Chapter 58 – Former Royal Family

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   I’m starting to get the gist of your story.   「 So, the Kathra Kingdom was invaded and destroyed by the Empire, right? 」   「 That’s right. I think most of the royal family is probably dead as well, since any surviving members of the royal family would be used

Chapter 57 – A God from Old Kathra

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   Since the Cartia incident, there has been peace in the Beastman Kingdom.   Well, for most of the inhabitants, the Cartia incident was irrelevant, so the period of peace was even longer. But since we had experienced war before that, I think it’s just fine to have that level of peace.

Chapter 56 – A God’s Conversion

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   The man, Banyan, was apparently feeling better, and his complexion had improved.   Meekly, Banyan got up and began to worship in the direction Cartia was not.   「 Thank you very, very much, Cartia-sama, for keeping me alive! 」   Cartia looked tired and said, 「 I’m not over there…

Chapter 55 – Cartia’s Healing

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   We went back to the small forest.   I prayed that Cartia would be in good health. I hope she is feeling better than before, if not better…   We immediately went to Cartia’s place.   Cartia was on the roof of the hut.   「 Why is that fellow there?

Chapter 54 – Saving the Strange God

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   「 Faltear, is there anything I can do to help? 」   Intanyu asked anxiously.   「 There is. I’m heading back to New Kathra now. You should come with me. 」   Intanyu became a bit annoyed.   「 Going back, leaving Cartia here in a critical condition? Isn’t that