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Late at night, 2 AM.


A woman clicking a mouse in front of a computer looking at something.


「Fuaaaa………Oh, is it that  late already?」


Giving out a large yawn, I am confirming the time reflected on the bottom left of my monitor.


I am currently doing something that many would call Burage-, or what you would call as a browser game.


I became addicted to this game when I started high school, until I entered college, time flies just like that.


However, after becoming a social worker, my gaming time was drastically reduced.


For that reason, I’m holding myself back from playing any full-scale games.


Then I began to like the games that I can casually play off hand. But in the end still I wound up playing games until 2 A.M. in the morning without knowing it. And no one is convinced that this way of playing is still casual.


「As expected I will definitely going to be late tomorrow, well better late than never.」


Tired from the recent piled up tasks at work, I am preparing a bath while brushing my teeth.


Living alone sure is very troublesome, even if it is comfortable.


Taking off my clothes and put them in the basket , I was finally able to soak in the bath.




I’ve been getting really tired….


At high school… At college… Then at work…


Sigh, alone without any experience with a guy.


Well it’s not that I haven’t talked to any man before but, well usually they only inquired about where the division for the vouchers are.


Eh, isn’t that just about work?


Well, the last time was probably at the university gathering?


No, was it at the new employee’s party that I have attended, probably.


But what does it matter? I’m almost 30 and it’s kind of unpleasant to hear.


Having finished my thoughts, my body become heavier than usual…. almost sluggish….


Bothersome… It’s really been a long time…


I wish I could travel to another world like a protagonist in one of those novels…


Get a lot of cheats and do what I want…


Becoming a matchless maiden… Not Good…


I started dreaming while having a bath…

Somehow I need to get back to my room.


「Wha …?」


Upon returning to my room, I noticed that the PC was powered on…


I am dead certain that I powered it off…


Did I accidentally put it into sleep mode?…


While I was wondering how the computer got powered on I looked at the monitor and there was a browser game, “Arms Otome”.


And then, suddenly, I lost my consciousness.