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How long has it been since then? Since I have been left in this scrapped building, inside a waste container, I didn’t have a clear grasp of time. My mother, The debts you left behind, I’ve paid for it all… even some of my organs have been pulled out. bathed in concrete inside a drum can without cover.


「Ahh… So hungry… So sleepy…」


Perhaps I’ll die the moment I sleep, I cannot fulfill a humans three biggest desires. If I sleep and die, I think it will much easier because I won’t be suffering too much.


And so I decided to slowly close my eyes……….


The smell or refreshing wind hits my nose. Noticing the glare of bright lights, My consciousness slowly surfaces.


「Nyu–… Did I… fall a-…. ahhhhh..」[TL:just woke up yawning while talking]


I have always been in a state where I couldn’t really sleep but I have probably slept like a log this time. Somehow I felt really great. moreover I don’t feel hungry anymore, It feels kind of out of place having such a refreshing feeling.




However, scanning the area around me, I see that my neighborhood has been transformed into a wonderful meadow welcoming me..




Why a grassland? No matter where I look there is only the bright gentle sun, and the forest that surrounds this area. The air is so fresh and delicious that it feels like you can eat it with rice.


There is no place in Japan like this…  as there should be.


For the time being let’s check my appearance. However I noticed that a bundled paper was left in my hand. Well… I should read it for now…


「Hmm now lets see what this is? [Because you were submerged in the sea while asleep, you have died. As a God I have reincarnated you in this world, I hope that you live freely to your heart’s content along with some information on this paper. PS: You did not even wake up no matter how many times I tried, so just consider this as post-consent apology. I’m really sorry.] … the way you felt sorry sure feels like how a children’s prank got out of hand and they felt responsible for it… or such. 」


Roger that. So it’s like that other world reincarnation stuff right? But I haven’t turned into a baby… As I have verified with my current body, the facts have been proved as such. It is not the body of a human, It has something that only insects or birds should have, well it is still attached to something human-like. as for the face… I can’t confirm it.


「Wings… right… not to mention…」


My body seems kind of small. It gives off the feeling of a dwarf. when standing in the meadows, The grasses around are almost as tall as my height. I am somewhat amazed.


I somehow know of such a creature.


「Have I… been reincarnated as a fairy?」


For now I let’s go with reading what is on the paper, first is about this world, then are various things about my current condition.


The name of this world is “Avalon”. A world of swords and magic where various creatures like angels and demons or even gods and evil spirits unique to this world seem to exist. Heroes and Demon Lords also comes out from time to time. There is also something like status table, it feels almost like an RPG, but well if you die then game over.


And it seems that I have really been turned into a “Fairy”. Why not a human? Is what I thought but, maybe there are some complicated reasons behind it.


Like maybe “It may not be a bad thing if you don’t reincarnate as a human right?”. Or like there is more incarnations of myself in other worlds as well. and they were born as humans, but maybe it will be something that is going to seriously bring harm this world.


If you will bring trouble to the local people it might be so. At the very least I was not turned into ugly guy with gender problems… Nor have I become someone that would surely have something like a really important role. At least it was not like that.


Was there no real reason to it really… Nn?


「Eh?… There was no real reason why I reincarnated?」


As I was reading further, it seems like the direction where the soul moves is different in each world. Depending on the world, there are times when the soul would stay in that world forever without moving around. It’s the same for this world, if souls are not circulated in worlds like these the world will collapse. God is also doing his work probably. This is great!


「Well… in my case that is actually great, but…」


My parents… They were just the worst, not to mention they just kept taking more debts, well as God said if I can really start out again with a new life then it’s all good. There were many times when I was running away that I have indulged myself in delusions of going to such fantasy worlds. Thinking about it now I feel really excited. The excitement that I have never felt before is now overflowing in my body.


Next will be to check my status as it was written on the paper, It says to think “Status Open” so let’s do it as explained.


Fairy(0)(Nameless) Lv. 1


Unique Race: Dimension Fairy


HP: 30/30

MP: 200/200

AK: 3

DF: 3

MAK: 10 {Ed: slightly unusual, but I guess we have Attack, Defense, Magic A, Magic D here}

MDF: 10

INT: 7000 [TL:It’s not more than 9000!!!]

SPD: 20


[Inherent Skills] Fairy’s Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Manipulation, Manifestation Dependency


Skill: None


My status came out like a monitor on a thin plate in front of my eyes, but it was not definitely a normal one, I was expecting a status of an ordinary fairy. Mainly my tribe and INT stat. Even if I check the paper there weren’t any mention of having such ridiculous bonuses given to me, so I’m just thinking that it may be some RNG(random event happenings) stuff on the work. [TL:The RNG GOD is Real!!!]

Especially the INT is definitely not normal, but why? Verifying about it on the paper it seems that it is dependent on the knowledge I possess. I see, probably because of my other world knowledge and in contrast to the lifestyle and state of this world, and probably science is one major factor that haven’t yet developed in this world.


I also verified some information since I seem to possess a lot of unique skills verifying it one by one.


  • Fairy Magic:

『Magic is drawn out from oneself. The magic will depend on ones image in order to cast the magic. Instead of using Magic Power, Clarity of image is required for the magic to activate. Fairy magic is part of Inherent Skills and all skills in the Inherent System is treated as Self/Personal Magic. In the case of Fairies with Fixed Attributes, Fairy magic will be focused on Users own Attribute.』


It’s quite a polite explanation. But Imagination… I guess that means I can use it by nature, but I still need practice to do this. My current status it probably really fragile that it feels like if I’m hit by a stone I’ll die.

Well at least it doesn’t consume Magic Power, It’s all you can cast for practice. [TL: MP and mana seems different probably MP is users Magic and Mana is atmospheric Magic]

  • Fairy Eyes:

『Eyes that can see the truth. Even among the fairy race it is rarely inherited. Among other creatures it is very rare that a skill on the same standing is developed and will only be an inferior version. Disclosure of Opponents Status is possible. And also, it Prevents Targets from telling lies.』


Oh… It’s like the “Appraisal Skill” of humans I guess. It seems luck is with me since it’s even rare among the fairy species. Not to mention it can even pass through a person that is stronger than myself. I also won’t have worries if someone may lie to me. Not like I’ll meet with someone like that soon.


The next skills seems to be related to my race.


  • Space Manipulation:

『Magic that is considered to be the hardest to learn and handle. Enables expansion of space, Rupturing dimension, Item Box, Short/Long range teleportation, and various composite magics. Normally it is recognized as a skill but it is added as Inherent Skill only to the Dimension Fairy Race upon appearance.』


Now this one is rather dangerous, it should have been a skill that consume a great amount of Magical power, but since I’m a dimension Fairy, it has been added as inherent skill and will be able to use it without the need of Magic Power. My status’ weakness is now overturned with this. As I thought that:


  • Manifestation Dependency:

『Depending on ones natural medium of manifestation, Status Correction and Increase will be given upon Level Up.』

Wait let’s think about it for a moment, If it was as I imagined, this will be the most dangerous skill of all. Was I using dimensions as medium of manifestation? I wonder how I depend on that? Now if you see the explanation using “Fairy Eyes”.


Dimension Fairy: A unique species in this world. Unlike other creatures in nature, it is the incarnation of the encompassing Space Void.


… … … OK let’s just not think about it…


I have now understood just how much of a monster I have turned into. I am afraid of how my growth will be like, It’s nice to know that growth rate of races varies but…

Never mind let’s move onto the next problem.


I want to know where am I currently in. If it is a place with demon around. I would pretty much be easy food for them since I’m still not used to this body and how it functions. Not to mention be in a battle just after being born. For now I concentrate on my wings and try flying to get out of this place.


「Ou…Oh…Ohhhh… flying…. I’m Flying!!」


My body begins to float slowly, I then try moving around, up-down, side to side, doing reverse, etc, and grasp how to control it. After 10 minutes I was able to control it as if it was now part of my body.

It seems that this is also a characteristic of this race, so it’s not reflected as a skill or something. But it gets me really excited like those I’ve seen fighting in fantasy manga and such, Well I can’t fly that fast for now though.


「Alright!… Travel time!…I really want to travel, It’s a fantasy world after all, I want to interact with locals, feel the culture, fight monsters, I also want to see big castles too! I have to think of ways to survive before that though.」


I’m somewhat calming now but, earlier i was kind of scared. I have been thinking that something like a “demon” might come out and trembled for a bit… No way right? to battle just only after birth.


「For now, I must search for a safe place to stay… are? Are?」


When I was thinking out out loud I suddenly stopped and turned around, I have been hearing someone calling from behind.


The moment I turned around. there was a “Fairy” that looks like me floating smoothly. has long sky blue hair, indigo eyes and a long plain one piece. I immediately activated “Fairy Eyes” and check the status of the fairy.


Arena(0) Lv.3


Race: Water Fairy


HP: 70/70

MP: 150/150


AK: 12

DF: 12

MAK: 22

MDF: 30

INT: 5

SPD: 43


[Inherent Skill] Fairy Magic(Water), Manifestation Dependency


Skill: none


It is a fairy the same as I look. The first encounter I have is with a fairy of an almost similar race as myself. I mean…


(This is good… this is really good! to have the first encounter of the same race! I may now escape the delusion of becoming demon food. Let’s definitely get along now…)


Looking closely, The appearance of the girl now is a blessing definitely.




As I said to that girl… but also give out the same question. I decided to do the approach to say hello but… I forgot I don’t have a name… For the time being.


「Nice to meet you, I… have just been born… and don’t really know anything…」

「Ohh… I’m Arena! Would you like to come with me?」


Saying that, Arena came close and pulled my hand while making an innocent smile. I won’t regret it even if I’m turned into monster food.

[TL:OK it’s just the start and our MC here is already showing her tendencies(The YURI is REAL)] [Ed: Let’s not forget to add yuri to the tags]


「Ano?… where are we heading to?」

「To the place where I live!!」


…Oooh… a fairy’s home, I wonder what it’s like? I would really like to know just how fairies live. I may also get to know other fairies and know more about the world. Let’s follow then.


For a while now we have been flying while holding hands. [TL:Kyaa ecchi!] [Ed: Won’t she get pregnant!? Oh they’re both female, so it’s ok.][TL: Fairies are born out of POWER of NATURE or by random stuff I dunno if they get pregnant but maybe Girl x Girl can actually get pregnant XD]

We are now looking at the forest as is a wall of trees are in front of out eyes. If I estimate it correctly, it would probably reach a hundred meters in height. The forest seems a bit dark since light can’t seem to enter it, but Arena doesn’t hesitate and went straight in taking me along. this girl sure has guts.


Suddenly Arena stopped after flying for a little while. Hold her head and smelled the floral scent around for a moment. I should also do it too… I guess.


「It’s here!♪」

「But there seems to be nothing around…」


The view is still full of dense trees like always. But it Arena is confident that we have arrived at our destination.


「Perhaps… is it a barrier that hides things?」



Ano~… Even if you tilt your head like that I won’t get it you know? I know it’s cute. But then Arena suddenly hugged me, I don’t really know what it means or she’s just being cheerful but…



「Here?…Ou..There is something, what is this… Scary!」


I moved my hands to the place Arena pointed. My arms then began to sink inside. It was kind of scary. The barrier began to show ripples and I slowly sunk in, but I didn’t let go of her hand and went in together.


Like this… I’ll believe in Arena.


「Ready? Let’s Go!」


「「We’re here!!」」


And then… To this place that I cannot even imagine. A magnificent sight was displayed in front of me. 「Welcome!♪」


… Yup… That smile is definitely cute.



「By the Arena, Why were you in that place?」

「On a walk!」

(… … It worries me that demons are are not attacking)

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