Chapter 96 Race Difference and Floor 31-50

TL: Yuki ED:  Filip 「Mika, do you remember when I told you that Fairies are not affected by weather?」 「……yes」 「Good Luck!!!」 「That’s~Just~Un~fair~~~~」   Floor 31 was a wide desert. The sun is burning brightly in the sky, almost at a deadly level. Although everyone is wearing hooded robes, it doesn’t help much in this

Chapter 95 Secure Transportation and Floor 21-30

TL: Yuki ED: Filip There were many huge monsters in the plains, but their levels were as high as the scorpions, and it somehow felt like this is the actual continuation of floor 19 and only those floors while the previous had a specific and strange mechanism attached to it. I couldn’t help but give

Chapter 94 Moving Forward and a Miscalculation after a long while

TL:      Yuki ED:     Filip 「「「……」」」   The children all got up at almost the same time. Probably because of everyone eating regularly, their hunger came at the same moment. A chorus of stomach growling could be heard.   The first thing they all noticed when they woke up was that they

Chapter 25 – Road to Top Idols

TL: Yuki   「What do you mean by establishing a ritual? The beastmen are properly praying at the temples, don’t they」   Intanyu said while looking a bit aghast.   「I don’t mean something simple as prayers. I know that it is an important duty that all priests and shrine maidens dispatched to temples all


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