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The night is over and the next day, having drunk too much of the drink made from honey of the world tree, all the fairies including myself have been groaning with a blue face scattered all over the streets.

「Aa, aa, unn, nn, my voice is now OK」

I have been singing will all my heart, my throat sure endured well.There were times when stress has accumulated, I went to the mountains and sing with everything I’ve got. I didn’t even have the money to go to karaoke. Because there are wild plants in the mountains, I was not bothered about food. I didn’t have any problems with that.

「Now that I think about it, for what was this gathering about?」

「It was a ceremony for naming an idiot」

「Ah that’s right!… Oh,Norn-san, good morning?」

「Ah, good morning, Look around at this disaster, usually I don’t drink that much or not until everyone gets drunk, The Queen is also like that」

Looking at the direction pointed by Norn-san who’s looking a bit blue. There was the Queen testania having a difficult complexion, was standing while holding her head.from a while ago it seems like she’s doing a suspicious ritual. right, I did a bit too much yesterday. This time’s event is something that I regret having brought over from my previous life.

「It seems that it’s impossible for the naming ceremony to be held this time…」

「awawa…「Look here」Eh、Arena?」

I’m just making an excuse,then Arena that was sleeping beside me got up and gave me a piece of paper. The writing in it… can’t read.

「Arena, what’s written in here… can you read it?」

「nnnto…『Aidle』tte、is what it says」 [TL:I know that it’s suppose to be Idol but just making it a bit different]

「Hou, that sounds good」

Norn-san who looked into it says so, they don’t know the meaning tho. They’ve never seen anything like that.

「What does it mean?」

「It means, “Those who sing” got it? I was watching what you were doing yesterday and wrote it in unconsciously, the impact of what you did was too strong that I couldn’t think of anything else at that time」

「I see, Arena do you think it’s a name that would suit me?」


If it’s ok to the most precious to me Arena-san then I don’t have any problems with it.

「Okay then, I will have it, I have decided.」

「Is that so. Then while consciously thinking of your name. try to checking your status it should now change on the name column.」

「Hai, hai, eto… nn?」

As I was told, It certainly changed my name, but there seems to be more added that I didn’t know, I just tilted my head.

Aidle (0) Lv.1

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

HP 30/30

MP 200/200

AK 3

DF 3

MAK 10

MDF 10

INT 7000

SPD 20

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency

Skill: Singing (A+)

As a result of yesterday’s chaos “singing” skill have been added and don’t you think going straight to A is too excessive? What I’m concerned is something else, What is this added to the race name that is (Awakened).

Awakened “Awakening of race”. Doubles all corrections at level up. Also, effects of Inherent Skills will be increase significantly.

They didn’t say anything about being awakened just by getting a name right? Is it better to ask Norn-san about it? No, I wonder if Testania-san would be the one to know more details about it. The name is more important now, I’m sure of it.

「Are you ok?」

「Yes,I got a name properly」

「That’s good then again, Aidle, we are pleased to have you with us」

「best regards Aidle♪」

「Un, best regards」

The three people refreshed themselves in the bathroom of the world tree, I then fell asleep sprawled on a big bed.

A few hours later…

「I Don’t you want to do anything on my free time you know? you understand right? Even you would not like to do so. I will cry you know? do you get it.」

「It’s disappointing so please stop it, Testania-san, You see, I wan’t to be strong enough to protect myself for the time being, can’t you do it for me? 」

「Is that your reason for dragging me behind the world tree, your not just trying to be mean?」

「Sorry about that… I promise not to do anything」

I went to Testania-san asking to come with me to a place where we could be alone, Testania-san was still a little drunk and was staggering, so I had to do this, I’m really sorry.

As you know, I was formerly a human, that’s why I’m interested about the humans in this world and I know I won’t be staying away forever. But since I don’t know about where they are, I have just been born and still weak, that’s the reason I decided to ask for training.

「It is good if you want to train but, how strong do you want to be?」

「To the extent of being able to travel the world alone without trouble after leaving Fairy Town, that’s my goal for the moment」

「So you want to meet humans…」

Yes, that’s right. I do want to live quietly in a peaceful place, but my adventurous spirit is burning, so I can’t really stay in place, I’m sorry.

「The monsters around here are not that strong, mostly goblins come out or hornwolfves or a variant of cobrin, so if you want to learn about basic things, I guess you won’t have a problem here, if something strong comes out then I’ll take care of it」

「Before that, what is a Coblin?」

「Coblin is a peddler fairy dedicated to deliver goods to the fairy community and comes to town once a month」

So fairies are also communicating with other. I thought they were a closed community.

「What is their difference from goblins?」

「Goblins are ugly stinky and dirty unlike cobrins, They have kind of a similar name but the difference can be compared to heaven and earth, comparatively coblins are really cute and fluffy regardless of age or gender. When I was young, I used to cling on the peddler coblins. and would stay not until the former Queen Peeled me off.」[TL: So testania was really cute when she was younger.]

Was there  any difference? I can imagine what a goblin looks like, but can’t really imagine what a coblin is like. Let’s look forward to meeting them.

「Well then, let’s prepare things for raising levels, specifically “Fairy Magic”」

「Yosh! Gotcha!」

「Then listen, Fairy Magic is a magic only us fairies can use, and will change it’s trait depending on the fairies race, if a fairy is born with fire attribute, they will be able to use magic of the fire system, if it is born with water attribute it will be good with the water system and will also have a better imagination. It is easy to grasp」

「Is that because they are an incarnation of that attribute, right?」

「That’s how it is, Like me and Norn, Well basically you won’t be able to control it if INT is not that high. and it also depends on attack power, because ordinary children can only use it slightly they don’t really show that much power, on the contrary if someone like me use it… Hora!!」

When Tetstanica-san pointed her hand towards a weird looking tree, magic was activated from her hands, and from that strong pressurized water was shot out with a speed that was like a water jet cutter that easily cut off the tree.

「And so, while using water attribute from [Fairy Magic] I combined it with wind attribute, and the result is this increase in power. 」

「Uwee… This is my first time seeing magic」

「You used it yesterday too you know…」

Do you mean the Idol Clothes, Glow Sticks or the microphone? That would be a nocount coz I was doing it by instinct and didn’t really have any idea how I did it.

「That reminds me, Why is it that Norn-san and Testania-san have ordinary magic skills?」

「Ah about that… Etto, how to say this, we only got to learn it by chance, It is necessary for humans to cast in order to exercise magic, We then memorized the chants and was able to use them. Fairy magic greatly depends on INT, but humans rely on MAK  to cast magic, in that sense our magic totally differs」

Still Fairy Magic is much more easier to handle, as Testania-san says. After all you can use it without chanting. There are no limitations too.

「Well you can always try things out first. for now try imagining a small fire on the palm of your hand」

Okay, let’s try it. First close the eyes then imagine “Flame” flickering in my palm.

「yup that’s right keep it up slowly… tte wait… stop! stooop!!!」

「Eh? Are?」


Opening my eyes from Testanica-san’s panicked voice, there was a fire blazing giving off strong heat, instead of a small fire. The burning sound was terrible.

「Anou… Testania-san, How do I stop this!?」

「Eto, eto… ei!!!!」


「Teach me how to stop it please…」

「…sorry, I was surprised!」

Looking towards the girl who was blowing wind into my body to dry up from getting wet, I faced down and apologized. Look over here Queen, I am over here. I then asked for information regarding the phenomenon of race (Awakening) if she knows about it.

「It was a story I’ve heard about from the previous Queen, as she have told that the founder of the nations was an awakened person」

「is there anything else?」

「I have never seen it happen in this village, but as long as I listen to the explanation, it is definitely that phenomenon that is the cause, it not so surprising why such power was generated while only imagining a small fire. there also seems to be more than just that.」

For the time being. I would be necessary to train with power adjustment. I don’t really want to accidentally make the forest turn into scorched earth. for now I should focus on practicing with water or earth system instead of fire.

「As expected, the power is really different if the INT is high. oh that’s right, you want to travel into human villages right?」

「That’s right… I want to see a variety of activities.」

「Then it is required for you to learn humanization skill」


Beings such as fairies and others with high intelligence can take the form of humans using magic power and imagination. Among them, fairies are the closest to humans so they have an easier grasp in learning the humanization skill. In the old days fairies were also often in contact with people.

「Besides, Norn-san and Testania-san, No one in town have ever went out right?」

「We don’t really feel like going out of the village. There are currently a lot of fairies who are scared of people so it can’t really be helped that, for on the other hand have no fear towards them because we known of their ways before. so do you want to visit them when you get a lot better? 」

「Yes! i’d love to!!」

And after that, the days of training with Testania-san began.

「And because of things I’d also like to learn about swordsmanship training!」

「What happened to the Queens training??」

While lowering my head I asked about this, Norn-san looks at me with an amazed face.

The place if ofcourse behind the World Tree again.

Then again… The fact that leaving the training to Testania-san alone was also what I had in mind at first. Because I was told that I have been learning things at a really fast pace that I thought that I also want to be able to do close combat battle.

「But my swordsmanship is only  hobby of mine you know?」

「Did you really raise your level that up just because of your hobby?」

To think that she would get that serious by only playing around, But well to fairies doing something interesting to them is a must… or so I think?

「No to mention, do you think it will be useful when journeying as a fairy? Well if you are thinking about attacking monsters with this small body, don’t you think it will only be a disadvantage. Also using Fairy Magic would give you more of an advantage.」

「Regarding that, Testania-san is currently teaching me how to “humanize” so I would like to use swordsmanship when I’m in a humanized state.」

「Ah, now I understand. but do you have ways to shrink or enlarge a sword?」

「Because it is now possible for me to store a lot of things using storage from “space magic” I won’t have any trouble about weapons」

There are also no problem regarding consumption of magical power since I don’t need it when using this skill. right now it can contain an amount with more than any number of warehouses I can’t see the limit to it. Well at the moment there is nothing inside of it.

And so Norn-san giving a convinced look, agreed to help me train with swordsmanship.

「Then let’s go to the plaza, because it would better to do it there.」

「Why is tha so?」

「Making it as a leisure, many fairies have been doing it, It is impossible for them to train by themselves, because most of their moves are self-taught, and because of that they isn’t anyone who would be called a master.」

Oh I see… Maybe I should make some playing tools for them… I’d like to offer it to everyone… something like board games.

When I got into the plaza, the moment I look around I quickly found people playing around sparring.

「Ah, So that’s why」

I was watching the situation and made some realization. Because fairies can fly, unlike humans they can also fight in the air. Both sides are floating in the air doing acrobatic movements while meeting their swords. that’s all there is to see.

Norn-san went and talk to those two people.

「Suiren, En Dol, can you listen here for a bit?」

「Oh! Norn-chan, no probs here!」

「Norn-ane. That’s quite unusual」

One of the girls seems to be a cheerful one with aqua-colored hair. The other one is a calm-looking boy with reddish swaying hair. both of them are talking normally, so everyone have been living quite well.

「Oh, Aren’t you the child from yesterday! what’s your name?」

「I am called Aidle, Nice to meet you?」

「Nice to meetcha! I Am the water attribute fairy Suiren! at the same time the one here is the Fire attribute fairy En Dol!!」

「Best regards Aidle, I enjoyed yesterday’s banquet」

They introduced themselves and shake hands with me. Because fairies are all really friendly, It’s a place where people like me even with communication disorder can live happily.

「the both of you, I would like you guys to teach Aidle swordsmanship, that is if you didn’t mind it, are you willing to cooperate with me?」

「If we are given more opportunities to play, we would be grateful!」

「There’s no problem here」

I have noticed what Norn-san have been planning. It is the fairies way.

「Yosh, let’s start this at once! Beginning with the basic steps! 」


「Keh, hi, yo!… Ko hi yu!… Oueee…」

I Can’t feel my arms. Sweat from my whole body won’t stop dripping. and I struggling just to breathe and stay conscious. Eh, what is this? My physical strength is too little!?

「Ah… Aidle, there was a problem with you before learning swordsmanship. And that is  your physical strength is lesser even if compared to the Queen. It was strange though coz you’ve been singing like that for a long time in the party yesterday.」

Having a sorry look at her face, Norn-san doesn’t seem to be pleased with it. Iya, it wasn’t really my fault. I did the same exercise menu as those people constantly sparring and and having high physical strength with only having poor status. It would really be obvious what the results would be for an amateur if it did such a task.

「First of it would be running…」

「It seems so is it…」

It was then changed into a game of tag on the next time we do it.


「Alright, Shall I begin the studies?」

「Bring it on!」

I and Testania-san are in a room inside the world tree. It looks like a classroom, there are also blackboards and chalks. Testania-san is having a nice smile wearing while wearing strict-looking glasses. she seems to be having a blast.

「It is quite strange that humans have different writings compared to fairies even though the language they speak is the same.」

「These are characters handed down by our ancestors, Because it is troublesome if everyone can’t communicate in times of emergencies unless the language is in tune with humans of that era. well then, I will explain from today about how fairies have been created and the basics of human letters 」


As scheduled, It will be Testania-san’s magic lessons in the morning, Norn-san’s body training in the afternoon, and Language and Learning at night.

Break time? It will be Arena’s Knee Pillow right?


「However Arena, why do you always want Aidle to be your top priority?」

「… … … I like her, that’s why?」

(Wait just a moment, is that like she meant that kind of like? Or maybe that other kind of like?)

「Aidle is having a nosebleed while in a lap pillow and is murmuring something, stop it!!!」

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