Chapter 2 – The Citadel City of Misley

TL:Yuki Mari felt the consciousness gradually return, and slowly opened her eyelids while that was covered by her thin fingers. She was standing on a large plaza with two fountains, surrounded by a number of buildings, and a magnificent four-story building at the front when looking towards the east. There were a lot of people

Chapter 18 Parade and Oath

TL:Yuki _________________________________________________ 「By the way, Fal-san seems to be a rare guest in this country of beastmen~」 The moderator speaks. 「Well……I am from another continent after all…… I moved to this continent just a few years ago……」 What I’ve said was not a lie. I don’t want to be a god who obviously lies to

Goddess Chapter 18

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Chapter 1 Mari will be leaving towards another world.

The hot days were finally over, and the season was about to change to autumn.   As the morning sun begins to raise, the clean air of fall flows inside the room of a house in a certain residential area. The owner of the room breathes it in, and stretches out, and loosening her stiffened