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「Can’t find one!」

「I haven’t really realized that the grasslands were this wide… that’s quite a problem」


We still haven’t escaped the grasslands. Though the sun has already risen and fallen twice, seems like we’re having a pinch. Now then, what should we do about this? Because all we did was walk, we are having too much time to spare. Arena is also starting to doze off from my arm. Ah, she fell.


「Can’t help it, I should have just done this from the beginning. Oh well…」


Then I activated fairy magic to sense magical powers, the image is spreading a thin film of magic, then any magic power that gets inside the field will be detected.


「…yosh, found one, Arena, we finally be able to go to a settlement today, keep at it just a little bit more okay?」



Then I started running for a bit, the mass of magical power I detected is now within my range of sense. For the time being, let’s look for a good spot to see what’s happening.


「Oh, There’s people」



Arena’s usual tension returned all at once.  It’s the first time for us meeting with a person from a different race.  The tension is starting to go up.


「…Oh wait, It seems like it’s under attack」


The first human I discovered was being chased by demons, the distance is around a hundred meters away. He was riding something like a wagon, probably a merchant? He seems to be a young man. The Demons chasing… Six Bear Wolves. Their size is as big as a bear, so it’s quite intimidating. That person will definitely turn into their breakfast if this goes on.


「I just can’t stay watching that, let’s help, then we ask for some information after」



I dropped down my hood to cover my face and ran. It is a distance that I can reach in just a few leaps if it’s only around a hundred meters. I intercepted between the wagon and the bear wolves.[TL: Bear Wolf somehow reminds me Beowulf and Beowulf on the spoof movie was gay…]


To me who suddenly appeared, the young man called out with a loud voice.


「Eh!? Just when did!!? an adventurer!!」

「No, I’m different, but I will be helping」

「Eh, ah, thanks for the help!」


I then cast four attribute magic towards the Bear Wolves.


「Wind blowing through, become a spear and pierce through my enemies!!」


Six wind spears were created and moved at high speeds. The spears don’t fly straight as it approaches its targets and then pierces their target close to their eyebrows. Only the last one from the back managed to avoid the spear and came rushing in. Its body is slightly larger from the other Bear wolves, and its fangs are also longer. Is that probably their leader?


Nameless (12) Lv.25

Race: Bearwolf · Leader

HP 245/245
MP 53/53
AK 128
DF 110
MAK 35
MDF 41
INT 13
SPD 220

Skill: Swift Movement (D +), Beast Combat (C-)

I see, is it because of that skill? It seems like it was a demon focused on speed, but then again sorry. Try to dodge if it you can. [TL:Omae wa mou shindeiru]


While raising a scream of doubt thinking that it should have dodge the wind spear but then it was found lodged at the back of its head, and that also ended its life. There was really nothing to it. I can just freely change the trajectory of the Wind Spear. [TL: Don’t think, feel]


「Everything’s fine now」


I called out to the young man riding the wagon. At first the man looks scared, but after noticing the corpses of the Bear Wolves behind me, he slowly breaks out into a smile.