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Chapter 20

TL: Yuki


「Guwaaaah!! Wha……t, is this…」



In front of my eyes, the man in black was down on his knees vomiting blood. I was not able to defeat him, but I definitely gave him severe damage. He’s probably a half demon?

Looking at my surroundings, I couldn’t find any undead in the area. Even Gangua has disappeared so It’s now my chance to esdcape.


Leaving the suffering demon aside, I ran away without looking back. In this hall, there was only one staircase going up. I don’t know if it’s an exit, but that’s the only place I can escape to.


「Guuu……Ga…Gaa…Gangua…where are you…Gangua――」


It would have been great if I could finish him off that time, but it couldn’t be helped since I don’t have any methods of attack. That’s why all I could do now is to immediately escape.

It seems like the effect of the spell didn’t reach out to the undead that was outside of the hall. But well, if it’s only the normal ones, then I can somehow manage to escape from them.



When I was running away, I found out that they didn’t take away my night vision medicine. Having night vision medicine is really great! The place was barely lit with bonfires heading towards the stairs, but from that point on would be total darkness. I am currently underground, and the time now is midnight. After taking out the medicine, I swallowed it and gulped it down without drinking water.

It really doesn’t feel good swallowing this stuff without water………

Then I ran straight up the stairs.



Haa, haa…… as expected, it’s not outside yet.

Well, I guess I was expecting too much that those stairs would lead me outside immediately, but it’s definitely the right path though it’s not easy to find the exit from this place.

I go through a few doors and then climbed up several stairs while being attacked by several undead. Then finally after repeating that process several times, I was finally able to find a large stone door that is probably the entrance of this place. I wonder if I can open it though using only my own strength……


My instincts are telling me that this is definitely the exit, and I’m using all my strength to push it open, even though I’m doing my best it just won’t budge.

Haaah, this just reminds me of how pwerless I am and it makes me feel sad……


That demon man did suffer a lot of damage but it was not fatal. I will definitely chase after me when that one recovers.

Now then what should I―― Suddenly, my body reacted after detecting an enemy attack. After immediately crouching, something passes over me. That something with its momentum hits the stone door and shatters it.



What intense power…… But thank you for opening the door for me, and then when I turned around I found that demonic person glaring at me with his burning red eyes with his body in a strange disfigured state.












I was thrown out of the catacombs after being blown off by a kick from the demon. It hurts, and the pain was several times stronger than the attack of that rock demon from before. But despite that, I stood up and endure the pain that I suffered.


「You, what did you do. How were you able to easily get rid of all that undead in that single moment? Are you possible a quadruple hunter? 」


What, is that only the level of a quadruple hunter in this world?

Okay, now I am really in a pinch here. I could still probably run away some more but the conditions are bad. I want to earn a bit more time, but the enemy was much stronger than I have expected. Well, it’s 2nd before disaster a class, and that level of power is not just for show after all.


Also, that demon finally revealed its true form. It’s both hands bulging almost at the size of a dragon’s arm. There are several horn-like projections popping out of its body, and that skin covered by a hard shell that was definitely harder than rocks. His eyes were glowing red, and mouth wide open exposing its sharp fangs. In the darkness of the night, you could definitely see those glowing red eyes. Also its body has grown to more than twice of its actual size and its now looking down at me. There was not even a fragment of humanity left in his figure.


「Because of you, our plan has completely gone out of order. I was perfectly ready to turn Valsa into a town of undead」



That would be a sad state to see. I definitely won’t let you turn that place where I’ve met a lot of good people turn into a town of undead.


「In addition to that, because I was forced to release my power, there’s no way for that Ruruka to not detect me.

I will definitely return to this place again to fulfill what I have wanted.

But before that, I will end your life right here, right now.

Let’s turn you into a splendid undead and use you as replacement for Gangua」


「Too bad for you, but I definitely won’t become an undead」


As expected, it would be impossible to escape right now. It’s also impossible for me to fight. Probably, the only way for me to defeat is using special skills again, but………

I don’t think I would be able to survive a whole day.

If only I could find a potion that could speed up the cool-down of my skills, then I could spam it with my special skills.

There is probably one out there, one that I still haven’t found. Now what do I do, should I return to the catacombs, or maybe I should go south.

If only I could somehow manage to regroup with Ente and the others…… I wonder how far away are they.


「Kukuku, are you thinking of joining with your friends,

Well the distance from this place is far from the previous battle. I think it would be a hopeless struggle for you」



You don’t have to point it out because I know!

But I still want to improve this situation somehow. I definitely can’t let myself die before Ente and the others could find me. Judging from the direction of the moon, it should be heading south. I only need to follow that direction in order to at least close the distance a bit. But immediately as I started running away, I could sense an incoming pressure from behind. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous! I quickly jump to the left to dodge.




The place where I was before was scraped off from the ground. What a huge amount of destructive force. This is probably the same attack that shattered that door. If I’m hit by that, I wonder how much HP would be shaved off from me.

I could probably manage receiving a hit or two…… I quickly got up and started running away again.


「Seriously, could you stop moving around……」


Using my improved reflexes to detect attacks, I continued to dodge all incoming attacks left and right.

This ability to detect danger is really helpful!


「Sorry, but I will definitely not give up」


I could feel the pressure again approaching me from behind, and I was able to barely avoid it but still received some damage, Uuu, it hurts――


「You are quite sturdy. Is it a type of divine protection?

But this is the end of the line here」


When I raised my face from the ground, the demon was standing right in front of me. This time, it won’t just be a shockwave that would hit me, but a direct attack.


I stood up once more after receiving a direct attack from the demon and endure the pain. How much was that………





This was all the damage accumulated the time when I was kicked by the demon and was knocked on the ground and finally receiving a direct hit.

There was also several times where I was lightly attacked by undead as I was escaping…… But it all totals to about 100 damage. That’s serious a huge damage.


Remembering now, the strength of that demon is no joke.

It was able to blow away Maevis after blocking the attack after all. I will have to run away when I’m sent flying and bit of distance is made. I will definitely not give up until my HP drops down to zero. I instinctively crossed my arms to block the next attack.





I could feel the shockwaves of the attack pass through my body. With the power of the blow I was definitely blown away.

But―― the pain was lower?

Usually, the pain was so strong, but the pain I received right now was definitely much weaker than before.

This often happens in a fighting manga, did the enemy’s power drop or something reduced it?

Did I have such a skill with me……… no, there is one more reason. I know as to what ability that could bring out this effect. And this power affecting me was applied by――


「Why are you still alive and standing after receiving the full power of my attack!?」


The demon was astonished to the events that occurred. Well, even I wouldn’t think that such a frail looking girl would be able to endure such an attack.


「Sorry for you, but I am protected by my friends」


Immediately after that, a shining arrow pierces the body of the demon.



Before the Demon turned around, a woman who was dressed as a maid was already preparing the next volley of shining arrows in her bow. Then, a silver comet came rushing to attack the demon.




Ente with her shining silver sword strikes his shell covered body. It was hard as I have expected, she could only scrape it off with her shining silver sword bit the attack was definitely working. Jenny also joins the assault following after Ente.




Lightning runs through her spear as she attacked. The demon was forced to block the attack with both of his hands. Jenny didn’t care about it and went on stabbing the arms it was using to guard.


*Kiin, *kiiin, *kiiin!!


There were several times where lightning crawled over the demon’s body.


「Annoying! 」


In retaliation the demon swings its arms around which was easily dodged by Ente and Jenny with them retreating backwards.


「Hime-sama, sorry, we have kept you waiting」


At the same time as their retreat, Maevis stood in front of me preparing her shield.




My strong and reliable friends are finally reunited with me.






「Why are you…… you should have been from a far away battlefield.

How did you even find this place without knowing about where it was supposed to be……」



As a matter of fact, I also do want to know.

Well, I’m not really bothered by it because I have been saved, and it was even a big miscalculation for the Demon.



「Fufun, even if she was hidden underground, we could see even without the light of the moon」




Some mysterious words were said by Jenny. I’m sorry, even I don’t get it. I do know that right now is a full moon and it was beautiful.



「If you look up at the sky, wherever you are in the world, you would be able to see the bright and shining moon from above.

And to us, our master is the same.

No matter where she goes, we would be able to find her much easier than looking for the moon above……

You won’t be able to hide her from us no matter what」



Light…… Light is it. If I think about what Jenny was saying, does that mean that I was guiding everyone.



「We will make you regret trying to harm our master with your life」


Ente strengthens the grip on her silver sword. Jenny also lowers her stance, ready to assault. A shining arrow was placed on Erina’s bow ready to launch. Then Ente and Jenny begins the assault with Erina’s launching as the signal.





Erina’s arrow was deflected by the demon’s arm which was now much bigger than before. It seems like it was now trying to show more of its power, power and was even bigger than before.

The attack range of its huge disproportionate arms was much wider than before. Ente was forced to retreat because of the swing trying to sweep her away. Adding to that is the hardness of its shell which makes it even more difficult to damage.


That is not all when it comes to troublesome factors. There was also those strong shockwaves that could even destroy a large stone door. Even if they attack from a distance, it be difficult to deal significant damage.



「Maevis, I will be fine here so help Ente and the others」


Without maevis distracting the demon, the other won’t be able to concentrate on their attacks.


「But, Hime-sama……」


Maevis was probably anxious about what happened yesterday. But right now, we won’t be able to defeat that enemy if we don’t use our full force.


「I will be fine. For now, what we need to do is to concentrate on that demon.

Oh, and I don’t think it will be able to spawn any undead like before, and with the three of you fighting, more openings will be found」


「―――I understand. But please pay attention too Hime-sama」


Maevis then headed straight for the demon. If her ability activates and with her taking the brunt of the attacks, the burden on Ente and Jenny would be greatly reduced.


「Erina, you will stay here with me to give support」


「Please leave that to me」


And so, the clash between the three and the demon started, and luckily, Jenny can properly distract it with her mid-range attacks. Also with Erina’s accuracy, there is no risk of any accidental fire.


But that demon sure is really strong. I could understand that if that attacked a country, then it will be able to crush it. I couldn’t believe that I was actually trying a one on one survival challenge with such a monster.


With the addition of Maevis on the attack, Ente and Jenny were able to launch several attacks to the demon directly. But no proper damage could be delivered. The Ghost Knight was also tough, but this one was on a really different dimention.


「The situation is just bad……」


Right now, Ente didn’t receive that much damage anymore. Maevis also receives most of the attacks and blocking it, and this time she doesn’t let herself be blown off like before. She was still being pushed back though and that is definitely slowly grinding her stamina. Also, what really bothersome are the shockwave attacks and――




Black flames were vigorously shot out of the demon’s mouth. Jenny managed to dodge the blazing hellfire that approached her. I don’t even want to imagine what she would end up if she received that attack. I mean, by just looking at it, you would be able to sense the power of destruction that it could deliver.

Maevis was able to block it somehow with her shield, but I could understand that she needed to do her best to stop it. Fortunately, such an attack is something that it could continuously use……


The word Raid Boss pops out of my mind. Raid Boss, a battle where several players would be needed in order to defeat and has an incomparable amount of strength if compared to a regular boss. It would be impossible to defeat even with several people if they don’t have properly prepared for it……

I wonder if fighting that demon have the same feeling as that right now.


I’m certainly doing some damage. However, I couldn’t feel any sign that the opponent is weakening at all. And as more time goes by, the impatience also increases. Just when I was finally able to meet everyone again.



I wonder if it was able to detect my impatience, for a moment the demon looked towards here, Then a shockwave was launched heading straight at me.


「Ojou-sama! 」


Erina who reacted first throws herself in front of me who was stunned for a moment and was not able to react.






Erina was then blown away by the shockwave.


「Erina!? Erina!! Please, hang in there」


It was because I was too preoccupied with my thoughts and was caught off-guard…… I rushed towards her only to see that Erina’s clothes were torn apart by the shockwave. You shouldn’t have prevented such an attack that could easily shatter boulders.


「Ojou-sama…It’s alright, I, I am fine」


Erina smiled weakly. I could also see blood flowing out of her fair skin all over the place. Even if it wasn’t enough to take her life, it was still a considerable damage and she probably won’t be able to join the fight anymore. But even if that is the case, she was still forcing herself to stand up.


「Erina, don’t force yourself to move. Please leave this to everyone else」


Right now even though I am talking to Erina, I am definitely showing a sharp expression like player who was trying to take down an undefeatable enemy.

If I took away Maevis to prevent those shockwaves, Ente and Jenny would have been in a pinch and their actions would have been strictly limited. A small chance that have been made from before was still good, but right now it was totally at the pace of the demon.



I know that if it directly aimed for Erina, it would have been able to finish her off at that time……


I know that I am everyone’s master yet I couldn’t do anything to help. I could only watch them getting hurt… I might have been at a loss before because of things happening. But even if I want to cry and cower in fear, it wouldn’t help the situation, that’s why I definitely won’t do it. But, is there something I could do… Something that would give me a chance to defeat it…… It’s currently no good because I can’t think of anything like a cheat―― wait a cheat!?






―――Wait, now that I think about it…

There is one……… there was something only I could do!

It’s not something as crazy as joining the actual fight――

After joining the fight, I only felt relieved and forgot to think properly because of the sense of security. And one more thing, I never even considered the fact that I would be able to do it during a fight. The one and only way to break the balance of this fight.



「Everyone, please concentrate on protecting me and Erina for the time being. And be sure to hold the demon down to the best that you can! 」


After I ordered everyone to be on a defensive stance, I returned Erina into her bow form. Please take a little break for now.


「How were you able transfer you friend!? Hmmm, but you know, I definitely won’t let you leave this place alive」


It seems like it misunderstood the situation with Erina disappearing. The demon tried to approach but was blocked on it’s way by Maevis and was firmly holding it on the spot.


「I won’t let you approach Hime-sama!」


Ente and Jenny are also positioned ready to block the demon’s path at any moment. Right now they will be focusing on defense and evasion so they don’t really need to go on the offense.


By believing in everyone and leaving my safety to them, I closed my eyes and concentrate.



I could feel the sound of coins trickling down every second. Though it seemed like it was a long time, it was actually only for a short moment and the Demon was not able to approach.

Thank you everyone. We will definitely win this struggle with everything we’ve got.




「Enta, Jenny, Maevis. Change to offensive position in full power!」


My shout filled with power and energy echoes through the dark surroundings. I then for a moment turn my consciousness to check my status.



[Available Funds  306 Veils]


I will definitely defeat this demon and use your soul to buy us a new house!