Chapter 8 More Choices and Reincarnation

“So, have you decided?”


Tiamat asked.


“Is this the only choices I could pick?”


I replied, understanding what Tiamat mentioned, I know that there are other beings far better than the ones presented. I noticed this after reading details of the ones she presented first. The ones she presented were ones that would likely be able to integrate the easiest with society. 


“There are more that would be possible for you to pick, but those others were, in a way, could be called special entities, though. I won’t recommend them, even if those races would be most compatible to house your soul. Also, those unique entities can’t and won’t be able to reproduce. That’s why I would only propose it if you would want to go on the path of a loner. And as young being as yourself, I really don’t want you to go on that path.”


“It’s alright, I’d like to see it. I just find the previous races kind of normal. I don’t know why, but I feel like I can’t see myself as any of those. Though being a dragon kin seems nice.”


“I see, then see for yourself if you would like to be any of these”


Primordial Demon – The Pinnacle of Demons, also known as the origin of all demons. A unique being that could be said to be the blueprint of all Demonkin. Such being forgotten in history, but would sometimes return when the population of Demonkin is on the brink of extinction or a World Disaster was about to happen.


Dragon God – The Pinnacle of all Dragons, the same with the Primordial Demon, was also known as the origin of all dragons. Only one of this being is born in this world. This being was believed to be a force that returns the balance between nature and humanity, even though it was only the whims of this being to do so.




There were a lot of choices, around 40 more races with varying unique traits and were mostly non-human. After checking most of them, I found myself looking at a certain race.


Chaos Child – Also known as the emissary of chaos, sent directly by the Goddess of Chaos to do her bidding. A being that possess abilities that did not follow the rules of the world.


Yes, this one. This one is somehow attracting me, no, it would more explainable to say that my soul is wanting to resonate with this. I kind of understand why, though, the most probable reason was because my soul got reinforced by chaos itself.


I asked Tiamat for more details about this unique race.


“Um, Tiamat, what about this one?”


I handed Tiamat the translucent projection.


“A Chaos Child, huh, that feels nostalgic”


Tiamat smiled as if reminiscing something.


“What exactly is that unique being?”


I asked for further details.


“Hmmm, how to explain this, well you could say that this very being is me, or a part of me. It’s an avatar I use when I want to roam a world I create, sometimes just to watch over the current era, and sometimes to stimulate it to grow.”


“Wait, it’s not a being, but something like an avatar?”


“That would be the closest you could represent it. Well, it’s kind of complicated than just an avatar, but let’s leave those aside.”


I see, probably not just a normal avatar, and knowing a bit of mythology, it must be something similar to what Gods use to visit the mortal realm in those written scriptures.


“If it’s like your avatar, would I be able to use it?”


“Well, yes, I mean, I did mention to include everything that could house your soul. That is just basically a doll though that I created, so I can visit the worlds I have created. But like I have mentioned, if you choose this, you won’t be able to live a normal life, you won’t be able to have children, and most of all you will live with an infinite lifespan. Although you may still get killed because it’s not an immortal body.”


“I see, so I would have to decide between being able to live the closest to being human or completely abandoning it. But just out of curiosity, what would happen if I die?”


With a serious look on her face, she answered.


“Well, with your soul turning into a special kind, you will be returned to me. And would once again ask you to continue living a different life in another world or if you don’t want to continue anymore, I could wipe out your soul or absorb it. I can’t return you to a normal world reincarnation cycle any more after all, so that’s the only thing I could offer you.”


“Can’t I be converted into a normal soul anymore?”


“No, also your memories and individuality have completely mixed into your soul that it could not even be refreshed by a normal soul reincarnation system. So the only choices I could offer you now, are those 3, to reincarnate in another world by my power, to be literally wiped out of existence or to be absorbed by me”


I was a conflicted by her explanation regarding my soul, especially the devouring part, but I guess I have no choice in regard to that. And even if it was by accident, I did get under her protection and was offered a choice, even if could just literally have wiped out or devoured me on the spot. For now, I have decided on my Choice. I don’t know what details about that race, but I have decided to become a Chaos Child.

Chapter 7 Gods and People

“Different Gods? You don’t manage it?”


“No, not anymore, though I did have a hand in its creation and stabilization, after it have become stable enough to only suffer a few problems, I left the management to the lower gods. Ones who can’t yet perpetuate their existences. They were also the ones responsible for the introduction of intelligent life to the world.”


“I see, do they have the same responsibility as Deus?”


“Similar, but Deus is a much higher existence than them, and he was more of a manager than a god. Unlike in your world where there are almost no interference from Gods, in this world, Gods presence were still prevalent. This is because lesser Gods needs faith to continue existing.”


“Tiamat is also a Goddess, right? Don’t you need fate to exist?”


“For someone like me, that is not necessary anymore. Ancient Gods like me have already accumulated more than enough faith and have become a stable existence. We usually just live off chaotic energy that could be gathered in this dimension, and would from time to time create worlds on a whim.”


“That sounds like and old person on retirement.”


“That is what we are, though. And a Deity have reached this stage usually tend to not get involved with the lesser Gods, unless they are our subordinates or kin.”


“Sounds complicated.”


“Not really, it just means that we are old, and they are young. Of course, if a young God could harness the chaotic pressure of this place, it won’t be long before they could stabilize themselves.”


“Anyway, we are getting a little too sidetracked. Are you sure you want to go to this world?”


“Ah, yeah. Sorry. Yes, I do like magic and stuff and if it has game elements like status and skills.”


“Alright, then next is building a proper vessel that could house your soul.”


“Can’t I just be a normal human?”


“Well, we could build it close enough to being human, but a normal human body won’t be able to house your soul. As I have mentioned before, your soul have pretty much mutated to survive in this chaotic realm that even lesser would normally be crushed.”


“So I can’t be a normal human anymore, what races can I choose?”


“Let’s see, narrowing down to races that won’t give you any strange complication. would be…”


The Races she suggested were the following.


High Elf – A humanoid race with long ears and have the highest compatibility to magic. Also deemed as Elven Royalty at birth, regardless if the parents are normal elf. Any High Elf born are usually adopted by the another high elf, either to be trained or to become their successor.


Dragonoid (Ancient) – The Highest Variant among the dragon people, although indistinguishable to other races, dragonoids have a strict hierarchical status in which the most primordial of their race would always be at the top. They are not strict with anything else and respect power over everything.


Half Spirit (Spirit King) – Half Spirits have the closest resemblance to humans, except for parts of their bodies becoming an assimilation of elements they control. Sigils and Marks on their bodies would normally be used to distinguish the class they belong to, with the Spirit King class at the top.


Demon Kin (Demon Lord) – Also known as demons to humans, A Race of beings that have monster elements on their bodies and sometimes being blamed for disasters. They possess a strong constitution that is both compatible with physical and magical affinity, making them look like a better version of humans if not for demonic parts, which distinguishes them from other races.


Arc Angel – A race of humanoids that live in the sky and have high affinity with holy and light magic. They are sometimes mistaken for Divine Messengers because of their resemblance.


High Beast – The highest being among the beast race, which were known as the kin of divine beasts. They are mostly worshiped by beastmen as a divine entity that represent their gods.


Among the races she mentioned this are the 6 that caught my interest. There are also insect hybrids and fish people among them, but they were too weird for me. So I narrowed them down to these 6.

Chapter 6 The World and Circumstances

After the exchange, what popped out in front of me were several holograms that seems to be worlds under she had created over time, they were like hundreds of floating marbles in front of me, and when I touch one of them, the visuals expands the world and a panel about the world on its side is shown.


It’s like one of those popular MMO games I’ve played that was sci-fi based, and we move from planet to planet. Tiamat then explained that what I’m seeing now is a reproduction similar to that, for me to understand it more easily. She also mentioned that I can sort or filter it to the type I prefer and after filtering it to with things like Fantasy, Magic, Dungeons, Game System, etc. the number of worlds narrowed.


I can’t even believe that all the things I have placed on the filter actually existed… 


“Um, Tiamat, am I right to assume that all that I have placed on filters actually work as I expected?”


“Well, what you have placed is pretty much just a broad identification, so it might not actually match what you were expecting. But the general terms like magic and fantasy is only based on the concept of your imagination, to which this system matches with what could be currently found on these worlds”


“I don’t get it, but I would just assume that putting magic and dungeons means that it would be a world where such things exist, right?”


“That’s about right if you simplify it”


“I see”


Looking back again at the worlds in front of me, there’s only 5 left after sorting everything. After checking the general information about each world, I noticed that they were all a bit too similar from each other with only a few differences like size, ecology of creatures, number of continents.


Out of the 5, I chose the biggest and oldest of the five. What I’m surprised though is even the oldest among them was only around 500 million in age, yet the there’s already proper civilizations and the wildlife and nature have already stabilized to a point where new evolutions or changes in ecology haven’t happened in over a million years.


“Tiamat, this world seems interesting, but could I ask why there’s only a limited variation of creatures?”


“That’s an interesting question, I didn’t expect you to ask something of that level and would just jump on the world like all others who I have guided before but, you are indeed different.”


“I may not look it, but I am quite a curious person, I even think about why fantasy stories and games have like a limited number of creatures within them, to which I thought at first that the developer just didn’t want to create so many creatures in their databases.”


“I see, well there is actually a simple explanation to that. I call it forced stabilization.”


“Forced Stabilization?”


“That’s right, knowing the history of your world, would you expect intelligent life to exist in a world so young?”


“If I based it on the theory of evolution from our world, no, I don’t think so.”


“That there is the answer, and as to why there is intelligent life in such a world, is that they were introduced into the world and not a product of natural evolution. A similar circumstance happened with the creatures.”


“At first, when this world was created, I have introduced a lot of flora and fauna from other stable worlds I manage, and because of the unique environment, creatures started evolution and mutation in a strange path, and unlike on earth, instead of spreading out the variations, they became narrower and narrower as the millennials passed by which end becoming the current generation of creatures that have fully adapted to the world.”


“I see, so it’s not that there were unaccounted creatures, but instead they have squeezed their evolutionary path to an almost singular point.”


“That’s right, they do exist, the singular point of every creature, like Fenrir for the wolves, Ancient Dragon for reptilian, and many more. Those creatures are the pinnacle of life forms in this world. Some have also received protection and intellect from the different gods that are managing that world”

Chapter 5 Arrangements for the Lost

“Welcome to my domain, the Castle of Eternity within the Chaotic boundaries”


Tiamat declared in a smug tone as if boasting about it. She was emanating a presence of divinity that it made me want to kneel on the spot.


“You really are an interesting one, even archangels would bow before my divinity just by exposure from it.”


Tiamat said with an amused look on her face.




Switching her her cross leg, with one arm on her chin in a sloppy position, she answered.


“Divinity is what we so-called Gods exude, which is also the symbol of our power, and me as one of the ancient ones would exude a strong one compared to newly born gods or even the current manager of earth. Yet, you, a plain human soul, was bathed in such divinity that would make a normal human feel like they are being crushed, endured it as if it were only a little heavy atmosphere. That’s why you piqued my interest since the time I found you”


So that pressure a while ago that I felt, making me feel like kneeling was Divinity or rather Divine Pressure…, however, hearing this, I was surprised that I unconsciously asked.


“Found me?”


“Yes, for some reason, you ended up lost in my domain, weakened to the point of almost vanishing but still survived. If it was not for me, you might have already vanished in this chaotic realm. Even young gods don’t dare traverse this realm, after all.”


Tiamat then explained the details about how I was found and my condition, along with how she ended up in contact with the manager of Earth, resulting in this situation.


“That seems dangerous like a dangerous situation, though.”


“It is indeed, still, that might have been the reason why you can endure my divine pressure. Divine Pressure from Divinity is directly applied to one’s soul, and since your soul have endured pressure from the chaotic realm that even young gods can’t normally endure, it made you more resilient than a normal soul. I won’t even be surprised if your soul vessel could house a God.”


She then complained about not having any subordinates because the younger gods couldn’t last long in her domain. She did have subordinates, though, but they don’t reside in the chaotic realm.


“I don’t really understand, but what you mean is that my soul became strong?”


“That’s the short gist of it. Anyway, returning to the topic of inciting you to one of the worlds I created, what do you wish the world would be like? you can choose from a world similar to earth, a sci-fi word with technology that has advanced enough to travel space, or a world of sword and magic?”


“Is it really alright for me to choose?”


“Of course, since you have my interest, I would like to see what changes, your presence would do to the world itself. Some worlds have been stagnant, that I would usually send over people from other worlds to stimulate it. In your case, though, it would probably not just end up as a small ripple.”


“But I don’t really have a desire to change the world or anything of that purpose.”


“Don’t worry, just having the presence of a visitor would change the world itself, even if you don’t get directly involved. One such change that happened before was the improvement of the circulation of magic power in one of the magical worlds.”


“I see, if I don’t really need to do something, then it would be alright.”


She then asked me to pick the kind of world that I wish to go to… but well, that have already been decided, right? After all, Deus did give me that gift, so not taking advantage of it would just be wasting his consideration.

Chapter 4 Arrangements for the Lost

“What I wish to do?”


Deus nodded in response to her, then added.


“Yes, it was technically my mistake for not noticing that distortion which ended with you getting caught in it, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if not for Tiamat coming over and informing me about it.”


“I, I see, but speaking of wishes, would it be possible for me to return to life on earth?”


“Well, if I did some major tweaks, it would be possible, but do you really wish to return to that kind of life?”


Hearing Deus’ words, Rina thought about it again. for more than 5 year, she was just working, she doesn’t have any relatives anymore that she would need to care for since the her mother, father and grandparents have already passed away either from old age or some hearth disease. Even her hobbies doesn’t really bound her back on earth, and even she did have a few relationships, it were all failed ones.


Realizing this, her desire to return to earth was slowly fading in her mind.


She then asked Deus.


“What choices do I have other than returning to earth?”


Probably also reading her mind, Deus gave her a calm smile and answered.


“For now, there’s two, three at first, but you don’t seem to be interested in going back. It would either be to return to the wheel of reincarnation like all dead people do, or be invited into one of the worlds that Tiamat have created.”


Tiamat who was watching their interaction and haven’t really joined in was showing her a beaming smile.


“Hmmm, I still want to live and heaven’t really enjoyed my life, so if I won’t be burdened by something like saving the world or fighting something like a demon king, or getting summoned to some kingdom, then I am interested Tiamat-sama’s invitation”


Hearing this, Tiamat’s smile bloomed even more.


“I see, then everything should be settled with this, however let me give you a gift as an apology for my mismanagement.”


A ball of light was then handed by Deus to Rina, not knowing what it was, Rina asked Deus.


“What is this?”


“It’s a soul core, something like an unborn soul. When you arrive in any of the worlds that Tiamat would suggest, you could use that to create a life form that will become your companion. I would recommend a dragon though since Tiamat is also a Dragon God, it will definitely receive Tiamat’s blessings”


Hearing this, Rina looked at Tiamat, and Tiamat nodded as if to confirm what Deus said.


“Then, this should settle everything, I will be returning to my work now, I leave the rest to Tiamat”


After saying so, A big golden gate suddenly appeared behind Deus that vanished after he entered and closed the gate.


“Well then, Rina, shall we move over to my place?”


Tiamat who have been silent all this time said, after which the surrounding space distorted and before I knew it, we were inside something resembling a throne room, and Tiamat was sitting on top of the throne, with me standing on a carpet before the stairs of her throne.