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Chapter 1



So warm, why does it feel like I’m basking in the sun…?


Futon? Te, why am basking in the sun…?


「Was it a week ago? No!! This.. Where the heck is this…?」


It seems that I have woken up in a grassy field basked under bright sunlight.


Well.. I don’t have any memory of going out, or going to grassy field…


Was I kidnapped? A woman living alone, yeah, that’s scary…


Well. Maybe not, right?


The last thing I remember was seeing “Monster Weapon”.


Or something displayed, and then….


「Arms Otome”, a single player RPG game rather than an MMO, and a simulation game type that I’ve played for quite sometime now. However, in this game almost all equippable items are represented as girls.


Even the accessories themselves that are just extra equipment, were personalized into girls that one could wear.


Don’t tell me… Is this… is it the world of that game?


For now, let’s check what’s going on.


I should have been in only underwear and a towel but, Iya, I don’t think sleeping only in underwear would degrade such a single woman as myself anymore. If I was with a man, I probably would have worn some lovely pajamas or a negligee to show of my sex appeal.


Just thinking about this makes me feel sad and lonely, so I’ll just keep those memories away.


Coming out of my stupor I realize that I’m wearing a crimson dress with a fluttering skirt pressed in between this light armor with cute decorations around my lap.


There sure really is a difference between fiction and reality. I could easily tell that, this is the armor of the hero in “Arms Otome”. Shivering, I couldn’t help but to keep thinking about it, watching a hopeless woman turning into a lovely girl right before my hypothetical eyes!?


Go fu!! That hit me with around 300 damage in my soul…


Deciding to focus again, I look around to, nothing……….


Or so I thought, turning I saw a small stone monument that screams of something.


Perhaps it relates to me being sent into this world.


Well if you think about it, it really gives off an atmosphere of importance.


Observing the stone monument, I couldn’t help but to think, is that a Gift Symbol?


In social games, gacha have become quite common.


To play you can use in game currency or even real money. Though caution is advised, it might be a good idea to think of this as lottery.


Well I think it’s ok to charge a bit since the winner also gets a lot.


Next would be obtaining characters through quests or something, through drops.The characters in this game ranges from 2-stars to 5-stars. Of course 5-stars are the rarest. The possibility of getting one out of a lottery is 0.05%, and even with such low chances many people are still trying to draw gacha to obtain the character they want.


The character on this stone monument definitely resembles that of a gift Icon. Maybe it’s some kind of an apology from the management. Well it’s certainly not here on a coincidence. Maybe it’s an apology from God or something.


It’s really pleasing to have this stone monument here either way.


Timidly, I touch the stone monument with my hands to activate it. This is? This surely is a strange spectacle to see. I Feel there is something inside! I slowly pull out my hand, grasping something, It was the Silver Sword Ente! Information suddenly rushed into my head.


3-stars, Silver Sword Ente – Sword Type.  


Description: A sword forged from a mythical relic of the ancient Astorian civilization. Simple yet decorated in elegance, has the power to purify evil. Personality is serious and straight, a knight-like person serving her lord.




– Increase damage to Demons and Undead Enemies by 50%: Lv-1


– Decreases a target’s attack power, low probability: Lv-1


Special Skills


– Demon Silver Flash: Inflicts great damage to Undead Enemies



Yeah, it’s definitely the same as in the game.


Sometime ago I saw a walkthrough of the site, and as expected, I couldn’t actually remember the numerical details about it. I think Ente’s Status is higher than the other 3-star weapons. It has a good balance between Attack, Defense, and Speed. But, is it common for it to be set in Lv-1 upon acquisition?


In “Arms Otome” the total abilities’ level becomes the Character’s level. Since the Level of abilities reaches up to 100, the maximum level of a character is 200. Stats like Attack and Defense rise in proportion. And a strange part of this game, “Arms Otome”, is that the level of the main character come from the total level of all linked characters to the main character.


In other games, there might be cases where the main character gets XP points after completing a quest, but that’s not the case with “Arms Otome”. Instead, if you increase the ability of your equipment, and turn it into a lvl 10. The character’s level will also turn into lvl 10, and at the same time will also increases your level, the main character, from lvl 1 to 10. That means that the more girls you get, the stronger you also become. But you can only get that strong by completing quests. Well, and by increasing the number of units the main character can control.


However, I couldn’t remember any action taken by the hero in these battles though. The battles are always entrusted to the girls, while the main character shoulders the damage taken by the girls. The main character could also invoke a “special skill” from the girls.


Of course there’s a restriction to use their “special skills”, the main character is limited to use this “special skill” once a day.


There are also reset items available, such a restriction can be removed to allow the use of the skill continuously, such items might be exist for me to use too.


Perhaps attacking isn’t possible for me either?


Usually that wouldn’t be considered a good thing after being transported into another world.


No no no no, I will try swinging the sword.


I’m looking at the silver sword in my hands. This really has become a reality. Possessing a weapon, wouldn’t you also try to attack with it, right?


I will try swinging the sword around for a bit.





I have never, ever swung a sword before, much less held one. I never even tried to train with one before.


Even if using a strong-looking sword, for such a treasure, being used by an amateur will still be worthless.


Even if I try fighting against enemies this way, I would only be one-sidedly pummeled. It sure is a good thing that it is a game with such nice controls. I think being surrounded by a bunch of pretty boys fighting for you would also be good. 


Nope, no, it will be really bad for my mental health.


But for a main character to just be a damage absorber, why didn’t I just a play a game that can be played without entrusting it to others. Well, let’s just pray that I become as sturdy as the Main Character of “Arms Otome” at least. There’s no point in having a sword that I can’t use anyway. After all it has to be used by a proper user.


After choking down my qualms I decided to call out.




Calling out in such a loud voice sure is embarrassing… Well, then the secret lines…. soul…


「Soul Summon!!!」


Calling out those words, I feel the silver sword in my hands disappeared, and.


「Nice to meet you, Master. My name is Silver Sword Ente, I will give you my loyalty as your sword.」


Ente, which I’ve only seen on a screen till now, is here in front of me…




I heard a stupid voice come out of myself…


But, it is really shocking to see a character that only existed inside a game, come to life in front of you, in real time! With eyes full of strength, smooth silver hair with shoulders length. She can really be called a beautiful girl without any complaints. Wearing light silver armor, with a checkered monotone mini skirt, and a black dress that’s not showing any gap in her armor. The difference between a game avatar and reality sure is visible.The character really looks impressive, she’s very eye-catching.


「Nice to meet you… I’m…. Yato.. please take care of me…」


I tried to hide my real name. It feels somewhat strange, since this is a different world. So I decided to use the name of my avatar in the game.


Oh, by the way my real name is Yagami Touko. The first characters of my name and surname is used in my avatar.


「Master… So lovely.」


Huh?… Me? Lovely?…


Somehow, Ente’s face turned red while looking at me. Ente is starting to look more like a High-schooler to me. I was supposed to be an unpolished woman, right? Wait, I just realized by looking at Ente, I haven’t actually confirmed how do I look. I completely forgot about it.


「Ente will you place your sword in front of you, showing the flat side of it here…. that’s right, just like that… Leave it like that for a while…」


I tried to look at my figure in the blade that’s like a mirror. The blade polished to the point that it became shiny.


「Hou, Hou.」


I confirmed my appearance, and sure enough, I still look like myself, but so young? Probably when I was in high-school, and definitely after junior high, around the start of senior high. The hairstyle then is quite different from that time…


I think I actually looked like this at that time too. This was before I got interested in gaming. At first I was invited by a friend to play a MMO and I ended up becoming so obsessed that I even refused to leave it. I finally noticed that I was obsessed when friends around me were started to find themselves boyfriends. I bought a game while feeling bitter for myself. Even holidays became day for me to play games, and join the game’s events. Before I realized, it has became my reality.



By the way, That was the last Christmas memories I have with my friends.


「Master, Master!」


Oops! Ente became anxious, I stopped thinking while taking mental damage.


「Sorry sorry, I was thinking about things.」


Apparently, I have no doubt about it. The me now, is not of an unpolished woman, I returned to my teens. But I still have the mentality of an older woman.


Well, at least I was rejuvenated to that of my high-school days.


And there’s nothing wrong with that, right?