Chapter 8 The World after Her Disappearance

God’s Realm… Someone was walking in an endlessly white space approaching a female trio that seems to be looking at floating panels that surrounds her.   『Oh, you have finally arrived, what took you so long』   The trio speaks to the approaching persona without looking.   『Well, things ended up a bit complicated in

Chapter 8 Alptrent

  TL: Yuki ……Oi. A few minutes ago, I definitely set up a very obvious flag.   「Ahahahaha……」   In front of me is the dark wolf sitting with its tail spinning around while gazing at me as if waiting for praise.   I was certainly brought to a place with a fruit bearing tree.

Vampire Princess Chapter 8

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Chapter 7 Dark Wolf

  TL: Yuki 「……Nn, Haaah……」 After all the tension was released, I couldn’t help but sit down. My arm was still hurting, but it’s fortunate that my bones were not broken. After I killed the goblin, I could feel a surge of power entering my body. Was that experience points? Now that I think about

Vampire Princess Chapter 7

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