Chapter 86 To Amone

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ The first thing we aimed for was Galania. In order to reach Amone, we would need to pass by Galania then pass through road blocks, mountains and forests. Why aren’t we riding La Veil? Well, it’s because La Veil looked so pitiful and was almost crying. Also, because she wanted

The Strongest Fairy Chapter 86

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Chapter 22 – Hortensia-kun’s Worry

TL: Mabbo ED: Yuki   Perhaps due to the spread of the faith for Hortensia-kun, the Agricultural God, the Saturuses began to show interest in us, as two societies who worshipped the same god.   The Saturuses had several chiefs over small gatherings, since they weren’t a tribe that settled in one country, and a

Goddess Chapter 22

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