Chapter 12 Uninvited Guests and the Adventurer’s Guild

OC: Yuki After taking a little nap, I look outside the window while verifying my current look. Right now, my horns are shorter than usual almost looking like two bulging spikes on my head, the visible scales on my body were also hidden only leaving the ones on my hand looking like a bracelet and

Misaki’s Log Chapter 12

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Chapter 89 Group Level Up ① Underground 1 to 3 floors

TL: Yuki ED: Filip   After entering the dungeon, we arrived at an open area of a forest. It’s in a different dimension after all. The adventurers already there were watching us suspiciously, but I started talking to the children and ignored everything else.   「First, those who are carrying patched bags, line up over

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 89

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Daybreak Summoner Chapter 14

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