Chapter 61 – The Lazy God

TL: Yuki



Rione woke up and stared clearly at the figure of Barunbirn.


「 Oh, I didn’t know there was a god like this. 」


「 Eh… could it be that you can see me? 」


Apparently, Barunbirn hadn’t thought about being seen directly.


Yeah, I didn’t tell her either.


「 Rione is such a powerful person, you know. 」


「 I haven’t been seen by anyone in hundreds of years… it’s embarrassing… 」


「 Barunbirn-sama, then how about making the Descendants of the Kingdom the Priests to serve Barunbirn-sama? 」


As expected, Rione, good idea.


If the one who performed the miracle is the priest, it will be a good foil, and the people who are wary that the descendants will do something unnecessary will be convinced that they will not act carelessly. If a priest sneaks off to a distant place, he will be noticed.


「 Thank you, Nya. 」


Barunbirn bowed politely.


Rione told him that Barunbirn, the god of the Kathra Kingdom, had appeared to him in a dream and had given him an oracle, and that he would build a small temple with the descendants as priests.


The story of the miracle had already spread, and there was no one to complain. It seems that Barunbirn was able to find a place to stay.


Intanyu didn’t say much, but I could tell from watching her during meals that she was quite relieved.


「 That idiot used to be a serious person. If she remembers what she was like back then, she should be able to handle it. 」


「 Intanyu is basically not honest, isn’t she? 」


「 I’m honest with myself. By the way, I wasn’t worried about her. That’s why I didn’t even go to check on her. 」


If Intanyu says so, then so be it, in Intanyu’s mind.


「 Hey, I heard that the temple of Barunbirn has been built, so why don’t we check it out? 」


She wouldn’t go unless I told her to.


「 Oh, really, ……? Well, if you say so, I can’t help it. …… I don’t really care where she lives, though. 」


I went to the new temple in Barunbirn with Intanyu, who was a bit of a tsundere.


It’s a small, two-story facility on the outskirts of town that looks like it was built on leftover land, but that’s because some people still don’t think well of Barunbirn.


It must have been a hard life for many people in the Kathra Kingdom.


I walked in and saw the descendants working hurriedly.


「 Hmm, impressive, impressive. 」


Intanyu said, sounding awfully pompous. In fact, since she was a god, she must be great.


「 Well, let’s see what Barunbirn has in store for us, shall we? 」


We continued on our way to the back of the temple.


Barunbirn was lying on her back, sleeping soundly.


There was a mess of food offerings next to her.


Her clothes were in disarray, and I could imagine that she had lived a very messy life. There was even a little of white skin peeking out.


Incidentally, there was drool dripping from her sleeping mouth.


「 That was a really dumb face… 」


Intanyu was quite exasperated.


「 Well, yeah… I thought he’d be a bit more enthusiastic about being a god… 」


I hadn’t thought of her life as being so self-indulgent.


「 That’s right… she’s just a random person… I guess the time for taking things seriously is over… the treatment of the descendants is settled in a safe place… 」


Intanyu tried to wake Barunbirn.


Shake, shake, shake. She shook her pretty hard.


「 Come on, come on, get up. Since we’ve come all this way, it wouldn’t hurt to at least say hello. 」


「 I can’t eat anymore… 」


Barunbirn was talking in his sleep.


「 Come on, wake up, wake up! 」


「 If it’s work, I’ll do it tomorrow… I’ll sleep for five more minutes… 」


You’re sleeping in your dreams!


Barunbirn did not wake up at all.


Finally, Intanyu pinched her as hard as he could, and Barunbirn finally woke up.


「 Ugh… ouch… nya… nya against violence… 」


「 You better get a grip, or you’ll be an embarrassment. Get your stuff together. 」


Apparently, Intanyu was supposed to be the big sister. It can’t be helped if she’s this self-absorbed.


「 Then it’s no problem, Nya! 」


For some reason, Barunbirn stuck out her chest.


「 The guardian goddess of this country is the goddess there, Nya! I’m also an extra nya! I don’t even have to work! 」


What a ridiculous assertion!


「 No, you have to work a little too, don’t you? There are many things that Gods do, you know. 」


「 Well, I’ll just do the lowest, most menial job. I never wanted to work in the first place. 」


I see, so Kathra Kingdom didn’t run well because she was made to be the supreme god even though she didn’t want to.


「 I pity those in Kathra Kingdom… 」


Intanyu let out a deep sigh.


It seemed that another problematic god was had been added.

Chapter 60 – Barunbirn makes up her mind

TL: Yuki



I let Intanyu’s momentum carry me away.


「 Hey, was that a good idea…? 」


As for me, I have nothing but concern for Barunbirn.


「 I don’t know. 」


「 That’s so irresponsible! 」


Intanyu’s expression was quite serious though.


「 I can’t be responsible for him. He’s the one who has to decide how to live his life. It’s just that he wasn’t always like that, that’s all I know. So there’s always the possibility that he could go back to being a more ambitious god. 」


Celude seemed to gasp a little.


「 Generally speaking, though, it’s not like gods suddenly awaken. The world isn’t that naive. 」


「 That’s true. But it is true that it is possible. I’m betting on that possibility, and there’s nothing more I can do about it. 」


I nodded subconsciously.


「 Yes, you’re right. And this is Barunbirn’s decision to make. 」


It didn’t feel right for me to force the that one to do anything.


「 But if I could, I’d like to be friends with her from my old kingdom. I feel like the Beastman Kingdom would be a better place if I did. 」


「 Indeed, it’s not a bad thing to be thought of as inclusive or inheriting the Kathra Kingdom. Well, it all depends on Barunbirn. 」


「 Well, I guess I’ll just see what happens. I’ll just keep an eye on him, so I can always reach out to him when he’s ready. 」



The detention of the descendants was going to continue for some time after that.


This was a difficult situation for the Beastman Kingdom.


If they were protected by a hostile country, they might be used as a cause to attack the Beastman Kingdom.


So, it’s not hard to understand why they need to be monitored.


Rione also said, 「 It’s not right to put them in a prison, so we’ve put them on a guarded place in the mansion and asked them to stay put. 」


I went to see Barunbirn regularly.


When I went there, he was usually sitting close legged, hugging her knees.


A complete loss of confidence, this…


The descendants kept praying to Barunbirn to help them.


One day, two days, three days… the Descendants had been praying since morning.


There was nothing they could do but pray. That is the limit of human beings.


Rione wouldn’t do anything that would harm them, but they wouldn’t know that, and they were probably worried.


Barunbirn, on the other hand, slept a lot, as if trying to escape reality.


It’s said that when people are depressed, they sleep for a long time to escape from their depression.


I didn’t speak to her, but just watched her.


Then, on the fifth day.


When Barunbirn woke up, she was startled.


「 What nya… what is this nya…? 」


The Descendants were praying as they surrounded Barunbirn.


「 Please help us… 」 「 Lord Barunbirn… 」 「 Please, please… 」


They would not be able to see God. But if you have a strong heart to pray, you can get closer to God naturally.


They felt as if something was there.


That, in a word, was the right answer.


「 Ah, nostalgic nya… 」


Something about Barunbirn’s eyes that made him feel nostalgic.


「 In the olden days, prayers were said in such a simple, but fervent way… 」


A decision seemed to have been made in Barunbirn’s mind.


Barunbirn stood up and spun around in the room.


Then the room began to glow with a golden light.


Barunbirn had created a miracle, albeit a small one.


「 Oh! 」 「 This is it! 」 「 」It’s the power of God! 」


The descendants shouted. The guards heard their voices and witnessed the situation.


It seemed that the guards immediately went to contact their higher ups. Now, the rest would be how to settle things down.



The light lasted for some time, and some officials and priests witnessed it.


The phenomenon was at first recognized as a miracle of the gods, and the treatment of the descendants was improved to the point of hospitality. This was because the prayers of the descendants were understood to be the origin of the miracle.


Barunbirn, who had regained some of his strength, approached me as I was making my rounds.


「 I want you to take me to the priestess king here, Nya. 」


「 All right. I’ll grant it to you for your strong will. 」


I led Barunbirn to Rione’s room.


Barunbirn spoke into Rione’s sleeping mind.


「 King of the people born in the Kathra Kingdom, please help the descendants of the old Kingdom, Nya. If you do so, Barunbirn will also swear to protect the country of New Kathra. I really beg you, please, nya. 」


I’m sure this will be a generous measure. Because Rione is really an angelic child.

Chapter 59 – Hunchbacked Cat God

TL: Yuki



Yes, I wonder what the old god is doing now?


The fact that there are survivors of the royal family means that they are still around, albeit quietly.


If it’s a god in this country, we’d better check it out.


At the meeting, there were some who said, 「 There’s no way that evil god would show any remorse now, so let’s destroy his statue. 」 I’m rather impressed that they hate us so much…


「 Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big issue, and we should take some time to think about it… At the very least, it is not a good idea to punish someone for a crime that has no basis in fact… Our guardian god Faltear has never allowed such a thing to happen. 」


Rione said, and the meeting of the clergy members withheld their conclusions.


This isn’t going to be as time-sensitive as I thought.


I called Intanyu, who knew the deity, and Celude, who might be able to offer an observer’s opinion.


「 –So, if the god Barunbirn is still around, I think I’ll talk to him as well. 」


「 Yes indeed. But if I hadn’t noticed it before, it must have been worshiped very quietly. Or it could be that there is only a statue of the god left and no one believes in it. 」


It’s true that if there was a proper faith, we would have seen each other at some point.


「 Even if they don’t have a proper faith, wouldn’t the descendants of the royal family in a state of captivity hang on to them at a time like this? 」


Celude said in a way that made sense to me.


Some people only turn to God in times of distress.


「 The royal descendants are supposed to be under house arrest for a while. If we go there, we might be able to meet Barunbirn. 」


At night, we visited the place where the Descendants were being held captive. Even though we visited them, the humans couldn’t see us.


Just then, the descendants of the royal family were holding hands in a prayer pose.


「 Barunbirn-sama…Barunbirn-sama…please save us who have been faithful for so long… 」


The prayer was a whisper. If it were to be heard in this country, it might make the situation even worse.


However, the prayer was serious just because they were trapped.


Suddenly, the presence of a god appeared.


The cat-eared god appeared in front of us, hunched over.


「 You asked me to help you, but what should I do, nya… 」


「 Oh, there you are! 」


I exclaimed involuntarily.


「 Oh, you’re the god Faltear! 」


Startled, Barunbirn’s tail shot up!


「 You must be Barunbirn, the god worshiped in the Kathra Kingdom. 」


「 But I was only worshiped by the royal family, and I don’t feel like I’ve done anything for the people myself, so I don’t have the power to perform miracles. 」


Indeed, no matter how you look at it, you don’t seem to have any power or confidence. To put it bluntly, I don’t even feel motivation from him. There’s quite a negative aura in the air.


「 I know you’ve been through a lot, but since there are people who believe in you, why don’t you do something about it? 」


「 Even if you say so, the people of this country won’t listen to the words of such a god… The descendants of the royal family will be scattered, and eventually the faith of such a god will disappear… That’s all. The natural order of things nya… 」


「 That means you’ll disappear too…? Can’t you show a little more motivation…? 」


「 It’s impossible for me to be motivated. I’ve never been motivated before, so it’s impossible… 」


This is more serious than I thought…


Celude patted me on the shoulder and shook her head.


「 I’ve reached out to you. If this doesn’t work, then I’m afraid there’s nothing more we can do. 」


「 But hey…that’s a bit pitiful… 」


Then Intanyu came up in front of Barunbirn.


Intanyu was an acquaintance. Say something encouraging to him.


「 Oh, Intanyu… 」


Intanyu walked up to Barunbirn.


Suddenly, he bit down on his arm.


「 Ouch! It hurts! What are you doing! 」


But Intanyu didn’t answer. Or rather, how could he answer while he was biting…


「 Hey! What are you doing! Don’t be so violent! 」


I rushed to pull Intanyu from behind.


Somehow, I managed to pull Intanyu away, but Barunbirn’s hands were covered with teeth marks. Not that violence would ever kill a god…


「 Uu… that’s terrible, Nya! I don’t remember you doing this to me! 」


「 It’s because you lied to me, even though you’re a god. 」


「 I never lied to you. 」


「 You said you’ve never been motivated. You were never like that, a long time ago. Remember what you used to do. Then you will know what you have to do. 」


Intanyu said clearly.


「 Okay, Faltear, Celude, let’s go home. Sometimes one needs to be alone to be able to think. 」


I left, letting Intanyu’s momentum carry me away.

Chapter 58 – Former Royal Family

TL: Yuki



I’m starting to get the gist of your story.


「 So, the Kathra Kingdom was invaded and destroyed by the Empire, right? 」


「 That’s right. I think most of the royal family is probably dead as well, since any surviving members of the royal family would be used as a banner for revival. Royalty is good when the country is prosperous, but when it’s not, it’s in a miserable state… 」


Every prosperous country falls, it’s like an inevitable fate.


「 And so the Kathra Kingdom fell, but frankly speaking, the people wanted a cat people kingdom, but they didn’t want to revive it because they didn’t have good memories of the previous royal family. 」


「 So that’s why I haven’t heard anything about the previous royal family at all… 」


The fact that the country was destroyed is a big problem in itself, but the country itself is a kind of black history.


So it could not even be called a glorious past.


「 Now that I’ve said all this, I’m sure you understand, but you can guess what would happen to a god that such a royal family had you believe in, right? 」


「 They won’t believe in it. In fact, I might even say that it’s the reason why the country was destroyed. 」


Intanyu nodded in agreement.


「 He was in a panic right after his country was destroyed. He even cried out to me, asking me what he should do about the fact that his power was rapidly weakening. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was that unpopular with the people… The gods that the state forces people to believe in disappear as soon as the state comes to an end… I never saw him again after that. 」


Intanyu’s expression was a little sad.


I guess it’s like when a troubled student from the same school disappears, it’s certainly a shock.


「 I see. I’m sorry if I reminded you of something you don’t want to remember. 」


「 No, it’s okay. Rather, I understand the peculiarities of the New Kathra Kingdom. People don’t even want to remember the past. 」


Then again, I don’t think New Kathra Kingdom is a very good name for a country, but well, no one’s going to object, so I guess it’s okay.


「 By the way, Barunbirn was the god of cat ears.  In fact, maybe that’s why they thought that you, who doesn’t have cat ears, would be a suitable new god. A cat-eared god might have been rejected. 」


Faith is a difficult thing…


I can’t help but also think about that God. After all, he is still a God. However, if he leaves his faith to the people, he will not be able to do his job. I must not forget that.


A god who gives benefits in a give-and-take manner is not good, but gods who are not loved by the people are also not good.


On the other hand, Hortensia-kun said, 「 Don’t swing the fork around! It’s dangerous… 」


Hortensia-kun was struggling to educate Cartia.



This was the end of the story about the god of the Kathra Kingdom, but a few days later, a surprising incident occurred.


Some people have been captured and dragged to New Kathra.


However, they had not killed anyone, stolen anything, or cheated anyone. So, technically speaking, they should not have violated any laws. Nevertheless, I was pulled in for certain reasons.


What were these people?


They were, quite simply, the descendants of the royal family of the Kathra Kingdom.


It seems that they hid their identities, lived as refugees, and eventually settled in the New Kathra Kingdom.


The kingdom council was discussing what to do with them. I decided to take a look at them.


「 The royal family were the ones who exploited the cat people for a long time, and their misrule caused the country to lose to the empire and perish. In a way, they are even as guilty as the empire that destroyed the country. They should be executed. 」


A member of the Cat People tribe made that statement.


「 Let’s calm down and think about it. It’s not that they actively destroyed the country, nor were they plotting anything to take the country now. Moreover, even if they are from the royal family, they are probably just a side line. It’s not right to make it a crime. 」


A member of the Dog People tribe admonished him.


I’m sure he’s right, but the fact that he’s brought all the way here must mean that the former royal family is that much hated.


「 That’s troubling. 」


Rione said to me in a whisper.


「 I’ve been keeping a lid on the royal family’s problems because it’s complicated. It would be a disaster if this leads to a trend of finding and punishing those who have been receiving stipends from the royal family. 」


「 You’re right, it’s a completely meaningless thing that will cause conflict… 」


This is a big problem, isn’t it?


In the end, no conclusion was reached that day, and the temple side decided to express some opinions. Because of the way this country was established, the authority of the clergy is strong, and Rione is the head of all the clergy.


I, as well as the people from the temple that worshiped Faltear, had a very harsh opinion.


「 They had a statue of the god Barunbirn. This god has not helped the Cat People at all, and has only protected the royal family. If they were worshiping this god in secret, wouldn’t that be treason against the country? 」


The people of the Cat People tribe are very bitter towards the royal family. There’s a lot of resentment.


「 Uh… having a statue of a god should be different from having faith in one, and don’t you think we should be a little more forgiving…? 」


Rione looked troubled as well, since there were hardliners among the priests.


「 Besides, maybe the gods of old might be reflecting on what happened… 」


Hmmm, what’s that old god up to now?

Chapter 57 – A God from Old Kathra

TL: Yuki



Since the Cartia incident, there has been peace in the Beastman Kingdom.


Well, for most of the inhabitants, the Cartia incident was irrelevant, so the period of peace was even longer. But since we had experienced war before that, I think it’s just fine to have that level of peace.


As such, the dinner between the gods was held in a relaxed atmosphere.


Intanyu seemed to be busy teaching Cartia table manners, though.


「 No! You’re not supposed to hold the spoon that way! You’re obviously holding it backwards! How are you going to carry the soup with that! 」


「 Well, if you look closely, why are you grabbing it with your tentacles? There’s no way you can grab it using common sense!  Grab it with your hands, your hands! 」


Cartia awkwardly held the spoon back in her hand.


「 If you use tentacles all the time, will your hands deteriorate? 」


Celude said curiously, apparently Cartia was an object of intellectual curiosity in Celude’s eyes.


「 Do gods deteriorate? But most of the gods I know are in human form. Maybe it’s because when humans pray to Gods, they imagine a form more like a human. 」


There should be no restrictions on the form of a god, so technically, it could be just a spherical something or a terrifying figure that would scare you just by looking at it. However, I’ve never seen such a god before.


「 Come to think of it, yes, I suppose you’re right. 」


Eunosis was nodding her head, her diet was mostly vegetarian. Perhaps it was because she had bunny ears, but it seemed like something a rabbit would enjoy.


「 In general, I believe that gods who look like their species are worshiped. Hortensia-san and Celude-san are similar, I think. 」


「 There’s no need to go to the trouble of believing in a god of a completely different form. Huh…?「 」


Then, a question came to mind.


「 Don’t the Cat People worship a God with cat ears? 」


Or rather, what kind of god did the people of the Kathra Kingdom worship?


「 I don’t remember much in the way of beliefs among the Cat People. I don’t think they were that pious. I also can’t remember anything about them… 」


Even Celude, who seemed to know a lot about it, didn’t seem to understand it, wagging her fluffy fox tail and trying to twist it out of her memory.


Then again, maybe I should ask Intanyu.


「 Hey! You’re holding your fork backwards! How are you going to stab it? 」


「 But you stuck it in the bread. 」


「 That’s because the bread happens to be soft! You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? 」


「 Intanyu, I’m sorry to interrupt Cartia’s discipline, but I need you to tell me something. 」


「 What, you don’t know table manners? 」


That’s not what I meant.


「 What kind of gods did the Kathra Kingdom originally worship? I’ve never heard anything about that. 」


Maybe she’s afraid that it would be disrespectful to me if she mentions the gods of her original country.


In other parts of the world, when the beliefs of the gods change, there are often movements to destroy their statues. In some cases, they coexist well, but in many cases, only one of them remains.


「 Ah…the God of the Kathra Kingdom…I knew there was one, but… 」


What’s with the nonchalant attitude?


「 In a word, he was unpopular… and he had to disappear… 」


「 Can I ask you a few questions? 」


I have the impression that the Cat People don’t talk much about their original country. I wonder if they’re a clan that doesn’t cling to the past.


「 All right. But since it might be a long story, Hortensia, you can teach Cartia table manners. 」


「 What, I’m doing that…? I understand… 」


Hortensia, you’re going to have a tough time with all this…


Anyway, this was the start of Intanyu’s divine narrative of the Kathra Kingdom.


「 Kathra Kingdom is a dynasty created by the King of the Cat People. You know this much, don’t you? 」


「 Yes, indeed. 」


「 This royal family revered the god that their clan had worshiped for generations, and when they established the dynasty, they revered it even more. It’s because of their faith in this god that they were able to become kings, isn’t it? They even built a magnificent temple next to their palace. 」


So far, this is a very common story. Every country would have done something similar.


「 But, here’s the thing… 」


Intanyu’s face clouded over.


「 The royal family here has forced the people to believe in this god as well. The god’s name is Barunbirn, and temples and statues of gods other than Barunbirn were destroyed. 」


「 Wow… that’s a pretty gruesome thing to do… 」


Even though it’s a common thing, it’s still heartbreaking to hear. I feel even more sympathetic because I’ve had the experience of being badly affected by the destruction of my very own country.


「 And the politics of the royal family was quite strict, for example, those who failed to pay their taxes were considered to have disobeyed the gods and were punished. For example, those who did not pay their taxes were considered to have disobeyed God and were punished by being whipped while spitting out words of remorse to God. 」


「 I see, so they used God for politics. 」


「 What do you think would happen to the reputation of the god Barunbirn if such things were done? 」


「 I think it would be bad. 」


Intanyu nodded.


「 Yes, it would. But on the surface, the faith is enforced, and so the people follow. So, the power of the god itself was fairly strong. That’s why the god Barunbirn was so high and mighty. 」


Oh, so Intanyu knows him too. It’s a neighboring country.


「 I once warned him that if he continued like this, he would be in trouble later on, but he didn’t listen to me. He was a powerful man back then. But then the imperial army invaded. 」


I’m starting to get the gist of your story.