Chapter 13 Final Adjustments and Ruin Exploration

As I continued my travel towards my destination, I adjusted my status once more, finally creating a status that would be more fitting for this world. At first, I thought my adjustments were alright, but after rechecking all the data that I have gathered again, I realized that my status have been a little unreasonable.

Chapter 12 Remodeling and Exploration

After testing a few more test with my skills, status have changed. My current status under normal analysis skills would look like this: Registered Name : Luna Chaos Race: Changeling (Human/Elf) HP 10,000 (25,150,000) MP 7,000 (40,500,000) STR 100 DEX 140 VIT 90 INT 170 SPD 200 LUK 100   Unique Skills: (Infinity Barrier LV-,

Chapter 11 A New World (2)

[Command: Partial Sensory Link Initialize]   I once again opened my eyes, now greeted by a wide blue sky. I have also linked control on my new body, so I could move it.    I then stood up and checked my surroundings.   I am currently lying on an empty plot of land in the

Chapter 10 A New World

Slowly, my consciousness resurfaced, but I couldn’t make up anything. No sight, no sound, not even feeling anything around me, as if I was just floating in nothingness.   However, what was different was that I was unable to feel the suppressing pressure I felt when I was in the chaos realm, so I have

Chapter 9 Chaos Child

“Oh, I expected you to choose something different but to think you have selected this one… I completely forgot about this one myself”   Tiamat chuckled, a face filled with reminiscence.   “Was there something wrong with my choice?”   Rina inquired.   “Not really, it’s just that this one made me feel nostalgic, and