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Several Years have passed since the, I am now 3 years old. I have now completely adapted with the way of life of fairies in this town, I also have been familiar with almost every residents faces.

because of that, I have never gone outside not even once since that day. I also told by Norn-san that I was really lucky not encountering any demons outside, in fact it was actually a really dangerous place that I wouldn’t have been able to survive. It was only a coincidence that Arena have wandered into that place.

So in order to be able to fight against monsters outside, I imposed on myself that it would be perfect for me to acquire『Humanization』skill. And as a result, we have finally achieved that goal at last.

It took me three years to go that far…

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

HP 100/100

MP 250/250

AK 11

DF 7

MAK 22

MDF 25

INT 7100

SPD 35

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency

Skill: Singing(A+) Sword Arts(C) Humanization(S) Four Attribute Magic(D+)

The status values on the board have also risen slightly, I hope that my efforts will show up in numerical values. I was working hard until swordsmanship skill learned, Four attribute magic has also been learned and was a bit usable because Testania-san was teaching me the basics of chanting.

Regarding 『Humanization』, it was exercised more that thoroughly than 『Fairy Magic』. I have learned it in the first year, but it took me two years to raise it acceptable levels.

In the case of language, I am now able to write a majority of used words and their meaning, and daily conversational level of sentences. It was a bit hard for fairies because the shape of letters differ greatly from what humans use, It was the result of Testania-san’s education.

Anyway, this now ends the first phase of travel preparations, finally the second stage will start today,  that is raising levels.

「Are you really sure you want to go with us Arena? It’s really dangerous you know?」

「Want to go~」

Actually because I haven’t gone outside for several years, I was in a state of misunderstanding that if I go outside the boundary surrounding the Fairy Village I would immediately be lost. so I thought of going out with Norn-san to guide me around, then Arena raised her hand to join.

I already told her to wait because it is dangerous, but Arena just doesn’t really listen to anything at all and won’t let go of my hand. By the way, I have never been away from Arena in these three years time. [TL: So Arena is already pretty much your Waifu]

「Well, I’m really happy about that but, I don’t want Arena to be in danger」


「Why are you being this stubborn?」

「now, now… I will be watching over Arena so just let it slide for now」

Norn-san who was coming with me just arrived, I reluctantly agreed to it. Arena then showed a really bright smile and hugged me. can’t help it, such cuteness, I will definitely protect it even if I end up dead.

The moment the three of us went outside, in just a few steps Norn-san have already detected signs of a demon. Even with skills, it would need a lot of time and effort for a person to feel such presence.

「There seems to be several presences nearby, let’s get closer without being noticed」

Because fairies don’t give out sounds even when they are flying, that makes them really great at covert actions. The three people erased as much noise as possible and went to look at the figure of demons, the two of the demons seems to be eating another monster. I have seen those from a book. I checked the status with 『Fairy Eyes』 as soon as possible.

Nameless (1) Lv.2

Race: Goblin

HP 210/210

MP 11/11

AK 45

DF 31



INT 12

SPD 24

[Inherent skill] None

Skill: stick (F)

Oh, that looks really weak, The height is about below the shoulders height of an adult male. As I have known, Goblins are supposed to be short lived demons,they are also easily killed by other demons. However it will be difficult to fight them if there is more than one of them, amateurs would be struggling hard with just a pair of them.There are a lot of them in terms of numbers, it is said that if they are in a group they would come together if a member of them called.

In other words, you must eliminate it immediately upon encounter.

After checking them for a while, I and Norn-san quietly approached them and from behind their view activated 『Fairy Magic』. The image is to create two Spears of Wind. Keeping in mind the sharpness… Pierce them!



I brilliantly penetrated the unprotected head of the goblins. It feels like I’m an Assassin Mage.

「umu, for your first battle, Congratulations on your first victory. Goblins are really weak when they are alone, but they are really troublesome if they are in a group, you did well 」

「That battle was a surprise attack, It’s good that the first fight was like that」

「Aidle Strong~」



「What’s wrong? Did you hear the sound of leveling up?」

「Ohh…So it sounds like this when I level up? I sounds really like a game, seriously」

Well since there’s the status function, it doesn’t seem to be strange. I guess this is just how this world is like when God made it. I wonder if it has anything to do with gods playing around like in the my previous world. for my new life, this actually feels like it will be in easy mode.

「Let’s not waste the moment, why not check it now?」

「I’ll do so」

I just wonder just how much increase on my status the Correction value will affect.

Aidle (3) Lv.2

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

HP 450/450

MP 2530/2530

AK 65

DF 83

MAK 920

MDF 856

INT 7100

SPD 221

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation Dependency

Skill: singing(A+) Sword Art(C) Humanization(S) Four Attribute magic(C +)

[TL:Facepalm Growth Rate and it’s only 1 level up]

「… … what?」

This growth… Isn’t this a little too much? Eh, this is scary. even if we say it doubled up because of awakening affect, the growth rate is really weird. I mean 900 MAK in just one level up. Will it continue to rise like this even in the future? MP has also increased tremendously.

「Is there something wrong?」

「There isn’t really a problem but, It’s just strange, because my MAK already surpassed Norn-san just reaching by level 2」

「Eh seriously!?」

Norn-san also showed a startled expression. oh the expression returned. Going beyond the status of a level 100 person of course anyone would be surprised. I’m having a really complicated feeling.

「Nn, nnn… I see, as expected, A person who has awakened has really the potential to become strong. If that is so. Let’s continue raising the level while hunting stronger monsters. because it is way much better to become strong once you begin your journey」

[TL:OP Monster in the making and you can guess how it will end up]

I am grateful for Norn-san’s suggestion and acceptance without fearing strangeness of my growth rate.

[TL: Fairies don’t fear their kind no matter how abnormal they are but also because of that, they will end up just being curious as to how much that other one may grow because that is their nature.]

「Aidle, Do you want to become the strongest?」

「I want to become strongest!!」

Then we gradually increased the grade of demons encountered. from horn wolf, to orc, to trent, to blow serpents, to elder golems, to tyrant worms, to wyvern, to King Races, to Dragons and all other kinds of strong demons. In this forest and grasslands, why is it that there are so many variations of demons around?

[TL:Like or King n stuff those with KING on name]

[TL:Now that’s how you raise a monster alright]

「This place here is called Hellish Place for the humans, there are even demons here that the Queen and I can’t fight. Even those defeated by Aidle like Tyrant Worm and Wyverns. You normally won’t be able to defeat defeat them without 『Fairy Magic』.」

Right, I also practiced fighting as a Human. Because Norn-san can’t Humanize, Norn-san couldn’t be a training partner for me in my Humanized state. So I could only fight with demons in this state also practice using magic that humans can use. This has really turned into a huge development.

But then, Looking at my status might get you really depressed.

Aiidle (3) Lv.483

Unique Race: Dimension Fairy (Awakened)

HP 5960/5960

MP 852,510/904,032

AK 3210

DF 2546

MAK 20,632,164

MDF 19,558,799

INT 7100

SPD 52,793

【Inherent Skill】 Fairy Magic, Fairy Eyes, Space Magic, Manifestation  Dependency

Skill: Singing(A+) Sword Arts(B+) Humanization(S) Four Attribute Magic(SS)

I can’t even compare it to Testania-san’s Strength, this…

「It seems like I would beat an opponent even if it’s a strong demon with a forehead flick, with this…」

「The sword broke up halfway and it already turn into a brawl」

「Bekki! Bokki!」[TL:Imagine Arena Making a brawl shadow boxing]

The Iron sword I’m using couldn’t handle my attack anymore and it completely broke. Because I can’t help it I just pummeled the wyvern’s body while avoiding hitting it’s hard scales. While seeing me bathed in blood, It was so drenched that Arena even said 「Fire Fairy Job Change!?」[TL:Ahahaha Arena thought she turned into a Fire Fairy because she’s covered with blood]

「I think this should be enough strengthening, There won’t be any problems, but I didn’t expect to finish raising level in just a day. so now we will proceed to the next stage earlier than expected. 」


「What’re ya doing next?」

What to do next. That will be acquisition of new skills. Two things to be specific, which is 『Concealment』and『Adjustment』 . 『Concealment』is to hide this cheat of a status, 『Adjustment』is for holding back and control excess power.

It won’t be funny if I unintentionally squeeze another’s hand why only doing a handshake and make bursting flames the just starting a fire.

「It was a pleasant miscalculation but then again giving you more things to watch out for when going to the human realms」

「It’s alright I think, given that it will lessen my risks of dying, I don’t want to make Arena sad because of that」

「So that’s your reason…」

Or rather, I’ve been doing my best this three years with that as a driving force.


The interaction of Aidle and Arena in the past three years.

Testania-san’s Training → 「Arena Honey Ice Cream!」「Yoi~♪」

Norn-san’s Training → 「Arena Honey Ice Cream!」「Ay~♪」

Language Lessons Before Sleeping → 「Arena Honey Lap Pillow!」「Here Come!」

Testania and Norn (Is it because it’s of Arena that she doesn’t seem to dislike it? )

Even the Author don’t understand this moments

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