Chapter 3 Arrangements for the Lost

“Let’s start with introductions then”


Rina nodded, not wanting to interrupt the woman in front of her.


“I am Tiamat, one of the ancient beings that once managed earth, you could consider me as something like that of an ancient god.”


Rina only nodded in response, still confused about her current situation. She then turned her sights to the other being.


“I am the current manager of earth, and well, as for my name, it would probably be too hard for a human to speak it so just call me Deus”


She also nodded in response. Then also introduced herself.


“I, I am Rina Minazuki, a Japanese woman working for a tech company.”


Tiamat only smiled in response. Then Deus asked.


“Do you still recall what happened to you before you ended up in this place?”


Rina thought about it again, replaying her the last of her memories. After finishing her work, she was tiredly walking back home, following her the usual route she takes to her apartment. At some point, her vision suddenly started becoming blurry and her consciousness started to fade.


The next thing she knew, she was already standing before these two beings, which were probably Gods. In her mind, she formulated the her situation resembled some of the novels she had been reading and following that thought, she realized that what might happen to her would be similar.


“Hmmmm, you have an interesting imagination. Well, it is not far from impossible to happen, though”


Tiamat commented as if she were reading her mind, which she did.


“I see, but first we should explain to you what happened and why you ended up here.”


Rina nodded, she also wanted some clarity as to how she ended up in this place.


“First, is that you have gotten yourself in a space distortion, which I would say was an extremely rare and unlucky event. The last one I could remember who have gotten involved in such an accident happened thousands of years ago.”


Dues said, which did surprise Rina, but she had already got a bit of a grasp on her current situation. It would have been either 3 things on her mind, getting caught in an accident and dying, forcefully summoned, or getting caught up in a random event.


“I see, so what is going to happen to me now?”


She asked Deus.


“That’s what we will be discussing from here on”


“I see”


“For now, let me ask you, what do you wish to do?”

Chapter 2 Awakening of the Lost

“Greetings Tiamat, I am the current manager of earth !@#!@!!#”


The being in front of her introduced himself in a language that would only be comprehensible to beings of the same stature as them.


He then continued.


“Why was I called upon your presence?”


Tiamat didn’t reply and just opened her hand, to which a vivid ball of energy popped out. That ball of energy was the lost soul that Tiamat found in her domain.


“That, how did…”


Not able to finish its reaction, Tiamat finally spoke.


“Do you have any Idea how this one ended up in my realm?”


Snapping out of shock, the being downheartedly reply.


“I’m sorry, but I don’t”


“I see, well that doesn’t matter anymore since nothing can be done as it had already happened. I’ll pass over her memory as to how she ended up in my realm.”


Upon checking the information that Tiamat sent, his face slowly cramped. He had always worked hard maintaining the world that is earth, but no matter how perfectly it was done, there would be some slip-up happening from time to time.


One such slip-up cased this soul’s life. Looking back at the soul and Tiamat, he was thinking of ways to make amends, and the two of them discussed it.


But first, they both decided to awaken the lost soul to listen to their discussion, which will very much decide the course of her faith.


“Then, for now, I shall awaken this lost soul”


A surging amount of energy inserted into the soul, and slowly it took the shake of a person.








Regaining her consciousness, RIna slowly opened her eyes.


“Huh, where am…”


What greeted her vision was a white space that covered the place and a giant who looked like a woman that was sitting on what seemed to be a throne.


She then realized that she was standing on top of the hand of that woman who was looking at her.




Shocked by her current situation, which was so abnormal, she was starting to lose her sanity.


Then a calm, soothing voice entered her ears as the giant spoke to her.


“Calm down, human, you are in the presence of a great old one”


Without knowing what happened, Rina’s mind started to calm down.


The giant then put her and to her surprise, even though there was no food underneath her, it felt as if she was standing on solid ground.


“Have you calmed down now”


Suddenly, she heard a different voice from behind her.


It was a voice so neutral she couldn’t tell if it was from a man or a woman. Turning around, she found herself faced with another being, so beautiful yet gender-neutral, her mind thought it was a trap.


“Shall we start the discussions then”


Hearing the woman’s words again, she turned back to the giant figure, only to find it shrunk to the size of a normal human and was walking towards her.

Chapter 1 Lost in the Realm of Chaos

“Another day of hard work done.”


A woman in her later 30s sighed.


Her name is Rina Minazuki, a tech specialist on a certain black company. 


Like her usual days since she had entered the company, all she did was work, and work, a little socializing from time to time and rarely having vacations.


Her main pastime was to play after work, would usually be reading books or playing games.


“What game should I play today?”


She doesn’t have a specific genre as her favorite, and would frequently play the ones that peaked her interests.


Walking her usual route home, her vision suddenly started to blur.


“Huh, what’s happening?”


Confused, she did her best to calm down. But didn’t help her slowly fading consciousness. 


“Seriously, what…”


Without finishing her words, her consciousness faded.








Within the chaotic distortions in the boundaries of worlds, a being was leisurely doing its usual tasks in maintaining one of the newer worlds it had created.


After finishing its tasks, it noticed something strange withing the chaotic realm over the space that it resides in.


“Oh my, what’s this”


What it found was almost a spec of a presence within the chaotic realm, a lost soul who, luckily enough, took refuge within its domain.


“This is interesting, how many have passed since the last one visited my place?”


Curious, it scooped up the soul and scanned it to identify who it was and how it ended up in such a place.


“I see, she was caught up in a space distortion, how unlucky”


Now, understanding the circumstances, it contacted the being that might have been responsible for her demise.


“Hey, Yog, can you link me to the current manager of earth?”


It shouted in the chaotic, and after some time a part of that space distorted, forming an eye blinking as reacting to the call.


Moments later, the chaotic space became dyed in white.


The being also materialized itself into something humanoid, but barely looked human. A woman with 4 massive horns on her head, six pairs of wings that varied from angelic to reptilian like, arms and legs covered with scales and sharp claws, while black scale like armor barely covering her private parts, and 3 reptilian tail behind her.


She was known as Tiamat, one of the ancient gods who have also once been involved with earth.


She created a simple throne to sit on and waited for the current manager of earth to arrive.


Moments later, a golden gate appeared in front of her to which a human like being appeared with a face that one couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, and was wearing clothes resembling those of what the people of old wore.


It was this moment that the faith of the woman called Rina Minazuki would be drastically changed.

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Chapter 62 – The Beast Kingdom will be immortalized forever!–is what I want to

TL: Yuki




The situation in the New Kathra Beastman Kingdom has stabilized quite well.


Intanyu and the others are still checking periodically to see if any strange gods have been added to the kingdom, but it seems that none have been found.


On the other hand, Celude seems to be looking for information on the political situation through the contacts of those who believe in her, but there seems to be no problem there either.


So, as a guardian deity, I could breathe a sigh of relief.


And it just so happened that Rione was there that day as well.


“I’ve left the work to the others.”


Rione came into my room after lunch, where she stretched out, “Mmm.”


Of course, I don’t think she’s full of it. I know very well that Rione has been working day and night for a long time.


“Lately, my subordinates have become much more organized, and I’ve been able to entrust them with more work than before. I am grateful for that.”


“As a king, you’re doing the right thing.”


It’s not a good thing for the monarch herself to be working so much. It’s better for the country if the monarch does little or nothing at all.


“I was thinking of relaxing with my husband today…”


What a nice thing to say! My spirits rose with that.


“Yes, yes. Take it easy today.”


I rolled over with Rione in my arms from behind.


We’re a married couple without water. I won’t let anyone disturb us.


“My husband.”


“What, Rione?”


“Will this country continue to exist in peace?”


It was a frank question, typical of a king.


After all, the survival of the country is like life to the king.


That’s why I decided to answer frankly.


“No, I don’t know that either.”


God does not have the ability to foresee the future. He may seem omniscient to humans, but he’s not that omnipotent.


“Maybe our country will suddenly be invaded and destroyed. Maybe a strange country from abroad will attack us. We gods can be a source of power, but it’s only a temporary source of power.”


“That’s right. Otherwise, no country would ever be destroyed, right?”


Rione’s response was that she knew, but her voice still sounded sad.


“But I’m still going to protect you, Rione!”


I squeezed Rione’s hand tightly in my embrace.


“I’m Rione’s husband before being God. I’m not going to do anything that will make my wife sad!”


When I pull Rione out of my arms, she turns around.


Her eyes were a little watery.


“I want to be with my husband forever too!”


This time, Rione hugged me.


I accept the Rione hug.


There is no such thing as eternity.


I learned this the hard way when the country where I was a guardian deity was destroyed.


That is why I want to spend as many days as possible with Rione.


That is my wish as a God.


“…I was thinking why you didn’t come out when I called you, but you were flirting…”


My eyes met with Intanyu’s awkward face in the back.


“Geez, Intanyu, how long have you been here?”


And then there’s Celude and all the other gods.


Rione quickly pulled away from me, her face turning red. Well, that’s true…


“I just got here a little while ago. It was a bit urgent, so I had to come in here.”


“What the hell? If it’s something trivial, I won’t understand.”


“I’ve found a new god.”


I sighed.


I can’t leave this one alone.


“Yes, yes. Shall we have a strategy meeting right away?”