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Chapter 2

「Ne… Ente, do you feel anything uncomfortable with your appearance?」


I’m walking along the highway with Ente. For now, I need to find a nearby village.


「There is no problem at the moment, this form after all, is natural for me.」


I’m investigating several things about Ente.


According to her, when she was a sword, most of her memories were lost. So I couldn’t get any information about her previous user. It seems that, this is actually the first time she manifested in that form. Is she uncomfortable to manifesting?


Well, I’m not even surprised when she manifested after I called her, I even introduced myself normally. (ED: Ha, sure) Wait, am I the only one who is acting strange?


「Ah, Ente would you go over there for a moment.」


「Yes, Master」


I make Ente stay in a stationary position.


Then I’m moving a little further away to hide myself in the shadows of the boulders.


「So, Master… what exactly are you doing?」


Ente seems to be looking at me with strange eyes, while I don’t understand the meaning behind it.


What I am doing is verifying the entity placement restriction that should be on the game. Since Ente is a sword type, in the game it was only possible to place her at the front with the same type of weapons like spear, ax and armor, but it seems that such limitations has been removed since this isn’t a game anymore.


There were also limitations to how many units you are able to deploy like, 3 people as front equip and 3 people as back equip. I still don’t know how it will be implemented in this world, but I can’t do any test since their numbers are lacking at the moment.



「There sure are a lot of things to look forward to, for the time being I just need to find a place to stay and calm myself down in a village or a town.」


Even though the sun is bright, I couldn’t grasp how long we’ve been traveling, and I don’t want to end up camping on the ground.


If two young girls just camp around here, it would be like saying, “Please attack us” to others. Though, Ente seems to be strong, despite her being just a level 2.


In [Arms Otome], Even at level 1 she definitely can fight against small fry enemies, but I don’t know how it will work out here in the real world.


「Master, A harmful presence has been detected!」


Ente gave out a warning and immediately appeared next to me.


Holding her sword, she’s starting to scan the area.


Dangerous presence? I don’t sense anything at all. Ente seems to have a higher sense of presence than me, did she sense something? Looking around, it seems there is something moving in that rocky area. Then suddenly –




And as expected they came out. Apparently they were hiding around the rocky areas trying to ambush us. Finally showing themselves, eight monsters are now in front of us.


「You know… it’s kind of hard to start a game with this many enemies.」


Their figure looks like a demon with rugged bodies and dark brown skin. They seems like Iwako Ogre that appeared in [Arms Otome]. I think calling them dwarfs should be cuter though.


The monster in front of us are practically screaming, “GOBLIN” from how they look.


Yes, that would really be the perfect name for them.


「Ente, can you handle them?」


Ente who just manifested and has zero battle experience. Ente, now the target of my request.


「It’s alright, enemies of this level is not a problem.」


Oh, I’m sure I would like to call her Ente-sensei at this moment.


But I’m sure there are more of them, in “Arms Otome” the maximum number of enemies is the same number with units which is 3 front and 3 back.


It might have been changed since this is reality and the limit has been removed. I think that acting with 6 units will be good enough. I guess this is the natural result.




The monsters are attacking while seemingly enjoying themselves.


Well, seeing two lovely maidens as their prey must have made them excited.


I don’t know the ecology of these demons. I don’t even want to think about it if we were to lose here. If caught, it will definitely be something R-18, so I don’t want to see it. But the way they’re laughing, even though it’s not understandable, it sure shows their intention. That is like the gaze of a boss that just come out of the office with light clothes in the summer. The gaze of my boss that time sure is creepy, especially if the target is a girl!?..


I was about to enter a strange memory.


That was dangerous, definitely dangerous…


「I’ll be going.」


Ente’s dignified voice echoes in my head. The silver blade struck the demon.


Fast… I couldn’t even see it. I could understand that Ente is strong, almost like a master. But leaving after-image like that at her level?


The group of monsters paused for a bit with their weapons at hand, looking at Ente, and then charged towards us. A small figure moving around, accelerates towards the bosom of the demons. Without even the time to react, a slash seemed to have landed on their body. Slashing one demon after another until all of them got hit. Noticing the damage to their group, the demons finally reacted.




The surrounding demons move in to attack her, in the middle of the battle Ente is evading every attack with ease. If seen from afar, her movements are almost like an unstoppable dance. Looks easy to perform, but definitely hard to actually do. Just like those Impossible Bullet Hell Games, barraging to the point of not even having space to dodge, and yet, she is still able to dodge it without getting a single hit. If it was me, I probably wouldn’t even last a second. Perhaps, even pincer attacks wouldn’t work on her. She take them down one by one with every swing of her sword.


Well, if it’s Ente there is probably nothing to worry about.


Is it alright for me to be distant from her?




Ente’s sharp voice make me quickly turn around.




What, a demon slightly larger than the others which is currently attacking Ente.




Seeing that make me release a weird screech. That demon has the same size of an adult man. And of course, it is definitely bigger than me. If I compare its size to something, it should be close or even bigger than the size of a pro wrestler. Well, I can only imagine it that way since I have never seen a pro wrestler before. Does it aim for me because I’m alone and think that I probably won’t be able to escape? Or is it thinking that I am weaker and was aiming for me? Either way, Ente and I are currently separated.


「Master, I’m coming over there now!! 」


I can see Ente is trying to close the distance between us, while dodging the other demons attacks, but I don’t think she will make it in time.


The demon suddenly swing it’s club towards me.


The demon is coming for my life. Such attack may actually be a fatal hit. My life is now in a crisis, I thought it was supposed to be my chastity that was crisis. I somehow dodge before the attack reached me. Then, the club mercilessly slam down on me.




I received a blow from the club.


It hurts!!… It really hurts!!….


Tears begin to well at the side of my eyes. Looking over the demon, still on the verge of tears. I see that the monster froze from shock. Ehhhhh?




At that moment, Ente swings her sword in her hand at the monster’s neck. As soon as the sword hit the monster’s neck, it quickly digs in and decapitates the monster and it’s large body fell.


「Master! Master! hang in there!」


「Uhhhh… it hurts!… You! What do you think you are doing, suddenly attacking a frail girl without giving a warning!”


「Ano~… Master… you definitely got hit by that monster, but are you alright?」


Hmmmm? Well it did hurt so much that I almost cried but, it’s amusing that I wasn’t fatally damaged. Since the Main Character in [Arms Otome] is supposed to be a sturdy character. Is that status also working for me?


Looking at the part that was hit, there’s no visible wound, not even a single mark. And then, maybe because their boss fell, or they are terrified by what has happened and all the remaining demons run away to flee. Well, for the time being, looks like the crisis has subsided.


「Hmmm? Well… Because my life seems to be still intact, then it’s OK」


As we are calming down,  all of the demon’s dead bodies and debris started to glow. Turning into particles of light, dancing in the air and moving towards inside me.


「Master, what is happening ?」


Ente is placing herself close to me with a worried expression.


Well, considering those lights were from demons, it will really be a problem if they suddenly merged with me. But on the inside my head the sound of coins being dropped can be heard. This is some that I have always heard when playing [Arms Otome].


This is the battle completion’s sound that plays after the fight is over.


「Ente, for now be on guard and keep watching the surroundings.」


「As you command, Master” (Edited it to make her sound like a knight)


I can’t calm myself if there is a sudden attack from demons. Let’s leave it to Ente, she seems enthusiast about it.


Remembering the sound earlier, I begin to focus on it. Recalling how the status screen is displayed, I focused on that sound. After a while focusing on myself, something like a status screen is displayed. While focusing on the sound of coins, the display zoomed on the content.


[Possession: Money 2,400 Veil]


What, isn’t that the currency in [Arms Otome]? This currency might also be used in this world. At the same time, above the currency is something that reflects part of my status.




//Strength [2]


//Stamina [80/100]


Since the current level of my Entity is 2, it was also reflected as my level of strength and since I don’t have any other units at the moment I think that my health is represented by stamina. I wonder about that previous attack. Normally, it should’ve been a fatal strike. But I guess I could still take at least three more of those hits. It was rather painful though. And even if I can endure it, I don’t plan on taking any more damage. I’m definitely not an M.


Front: 1 of 3, back 0 of 3, units 1.


I guess there is probably a limitation on summoning. Many players want to really familiarize themselves with [Arms Otome]. And now that it has become reality, I might be able to summon them as many as I want, but  well it won’t be that good. But if more monsters are attacking. I don’t know if I’ll have enough characters to use. If it is the same as [Arms Otome], then I can probably set them in multiple units. That is if it really is the same as the game. Strengthening them will definitely increase my strength, but well, even if they are conscious about it. We can’t really tell just how strong will they become. Along with their abilities and strength, is there a proper way for this? Is there anyway to determine it?


Fumu… for now my goal is to increase their number and also increase our strength for the purpose of living a stable life in this world. Become strong is a priority. If I look for a way to go back to my original world, I’m not that confident that I can protect myself.


Well, there might be no way for that, but if there is…


I just wish the contents of my PC disappear without leaving any trace from the world. I have no parents, my relatives seldom visit me. The company…… Well it may be hard without me…. but ganbatte! Let’s just pray that a new employee will be trained.



「Master… you look kinda scary.」


Ara, ara Ente-chan mou. Don’t back off too much, it’s not like I’m going to eat you.