just became an adventurer, she escorted 80 merchants all at once and has a track record of success in bringing them over to the next town and even subjugating a hundred monsters along the way. And because most of the people were from the town itself and villages in the vicinity, the spread like wildfire as soon as it was heard.


And yes, most of those merchants passed a request on the guild. And the guild’s response was…


「If you are planning on the same destination all at once then it can be received in a single request.」


This story was also witnessed and approved by the Merchant’s Guild Leader, and it resulted into a lot more people than the previous one.


The number this time reached a total of 300 people. And yes the request this time was accepted.




Wearing a white robe was a small girl with her face hidden. Well, it is kind of suspicious if anyone sees this. They might have been cheated by the adventurer’s guild. But the one leading the group this time was someone she escorted before. And because of that everyone believed her credibility and they departed, any monster that approached were subjugated by the water dolls and when more than the dolls can handle comes out, and they are protected by a sturdy high wall of earth.


It sounded like a joke if you think about it, but the next day they actually arrived fine on the next town. And of course, something like that is really out of place. The culprit herself has forgotten that rumors would spread all over the place even reaching the neighboring countries and not only the closest towns.


And two weeks later. It was actually the third week that she was released from guard requests.



「Ahhhh… So tired, I don’t want to move anymore, No, I don’t even want to step outside.」

「Good work tired Aidle~ Here, Honey Juice♪~~」

「Thank you Arena~」




I return to being a fairy and is now on the bed resting on Arena’s Lap Pillow. Haaaa… that’s just impossible. I don’t want to receive request anymore. Especially that request to guard 300 or more merchants, my anger levels at that time was almost at the point of breaking out.

If I went into the guild, I will waged by all the craftsmen and blacksmiths for request, and if I go outside even just to shop for skewers, the merchants who noticed me would rush in and gather around me.


I’m afraid at looking at those people. The desperate look on their faces was scary. What are they going to do if Arena gets traumatized? Although the person in question was just laughing but it seems like she is probably just pretending.


「Requests, are you going to accept any?」

「That’s right… at the moment, things seems to have calmed down…」


In the last two weeks I’ve been working like a horse, doing at least 5 requests a day. Ore transportation, Well Digging, Hunting Materials from Demons, Escort Missions and Babysitting in an Orphanage.


Well, babysitting is more like a healing job. The children were cute and I also provided them with games for amusement from way back.


「And also, giving me that title… It’s just embarrassing thinking about it it. 」

「The Goddess of White Waters~~」

「Don’t say it… please stop~~」


Embarrassing… Such a title was attached to me by people because of my white robe and water magic. Every time I am asked for a request mission, they would call me with such name and end up cheering, it makes my back itch every time I hear it.


Well anyway, what I wanted at the moment is to rest. I’d like to go out and play with Arena. After that I would like to win at least once in shogi.


Kon* Kon* Kon* 「Aidle-san, are you in?」




「Seems like it. That can’t be helped, I’ll be going out~」



Ah, my moment of bliss was interrupted. I immediately Humanize and wore my robe covering my hood over. When I opened the door, a familiar face was there. Recently Rena-san who looks like a ghost from exhaustion was already having her makeup start to fall off.


「What’s the matter this time?」

「Ah, as I am so busy processing all of those achievements, I was told by the guild master to inform you about raising your rank」

「Ah… I guess… Alright, I’ll come along」


Ahhh… I wanted to rest for today, but increasing rank is important. At the moment I am rank C+, next is B. I wonder what the exam will be for that?





「You finally came」

「Ah, my bad, I was too tired」

「I understand, I’d also like to do this quickly」

「If that is so then I’m saved」


Even the guild master looks tired, even though he’s so buffed up. I guess even if you have a strong body, training the mind is just way different I guess?


「As for the contents of the exam… you will be exempted. Completing an escort request of more than 300 people, it won’t even be an exaggeration to call you S Rank after completing that request. So we will just update your card for the time being.」

「Alright, thanks」

I’m saved… If I was requested of something like that again, I would definitely refuse. I give my card to Rena-san and sat on a chair.



「Ah right, Hilte-san for a while now have been running about all over clients, he was angry at them saying that they should respect an adventurers freedom and not push demands absolutely」

「Well, he was a nice grandpa after all」

「Thanks, I’ll be sure to inform him of that」


Drew-san said while laughing and holding a bottle of alcohol. No, more like, what are you doing in the bar aren’t you working in the guild master’s room?


「Aidle-san, here is your guild card, it is now Rank B」

「Thanks, Rena-san」


I store the card back using space magic. Every time I do this with prey I hunted, the merchants would always ask me about it. So I will have to make something like a substitute to it making it look like it is something else.


「B Rank already huh? You are the first to raise rank that fast in less than a month, other than heroes that is…」

「Heroes also register as adventurers?」

「There seems to be a lot of them that do monster subjugations. The current Hero is also an adventurer. The current is said to be SSS and was considered the strongest among them」


Is the Hero someone who was summoned? Because there is someone like that, then it might be a perfect match for what I wanted. I wish I would meet them someday, but that is if they are easy to talk to…


「Ah the topic somehow changed but, are you doing anything today?」

「I want to go home and rest some more but…」

I did sleep a lot these past few days but it was not enough… I want more of Arena’s Lap Pillow.


「I see, so you won’t be taking any escort request for today anymore」

「… Well, that’s how it is…」


To be honest, request like that are harder than anything. I can’t sleep well, I get assaulted by a lot of questioning, I could not focus on just the escorting. How many times have I almost fallen asleep on those jobs if I wasn’t careful enough.


Then I was handed a request form, I decided to look through it, Hmmm, I guess this should do.


Designated Request – Teaching Quest

Reward – 7 Gold Coins

Details – Teach swordsmanship to the lord’s son

Duration – 1 week

Completion – Raise swordsmanship to rank D, current rank E

Designated Rank – B

Designated Number – 1 person



「Is this person a noble of this town… I have never met with them before」

「Seems like they got news that you received a request as a fighter for a noble in canaria, so they want to meet you by all means.」



There’s no way it was from Astel-san’s side who leaked it. Someone else might have mentioned it. Well, it is tiring to silence everyone so I don’t really mind it and accept this request. Ah, but this time it is only as a teaching instructor? If, that is so, wouldn’t anyone just be good enough.


「Okay, I confirm this for now?」

「Ah, can you go on your own?」

「I’ve passed by the house several times so it’s fine.」

「I see, then go ahead, see if it’s fine with you Aidle」


I was sent off by the two people and several employees of the guild. But a week huh? It is nice of you to arrange a quest for me to stay hidden for a week. I will be able to rest for a while with this request I guess. Well they can’t complain if the one who requested was a noble after all.



「Well, it depends on the attitude of the other side, it might become a serious request.」







「You’re a demon, guild master」


Rena puts a paper on desk as she calss me that. She also was a demon though…


「Isn’t it fine, it will be the same with canaria, there is no one more fitting to take that other than her after all」

「Is that why you raised her to B Rank?」

「That is only part of it. And it’s okay because she can definitely do something about that idiot. I can’t rest assure of the residents safety if that is not fixed. 」



It is kind of irresponsible of me to do this, but I think Aidle will definitely do something about that. Otherwise the future of this town will definitely be grim.

Because of that person’s personality, the request is definitely perfect for that girl to handle. Let’s believe that she can also fix that person’s character.




「It is really bad that they have to rely on adventurers, it’s just a common story though」

「Then please work properly to fix that!」





「When thinking of nobles, it’s always the house that determines it right?」

「Cute Dress~?」

「Arena is cuter right?」


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