Chapter 56 – A God’s Conversion

TL: Yuki



The man, Banyan, was apparently feeling better, and his complexion had improved.


Meekly, Banyan got up and began to worship in the direction Cartia was not.


「 Thank you very, very much, Cartia-sama, for keeping me alive! 」


Cartia looked tired and said, 「 I’m not over there… 」


Although she didn’t seem to be happy about it, she must have been satisfied with the fact that she was able to save someone by herself.


「 Well? Living as a god isn’t so bad, right? 」


「 Yeah…well, I won’t deny it…but I’m really sleepy right now. Let me sleep a little… 」


With that, Cartia leaned over me.


「 Hey! If you’re going to sleep, you should sleep in a proper place! I don’t want you to sleep here! 」


But Cartia was leaning completely against me.


She’s not just leaning back, she’s sleeping completely…


「 I’ve never seen a god who can sleep with such precision. 」


Intanyu said with interest. You’re talking like it is someone else’s problem because it’s not yours…


「 What am I supposed to do with this? 」


「 Just leave it alone until she wakes up. 」


Of course, I don’t want to do something so exhausting.


In the end, I decided to carry her to a place where the grass was thicker and keep an eye on her there.


There was nothing to pass the time in this forest, so it was quite boring.


Eventually, Cartia woke up.


「 Oh, you’re still here? 」


「 Well, you’re kind of sick, so we couldn’t leave you alone. 」


「 I see. I’m sorry about that. I’m grateful to you, too. I wish I could give you something back, but there’s nothing I can do… 」


Cartia scratched her face in embarrassment. There’s only so much a newborn god can do.


For a while, Cartia seemed to be thinking…


「 Okay, I’ll go with you guys. 」


She said.


「 If I go to your place, I can help you in some way. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it? 」


Cartia’s face was very serious.


Well, I don’t think she’s capable of thinking with an ulterior motive. She just says what’s on her mind and acts on it.


「 It’s settled. I’ll have to educate this one who doesn’t know any common sense. 」


Intanyu said as if she were a senior here.


「 The Beastman Kingdom is getting bigger and bigger. There might be more stray gods like this. It’s our responsibility to educate them properly. 」


「 Intanyu, you’re so bold, or rather, sisterly. 」


「 I’m an industrious god by nature. I will educate you diligently. 」


「 What… I’m going to be forced to study…? Then I guess I’ll stay here…? 」


Cartia said, her legs twitching.


「 It’s too late to refuse now, we’re going to New Kathra! 」



After this, it was ordained that the god Cartia had moved to New Kathra, and the belief in Cartia became a little more widespread.


However, it was a bit more difficult than the previous gods, as some people thought that Cartia was an evil god because of her odd shape with numerous tentacles on her feet.


We had no choice but to reiterate that Cartia was not an evil god, and the matter was finally settled.


And that man, Banyan, who was Cartia’s only devotee…


After he was cured of his illness, he became a preacher who went around the Beast Kingdom telling people about Cartia’s miracles.


After being cured of his illness, he became a preacher and traveled around the Beastman Kingdom telling people about Cartia’s miracles. The stories of Cartia’s miracles are so interesting that some people have begun to imitate them, and they are becoming a kind of popular entertainment.


Culture is born from the most unexpected places.


Thanks in part to Banyan, word spread that Cartia was the god of healing, and eventually Cartia came to be worshiped as the god of healing.


Thanks to the clarity of the benefits, the number of people worshiping Cartia has increased, and Cartia’s power seems to be getting stronger. I guess we can call it a done deal.


However, Cartia herself was having a difficult time.


Intanyu was playing the role of a brilliant teacher.


「 You can’t even remember this stuff yet! You have until tomorrow to memorize everything! 」


「 Eh~! Give me a break! I don’t care about the names of the towns in this country… 」


「 It’s no good if a God doesn’t know the geography of the country they are worshipped in. You have to memorize it! 」


It seems that Cartia, who really doesn’t know anything, and will continue to have knowledge and common sense drilled into her for a while.


Well, one day she will be grateful to Intanyu. I’m sure she’ll hold a grudge for a while, but…


「 You’re the devil! You’re too harsh! 」


「 What do you mean? You have a more devilish form than I do! In fact, you should be thanking me! 」


There were twists and turns, but at any rate, one more god was added to this country.

Chapter 55 – Cartia’s Healing

TL: Yuki



We went back to the small forest.


I prayed that Cartia would be in good health. I hope she is feeling better than before, if not better…


We immediately went to Cartia’s place.


Cartia was on the roof of the hut.


「 Why is that fellow there? 」


「 She grew up in an environment where there was no way to have common sense or anything, so it can’t be helped, right? I wonder if she’s still alive… 」


No voice came from Cartia. Gods don’t have the concept of substance, so it should be impossible for a corpse to remain, but…


As we moved our faces closer, we could hear Cartia breathing in her sleep.


「 Thank God~. she’s alive… 」


「 What, why is she asleep? 」


「 It doesn’t feel like an emergency, does it? 」


It was a bad idea to wake her up, so we decided to wait until she woke up.


Cartia’s follower was still having feverish nightmares, but he didn’t believe on us, so we couldn’t do anything to help him.


In the morning, Cartia moved her tentacles and roused herself.


「 Hey, you guys, you’re here again. 」


「 You are a lazy fellow. If it weren’t for us, you’d be in a lot worse shape than you are now, you know. 」


「 How are you feeling? Are you feeling better? 」


Cartia was puzzled at first, but then she started to move her tentacles. She wondered how many of these there are that she could move.


「 It’s true. I’m feeling better than ever! 」


Our methods had not been in vain.


I explained to Cartia what steps I had taken. I wasn’t trying to ingratiate myself with her. I just thought that since I had taken the liberty of doing it for Cartia, I should tell her.


「 I see. You even did that for me. 」


Cartia scratched her face, shyly, with her hand.


「 Thanks for that… 」


「 It’s a good countermeasure, although I’m not sure if it’s a root solution yet. 」


「 It’s not going to harm the New Kathra faith, right? 」


「 Cartia’s creator is still in critical condition, isn’t he? 」


Surely, the person who important to Cartia was still in a fever.


Today, Cartia looked more mature than ever.


It was as if she had awakened to her duties as a god.


「 This guy, uh… his name is Banyan, I think… 」


「 You can’t even remember his name… You’re his only follower, so you should remember it. 」


「 Because he lives alone, there’s no situation where he can say his name. That’s why it’s so hard to remember. 」


Well, it’s true that people who live alone and say their own name frequently would be strange. It’s already weird enough that he’s believing in an original god in a place like this.


「 I’ll help this guy. Only I can do that, right? 」


Intanyu and I glanced at each other, then nodded towards Cartia.


「 Okay. This is something only you can do, and you should be able to do it. 」


Being too involved with a particular person was not a good idea. Some gods said that, but if you only have one believer or some other situation similar to that, I think you can tolerate it.


It’s God’s job to respond to wishes.


Cartia approached the bedside of the man named Banyan, who was having a nightmare, and placed her hand on his forehead.


「 Oh… this, this feeling is… 」


Banyan seemed to notice that he was being touched.


「 Hey, can you hear me, Banyan, hey, Banyan! 」


「 Da, who’s that…? Why are you calling my name… 」


「 You’re the one who’s always calling my name. That’s why I’m coming out. You should be grateful. 」


「 You can’t possibly be… the true God Cartia-sama ……! 」


「 That’s one way to put it. 」


Banyan was so moved that he was shedding tears.


「 Oh …, finally the True God has responded… After all, this world was ruled by the True God… 」


「 Ah, well, that’s not, really, the case. There really are gods like Faltear and Intanyu in this country. I was also saved by those gods. 」


「 Eh, what… 」


Banyan seemed to be shocked by the denial of everything he had learned so far.


This is the critical moment.


If Banyan were to say that this Cartia was an imposter, then Cartia would not be able to use her power to help Banyan.


Cartia wouldn’t disappear because of the faith that was being generated in New Kathra, but it would be an unwanted result for Cartia.


「 It’s up to you whether you believe it or not. It’s your faith. It’s your decision. 」


For a while, Banyan seemed to be thinking…


Eventually, he seemed to come to a conclusion and opened his eyes with a snap.


「 Cartia-sama’s voice can’t be fake, and there is Faltear and other gods… That’s where I was wrong… 」


Cartia’s existence was accepted.


「 Okay, then believe in the other gods as well. Because it’s shameful to claim that there are no gods that exist, okay? Okay? Answer me. 」


「 Yes, my lord! I understand! 」


Relieved, Cartia exhaled.


「 Okay, now I’m going to make a wish for you to get better, so just sit tight. Repeat my name in your mind, even if it is only my name that you remember. 」


「 I understand… 」


Cartia put more strength into the hand she had placed on Banyan’s forehead.


Eventually, the area around her hand glowed a weak green color.


An act of healing through divine knowledge was taking place.


Intanyu said, 「 How inexperienced she is… It’s so frustrating to watch… 」 she said, while wagging her tail. 


I understand what you mean. It was exactly what a beginner would do. It’s going to take a long time to save even just one person this way.


「 But we’ll need to keep an eye on them. Because this is something that only Cartia can do. 」


「 I know, I know. But I don’t feel comfortable watching them the whole time, so I’m going to go for a walk in the forest… Well, I’m sure things will work out in time… 」


Two hours later.


Finally, Cartia removed her hand from her forehead.


「 Oh, I’m so tired…… I’m so sleepy, I’m so sleepy…… 」

Chapter 54 – Saving the Strange God

TL: Yuki



「 Faltear, is there anything I can do to help? 」


Intanyu asked anxiously.


「 There is. I’m heading back to New Kathra now. You should come with me. 」


Intanyu became a bit annoyed.


「 Going back, leaving Cartia here in a critical condition? Isn’t that a bit harsh? 」


「 I know how you feel, but you can’t help her if you stay here!  It’s not going to help her even if you were to stay by her side just to see her through her final days! 」


「 That’s not it……that’s not it……. I just, don’t really know what to do……. 」


「 I will be using the power of God to the fullest. I doubt it will be for the sake of the New Kathra Beastman Kingdom, but since you’ve been serving the country so far, it’s okay to exercise a little authority for your own sake. 」


Intanyu and I quickly head back towards New Kathra. Gods are capable of moving fast, but not instantaneously. Presumably, though, it’s because humans imagine them in a more human-like way. If they believed in me more as an abstract being, maybe I could move at a moment’s notice.


On the move, I explained to Intanyu about my plan.


「 How is that a guardian deity ……? That’s outside the scope of the guardian’s role. 」


「 I know, and I’m saying it. It’s better than letting Cartia die without trying it, right? 」


Intanyu agreed, replying, 「 I suppose so. 」


It was still deep in the night in New Kathra. Thank God for that, because it would have been a pain in the ass if it had been morning.


「 Well, I’ve asked Intanyu to join me. 」


「 I know. We can’t just leave her here to die, we have to save Cartia! 」


I quickly gave the oracle to a number of priests and priestesses.


It was the time when everyone was asleep, so they must have heard the oracle in their dreams.


The oracle told them that there was a strange god named Cartia in the southern forest, and that if they believed in her, they would be blessed.


I don’t know if it’s beneficial or not, Cartia doesn’t seem to have any intention to bring happiness, but I can’t say that they should be worshiped anyway, so I decided to make them think that it must be beneficial.


Intanyu must have given the same kind of oracle.


The next morning, the priests and maidens gathered to discuss the contents of the dream.


「 So, you too? 」 「 Yes, it was about Cartia, a strange deity with countless legs and…… 」「 legs like a squid or an octopus or something like that…… 」


Then Rione comes in as the Priestess King.


「 I found that Cartia-like painting on the floor of my bedroom. 」


I had made a diagram of Cartia, as it would be difficult to believe in without visual information.


I waved my best regards to Rione.


I didn’t want to interfere further, so I didn’t interrupt directly.


「 I guess it’s safe to believe that so many people saw this in their dreams at once. Let’s tell the people of New Kathra about this and give them a sign to worship it. 」


「 But isn’t it dangerous when we don’t even know what kind of god he is and what benefits he can give us: ……? 」


Aevia, the high priestess, is a cautious person. It would be true to say that she is creepy. Her form looks like she has a lot of legs after all.


「 Even if this god Cartia is an evil god, then it is strange that Master Faltear has not told us anything about it. 」


Rione said slowly, admonishing.


Just because she was the king, didn’t mean she was going to use a loud voice or scold them.


「 Besides, we are priestesses in the service of Lady Faltear. It would be a blasphemy against Lady Faltear for us to doubt her voice when we have heard it. In addition, they say that a similar oracle was heard in the temple of Lady Intanyu. We have to believe the words of the gods here. We must not do things such as not conveying the word of the gods based on our own narrow insight. 」


「 I’m sorry, sir. I’ve spoken out of line…… 」


Aevia fell to her knees.


I knew Rione was one step ahead of the other priestesses.


In a statement from the temple of Rione and Faltear (that’s me) and Intanyu, there was a call to worship the God Cartia.


However, they didn’t seem to understand how to worship her, so they were having a hard time figuring out how to properly do so.


The officials then went around saying, 「 It’s okay if they just call out her name, Cartia-sama, Cartia-sama. 」 That was fine with me; they didn’t really have time to make a statue, either.


As Cartia’s name was slowly spreading in the capital city of New Kathra, I met up with Intanyu.


「 Is this going to help? 」


「 I don’t know, but that’s all we can do, right? 」


「 Well, I guess we’ll go back to Cartia’s place. I’m still afraid to go see her, but…… 」


「 I’m sure it’ll be fine. I believe so. 」


As a matter of fact, we were not absolutely sure if this was the right way to do it, or if it would work, since it was unlikely that we would encounter a god with only one follower.


At least, the way we did it was rather messy, but there was nothing else we could do about it.


「 Maybe a god with a single number of followers has been appearing and disappearing all over the world…… 」


「 Don’t be so ominous……. But it may be true…… 」


「 Now that I’ve found her, I want to save her, don’t you? It’s the same god, and she’s not a bad one either. 」


「 At least, I like you trying to save him, even if you have to force yourself to do so, rather than you simply abandoning him. 」


We turned back to the small forest.


I hope that Cartia is doing well. I hope she is feeling better, if not better, than before……

Chapter 53 – A God’s Weakness

TL: Yuki



「 The presence of the God I recently reported to you in the forest has disappeared or is about to disappear. 」


Intanyu’s report was a bit ominous. That’s probably why she came here, though, as she deemed it urgent.


「 The God in the Forest is Cartia, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s even been two months since we last met. 」


「 That’s right. Today, I was taking another walk around the area. 」


「 That’s not even a walk, it’s an obvious stroll……. Well, that’s the kind of thing that would obviously be expected of a dog deity…… 」


「 You don’t need to say anything else! More than that, I’m not sure what to make of this. Her presence was always small, but it became more difficult to recognize. 」


「 So you want me to check it out. 」


「 Yes. I could have done it on my own, but she’s giving me the creeps, so I want you to come with me. 」


Sigh, she’s so small-minded when it comes to things like this.


But it’s the right decision, because it wouldn’t be good if something were to attack the other gods. There were people living here who didn’t think we guardian gods were very good.


「 Rione, I need to go now. 」


And with that, Intanyu and I headed towards the forest. It was night, and we didn’t invite anyone else to join us. It would be better to hurry, as there would be no shortage of hands between the two of us.


As we approached the forest, I understood what Intanyu had said.


「 She’s indeed getting weaker, to the point where I’m almost tempted to say she’s disappearing…… 」


She wasn’t strong to begin with, but even based on the last time, she wasn’t responding well. It would be better if she just moved out with from guy’s faith believed in her or something.


Then, as we approached the cabin in the woods, we found the cause.


The only man living alone in that forest had fallen asleep in his cabin.


「 Ugh …… Ugh ……. 」


He was sweating on his forehead while making a kind of moaning sound.


「 It’s a disease that’s endemic. You get it sometimes when you live in the forest. 」


「 Is this okay, ……? 」


「 If you take proper care of yourself, you will recover. But there is no one here to fetch water for him, is there? 」


It’s true that he’s sick, but he can’t just lie there all the time.


「 Huh? Where’s Cartia, anyway? 」


I said, and then I realized.


「 Oh right! The only person with faith for her  is in critical condition, which means ……Cartia’s life is also in danger! 」


God can exist because of the faith from humans.


If that faith disappears, then the God will also disappear. If there are many statues and documents of that god left, there could be a possibility of resurrection, but Cartia doesn’t have such things.


「 She must be around here somewhere! We have to find her! 」


Intanyu sniffed like a dog and walked out of the hut.


「 Can you smell her? 」


「 It makes me feel like someone I can’t find, you know? 」


「 Are you thinking about her as if she’s made of nothing! 」


It was unlikely that Cartia was that far away. So we searched the nearby narrow forest.


「 Hey, Cartia! 」


We called aloud, but there was no answer.


You don’t think she’s just disappeared, do you? It was dark at night, so we couldn’t see much. I should have asked for more details about where and how they were living.


Then, I looked up to find an unnatural shadow in the moonlight.


Perched on a tree trunk, Cartia was in pain.


「 You live in such a strange place! 」


Too wild. I had no idea of a god being in a place like this.


「 Oh, oh …… it’s you or rather……. What are you doing here so late at night……? 」


「 We’re worried about you, that’s why we’re here. Come on, get down here! 」


「 Even if you tell me to come down, I can’t do it anymore…… 」


I had no choice. I took Cartia and carried her next to the hut. Her legs felt weird when I carried the tentacle god on my back, but I didn’t have time to complain about that.


Intanyu also came back. It wasn’t a large forest, so it was quick for us to regroup.


「 I’ve been feeling kind of weak for a few days now, ……. I knew right away that it was a problem with the guy who believes in me, but …… there’s nothing I can do about it. …… 」


「 Gods can bring salvation to those who believe in them, can’t they? There are many gods who don’t like to help people directly, but now is the time when you can’t turn your back on them. Forcefully cure him of his illness! That man doesn’t believe in us, so there’s nothing that I or Faltear can do! 」


「 That’s what I thought, but …… it seems that when he was weakened, my power was weakened as well. …… I’m not in any shape to do something like that……. 」


Cartia tried to move her tentacles with difficulty. Her movements seemed slower than when we had met before.


「 I see. ……. Since there’s only one believer, when that one gets weakened, the god gets weakened along with him. …… Then they’ll fall together. …… 」


We have to do something about it……


「 Falling together……. I think that’s a good idea, too…… If it wasn’t for that guy, I wouldn’t have come out either. I’m sure he’ll be happy to hear that. 」


Cartia said in a brisk tone.


「 You can’t be so negative! You have to try to live! 」


「 But you know, it’s that guy’s fault that I’m not feeling well. If being taken care of doesn’t change anything, then there’s nothing I can do. 」


Damn it……. What am I supposed to do?


Leave the God in front of me to die? I don’t want to do that.


I came up with an idea.


It’s pretty aggressive, but it doesn’t mean I can’t help her even if I turn a blind eye to it.


「 I’ll help you, I promise. Because it doesn’t sit well with me as a guardian deity to let a deity disappear so easily. 」


「 Faltear, is there anything I can do to help? 」


Intanyu asked anxiously.


「 There is. I’m returning to New Kathra now. You should come with me. 」

Chapter 52 – A New God

TL: Yuki



We ended up talking right next to the man who was sleeping.


「 So, a God’s job is to do what’s best for the people who believe in them, you see. There are times when wishes go against each other or something, but in your case, there’s only one person who believes in you, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. 」


「 I get the gist of it. But he doesn’t have a specific wish that he wants me to do. He just thinks that if he believes in me, he will be saved, and I don’t know what to do. 」


That’s a common thing with gods, isn’t it? The other gods nodded their heads in agreement.


「 Also, I don’t really know how to influence people, do I? I’ve never had power over humans before. 」


「 Well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon enough. Also, instead of doing something directly to people, I’d rather do it indirectly. For example, I can help them get a lot of wood. 」


Since it was almost impossible to meet a god who had just been born up to this point, I taught her all the very orthodox things.


Such experiences are almost unheard of, so it was rather refreshing.


Next, I asked a few questions for the safety of the country.


To put it simply, I wanted to know if the man had any dangerous thoughts.


If the man has evil beliefs, Cartia could also become evil.


But it seemed to be unfounded.


「 As I said before, he’s only talking about abstract things. So, I don’t intend to do anything wrong, and I don’t know how to do it, and since he doesn’t want to spread his faith, my power won’t be strong either. 」


As long as the man is alone in his esoteric beliefs, he’s not afraid. Even if it is a pagan belief, there is no way to spread it.


It doesn’t matter how strongly one person believes in it, it is still not as strong as the power backed with numbers. Whether there were three or thirty people in the group that would cause the incident, the degree of danger would naturally be different.


「 Then there’s nothing dangerous about it. I’m relieved. 」


「 I’m relieved as well. I don’t want to do or see anything like that because I was on the side of the oppressed in my hometown…… 」


Hortensia-kun and Eunosis are not combat-oriented gods, so they were relieved to hear the conversation.


「 As for me, I don’t really know what kind of gods are dangerous and what kind are allowed. I’ve just been born. I’ll leave all my authority to you guys. Cook it, bake it, boil it, whatever you want. 」


It has tentacles that look like octopus or squid, so it looks like it can be eaten boiled, grilled, or boiled. ……


「 Faltear, what are you going to do? You’re the representative of the guardian gods, so I’ll leave you to it. 」


「 I’ll do the same. 」


It’s too early to say, but both Intanyu and Celude have thrown everything at me. Even if the gods are great, being great also means that they have responsibilities.


「 As for what to do, we’ll just leave her alone. Because there’s nothing wrong with Cartia being here. 」


Just because one man believes that this is the one true God doesn’t mean that we should stop him.


To be honest, I’d like him to have an honest faith in us, but he’s not being negatively promoting about worshiping Faltear, and we should at least let him choose a god to rely on.


「 That’s right. I was thinking the exact same thing. 」


Then say it from the beginning.


「 So I guess the Cartia problem is now safely solved. But it doesn’t mean that evil gods won’t be born, so we should continue to patrol the land. 」


「 That’s true. A country often breaks down from the inside, not the outside. 」


The act of preventing disasters – in other words, disaster prevention activities – should be done in advance, and it’s better if they end up being meaningless.


「 Okay, we’re leaving, is there anything more on Cartia’s end? 」


Cartia’s tentacles were constantly twitching. It seemed to be something that moved regardless of her will. I wondered if they were like centipede legs.


「 No, I don’t have any problems living here by myself anyway. I’ll just take it easy. Do you want me to bring you some souvenirs? 」


「 No, this place doesn’t have much in the way of specialties, so it’s fine. 」



After that, the whole country was inspected by the sound of Intanyu’s voice (or rather the voice of hounds), but no unidentified god was found.


I don’t need to tell you in the form of an oracle that it was okay, and I’ll just tell my wife, Rione directly.


「 It was all right. 」


「 Thank you. The Beastman Kingdom is safe for the time being, isn’t it? 」


Rione also became more dignified in his political duties after overcoming the war with the Rafayette Kingdom (some lords).  I think no one would complain if I said he was the wisest king in the continent anymore. I’m not sure what kind of politicians there are in the north or south of the country now.


「 Thanks in part to the people who emigrated from Roukon, the population is steadily increasing, and it looks like the Beastman Kingdom will develop further. 」


「 That’s right. But– 」


I hug Rione from behind.


「 You can let me spoil you anytime you want. Rione is too hardworking, so that’s just fine with me. I’m a husband too, you know. 」


「 Yes, I understand, Dear. 」


It’s still nice to have time alone with a husband and wife. The unity of God is important, but the unity of husband and wife is also necessary.


But then Intanyu came rushing in.


「 There’s something wrong! 」


「 Yikes! 」


Rione quickly pulled away from my arms and cowered. The timing is terrible. Bad manners.


「 Um, what the hell is this? 」


「 The god we found the other day in the forest has disappeared, or is about to. 」