Chapter 3 Legend

TL: Yuki


The world was once in a crisis.

There were nine kingdoms in one continent.

It was a temporary peaceful world built thanks to its perfect military balance.

But it collapsed only ten years ago.


It was around that time that an evil dragon appeared on the faraway lands of the north.


Heading towards one of the northern countries was the feared evil dragon called Colchis.

The dragon devoured people as if mowing rice, driving that kingdom to the brink of destruction.

Several countries joined forces, sending troops in order to subjugate it.


But it clear as day that the evil dragon was an invincible existence.

It’s black and shiny scales were harder than steel, to the point that it could easily repel ballista arrows and battering rams.

And then, from heights that neither swords nor spears could reach, the dragon breathed a red hot breath capable of melting steel and burned people into charcoal.


The battle resulted into a one-sided trampling which made the evil dragon angrier.

The people that it treated as food and toys tried to attack it. That fact was unforgivable.


The evil dragon immediately aimed at the kingdom’s capital, burning its castle down together with every single statesman within.

Furthermore, it spread its route towards the neighboring countries, and all the towns and villages that entered its path were also reduced to ash.


Because of this incident, the three northern countries were wiped out in a flash.

In response to this, the other six countries finally realized that a world crisis was happening.


However, there was nothing they could do.

Even with a large army, it was impossible to injure or even leave a single scratch on the evil dragon.

In that case, what could they do to subjugate the evil dragon?

Adding to that, if they fail, all the countries would be burned down out of retaliation.


If they move the armed forces, there will definitely be retaliation.

On another note, without using the army, their military strength would definitely be insufficient.


The worried countries’ leaders finally found a solution to this problem.


They selected the strongest fighting power from each country, making a team of unrelated vagrants that will attack the evil dragon.

Because there won’t be any country getting involved, there’s no need for them to worry about retaliation.

Also, because the army isn’t the one moving, it’s easy to for them to induce carelessness and they can secretly approach it.


The disadvantage of having a small number of people can also be compensated if they are fighting inside a cave that became the evil dragon’s den.

Or rather, they thought it would be better fighting it inside the cave so it can’t turn the tides by flying into the sky.


Thus, each country selected one of the six heroes.


One country, a human hero wielding a holy sword, Lyel

One country, a dwarf warrior wielding a sacred shield, Gadols

One country, an elf who mastered each and every magic, Maxwell

One country, a human saint that could heal any injury as long as you’re alive, Maria

One country, a sage of the cat people that took down a thousand lives with one command, Cortina

One country, a half-demon whose name is famed as an assassin known as Shadow Wing, Reid

Were selected


In accordance to expectations, those powerful people ended this fierce battle, and the evil dragon Colchis was subjugated.

Without even losing one person, which raised unprecedented achievements— however, that was too much for their home countries to handle.


Lyel and Gadols’ fame shook the throne, Maria and Cortina popularity exceeded the Pope’s powers.

With the exception of Maxwell, who was already a prince of the Elf Country, all the five heroes positions were beyond control each country’s control.

The people of power feared retaliation from the heroes. And then there was the hero Reid…


Among the six heroes, the hero Reid was a heterogeneous existence.

He was an assassin, but he wasn’t evil.

He, who fought and killed according to his justice, was greatly feared.


The criteria of good and evil were purely based on himself, which draw a line between him and other powerful people.

Originally such reckless action would not be permitted. But his fighting strength was enough to push through it.

For this reason, as a hero—it can be said that they were selected as mankind’s trump card.


In the end, they were expelled from their home countries under the pretext of reviving the three ruined countries.

However, it was already a concluded event to them.

The Sage Cortina had already predicted that circumstances would advance in that way.


Of course, so as to not get antagonized, each country gave those rewards as means of holding down their spirits of rebellion.

The heroes knew the real intentions of those powerful people, but they went to the remote regions obediently.


That conflict was useless, they were not interested in political power and just wanted to spend the rest of their life peacefully.


But to the heroes, they knew that an end will come soon.


Everything started with the marriage of Lyel and Maria.

After getting together, the party was then disbanded.

There were no problems in their relationships, the problems came afterwards.


The superior ability they carried was too big of a power for the other adventurers to adapt.

Moreover, Gadols realized the dream of owning a store and retired.

With all main forces retired, Maxwell returned to his hometown where he could bear the title as a king.

Losing their destination, only Raid and Cortina continued being adventurers.


But eventually, there was an event where Raid had to fight against the Demon alone ending up losing his life.

The backup did not make it in time, and Cortina now all alone, also retired in despair.

Maxwell decided to settle down teaching at his newly opened magic school.


And then time passed… It was ten years since then.

Chapter 2 Meeting God (Self-Proclaimed)

TL: Yuki



I found myself in a mysterious space which could be said to be dark and bright at the same time.

My field of view was also filled with colors that I can’t recognize if it’s black or white, and it’s also definitely not gray. I also couldn’t distinguish if I was on the ground or is floating.

I have worked as an assassin for a long time, but in my later years I spent my daily adventures along with the other heroes who scouted me for my expertise.

Even though my perception ability is normal, I wasn’t able to grasp the current circumstance at all.



「Who’s there?!」


I heard someone’s relaxed voice all of sudden.

I can’t tell whose voice it was, nor from where it came from.


But the owner of the voice appeared right before me.


A small figure appeared as if clearing out the black and white clouds that were blocking my vision.

Even though she’s standing right in front of me, I can’t feel her presence.

And, although I could recognize her as a woman, I was not able recognize her face at all.

And then her face became visible, her silver hair, red eyes and beautiful white skin became recognizable. But I’m not familiar nor acquainted with anyone who had those features.


「Who are you…」

「Me? I’m god.」


Although she introduces herself as a god, there wasn’t any ounce of dignity at all in her gestures at all.

No, I can’t even recognize the quality of her voice. Although I can understand it’s a beautiful voice, but I have no memories of it of hearing it.


「What’s the meaning of this? Why can’t I seem to recognize nor understand you…? 」

「Ah, that? That’s my doing. I’m a god after all. If you look directly at my figure, it will end up in a SAN checkmate, you know? 」


「Well~, don’t worry about it. In other words, it will be good for you if your recognition is obstructed in this manner.」

「This is space too?」

「That is, of course.」


The existence that claimed to be a god is the one obstructing my perception.

I decided to believe her this time, although I’m highly doubtful about her reliability.


After all I was already at death’s door at that time.

It’s not strange to actually meet god after dying, right?


「In other words, I’m already dead, right?」

「Nn, that’s right. You are unmistakable, completely, perfectly dead, nothing more than that! 」

「I didn’t really want to hear that confirmation though…」


If my former comrade Maria somehow managed to arrive even when I’m on the verge of death, I would have been able to survive because she’s a master of healing magic.

However, resurrection of the dead was designated as a taboo and was sealed.

It was said that souls must always meant to enter the cycle, as the doctrine says so it’s not permitted to unnaturally obstruct it.

In addition, Maria doesn’t know this technique. In short, it was impossible for her to revive me.


「I see, that means I will be returning to the circle of souls.」

「Well, you can think of it that way.」


While seemingly having fun, the god did a fluttering dance.

However, the next words I’ve heard after that made me think deeply as to what she was implying.


「What is it. Are you telling me that it’s possible to be resurrected somehow? 」

「Well, resurrection is impossible. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any other way besides that. You have quite the excellent companions.」



As a question marks float above my head, god puts her hand on her mouth and「Mufufu」let out an unpleasant laughter out.


「No, it’s nothing. But let me just say one thing.」


「I welcome you to a new horizon! Let’s make a splendid welcome! 」



I was rendered speechless not knowing what this so called god did, and all of a sudden I struck by something without understanding what it was.

Right then, I was immediately by dizziness and my vision became dark.

Am I standing? Am I sitting? I can’t understand, but my vision delineated a marble pattern, like a dribble of milk in a cup of tea.



「It looks like it will begin soon. Well, I also like to using this kind of unfair means.」

「What is this—My body, what is happening?!」

「You’re going to be returned to you original world. Well, I’ve interfered with the success rate just a little bit.」

「Just what are you—」

「Oh, right, while I’m at it lets also add Interference as a bonus」


The self-proclaimed god continued to mutter incomprehensible things.

And then my consciousness was suddenly cut off, and I sank into the darkness.

Chapter 1 Time before Death

TL: Yuki



「Don’t die!」


With teary eyes and runny nose, combined with drool covering her face, the elven child wailed.

Her small maple-like hand was pressed on the chest of the fallen man.

From there, blood was endlessly gushing out of big cut which that reaches down his stomach, exposing his internal organs.

With her little hands, she was desperately trying to close the wound in order to extend the young man’s life.


「PPlease don’t die… Reid-sama!」


The young man attempted to wipe the child’s tears… but then gave up.

His left arm was broken and unable to move.

He wipes the little girl’s cheek with his remaining right arm. But instead of clearing the tears, blood smeared on her face. That blood came from the young man, along with the blood of his fallen enemy.


In the corner of the young man’s vision was the corpse of the Demon he defeated.

On the other corner were the children who have fallen and were not able to move out of fear. They were the children who barely managed to escape becoming a sacrifice for the ceremony.

Among them, only one little girl ran towards the young man to help.

Adding to that, there were children who became a sacrifice in a different place and were too late to be saved along with the priest who was also the culprit.


「Do…Don’t cry… it’s… alright」


He knows that wasn’t actually alright. But the young man was already prepared death.

However, there was one reason why he claimed that it was alright.


It’s because his companion who was supposed to be with him before went escaped.

She was a girl who always followed the right answers and was called a sage. That girl she was able to run away. But that was not pointless move.

Because there’s only one thing she would think about. That is to call for help. And that was because he ordered so.


She’s not very talented at magic.

Even so, compared with average magicians she is considerably skilled, but she doesn’t have the ability to save the young man from the verge of death.

That’s why she left this place, so she can call for others who can help. She was tasked to escape.


「That’s why… It’s okay… right…?」


He struggled to speak only to spit out blood— he knew that his lungs were already being filled with blood— yet he still did his best comforting the girl.


I’ll probably die. Even if that friend of mine did her best calling for help, it will probably be too.

That’s why the only thing I can do now is to reassure this girl.




It was a promise that I couldn’t keep.

Leaving the girl behind, the young man— one of the heroes, the young man who known as Shadow Wing Reid… passed away.