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「Yaho, Sigurd. Where’s Dabble-san? 」

「Naa, you, you were back already!? 」

「You’re in the study again, alright, alright」


I don’t use honorifics with Sigurd anymore. He seems more dignified now than what he was before and he seems to be aiming now to succeed his father. But well, that will still come much further in the future. I finally reached Dabble-san’s study and opened the door. I ignored Sigurd’s grumbles.


「Greetings Viscount Cotoise, I came to receive the Certificate of Completion」


Dabble-san who raised his face from his seat became wide eyed and shocked from the way I delivered my speech. What’s wrong? Were you too busy and is overworking yourself?


「Didn’t I tell you not to use honorifics for me anymore… Well I can’t blame you. But then again, since you’re back does that mean that you have defeated that monster」

「I have already Informed Drew-san regarding that, I also heard that they would be setting up a festival regarding the Dragon Subjugation’s Announcement tomorrow and seems that people will be gathered right? 」

「Well, that is to erase the city’s state of confusion. We planned to host a grand festival and that should calm them for now」


Festival is it. There will be a lot of things to see that isn’t usually around and I also want to buy a lot of things, especially weapons with a good bargain price. The only weapons I have left are dismantling knives after all.

「I’ll leave handling all the things to you, my role will be over after I hand over the Red Dragon」

「Understood… Right, if possible, I would like to hand over the certificate of completion when presenting the Red Dragon, is it alright?」

「Ah, is it because you can’t believe me without seeing the real thing?」


Normally it would be unbelievable. Are~, why are you getting nervous now and start trembling from my earlier question? Is something wrong? Is there something else going on? I won’t accept any request anymore though. I want to go to the kingdom as soon as possible.

「No… Currently, the inhabitants seem to have a grudge against me for some reason. I would like to announce the state of things publicly, but I don’t really know how to deal with that decree…」


Ah, yeah, that’s how all of this started after all. If the inhabitants knew about that they would definitely drop their trust with the country’s leaders. Even if I do something about it now, I won’t be able to escape the responsibility of what I have done  since this started.


「I know that this would cover my reputation in mud. But, right now I can’t just make excuses to my son. Sigurd has become more proper lately, but not yet proper enough as a noble. However, the cause for this time is the country. There is a possibility that this was an act to crush the current status. I am only preparing in case the worst situation happens」

「I see, then shall I voice your concern to the king directly?」


I showed my guild card to Dabble-san. He looked at the large S character on the card then stared at me.


「I became S Rank from this request. It is also my plan to meet with the King because of my circumstances. If you write a proper letter of concern on the things you wary of right now, I can do something about it you know? 」

「… It surely is a good offer, I will be relieved if it was you who will offer help」


Even so, you sure are in a critical position. This is the last of my help though.

「I will take this as a personal thing, and not as a request. And because of that, I want you to honestly inform the public. I will also lend a hand in that.」

「For what reason are you collaborating this time? What is your true goal? 」

「I just want to protect my friends along with the friends of my friends」




After that I left the room, and as soon as I got out I kicked Sigurd who was eavesdropping. He got mad of course with a blue vein popping on his forehead.


「You should be more proper and do your best to become a splendid noble」

「The one you are kicking is the son of a noble though, so stop with the kicks!! Also after all this, get out of town as soon as possible, at the very least right after the festival.」

「I plan to do that, but why?」

Sigurd kept talking in an angry voice and was really loud.


「I heard a certain rumor from merchants, they said that a Priestess will be coming to this town」

「Priestess… you mean someone from La Veil Radd?」

「Yes, that priestess, because it was rumored that a miracle manifested in this town, they were saying that they will be making a surprise inspection」

「You sure have heard something useful…」

「I often speak with the guards you see, because I go out to hunt every few days and I heard it at one of those times」


Oi don’t just wander outside… Dabble-san will worry. Sigurd sure has grown up, but it seems the point of growth went to another direction. I could see that he is doing his best though.

Still it’s about miracles right? I heard that the priestess possess prophetic skills and probably saw the event of recovering adventurers from that. It seems that it will really be troublesome if I got involved.


「I don’t really know about the details, but you’re just becoming a nuisance so I think it would be wise if you leave this town soon. It’s not like I’m telling you this because I feel in debt to you or anything」

「Iya, I know already. Still, you acting like a tsundere is gross」

「You, stop saying such disrespectful things!!」


Well anyway, I am also planning to go as soon as possible. Ah right, before that…





Walking around the town for a while, I found the house that I aimed. In front of that house I saw Yae playing. It seems that she was drawing some random things on the ground.


「Ah, Onee-chan!!」


When she noticed me she jumped right straight to me. Catching her with that momentum I swing her in circles as she go kya kya and was enjoying the ride.


「Is Pad-san around? I will be leaving the town right after tomorrow so I would like to say my farewell」

「Ah, father is currently working for another merchant. But more than that… are you really going to go? 」

「Oh… I’m sorry but I am currently travelling from place to place. I want to plan to go see all the countries I could reach」

「I see…」


I’d really like for you not to show me such a gloomy face… I myself don’t really want to be separated from cute girls you know. Now what to do… I guess I’ll use those Magic Words?

「Yae-chan, me leaving doesn’t really mean farewell forever. It might take years, but I’ll be sure to visit this town again. So at that time let’s eat together again」



When I got satisfied stroking her head, I stood up and told her to say my farewell Pad-san again and left the place. As I was leaving, Aina-san noticed me looking at the window quietly lowered her head. I also bowed and waved. Thank you for that delicious meal, please cook for me something again someday.



When I got back to the Inn, I met on the way the Inn Lady’s daughter. Why are you in such a hurry?


「Ah, this time is it the real one? I was really surprised when there were two people wearing the same outfit as you coming in. Because they said they were your acquaintances I led them to your room then suggested that all of you would need to move to a room for three, but is that fine? 」

「Yes, the both of them are indeed staying with me, so thanks for arranging that」


When I stroked her head she was all smiles, so I continued for a few minutes then headed towards the new room. When I entered the room I found the two of them playing shogi again. La Veil was groaning while having wrinkled eyebrows, and it gives a feeling like her face would stick to the board if she continues that.

「Have you been playing since you came here?」

「Aidle~ Welcome back~」

「Master, can you lend me your wisdom, I don’t think I’ll be enough to conquer our opponent」

Ehhh… even I have never won you know… Then the two of us did our best to challenge Arena, but well, all our efforts were wasted as we were mercilessly taken down, in a really short time.


「It’s regarding tomorrow, they said they were holding a festival」

「It has come~!!」

「Hou, an event held by human is it」

「It’s a festival celebrating about the processing of your husk, will you be glad about it?」

「That’s rather complicated for me…」


And so, we planned on what we would do tomorrow. First, shopping is necessary this time and for our trip, then finding weapons for us three, and finally digging the bargains.


「The things we would need for the trip would be vegetables and seasonings, the meat will procured as we travel by hunting. Vegetables are going to be used up first when travelling after all, because we need to keep using them when we are cooking. A tent would also be good, one that can accommodate three people. The current one I have is is small which is for one person only. 」

Well, Arena will be in her fairy for so she will be small when inside the tent. The same also goes for me.

「Will they all fit inside Master’s bag?」

「I enchanted my bag with space magic」


Then next would be weapons. I use it when I’m in human form, and then give one to Arena for self-defense. As for La Veil, though she said that her fists would be good enough, because she is wearing a white robe, it would end up getting dirty with blood every time she fights. I need to force her to use something.

「Muuu… I don’t really… well I guess, anything is fine as long as it’s a long type weapon」

Thinking about long type… Halberds or Spears would be good. Well, I can just bring them to a weapon shop and have them find ones they would like. They are already a substantial threat with their status alone. But in the case of me and La veil, we would need a sturdy weapon than an edgy one.


「Last is the bargains. I want to find anything that would be useful. I also would like to look at magic tools. If not too pricey, I would buy a few and without any hesitation.」

「How much money do we have?」

「There’s a lot that if I live from it I would be able to without problems for the next 100 years」

「from the quests?」

「very rich~」


I have completed more than a hundred request in just a month. Also the number of demons I subjugated are in the thousands. If I sold all of those, and stop counting the excess it would be around 1000 gold coins. If I counted along with the reward, it would be around 5000. It is worth more than 500 million Japanese yen.


「We will be leaving tomorrow so I want us to leave without regrets」



That night, when Arena was already asleep, I ask La Veil about something that I’m curious about. When I asked, I take out make head from the fuwa fuwa futon. It seems that she’s not that sleepy yet. I don’t know if she will be in a bad mood though.


「Ne, do you know about the country called La Veil Radd?」

「La Veil Radd huh? Of course, it was a country that worships me as something like a Holy Dragon without my permission」

「How did it end up like that?」


La Veil got up and explained while having a bitter face.


「It was about 500 years ago, a dragon that was living near that place died because of the end of its lifespan, then I took over that place. Then a few years from that time, news came that a Hero will come and I was thinking that I was going to be subjugated, so I packed at and was getting ready to leave. But then when I was in the middle of preparations, a priestess came and corrected the misunderstanding and was somehow grateful to me as if also misunderstanding something and came to visit for a few times. I was curious so I changed into my human form and visited her country. At that time I learned that the country was named La Veil Radd for some reason and I don’t even know why that happened. Because I felt that it would be troublesome so I quickly moved away scared.」


After that, they didn’t seem to stop that devotion and was even spreading to the nearby countries. It was really troublesome getting involved with those people. I understand why she fled, its Religion after all. Some religion would end up becoming crazier than straight up antagonizing her. Since La Veil was also quite weary with humans, it is really troublesome because she might end up being blamed as a heretic to dragons because she was being worshiped.


「Why bring up that question by the way?」

「You see, it seems like a descendant of that shrine maiden is going to come here maybe the day after tomorrow」

「What did you say… I won’t meet up with them… because the priestess was blessed with a skill that came from the goddess along with her prophecy, even if in human form, she would be able to see through our disguise. It’s really troublesome」

「Yeah,the same for me and Arena too」


A goddess is it? Things like that are really troublesome. Any form of disguise will be seen through so avoiding is the only option isn’t it.

Well, I corrected what I said to La Veil and tell her that we are not going to meet up with that person. La Veil returned to her Futon with a relieved face. Now that I think about it, I’ve been human form for some time now. But well, I will be sleeping in fairy form this time though.


「Don’t crush us when you start turning over okay?」

「Don’t mention something like that at this moment!!」




「What did you say was scary, they brought in a frail human girl to me as live sacrifice. She was saying 「… Please Eat me」with a face close to the point of crying. I yelled at them saying I don’t really like humans.」

「La Veil Radd is better off destroyed」

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