I was so tired…

I leave the gate and go back, I pick up the fangs and blue meat that were dropped after the corpses disappeared, I found a feather which looks like the drop from the dragon while going back the way I came.

…… It is still before the evening.

I washed the leather of a big dog, and let it dried, made the meat of small Dora like before and ate it.

… When I noticed, I was informed that the skill 「cooking★」 was acquired.

I already healed my wound with a heal, Should I sleep now? No, let’s think about something a little.

I am not yet sleepy, and become drowsy… Right?

Umm, … That reminds me, I had a hard fight with that long hair dog, it means that I cannot yet defeat the boss after that gate ….

I still have to raise my level.

I postpone the assignment of STP and SKP, let’s only look at the status now.


– Status –

Name: ARIM

Level: 33


HP :420/420 (30)

MP :460/460 (35)

A (Attack power): 200(20)

C (dexterity degree): 210 (30)

D (defensive power): 200(20)

W (magical power): 215 (35)

S (agility): 210 (30)


– Skills –


[D: summon water dagger magic]Lv 1

[D(X):thunder magic・Kai] Lv 2 [D(X):fire magic・kai]Lv 0

[D(X):water magic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):enhancement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv 1[body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling ★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1

[cooking ★]Lv –


Title: –

Seal: –


…… Oh? Isn’t there a lot of HP?

because I am now Lv33, 330+30STP, then shouldn’t HP be 390? That 3Lv gave me a lot.

Because MP increases by the bonus of the skill, it is not unnatural.

HM? By any chance ……?

I try to see the 「status」 of “level” in detail.

【Because Lv30 is exceeded, every time that level rises, HP, MP, STP, SKP UP by 20, the others UP by 10.】

Oh! Really! This is the progress of level up.


I did a big yawn.

Well, I’m sleepy.

Good night.




I woke up.

Good morning.

Today is also level raising.

which reminds me, I learned 「cooking★」

I will raise it to level 2.

10 SKP was consumed.

MUMU is understood, it’s understood!

err, in the heart of tree leaves, tree fruits similar to white mandarin oranges.

Oh, you can eat!

Because it would be unpleasant if it’s a poison, I ignored it so far, my intuition tells me that I can eat it.

And, If I squeeze the fruit and set it on the meat, moderate sweetness overcomes the sourness … I feel such.

Like last time, I cook a porcelain steak similar to before.

However, it is a little different from the usual loaf meat steak.

At first I understand a fried color, a timing to bake it is perfect.

And the smell.

Why is it different now that I gained a cooking skill?

And… Taste.

I swallowed my saliva.

[I have …!]]

The taste that I squeezed the white nut and sprinkled fruit juice……

「UMMAAAAAAAAAAAAI! 」 (TN: delicious)

I cried.

So delicious.

Good good ZOOOOOOO!

… FUU.

I ate, I ate.

Now, let’s go and Lv up.

There is 460 MP this time.

In the dungeon, there are 14 monsters with light green monster cores and one with blue one.

the light green ones will be defeated with one thunder emission Lv1 from now on.

And, as for the long hair dog, I will shower it with electric shock while getting it wet, like last time to defeat it.

last time, 3.5 water emission and two thunder emission Lv2 was used to damage it.

this time, two water emissions with two thunder emission Lv2 will be enough.

one round consumption MP will be, 220.

I can go for two laps … …!

Then, I’m off.





As a result of this time.

I get 22900 experience points, which makes it 40690 in total.

My level became 41.

STP and SKP aren’t falling.

I’m left with 400 STP and 406 SKP, also, my MP became 700 too.

I will go for three laps tomorrow.

By the way, Because the method to get the material was very good for carrying around this time, I got all the parts that could be removed from the monsters.

Oh, I simply dismantle the parts that I want and left the other parts at the place, while returning I pick up the drops that was left there.

I’ll soon rest today, but it’s still before noon.

Therefore, I make a bag with a large dog’s hide in the remaining time.

As for me, my grade was 8 at home economics from 10.


I was able to make it like a bag.

I made 2 bags with three big dog’s hides, in a hurry.

one for monster cores, and the other one for the materials that I gather in the dungeon.

It was already dark.

It took more time than I thought.

Let’s sleep today.

Good night!



This is the status.


– Status –

Name: ARIM

Level: 41


HP: 660/660 (30)

MP: 700/700 (35)

A: 320 (20)

C: 330 (30)

D: 320(20)

W: 335 (35)

S: 330(30)


– Skills –


[D: summon water dagger magic]Lv 1

[D(X):thunder magic・Kai]Lv 2[D(X):fire magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):water nagic・Kai]Lv 1[D(X):wind magic・Kai]Lv 0

[D(X):earth magic・Kai]Lv 0

[E:soap]Lv MAX

[E(X):sense magic]Lv – [E(X):heal magic]Lv 2

[E(X):ice magic]Lv – [E(X):stone magic]Lv –

[E(X):enhancement magic]Lv – [E(X):weakening magic]Lv –


[sword art★]Lv 1[body art★]Lv –

[spear art★]Lv – [bow art★]Lv –

[dismantling★]Lv 2[leather processing★]Lv 1

[cooking★]Lv 2


Title: –

Seal: –