Chapter 42 Absolutely Not Allowed

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ It’s been two years since I’ve started living in the capital. At first I was worried about living with Lutie, but she was a really good girl and was mostly worried about me.   Regarding the championships, I have been the champion for 3 straight years now, and Vanil Mirth-san,

Toto’s Journey Chapter 42

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Chapter 4 – As I lead the Hunt

TL:Yuki __________________________________________________ From Misley, we headed west towards a forest near a lake. There was a nearby village which was the one who requested the guild for our current request. The village name was Naruka, a fishing village.       Mari and Sophia departed from Misley early in the morning when it was still

Saint Mari Chapter 4

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The Strongest Fairy Chapter 84

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