Chapter 53 – A God’s Weakness

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   「 The presence of the God I recently reported to you in the forest has disappeared or is about to disappear. 」   Intanyu’s report was a bit ominous. That’s probably why she came here, though, as she deemed it urgent.   「 The God in the Forest is Cartia, isn’t

Chapter 52 – A New God

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   We ended up talking right next to the man who was sleeping.   「 So, a God’s job is to do what’s best for the people who believe in them, you see. There are times when wishes go against each other or something, but in your case, there’s only one person

Chapter 51 – Cartier, the God with an Extremely Narrow Faith

TL: Yuki _____________________________________   We turned in the direction of the voice.   There was a rather odd-looking god there.   It had many tentacles on its feet, and it moved in a wavy motion. I wondered if it was similar to the Kraken, a monster sometimes depicted like this.   The upper half of

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Chapter 2 Sophia, a Beautiful Female Knight

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