Chapter 14 Towards the Thunder Mountains

TL: JK ED: Yuki _________________________________________________ 「Ngh… there! Speed boost! 」 「…Erm… nothing’s changed.」 「You’re not sending enough of your power over. You don’t have to be nervous.」   When it comes to training partial reinforcement techniques, as long as your summon one would be able to do it wherever they are. And right now, she

Chapter 62 The Wizard Kingdom part 7

TL: JK ED: Yuki _________________________________________ ◆ The wizard kingdom, East Gate ◆   【Boland uses his hold arm!】   The toy apparition’s arms grew in size and stretched, surrounding me. It then started constricting, probably with the intent to kill me off. This arm is pretty interesting though, it wasn’t this long yet it’s stretched

Kansutoppu!!! Chapter 62

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Chapter 88 Hiring a Bagger

TL: Yuki ED: Filip ________________________________________________ The next morning, when we had finished our preparations and moved out of the inn, we saw something ridiculous happening at the entrance to the dungeon.   「Please take me along!!」 「Please hire me!!」 「With only one silver coin, I’ll accompany you anywhere!!」   There were dirty children looking like

Chapter 88

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