Goddess Chapter 18

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Chapter 1 Mari will be leaving towards another world.

The hot days were finally over, and the season was about to change to autumn.   As the morning sun begins to raise, the clean air of fall flows inside the room of a house in a certain residential area. The owner of the room breathes it in, and stretches out, and loosening her stiffened

Saint Mari Chapter 1

I will now add this hilarious new Yuri Series that I have discovered while reading some raws which will be a new project of this site…   I’m still not sure of the release times but I’ll release chapters when I feel like it for now…   And so here’s the first chapter to start

Chapter 9 The Power

TL: JK ED: Yuki __________________________________________________ –It’s that power again…   A dazzling bright sword was in Rei’s right hand. It was the second time that Rinna had seen it. It was a mysterious power which only appeared when other the pendant and treasure both shine. It enhances Rei’s physical prowess to her limits.   「But,

Daybreak Summoner Chapter 9

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